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[Lou arrives at the van crash incident]
Rick: Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck me. Oh, God! That’s the fucking Mayhem van. Joe Loder and the other dude. What’s his name? Fucking Marcus.
[Lou gets out of the car with his camera]
Louis Bloom: Park the car and get your camera.
[Lou starts filming Loder’s van crashed into a pole, Rick joins him]
Rick: What the hell happened?
Louis Bloom: According to witnesses, they were driving at a high rate of speed, probably toward Griffith Park, when, apparently, they ran head-on into this light pole. No other car. Single vehicle.
Rick: How did they just run into a pole?
[Lou puts a comforting hand on Rick’s shoulder then starts going over to the van to film]
Rick: Hey, don’t film that, man. He’s one of us.
Louis Bloom: Not anymore, Rick. We’re professionals.
[Lou films Loder all messed up as he’s being wheeled away in a gurney]


[Lou is driving fast]
Rick: Man, we are way the hell out here.
[they hear another emergency incident on the radio]
Lou Bloom: Armed response on a home invasion.
Rick: Well we’re five blocks away. Pull a U-turn.
[Lou turns the car around and heads off towards the incident]
Rick: At the end of the street. Coming up. 4808. Here!
[Lou pulls up outside a large mansion but the police haven’t arrived yet]
Lou Bloom: We beat the police.
Rick: What do you want me to do?
[Lou gets out of the car with his camera]
Louis Bloom: You know what to do, Rick!
[Lou runs up the mansion’s driveway and as he comes up to the house he hears shots being fired, he starts filming but sees two men fleeing the scene, he films them leaving then enters he house to film the dead bodies, including a baby’s room]


[after filming inside the mansion Lou rushes out to find Rick waiting for him outside]
Rick: What is going on?
Louis Bloom: We’re leaving.
Rick: What? What’s in there? What’s going on?
[they run back towards the car before the police arrives]
Rick: What happened in there?
Louis Bloom: You should have walked in and looked, Rick, if you’re that curious. That’s what I’m paying you to do. You need to show initiative. There is no better way to achieve job security than by making yourself an indispensable employee.
Rick: I heard gunshots!
Louis Bloom: All the more reason you might have helped me! You might have learned a new skill that made you more useful and put us on a track toward growth!
[they get into the car, Lou turns the car around and drives off just as the police arrives]


[Lou pulls up outside the news station]
Louis Bloom: Stay in the car.
Rick: Why?
Louis Bloom: Because I said so.
[Lou goes to back of the car, he downloads his footage to his laptop and edits it; Lou enters the news station and finds Nina]
Nina Romina: I’ve been trying to reach you for the last hour. In the future, when you don’t have anything, man up and don’t dodge my fucking calls!
Louis Bloom: I do have something.
Nina Romina: What?
Louis Bloom: Home invasion, triple murder in Granada Hills.
Nina Romina: That’s just breaking now.
Louis Bloom: We got there before the police.
Nina Romina: You have it?
[he holds up the footage file]
Louis Bloom: I’m not going to list the many benefits of this piece. I think it’s probably best if you just watch it for yourself.
Nina Romina: I could have had someone out there by now. Why didn’t you call it in?
Louis Bloom: To increase your need, and improve my bargaining position.
[Nina takes the footage and turns]
Nina Romina: Frank, Jenny! Bay two, now!


[as Nina and her team watch Lou’s graphic footage; on the phone]
Nina Romina: Get Linda in here.
[Linda enters the room]
Nina Romina: Home invasion in Granada. He got there before the cops. We have 10 minutes to airtime, how much of this can we show?
Linda: You mean, legally?
Nina Romina: No, morally. Of course, legally.
Linda: Have they been identified?
Frank Kruse: It just happened, so you have to assume no, and that’s just one of the issues.
Linda: We can’t broadcast their identities without notifying the next of kin.
Nina Romina: We’re not identifying them.
Linda: You are by proxy, by showing their faces.
Nina Romina: We pixelate the faces.


