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Creed II

Review By: Aaron Rourke

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Review By: Tanzina Tasneem Tithi


Review By: George Glover


Review By: Aaron Rourke


Review By: Michael Kalafatis

A Star Is Born

Review By: Simone Torn


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Latest Reader-Submitted Movie Reviews

1% (2017) Movie Review

By Mitchell Bozzetto – Australian cinema doesn’t have the greatest rep and because of this more and more Australian films are…

Dogman (2018) Movie Review

By Mitchell Bozzetto – Matteo Garrone, director of modern mobster flick Gomorra returns to Italy’s criminal underworld for his…

Pin Cushion (2018) Movie Review

By Mitchell Bozzetto – High School can be a tough time for anyone and depending on your class status or ability to fit in, it can be…

Tag (2018) Movie Review

By Ian Dayang – TAG is one of those films that went under the radar during the summer, probably due to its big-budget competitors…

Apostle (2018) Movie Review

By Michael Kalafatis – In 1905, Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens) has to infiltrate a religious cult that resides in a remote island…

Keep Watching (2017) Movie Review

By Emily Atkinson-Dalton – The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, REC, Cloverfield… the list if found footage movies just…

The Predator (2018) Movie Review

By James Patrignani – In anticipation for Shane Black’s The Predator release, I had some hope as to the quality of the newest…

The Shining (1980) Movie Review

By BigSHAQ – Stanley Kubrick the writer and director of the movie The Shining masterfully creates a suspenseful horror movie…

Interstellar (2014) Movie Review

By Preet Patel – Imagine, you’re alone on a ship far from home. Your fellow passengers left to explore a planet, but you do not see…

Andhadhun (2018) Movie Review

By M Kanishka Narang – Andhadhun, by director Sriram Raghavan is a quirky story about a blind piano player Akash (Ayushman…

The Thing (1982) Movie Review

By Georgy Maslov – A sci-fi classic. The Thing embodies what science fiction horror is all about. It is bizarre, outlandish, remarkable…

Venom (2018) Movie Review

By Amy Knott – Give me Tom Hardy brooding dramatically from a bridge and I’ll go and see your movie. Give me Tom Hardy on a…

Eighth Grade (2018) Movie Review

By Simone Torn – Middle school is terrifying. A cesspool of inflamed zits, self-doubt, and unimaginable loneliness, it’s hard to…

Venom (2018) Movie Review

By Tony Ruggio – Tom Hardy loves dogs. I love dogs. Most human beings love dogs, but not one of us would be caught dead…

Mandy (2018) Movie Review

By Michael Kalafatis – The Shadows Mountains 1983 A.D. Red Miller (Nicolas Cage) lives with his artist girlfriend Mandy (Andrea…

Stree (2018) Movie Review

By M Kanishka Narang – Women, especially those in rural India, are the victims of a medieval mindset. Society suspects their…

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