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Jacob Black: [to Mike] Feeling sick? Maybe you need to go to the hospital. Do you want me to put you in the hospital?
Bella Swan: Jake…Jake, the movie’s over. What are you doing? Jake, you’re really hot. Like, you feel like you have a fever. Are you okay?
Jacob Black: I don’t know what’s happening. I gotta go.
Mike: That dude is weird.


Bella Swan: You cut your hair off? And got a tattoo?
Jacob Black: Bella…
Bella Swan: I thought you were too sick to come outside. Or pick up the phone when I’d call.
Jacob Black: Go away.
Bella Swan: What?
Jacob Black: Go away.


Bella Swan: What happened to you? What’s wrong? Hey, what happened? Did Sam get to you? Is that what’s happening?
Jacob Black: Sam’s trying to help me, don’t blame him. But if you want somebody to blame, How about those filthy bloodsuckers, you love? The Cullen’s.
Bella Swan: I don’t know what you are talking about.
Jacob Black: You know exactly what I’m talking about. You’ve been lying to everyone. Charlie…but you can’t lie to me. Not anymore, Bella.


Jacob Black: Look, Bella…we can’t be friends anymore.
Bella Swan: Jake, I know that I have been…hurting you. It’s…it’s killing me. It kills me. If you, may be, give me like some time.
Jacob Black: Don’t! It’s not you.
Bella Swan: It’s not you, it’s me, right? Really?
Jacob Black: It’s true! It is me. I’m not good. I used to be…a great kid. Not anymore. This doesn’t even matter, alright? This is over.
Bella Swan: You can’t break up with me. I mean…I mean, you’re my best friend. You promised me.
Jacob Black: I know. I promised that I won’t hurt you, Bella. And this is me keeping that promise. Go home. And don’t come back, or you’re gonna get hurt.


Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice, things are…things are bad again. Without Jake, I just…I can’t stand it. I don’t see Edward anymore. Now it really feels like he never existed. I will find a place where I can see him again.


Bella Swan: Laurent!
Laurent: I didn’t expect to find you here. I went to visit the Cullen’s, but, the house is empty. I’m surprised they left you behind. Weren’t you sort of a, um…pet of theirs?
Bella Swan: Yeah. You could say that.
Laurent: Do the Cullen’s visit often?
[Edward’s apparition appears]
Edward Cullen: Lie.
Bella Swan: Yeah, absolutely. All the time.
Edward Cullen: Lie better.
Bella Swan: I’ll tell them that you stopped by. I probably shouldn’t tell…Edward. Cause he’s pretty protective.
Laurent: But he’s far away isn’t he?


Bella Swan: Why are you here?
Laurent: I came as a favor to Victoria.
Bella Swan: Victoria?
Laurent: She asked me to see if you were still under the protection of the Cullen’s. Victoria feels it’s only fair if she kills Edwards mate, giving he killed hers. An eye for an eye.
Edward Cullen: Threaten him.
Bella Swan: Edward would know who did it! And he’d come after you.
Laurent: I don’t think he will. After all, how much could you mean to him if he left you here unprotected? Victoria won’t be happy about my killing you. But I can’t help myself. You’re so mouth-watering.
Bella Swan: Please don’t. I mean, you helped us.
Laurent: Shhhh. Don’t be afraid. I’m doing you a kindness. Victoria plans on killing you slowly and briefly, whereas I’ll make it quick. I promise. You will feel nothing.
Bella Swan: Edward, I love you.
[just at that point werewolves attack and kill Laurent]


Bella Swan: In the woods. They are not bears!
Charlie Swan: What you mean in the woods? Bella, what the hell were you doing out in the woods?
Bella Swan: They are wolves. I mean, they’re like huge wolves!
Harry Clearwater: Are you sure about that, Bella?
Bella Swan: Yeah, I just saw them. They were after…something.


Jacob Black: Look, look, I’m…I’m sorry.
Bella Swan: For what?
Jacob Black: I wish I could explain, but I literally…can’t! Have you ever had a secret you couldn’t tell anyone? One that wasn’t yours to share. Well, that’s what it’s like for me, but worse. You have no idea, how tight I’m bounded.


Jacob Black: I mean, the killer part is you already know! Bella, do you remember, when walked on the beach in La Push? The sto…new-moon-16
Bella Swan: The story…the story about the cold ones.
Jacob Black: I guess, I understand why that’s the only part you remember.
Bella Swan: There’s gotta be something that you can do…
Jacob Black: No. I’m in it for life.