Linda: Where did you get this?
Nina Romina: Stringer.
Louis Bloom: Hi, Linda. I’m Lou.
Jenny: Oh, Jesus. Is there a dead baby inside of there?
Louis Bloom: No, the crib was empty.
Nina Romina: Oh, for Christ’s sake. Are we breaking the law by showing this?
Linda: Block the faces, don’t give out the exact address. Do that, I guess. I don’t know, I wouldn’t think so, no.
Frank Kruse: Journalistically and ethically?
Nina Romina: This isn’t Hartford.
Frank Kruse: We are beyond all broadcast standards.
Nina Romina: Have you seen the overnights? I’ll risk the fine.
Frank Kruse: What did you pay for this?
Louis Bloom: The price hasn’t been negotiated yet.
Nina Romina: Give us a minute. Thanks.
[the others leave the room]


Nina Romina: How much?
Louis Bloom: One hundred thousand.
Nina Romina: How much?
Louis Bloom: Fifty thousand.
Nina Romina: I need a number. Nine minutes, I need a number.
Louis Bloom: I just gave you two.
Nina Romina: Three thousand.
Louis Bloom: I got three thousand for the food truck stabbings.
Nina Romina: There were more dead.
Louis Bloom: Those were poor Mexican people in a roach coach. Two of them were illegals. These are three wealthy white people, shot and killed in their mansion. Including a suburban housewife shotgunned in her bed. I know you, Nina. I know your interest and excitement in this product is greater than the amount you’re offering.
Nina Romina: Five thousand.
Louis Bloom: Thirty thousand.
Nina Romina: Seven thousand.
Louis Bloom: Twenty-five thousand.
Nina Romina: Eight thousand.
Louis Bloom: Fifteen thousand.
Nina Romina: Nine thousand.
Louis Bloom: Fifteen thousand.
Nina Romina: Ten thousand.
Louis Bloom: Fifteen thousand.


Nina Romina: Give me a serious number.
Louis Bloom: Fifteen thousand.
Nina Romina: Can’t do it. Never happen. There’s a matter of precedent. Ten’s my last best offer.
Louis Bloom: Okay.
[Lou starts to leave]
Nina Romina: Really? Where are you going?
Louis Bloom: Seven’s approached me at least several times. The ND there gave me his number. They’ll make me a better offer. It’s a five-minute drive.
[Lou turns to leave]
Nina Romina: Hold on! Twelve.nightcrawler-11
Louis Bloom: Fifteen.
Nina Romina: I can’t spend a month’s budget on a single story.
Louis Bloom: What if the story’s not over? The people who did this escaped. They’re still out there, walking around with the rest of us. If I had a family and I lived in a home, that might make me nervous. I’d want updates on what was going on. With this footage, people would turn to your channel for the story.


Louis Bloom: Now I like you, Nina, and I look forward to our time together, but you have to understand fifteen thousand isn’t all that I want. From here on, starting now, I want my work to be credited by the anchors and on a burn. The name of my company is Video Production News, a professional news-gathering service. That’s how it should be read and that’s how it should be said. I also want to go to the next rung, and meet your team. And the station manager and the director and the anchors, and start developing my own personal relationships. I’d like to start meeting them this morning. You’ll take me around, you’ll introduce me as the owner and President of Video Production News and remind them of some of my many other stories. I’m not done. I also want to stop our discussion over prices. This will save time. So when I say that a particular number is my lowest price, that’s my lowest price. And you can be assured that I arrived at whatever that number is very carefully. Now, when I say that I want these things, I mean that I want them, and I don’t want to have to ask again. And the last thing that I want, Nina, is for you to do the things that I ask you to do when we’re alone together in your apartment. Not like the last time!
[Nina just stares at him]
Louis Bloom: So…I’ll tell you what. I have the van crash on Moorpark tonight. It was a couple of stringers, actually. That could lead by itself on an average night. I’d be willing to throw that in for free. So what do you say, do we have a deal?


