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[as Noah and Shem continue to work on the ark]
Noah: Shem, go and find them and bring them back.
[Shem turns to leave]
Noah: Be careful.
[we then see Ila still looking for Ham in the forest]
Ila: Ham?
[suddenly she stumbles upon Methuselah who’s searching for berries in the forest]
Methuselah: Don’t be afraid, granddaughter. Don’t be afraid.
Ila: Grandfather?
Methuselah: Yes.
Ila: What are you doing down here?
Methuselah: I’m looking for berries, I have a craving. Come and help me look for them. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be.
Ila: I have to find Ham.
Methuselah: There’s time enough for that. Come here. Come. Come here and help me.


[Ila goes over to help him find berries]noah-19
Methuselah: They’re here somewhere. They’re here somewhere, yes.
Ila: There’s nothing here, grandfather. Let me take you to Noah.
Methuselah: No, no need for that. You go on now. You go.
[Ila turns to leave]
Methuselah: Oh, wait. Wait!
[Ila faces him]


Methuselah: Ten years you’ve been with my own, with my own family. Ten years. And you love them, Shem and Noah?
Ila: He saved my life, raised me.
Methuselah: Yes, he did. Yes. And you are now as his own daughter, my own great granddaughter. Ten years in the shadow of my home and yet I have never given you my blessing. May I?
[Ila nods her head, Methuselah places his hand on her giving her an intense sensation, she then hears Shem’s voice in the forest]
Shem: Ham? Ila?
Methuselah: You can go now. You can go to him. You go. Go now.
Shem: Ila!
[Ila turns and runs to find Shem]
Shem: Ila!
[Ila finds Shem and runs into his arms]
Shem: Ila! We have to get back to the…
[she starts to kiss him passionately]


[as Noah is finishing working on the ark for the day he suddenly notices the gray clouds forming in the sky and a drop of water falls on his face, signifying the beginning of the flood; back in the pit of corpse with Ham and Na’el]
Ham: We have to go. We have to go, come on. Now!
[they prepare to leave, we then see Tubal-cain trying to speak to the Creator]
Tubal-cain: I am but man, made in your image. Why will you not converse with me?
[he walks out of his tent with his sword and starts walking in the rain]
Tubal-cain: I’ve given life, I’ve taken life away. As you do! Then I am like you, am I not?! Speak to me!
[he shoots a flare into the sky to see if he gets a sign]
Tubal-cain: Speak to me!noah-18
[receiving no sign Tubal-cain turns to his frightened people]
Tubal-cain: It has begun! Death comes from the heavens! This rain is meant to wash us off the face of this world! And we are men, we decide if we live or die! We are men, and men united are invincible! Do you want to live?!
[the crowd of people shout in agreement]
Tubal-cain: We kill the giants! We kill Noah! We take the ark!
[the crowd cheers in agreement]


[as the rain is starting to pour heavily Naameh sees two figures running towards them from the forest]
Naameh: Noah!
[Noah turns and sees Shem and Ila running up to him]
Noah: Where’s Ham?
[Noah prepares to go look for Ham, in the forest we see Tubal-cain’s people running through the forest with Ham and Na’el ahead rushing to get to the ark, suddenly Na’el’s foot gets caught in a trap and she screams in pain]
Ham: Na’el! Na’el!
Na’el: Get it off! Get it off!
[Ham unsuccessfully tries to get the trap off her foot, they then see the crowd heading towards them]
Na’el: Go, go, go! You have to go!
Ham: I won’t leave you! I won’t!
[he holds on to Na’el as she weeps]


[as Ham holds on to Na’el he suddenly Ham notices Noah running towards them]
Ham: Father, help! Help her!
[Noah pulls Ham off of Na’el]
Na’el: Help me, please! Please, help me! Please!
[Noah notices the crowd of people getting closer, as Ham goes to help Na’el Noah pushes him away]
Na’el: Help! Please! Help me! Help me!
[Noah holds on to Ham leaving Na’el as the crowd gets closer]
Na’el: Help me!
[Ham watches helplessly as Na’el gets trampled to death]
Ham: No!
[as the crowd reaches them Ham gets separated from Noah]
Noah: Ham! Ham!
[Noah frantically tries to find him]
Noah: Ham! Ham!


