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The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

Anna Murphy: I don’t understand why I should have to pay the price, why my children have to pay the price.
Martin: It’s the only thing I can think of that’s close to justice.

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)    REVIEWS  

Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin: We’ve got brains, skills.
[referring to Agent Whiskey]
Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin: Skipping rope?
Agent Whiskey: It’s a lasso.
Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin: Whatever.

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Lady Bird (2017)

College Professor: “Lady Bird”, is that your given name?
Christine McPherson: Yeah.
College Professor: Why is it in quotes?
Christine McPherson: I gave it to myself, it’s given to me by me.

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Last Flag Flying (2017)

[to Mueller and Sal]
Larry ‘Doc’ Shepherd: Because of my son I came here, found you guys. A year ago he joined the Corps, and then two days ago they told me that he’d been killed. He’s going to be buried in Arlington and I was wondering if you guys could come with me.

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The Man Who Invented Christmas (2017)

Charles Dickens: It’s about a miser, and on Christmas Eve he meets some kind of supernatural guides.
Chapman: Does it have a title?
Charles Dickens: Humbug: A Miser’s Lament. Christmas Ghost Story. Christmas Song. Christmas Ballad, something like that.

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Marshall (2017)

Thurgood Marshall: I only represent innocent people, people accused because of their race. That’s my mission.
Joseph Spell: I never touched that woman.

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The Mountain Between Us (2017)    REVIEWS  

Dr. Ben Bass: If we stay here we’re safe. If we leave, search and rescue, they’re less likely to find us.
Alex Martin: Look, I don’t want to die up here because you’re too scared to take a risk. We have to do something.

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Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

Hercule Poirot: [voice over] You know, there is something about a tangle of strangers pressed together for days with nothing in common but the need to go from one place to another and never see each other again.

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Only the Brave (2017)

Eric Marsh: I worked this blaze near Big Timber, Montana, in the blink of an eye there’s fire everywhere, and then charging out of these flames comes this bear on fire. That was the most beautiful and terrible thing I’ve ever seen.

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Professor Marston and the Wonder Women (2017)

Josette Frank: Dr. Marston, every issue of Wonder Woman is filled with violence, torture and sadomasochism. This abnormal behavior in your comic is reckless.

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Roman J. Israel, Esq. (2017)

Roman J. Israel: I’m tired of doing the impossible for the ungrateful.

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The Star (2017)

Bo the Donkey: Mary, you’re in danger! You need to listen to what I’m about to say extremely carefully.
[we see as Mary and Joseph are looking at Bo and all hear are his Donkey howls]
Mary: Do you want a belly rub?

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Suburbicon (2017)     REVIEWS  

Gardner: Any progress on the investigation?
Hightower: A mobster got killed a couple of days ago.
Gardner: I’m sorry for his loss.
Hightower: Of life? Yeah, I guess he probably is too.

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Thor: Ragnarok (2017)   REVIEWS  

Thor: Hela, the goddess of death, has invaded Asgard. And you and I had a fight recently.
Bruce Banner: Did I win?
Thor: No, I won. Easily.
Bruce Banner: That doesn’t sound right.
Thor: Well, it’s true.

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

[interviewing Mildred]
Gabriella Forrester: So, Mildred Hayes, why did you put up these billboards?
Mildred Hayes: My daughter Angela was murdered seven months ago. It seems to me the police department is too busy torturing black folks to solve actual crime.

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Wonder (2017)

Auggie Pullman: [voice over] I know I’m not an ordinary kind of a kid, I’ve had twenty-seven surgeries. They help me to breathe, to see, to hear without a hearing aid, but none of them have me look ordinary.

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Wonder Wheel (2017)

Ginny: When it comes to love we all turn out to be our own worst enemy.

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