Starring: Seth Rogen, Zac Efron, Rose Byrne, Chloë Grace Moretz, Dave Franco, Kiersey Clemons, Carla Gallo, Ike Barinholtz, Lisa Kudrow



Comedy sequel directed by Nicholas Stoller which follows Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly Radner (Rose Byrne) who now have a second baby on the way and are ready to make the final move into adulthood: the suburbs. But just as they thought they’d reclaimed the neighborhood and were safe to sell, they learn that the new occupants next door are a sorority.

Tired of their school’s sexist, restrictive system, the unorthodox ladies of Kappa Nu run by Shelby (Chloë Grace Moretz) and her sisters, Beth (Kiersey Clemons) and Nora (Beanie Feldstein) decide to start a house where they can do whatever the hell they want. So the couple enlist Teddy (Zac Efron), alongside best friends Jimmy (Ike Barinholtz) and Paula (Carla Gallo) to help them reclaim the neighborhood, sell their home and move to the suburbs.


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[as they’re having sex Mac moans]
Mac Radner: Oh, God.
Kelly Radner: Do you want me to put a pillow over your mouth?
Mac Radner: Do you want to choke me or something?
Kelly Radner: What?
Mac Radner: Is that like a new sexy thing?
Kelly Radner: No, so Stella won’t wake up.
Mac Radner: Oh, no, I’ll just be quiet.
[he starts to yawn loudly]
Mac Radner: I’m sorry.


Jimmy: [to Mac] I can’t believe you’re having a second kid.


Mac and Kelly: We sold our house! Wooh!
Realtor: We didn’t really sell yet.
Mac Radner: We need to sell our house to pay for the house we just bought in the suburbs.
Realtor: There’s a thirty day period where if everything goes well you close. Assuming another fraternity doesn’t move in next door, you’re gonna be fine.


Mac Radner: [to Stella] Sweetie, how do you keep finding mommy’s dildo?
Mac Radner: [to Kelly] We really got to get her some dolls.
Mac Radner: [to Stella] Does Miss Pinky want some tea?


[at the sorority house on campus Madison sees Shelby smoking a joint]
Madison: Uh, what are you doing? We don’t hit joints in here.
Shelby: Your parties must suck.
Madison: No, we don’t throw parties here. The United States Sororities are not allowed to throw parties in their own houses, only frats can.


Shelby: This is a sexist, restrictive system. We’re going to start our own sorority and we’re going to party the way that we want to!
Nora: What’s the name of our sorority?
Beth: Kappa…
Shelby: Kappa Nu.


Mac Radner: Hi, we’re your neighbors.
Shelby: Welcome to Kappa Nu.
Mac Radner: Is that a Greek restaurant?
Shelby: Oh, it’s our sorority.


Kelly Radner: I can’t believe a fucking sorority just moved next door. I can’t even talk to those girls. We’re never going to sell our house with a sorority living next door. What are we gonna do?
Mac Radner: Maybe it’s not that bad. Girls are usually quiet. They don’t really take hard drugs, and they’re much smarter.


[after Nora has just crashed out of his car window]
Mac Radner: Oh, no! I just killed a girl!
[suddenly Nora gets up and gives flips him the bird]
Nora: I’m on painkillers, bitch! Kappa Nu!
[she starts running off]


Mac Radner: [to Kelly] The buyers can come by at any moment and see the twenty psychopathic teenagers next door. The new buyers are not gonna want to live next to a sorority! We need somebody who can relate to stupid young people!


Mac Radner: What do you do when kids misbehave? You call their parents!


Beth: Dad?
[picking up one of her dildo’s]
Beth’s Dad: What is this? What happened to my little girl?
Beth: It’s really not a big deal!
[holding up a massive dildo]
Beth’s Dad: This is a very big deal!


Shelby: It’s on.
Mac Radner: No, no, no!
Kelly Radner: Nothing’s on!
Shelby: You turned it on.
Kelly Radner: Well we’re turning it off.
Mac Radner: We love… We turned it on, we can turn it off.


Kelly Radner: These girls are very smart and they’re very tricky.


[to Mac and Kelly]
Teddy Sanders: Hi, neighbors. Let’s shut this shit down. That’s right, I’m sides.


Teddy Sanders: If we steal their stash, they won’t be able to pay their rent.


[they’ve all dressed in different disguises to gatecrash Kappu Nu’s party]
Mac Radner: Good disguises everyone.
[to Jimmy who’s dressed as a clown]
Mac Radner: You look like a psychopath.
Jimmy: It’s a clown, man. People love clowns.
[he suddenly does a crazy clown laugh]
Teddy Sanders: Just stop doing that!


Mac Radner: What’s the plan?
Teddy Sanders: I’m gonna dance.
Mac Radner: Just you dancing is enough to distract the entire sorority?
Jimmy: Do you want me to go up with you?


Shelby: They’re trying to dismantle our sorority. Let’s do what parents do best, stop young people from having fun!


Jimmy: I’ve been roofied, so if anyone has ever wanted to have sex with me, tonight’s the night.


Mac Radner: I got an idea. We go with the airbag trick.
Kelly Radner: That’s not gonna work.
Mac Radner: If it worked for the guys why wouldn’t work for girls?
Paula: Because guys are idiots!


[holding the receiver of the phone on the wall]
Shelby: It’s a little hard to call the cops without a phone.
Mac Radner: Give us that back!
Shelby: No!
[Shelby runs off with the phone receiver still in her hand, but she suddenly falls as the phone’s cord pulls]
Shelby: What the fuck!
Mac Radner: It’s called a cord, dumbass!
Shelby: Fuck! You have old people phone!


Teddy Sanders: Those girls are out of control.


Mac Radner: They’re using their sexuality as a weapon.


[as the girls all in their bikinis have stripped Mac down to his shorts and have chased him into his car]
Mac Radner: Someone help me!
[Kelly starts hosing the girls with water]
Kelly Radner: Get out of here, you animals!
Mac Radner: This isn’t working! You’re only making them sexier!


Teddy Sanders: They don’t understand that there’s no I in sorority.
Mac Radner: There’s two actually.
Kelly Radner: There’s actually there’s just one.
Teddy Sanders: No, that’s a Y.
Mac Radner: No, in the middle.
Teddy Sanders: That’s an O.
Kelly Radner: S-O-R-O-R-I-T-I-T-Y.
Teddy Sanders: Sorori-tity?
Kelly Radner: That’s how you spell it.
Mac Radner: You think the tity is silent?


[Mac is dressed in shorts with muscles drawn on his naked chest and stomach]
Kelly Radner: You’re really turning me on with your muscle on right now.


[as they are having sex]
Mac Radner: Give me an A!
Kelly Radner: A!
Mac Radner: Give me an N!
Kelly Radner: N!
Mac Radner: Give me an A!
Kelly Radner: A!
Mac Radner: Give me an L!
Kelly Radner: L!
Mac Radner: What does that spell!
Kelly Radner: Never!


Shelby: Game over, motherfuckers!
[she locks Mac and Teddy in Mac’s garage]
Mac Radner: We gotta get out of here!
[pointing up to the air vent]
Teddy Sanders: That’s our way out. The place from this airbag will propel you straight through that vent.
[Mac gets ready to jump on the airbag]
Mac Radner: Time to save my family.
[Mac jumps onto the airbag, it goes off and shoots Mac straight into the garage door, which breaks and down with Mac on top of it]
Mac Radner: It worked!

Total Quotes: 29




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