[back at the ark, Naameh watches the Watchers as they get ready to be attacked by Tubal-cain’s people, as the crowd get closer to the ark Noah calls out for Ham]
Noah: Ham! Ham! Ham!
[as the crowd reach the ark the Watchers start attacking them]
Noah: Samyaza! Samyaza! Samyaza!
Samyaza: Noah!
Noah: Where is Ham?
Samyaza: It’s true! It came!
[we see Ham has managed to make it to the ark safely and Noah notices him in the distance]
Naameh: Ham! Ham!
[Ham ignores Naameh and enters the ark]


[as Noah reaches the ark Tubal-cain and his people continue rush towards the ark]
Tubal-cain: Forward!
[to Shem]
Noah: Protect your mother! Protect them all!
[Noah closes the ark door]
Tubal-cain: Fire!
[Tubal-cain fires his weapon at Samyaza and then runs his spear through him in the spot inside him that glows with light, realizing it’s the end for him Samyaza looks up]
Samyaza: My Creator, forgive me!
[as Tuba-cain forces his spear in deeper suddenly the Watcher explodes sending Tubal-cain flying off and then Samyaza’s angelic form ascends to the sky]
Og: The Creator brings him home!
[the Watchers stand together to continue to guard the ark fighting off the people when another one dies and explodes with their angelic form ascending to the sky]


[inside the ark Naameh looks for Ham]
Naameh: Ham! Ham!
[outside the ark after his fall from Samyaza, Tubal-cain yells in pain from his broken leg, then he notices an opening on the side of the ark and makes his way towards it, as the Watchers sacrifice themselves one by one some of the people make it towards the ark’s entrance but Noah manages to kill them along with Shem]
Noah: Shem! Shem! Go inside. Go inside. They’re upon us. Go inside!
[as Shem goes back into the ark Noah turns to see Og]
Og: Goodbye, son of Lamech.
[Og pulls himself apart, his light explodes and his angelic form shoots up to the sky, then Noah sees the earth starting to erupt and break apart with waters shooting up from below the ground as the rain continues]


[inside the ark Naameh continues to look for Ham]
Naameh: Son, where are you? Ham? Ham! Ham!
[Ham notices the side of the ark being broken open, out in the forest, Methuselah, having finally found his berry, embraces the flood and is taken by the wave, then the rain and the eruption of water drowns the remaining people, Tubal-cain manages to break into the ark which Ham witnesses, the ark then starts to float away in the midst of the storm]
Naameh: Ham, where are you?
[suddenly the ark door opens, Noah enters and shuts the door]


[as they hear the remaining humans left stranded outside the ark crying and screaming]
Ila: Please, Noah. There must be something we can do. We can drag ropes.
Shem: They cannot all be soldiers, father. They are just people, there is room.
Noah: There is no room for them.
[seeing that they cannot change his mind Ila and Shem leave him]


[later as they are all sat by the fire still hearing the people screaming outside]
Noah: Soon everything we knew will be gone. All that is left of creation will lie within these walls. Outside, just the waters of chaos again. You’re angry, you judge me. Let me tell you a story. The first story my father told me and the first story that I told each of you.
[Noah picks up a candle and blows it out]


Noah: In the beginning there was nothing, nothing but the silence of an infinite darkness. But the breath of the Creator fluttered against the face of the void, whispering: “Let there be light.” And light was. And it was good, the First Day. And then the formless light began to take on substance and shape. The Second Day, and our world was born. Our beautiful fragile home. And a great warming light nurtured it’s days, and a lesser light ruled the nights. And there was Evening and Morning. Another day. And the waters of the world gathered together, and in their midst emerged dry land. Another day passed. And the ground put forth the growing things. A thick blanket of green stretched across the creation. The waters too, streamed with life. The great creatures of the deep that are no more. Vast multitudes of fish, some of which may still swim beneath these seas. And soon the sky was streaming with birds. And there was evening, and there was morning. A fifth day, and then the whole world was full of little beings. Everything that creeps, everything that crawls and every beast that walks upon the ground. And it was good, it was all good. There was light and air, and water and soil. All clean and unspoiled. The plants, the fish, the fowl and the beast. Each after their own kind, all part of the greater whole. All in their place and all was in balance. It was paradise. A jewel in the Creator’s palm.


