By Goldie (Philadelphia)


As I sat on my couch to watch this movie, I honestly had no clue what to think. When this movie came out, I was 5. It wasn’t like I was going to watch it because all of my friends suggested it; in fact none of my friends have even heard of it. It was just myself in my big house, dark outside, and the TV screen playing. I was ready… well as ready as I could be.

I was confused from minute one to minute one forty-seven. To me, the story made no sense. There were a variety of different characters, with different stories and problems throughout the film. What made it worse about understanding the different characters conflicts is that, each scene would basically cut off and not have an ending. It never felt like each scene was final. It go to a scene of Betty (Naomi Watts) and Rita (Laura Harring) then just transfer to Justin (Adam Kesher) talking to a group of people around a table.

I honestly wish I could tell you the story line, but I, myself don’t even quite understand. Before watching this movie, I read a summary that one line stuck with me. “In a twisting venture beyond dreams and reality.” Thinking of that one line throughout the film really made me wonder was this all reality or dreams? Then it started to remind of the movie Memento, this is when a man has lost his memory and the last memory he has is the murder of his wife. The sequences of the movie are somewhat non-linear. It goes from black & white (chronological) and to color (non-linear). It gets you confused, to what is happening and what happened in the past and future.

I took the idea of Memento and the review this being reality or a dream and decided that since I was so confused that it had to be a mix of both. Meaning that not everything was chronological and instead of it being a dream, it was all a nightmare. The nightmare is from the dark type of film and the actual darkness in the film.

The lighting, was very unique. It always had a darkness to it, like it was comparing itself to the “darkness” of the movie. It would always get dark when it was either leading up to something or when something ‘bad’ was occurring. Which made it predictable after a while that you knew something was going to happen. Maybe not exactly what every time but what it could be. The only time it was actually light, was when the characters were outside on the streets. Otherwise there was some type of darkness to each scene.

With that being said, the sound was quite interesting in this movie. Most of the time it was silent of everything else except the background noise. This means cars on the street, the sound of people going by, which can be natural but they made it occur very loudly and having no other type of sound during that time period. It would either be that, a character talking, or mysterious music leading up to something. Every time it got really dark, that typical creepy/mysterious music played I knew something was bound to happen. I am not one to watch creepy movies, I actually get scared very easily but after a while due to it happening a lot it just got annoying. When a movie gets predictable it really isn’t fun to watch.

For sure, not everything was predictable. Since this movie, like I said multiple times, was confusing to me, I felt like I was totally missing something. It caused me to pay attention more and really only try to focus on the movie. Basically to see if I could get ‘context clues’ or just realize what I wasn’t getting at first. As you may guess, it didn’t really help. The storyline of the movie, not my favorite because I really couldn’t comprehend it. Maybe if I understood it better and really got the concept I would enjoy it. I want to suggest watching it a second time, right after the end might help, but I didn’t do that. After it was over, I felt relieved.

BUT…I really liked the way it was filmed. They would change shots, angles, and perspectives a lot. Now you probably wouldn’t notice, unless you were looking for it which is great. That means it was done well. They would switch to what the character would see in their perspective to the characters reaction. It gave me more information, and it was less guessing I had to do!

I really believe they did a great job of filming, sounds, and editing the movie. With that being said, that really only shows to people who are looking for it, like me. Did I like the movie? No. Did I hate the movie? No. It was more grasping the underlying problem. I wouldn’t go suggest everyone to watch it, but if someone wanted to I wouldn’t tell them absolutely not! Everyone thinks different and may understand it in a totally different than I did. Who knows, maybe the director, David Lynch made it like that on purpose. The point was to leave you confused trying to understand it in your own way.

It just wasn’t a movie that got my attention (except when I was trying to focus EXTRA hard), and I would never pick this movie out of a choice. That is also something to consider. If I was given movies to watch, this type of mysterious/drama movie is not my type of genre so it would be a last choice of mine. Also watching this at the age of sixteen, is different than watching it at the age of sixty. So many different things play a role in the understanding and opinion of the movie.

No matter what, I still really enjoyed the shot, and angles of this movie. To me, that was the best part of it, which made it semi bearable to watch. Meaning that I was focusing more on how it was filmed, then what was being filmed.


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