[Nina introduces Lou to the news team]
Nina Romina: Lisa Mays, Ben Waterman, Lou Bloom.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: Hi, Lou.
Louis Bloom: Hello.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: Hi, pleasure to meet you.
Louis Bloom: How are you, Lisa?
[Lou shakes hands with Lisa Mays and Ben Waterman]
Nina Romina: You remember Lou from the Benedict Canyon crash.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: Oh, yeah. Amazing stuff.
Louis Bloom: That was my company, Video Production News.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: Good job.
Louis Bloom: I would just like to say that I think that what the two of you do is incredibly valuable.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: Thank you.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: That’s nice of you to say. We appreciate it.


[Lou watches the production team in the control room as Nina oversees everything]
Technical Director: I don’t know how long this tape runs, we might dump out.
[the production bell rings]
Technical Director: Twenty seconds to back. Ben and Lisa, twenty seconds to back.
[to his assistant]
Technical Director: Set up a sting dig, Camera Two on a two-shot.
Nina Romina: Where’s the banner?
Technical Director: Did we decide on one?
Nina Romina: Horror House. What did we talk about?
[to another one of his assistants]
Technical Director: Can you build that? Put it on CG-one.
[to the news anchors]
Technical Director: Back in ten seconds. Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Sting it.
[the news begins with the banner “Horror House”]
Technical Director: Mics. Dissolve. Cue.


[Nina, the production team and Lou watch the anchors deliver the breaking news]
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: Hello, everybody. This is KWLA with breaking news. Over the last half-hour or so, we’ve now received word of an apparent home invasion triple homicide in the Granada Hills area of the San Fernando Valley. Now, at present, the number of those dead…
[to his assistant]
Technical Director: Preset Camera Two.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: …have not been confirmed yet by the police but KWLA has obtained exclusive footage from inside the crime scene in which at least three bodies can be observed. Now, we’re going to show you segments of that footage throughout the rest of this broadcast of course, but also throughout the day.
[to the anchors through their ear-piece]
Technical Director: Ben, Lisa, I have a tape. When you’re ready, throw to it. I’ll follow you.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: Again, we’re about to show you exclusive KWLA video from inside the actual crime scene.
[to the anchors through their ear-piece]
Nina Romina: It’s graphic. Repeat it.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: And before broadcasting this video, we want to warn our viewers that these are extremely graphic images. And I’m hearing from our control room that we have that video, and we’re going to show it now.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: Alright, well let’s roll it now. This is footage that we’ve obtained exclusively by KWLA from Video Production News. This is a professional news-gathering service.


[as they show Lou’s footage]
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: This is what appears to be a shotgun, something you might use for home defense. You can see the pistol grips on the front and the back there. Quite possibly the murder weapon. And now, Lisa, as we move inside, this is a beautiful home.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: A beautiful home in a very safe neighborhood. Or what most people think is a safe neighborhood. And it appears that that is the first body.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: A young woman, I’m guessing, from this angle. A young woman on a sofa there. All of the faces, though, have been blurred out. We want to ensure that…
[Nina speaks to the anchors through their ear-piece]
Nina Romina: They’ve escaped. They’re on the loose.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: That is the first of what we understand are three bodies in the home in Granada Hills. And this was committed by a suspect, or suspects who are still out there. They’re believed to have escaped. And if you think about that, that is a very frightening thought.


[to the anchors]
Nina Romina: Repeat that.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: Yes, scary, and very concerning, particularly given what we’re looking at here. The savagery of what the…these pictures show. And now, there on the floor. Lisa, I’m guessing, what is that a bloodied article of clothing? What would you think…?
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: It looks like a silk shirt. Maybe a woman’s silk blouse.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: Yeah, it’s just so sad. Now as we move…
to his assistant
Technical Director: Stand by to dissolve, Two.


KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: And, obviously, there is the second body.
[to the anchors]
Nina Romina: They’ve escaped. Repeat it.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: The person or people who committed all of this brutal home invasion robbery, they’re presently unidentified and at large, still on the streets.
[to the anchors]
Nina Romina: Hit it again. Harder.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: This has got to be a huge worry not only to the residents in this neighborhood, the Granada Hills area as well.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: All of Los Angeles, if you think about it.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: Yeah, the entire Southland, really tonight, absolutely. An apparent family attacked, savagely killed. We believe this is their own home. In what is one of the quieter, I think a frankly more upscale and affluent neighborhoods in the whole Valley.


