By Mary McCamley (Co. Louth, Ireland)


Murder Mystery, is a light hearted murder mystery (sounds ironic, but, yes, somehow that’s the only way to describe it) featuring Jennifer Aniston (Audrey) and Adam Sandler (Nick), an iconic duo.

Audrey and Nick have been married for 15 years and Audrey still hasn’t gotten the honeymoon to Europe she was promised. Long story short they finally end up going, they meet a man on the plan who invites them to join him on his yacht with his family. They end up in the midst of a murder as the main suspects and people seem to be dying where ever they go.

The film is perfect in so many ways for so many people but for others a complete waste of an hour and a half from their life. The films target audience is teen girls, young woman or people who don’t want a heavy kind of movie and Murder Mystery is perfect for that. It is a film with the perfect amount of mystery and drama that all us not so smart or deep thinking can still understand what’s going on while not knowing exactly what’s going to happen in the first five minutes like so many other films.

It is the perfect film to watch when you have all your girlfriends over, you’d can eat popcorn and question Adams facial hair and while actually knowing what’s going on for once. This film is not for those people who watch 3 hour long complex mystery films so you can’t expect it to live up to these people’s standards. These people will say it was shallow and had no depth, but to the everyday 16 year old girl it’s a murder mystery with some laughs in it. All teens will feel an air of sophistication for themselves as they watch the compelling mystery unfold.

The film contains action as well, including a chase with a masked gun man, an epic car chase scene, as well as some heart racing moments where characters are held with guns to their heads. The film will still leave you on the edge of your seat.

The film is also filled with lots of comedy, relieving some of the tension from certain scenes and causing you to chuckle to your friends (or yourself) at many others.

Audrey and Nick are said to have been married for 15 years and the chemistry between Adam and Jennifer certainly portrays that very well.

This film also hits the feminists mark. With Audrey really being a large part of the brains behind the detective duo she comes off as an empowered young women, but still isn’t afraid to accept help.
The one problem I have with this film is that it isn’t very smooth, it doesn’t really flow all that well. They just didn’t manager to pull that off.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film and I would recommend that you give it a watch next time you have your girls over or even by yourself (you can watch it while munching on a fish finger sandwich like I did😊)

Rating: 4/5


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