[Jacob gives Bella a long hug]
Jacob Black: Please, try to remember. It would be so much easier if you knew.
Bella Swan: I’ll try, but…Jake. Jake, what are you doing? Wait, Jake. Jake!
[Jacob jumps out her window]


[talking to Edward’s apparition]
Bella Swan: Edward, I’m scared.
Edward Cullen: You should be.


[shouting to Sam]
Bella Swan: What did you do to him?new-moon-17
Sam Uley: Hey, easy!
Bella Swan: He didn’t want this!
Paul: But we do. What did he do? What did he tell you?
Sam Uley: Both of you calm…
Bella Swan: Nothing! He told me nothing, because he’s scared of you!
[Paul and Jared start laughing. Bella gets angry and slaps Paul in the face]
Jared: Too late now.
Sam Uley: Bella, get back. Paul, calm down now.
[Paul suddenly begins to snarl like mad as he shape-shifts into his wolf form. Bella gasps as she sees this and begins to walk backwards]
Jacob Black: Bella!
Bella Swan: Run! Jake, run!
[Jacob runs towards Paul’s wolf form and suddenly he also shape-shifts into a wolf and starts to fight with Paul’s wolf form]
Sam Uley: Take Bella back to Emily’s place.
Embry Call: Guess the wolf’s out of the bag.


Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice…is it possible that everything is true? The fairy tales and horror stories? Is it possible that there isn’t anything sane and normal at all?


Emily: So, you’re the vampire girl.
Bella Swan: So, you’re the wolf girl.
Emily: Guess so. Well, I’m engaged to one.


Emily: Leave it up to Jake to find a way around Sam’s gag order.
Bella Swan: Um…he didn’t say anything to me.
Embry Call: That’s a wolf thing. Alpha’s orders get obeyed whether we want to or not. Oh and check it out! We can hear each other’s thoughts.
Jared: Will you just shut up? These are trade secrets. Damn it! This chick runs with vampires.
Bella Swan: I can’t really run with vampires. Because they’re fast.
Jared: Yeah? Well, we’re faster. Freaked out yet?
Bella Swan: You’re not the first monsters I’ve met.
[Sam walks in]
Sam Uley: Jake’s right. You are good with the weird.


Bella Swan: So you’re a werewolf?
Jacob Black: Yeah, last time I checked. A few lucky members of the tribe have the gene. If a bloodsucker moves into town, then the fever sets in.
Bella Swan: Mono?
Jacob Black: Yeah, I wish.


Jacob Black: It’s not a life-style choice, Bella. I was born this way, I can’t help it. You are such a hypocrite. What, I’m not the right kind of monster for you?
Bella Swan: It’s not what you are. It’s what you do. They never hurt anybody. You’ve killed people, Jake.
Jacob Black: Bella, we’re not killing anyone.
Bella Swan: Then, who is?
Jacob Black: What we’re trying to protect you people from. The only thing we do kill. Vampires.
Bella Swan: Jake, you can’t…
Jacob Black: Don’t worry, we can’t touch your little precious Cullen’s. Unless, they violate the Treaty.


Jacob Black: We took out that leech with the dreads easy enough.
Bella Swan: Laurent?
Jacob Black: And his redhead girlfriend is next.
Bella Swan: Vic…Victoria is here?
Jacob Black: Was. We chased her all the way to the Canadian border the other night. But she keeps coming back. We don’t know what she’s after.
Bella Swan: I do. Me.


Bella Swan: [voice over] Alice, I’m alright. Until I’m alone. And lately that’s all the time. Jacob’s gone, he’s hunting for Victoria. And Charlie is hunting Jacob. And you’re gone. And so is Edward. And I just have nothing now.


Bella Swan: [voice over] But I realize where I have to go, What I have to do to see him again.


[Bella is standing at the edge of the cliff when Edward’s apparition appears]
Edward Cullen: Don’t do
Bella Swan: You wanted me to be human. Watch me.
Edward Cullen: Please? For me?
Bella Swan: You won’t stay with me any other way.
Edward Cullen: Bella. Please.
[Bella jumps from the cliff and into the sea]


Bella Swan: It must be nice, never getting cold.
Jacob Black: It’s a wolf thing.
Bella Swan: It’s not. It’s a Jacob thing. You’re just warm. You’re like, your own sun.


Jacob Black: What if I get mad at you? Sometimes…I feel like, I’m gonna disappear.
Bella Swan: Look I know that you need me to tell you something like this. But I always will. You’re not gonna loose yourself. I won’t let that
Jacob Black: How?
Bella Swan: I’ll tell you all the time. How special you are.
[Jacob pulls close to kiss her but Bella stops him]
Bella Swan: Thank you…for everything.


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