[Lou watches from the background in the control room]
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: In all of Los Angeles.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: And now, as we’re moving, this is a nursery. And you hope to God…
[to the anchors]
Nina Romina: Build it.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: …that there’s not a baby in that crib.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: Yeah, you’re just praying that that crib is empty. Cause this is definitely a child’s room.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: And, now, as we look, thank goodness. Absolutely great.
[Lou’s footage shows there was no baby in the crib]


KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: In fact, our understanding right now is that there was no baby found in the house. Or any baby that was seen at all by the people who filmed this for us.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: Thank goodness.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: That’s Video News, this is a professional news gathering service that we use.
[Nina look at Lou who smiles]
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: Apparently, what we’re hearing from their photographer is that they arrived even before the police did. And then entered this home to help, or at least offer some sort of assistance and then came upon what you’re looking here. The gruesome crime scene that we’re all watching.
[upon hearing this Lou smiles again]
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: They came upon three bodies. And that, right there…
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: Yeah, the third body
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: …is the third body on the floor.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: And obviously this is a man, gray hair. What would you think, Lisa? Maybe 40s, 50s?
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: Yeah, 50s. Maybe even 60s.
[to the anchors]
Nina Romina: Vicious attack.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: The only thought I’ve had while we’ve been looking at all this graphic footage, and just the viciousness, the severity of violence.


[to his team]
Technical Director: Alright, standby, master control, we’re going to come to a break.
[to the anchors]
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: We’re going to commercial, then cutting to Joel and a police statement. I’m getting word right now that police are getting ready to issue a statement from the scene and Joel Beatty is there for that.
Technical Director: Ready, Camera Two?
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: And I think right now, we’re going to take a quick break.
Technical Director: Ready to break in five, four… Sneak in your music. Three, two, one. Fade to black. Roll your break.
[we hear the music playing as the news cuts to commercial]
Technical Director: That’s a 10 share.
[the technical director and Nina share a chuckle]
Nina Romina: I want theme music on the return and the cut we used for the Simi rail crash.
Technical Director: Audio, cut 32, please. Cut 32 when we come back.


[Nina answers the phone during the commercial break]
Nina Romina: Hello? Thank you.
[she looks over at Lou]
Nina Romina: Well, actually he’d like to meet you.
[Lou smiles at Nina; talking to his assistants]
Technical Director: Come back, One, and key on Ben.
Reporter Joel Beatty: Hey, heads up, you guys. The police spokesman is making an announcement in sixty seconds.
[still on the phone]
Nina Romina: I gotta go.


[Nina hangs up the phone and goes back to looking at the monitor screens]
Reporter Joel Beatty: Nina, we are getting a ton of heat from the police out here about that video.
Nina Romina: Tell them to call the station.
Technical Director: Fifteen seconds.
Reporter Joel Beatty: They want to talk to the person who shot it.
Louis Bloom: I shot it. Joel, it’s Video Production News. Tell them to call me.
Nina Romina: Lou, they can’t hear you.
Technical Director: Coming back in five, four, three, two, one. Fade up.


[the next morning Lou is sat watching the news which is continuing the home invasion news]
Female Anchor: We have more information coming in from the Granada Hills area and the scene of an apparent home invasion that has left a husband and wife and their housekeeper…
[Lou changes to another news channel]
Male Anchor #1: What we know at the moment is that at some time around 5:00 this morning, gunmen broke into this upscale…
[Lou changes to another news channel]
Male Anchor #2: Residents are disturbed and concerned by the brutal triple murder…
[Lou changes to KWLA News]
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: The way we got it, though, is a video production crew that we work with from time to time. They, apparently, arrived on the scene in Granada Hills before the police ever got there.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: Before anybody.
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: And the photographer who took those pictures told us earlier that he walked up to the door, he saw what we all saw in his videotape. And then he started to look inside, so that he could help or render assistance to someone. That’s when he walked into the house and started shooting the video.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: And he found the three deceased in the house.
[just then there’s a knock at Lou’s front door]
KWLA Anchor Ben Waterman: He found the three bodies.
KWLA Anchor Lisa Mays: The two females and the…
[Lou turns off the TV and goes to answer the door]


