Starring: Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, Robbie Amell, Christopher Walken, Malina Weissman, Mark Consuelos, Cheryl Hines


Story: Comedy directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and the story follows Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey), a billionaire at the top of his game, but Tom’s workaholic lifestyle has disconnected him from his family, particularly his wife Lara (Jennifer Garner) and his daughter Rebecca (Malina Weissman).

It’s coming up to Rebecca’s 11th birthday and she wants a cat, but Tom hates cats and he’s without a gift and time is running out. So as he decides to buy a cat his GPS directs him to a mystical pet store brimming with odd and exotic cats. The store’s eccentric owner, Felix Grant (Christopher Walken), presents him with a majestic tomcat, named Mr. Fuzzypants.

But en route to his daughter’s party, Tom has a terrible accident and when he regains consciousness he discovers he has become trapped inside the body of the cat. Adopted by his own family, he begins to experience what life is truly like for the family pet, and as a cat, Tom begins to see his family and his life through a new and unexpected perspective. Meanwhile, his family adjusts to life with an odd and stubborn cat, and his son David (Robbie Amell), steps up in ways Tom never expected.

If any hope exists of returning to his family as the husband and father they deserve, Tom will have to learn why he has been placed in this peculiar situation and the great lengths he must go to earn back his human existence.

Verdict: I cannot for the life of me understand who green-lit this movie to be made. Everything about it so absurd, and not in a good or quirky way either. As I watched this movie I kept thinking why a director like Barry Sonnenfeld would decide to take this on, let alone any of the actors in it! I wish I could say something positive about this movie, the cat’s cute, that’s pretty much it really. Sorry, I just couldn’t find anything redeeming here to recommend.


Best Quotes    (Total Quotes: 19)


Tom Brand: So today’s the big day. Have you thought about what you want?
Rebecca Brand: I want a cat.
Tom Brand: Oh, I don’t think our building takes pets.
Rebecca Brand: You own the building.


[referring to her birthday cake]
Lara Brand: Okay, first piece for the birthday girl.
Rebecca Brand: And save some for daddy.
Family Friend: Just put in the freezer next to last year’s slice.
[Lara gives her look]
Family Friend: What?


Tom Brand: The Fire Brand tower will be the tallest building in North America.


[answers a call from Lara as he’s driving]
Lara Brand: Hi, Tom.
Tom Brand: Yes, I know.
Lara Brand: You gotta be here and you have to bring an exceptional gift.


Felix Grant: You look familiar.
Tom Brand: I’m Tom Brand, I won Fire Brand.
Felix Grant: Yes, I use the newspaper in the poopy boxes and I see your face all the time.
Tom Brand: Can I just pick out a cat and then I’ll be on my way?


[a cat jumps onto the counter]
Felix Grant: He likes you. He’s attracted to troubled souls.
Tom Brand: Yeah, keep the change.
[Tom turns to leave with the basket containing the cat he’s bought]
Felix Grant: Okay, cats.
Tom Brand: I’m sorry?
Felix Grant: Let’s do this.


[Tom opens his eyes and we see he’s turned into the cat he had bought for Rebecca]
Felix Grant: So, how are you doing in there?
Tom Brand: Wait a minute, I’m a cat!


Rebecca Brand: When is daddy going to come home?
Lara Brand: As soon as he finishes his work.


Tom Brand: [in his cat form] How do I get out of this?
Felix Grant: You have one week to reconnect with them or you’re gonna be stuck inside this cat for the rest of your life.
Tom Brand: But I hate cats!
Felix Grant: That’s what makes this so perfect.


[in his cat form  after struggling to take the top of a pen he starts writing a letter]
Tom Brand: Okay. Write a message. “Dear Laura, don’t panic, it’s Tom. I seemed to be trapped in the body of a cat. This is not a joke. You’re loving husband, Tom.”
[we see he’s just drawn squiggly lines on the paper]


Rebecca Brand: Look.
[pointing the mirror at Mr. Fuzzypants head so he can see the bow she’s placed on his head]
Tom Brand: Seriously?


[as she bathing him]
Rebecca Brand: You’re the best gift I ever got.
Tom Brand: Just drown me.


Lara Brand: Mr. Fuzzypants was the last thing that he gave her so she really latched on.
Felix Grant: He wants attention obviously.
Lara Brand: This is our daughter Rebecca.
[they enter the kitchen where Rebecca is with Tom as the cat; to Grant who can hear Tom’s voice]
Tom Brand: You’re going to tell them everything I say.
[Tom goes to drop to the ground from the kitchen counter but instead lands on his face]
Felix Grant: Good move, nice.
Tom Brand: You try it.
Felix Grant: Your dad bought this cat at my store, did you know that?
Tom Brand: Who cares, just translate.
Felix Grant: I remember he said he wanted you to have exactly what you asked for.
Tom Brand: Hey, cat freak, I didn’t call you down here to ignore me.
Felix Grant: Could we have a moment of privacy, please?
Lara Brand: You and the cat?
Felix Grant: Yeah.
Lara Brand: Okay.
[Lara takes Rebecca with her and they leave the kitchen]


Felix Grant: It’s not enough to say you love someone, you have to show it.


Rebecca Brand: [to Felix] Sometimes I feel like my dad’s looking out for me through the cat.


Tom Brand: I should have been a better dad.


Lara Brand: Do they make MRI’s for cats?
David Brand: You mean CAT scans?


Family Friend: That cat is so weird.
[Mr. Fuzzypants starts doing pull-ups]
Tom Brand: Gotta show them I’m human.


Felix Grant: [to Laura] This cat has not been fixed.
Tom Brand: Don’t you dare!

Total Quotes: 19








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