By Iftekhar (Dhaka, Bangladesh)


Well, Jake Gyllenhaal is my current favorite actor after seeing Enemy and Nightcrawler within a short space of time. I have been following his work for a long time as a matter of fact, what Nightcrawler showcased was his brilliant on-screen performance which deserves more recognition. I will give this masterpiece of a movie 10 out of 10 any day.

As for Nightcrawler Jake aka Louis Bloom acts as the desperate guy looking for any kind of work he can get his hands into. He gets into L.A. Journalism and begins working for a small time media company. Louis then recruits a freelancer to work as his assistant. Louis then tries to have his way with the owner of the company, asking her for favors and Louis brings in a gruesome footage which reveals a gang of mobs breaking into a house and killing a number of people.

What strikes me about Nightcrawler the most is the fact that Louis does anything to get to the top of the business. He is self-centered, rude but intelligent to the core. He has the ability to manipulate people. He is hard working, has the passion to go the extra mile and an ego maniac. He has all the attributes you would see in a villain character in a movie. You could say this movie is Jake Gyllenhaal’s finest work till date.

Nightcrawler displays the ruthless character of Jake Gyllenhaal and that goes along with the storyline from start to the end. The story with his assistant Rick takes a major turn at the end of the movie. Nightcrawler also plays with a few more elements in the movie. It deals with the cable news channels having to compete with many other channels. The more disturbing the news and the footages are, the more profit they can make.

Nightcrawler does a stellar job with the crime scenes details and it’s amazing how they manage to make it look real. Riz Ahmed the assistant should not be overlooked here. He also does a great job as a supporting cast keeping track of Jake’s routes and helping him with the videos.

All in all, Nightcrawler is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys thriller/crime based storylines with a psychopath as the main character which in this case is Louis. A film that you should not miss out on. The best of 2014 if you ask me, not just because of the performances, it has the whole package; excellent cinematography, crime scenes, greediness, jealousy and so on and so forth.

Go watch this film. It’s a masterpiece!

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