[two detectives, Fronteiri and Lieberman are arrive at Lou’s door]
Louis Bloom: Hello.
Detective Fronteiri: Hi, I’m Detective Fronteiri. This is my partner, Detective Lieberman. Are you Louis Bloom?
Louis Bloom: Yes, I’m Lou.
Detective Fronteiri: You live here?
Louis Bloom: Yes, that’s right.
Detective Lieberman: May we come inside?
Louis Bloom: Why?
Detective Fronteiri: Why not?
Louis Bloom: You want to?
Detective Fronteiri: Yes.
Louis Bloom: I don’t care.
Detective Fronteiri: Wonderful.
[Fronteiri and Lieberman enter]


Detective Fronteiri: You were in Granada Hills last night.
Louis Bloom: Yes, that’s right.
Detective Fronteiri: You shot the video in the house?
Louis Bloom: Yes, ma’am, I did. That’s right.
Detective Fronteiri: You went inside the house? You filmed all through the house? You even filmed the bodies. All before the police came.
Louis Bloom: That door was open, ma’am.
Detective Fronteiri: Detective.
Louis Bloom: The door was open and what I did was I went in to see if I could help, because the alarm was ringing.
Detective Fronteiri: An active crime scene.
Louis Bloom: I didn’t know it was a crime scene.
Detective Lieberman: You knew what it was.
Louis Bloom: I know that an alarm means someone is in trouble.
Detective Fronteiri: And you sold it to be shown on TV.
Louis Bloom: We’re a professional news-gathering service.


Detective Lieberman: What did you see when you arrived?
Louis Bloom: Uh…two men leaving in a vehicle.
Detective Lieberman: You saw two men?
Louis Bloom: They were just shapes, really. I was afraid, so I hid. And then I saw the shapes of two men moving inside the vehicle, if that helps.
Detective Fronteiri: Describe the men.
Louis Bloom: It was dark. And then they drove away. I…
Detective Fronteiri: Black? White? Tall?
Louis Bloom: I couldn’t see.
Detective Lieberman: What were they driving?
Louis Bloom: An SUV. Dark colored.
Detective Lieberman: Rims? Tinted windows?
Louis Bloom: Maybe. Not that I saw.
Detective Fronteiri: Do you have any film on the men or the car?
Louis Bloom: No, I don’t. I only started filming when I was inside.
Detective Fronteiri: Mm-hm. I’d like a copy of that footage.
Louis Bloom: Do I have to give it to you?
Detective Fronteiri: Is there any reason why you wouldn’t?
Louis Bloom: No, no, I made you a copy. I expected someone to come.
[Lou smiles and goes to get the copy; after the cops leave Lou looks at the footage he’s shot of the two killers and looks up their SUV driving license number online]


[Lou picks up Rick in his car]
Rick: What’s up, man? I’m tired. Aren’t you tired? Why are we starting so early?
Louis Bloom: One of the people in the house last night was alive. I cut that part out. I also cut out the men leaving in their car. I have a name and an address. We’re gonna drive there, we’re gonna find the person that drove that car.
Rick: So you know who killed those people?
Louis Bloom: One of them, quite possibly, yes.
Rick: You gotta call the cops.
Louis Bloom: And we will, at the right time.
[Lou pulls over and stops the car, he turns to Rick]
Louis Bloom: I’m offering you a real opportunity here, Rick.
Rick: To do what?
Louis Bloom: I don’t usually share my business plan with you, but a moment has arrived that could allow the company to make enough money to expand to the next level. We could call this…the critical moment. I’m inviting you, Rick, to be a part of the team that pounces on this opportunity.


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