[Noah continues his story]
Noah: And the Creator made Man, and by his side Woman. Father and mother of us all.
[we see two humans glowing with light]
Noah: He gave them a choice: Follow the temptation of darkness, or hold on to the blessing of light. They ate from the forbidden fruit, their innocence is extinguished. And so for the ten generations since Adam’s sin has walked the earth. Brother against brother. Nation against nation. Man against the creation. We murdered each other. We broke the world, we did this. Man did this. Everything was beautiful, everything that was good we shattered. Now it begins again.
[Noah lights the candle again]


Noah: Air, water, earth, plant, the fish, the bird and the beast. Paradise returns. But this time, this time there will be no men. If we were to inherit the world again, it would only be to destroy it once more. No, the Creator has judged us. Mankind must end. Shem and Ila, you will bury your mother and I. Ham will bury them. Japheth will lay you to rest. You, Japheth, you will be the last man. But in time you too will return to the dust. The creation will be left alone, safe and beautiful.
[to Ham]
Noah: I’m very sorry about that girl, and I’m sorry for you. But we have been entrusted with the task much greater than our own desires.
[looking upset Ham gets up to leave]
Noah: Ham.
[Ham walks off]


[Ham finds Tubal-cain sleeping and places a bowl of herbs by his side when suddenly Tubal-cain grabs Ham’s wrist]
Tubal-cain: Ssh. Noah…does he know I’m here?
[Ham doesn’t reply]
Tubal-cain: Does he know I’m here?
Ham: No, no, no, no.
Tubal-cain: Why are you helping me?
Ham: There was a girl, I tried to bring her, but he just let her die.
Tubal-cain: Ah. Ah-huh. And now you want revenge.
Ham: No.
Tubal-cain: Yes, you do.
[Tubal-cain pats Ham hand knowingly]
Tubal-cain: Yes, you do.


[as Noah stands watching the rain pouring outside Naameh walks up behind him]
Noah: There’s no more land. Everything out there must be dead. It had to be what he wanted; a world without Man. You see that, don’t you?
Naameh: What I see is how hard this was for you to do. As a man who respects life, a man who loves his children. You’ve been strong. It’s done. It’s done now. And you can put that burden behind.
[Noah looks out silently]
Naameh: Noah.
[she touches his face lovingly and Noah embraces her]
Naameh: It’s alright.


[as Ham helps Tubal-cain bandage his broken leg]
Tubal-cain: If your father found me he’d kill me. You must be ready, I’m too weak.
[Tubal-cain picks up a small creature, bites off the head and starts eating it]
Ham: What are you doing?
Tubal-cain: I must get my strength back.
Ham: The beasts are precious, there are only two of each.
Tubal-cain: And now there’s only one of me.
Ham: But the rain, all these miracles are for them.
Tubal-cain: Them? Your father fills this ship with beasts while children drowned. He belittles you by telling you must serve them. They serve us. That is the greatness of men. When the Creator finished making the sky, the ground, the sea and this beast, he wasn’t satisfied. He needed something greater, something to take dominion over it and subdue it. Mm. So he made us in his image. Us.
[he offers Ham a piece of the creature to eat]
Tubal-cain: This is your world now. Seize it.
[Ham takes the piece]


[Ila wakes up feeling unwell]
Shem: Ila?
[Ila goes to Naameh and she performs a test of which the results shock Naameh]
Naameh: Oh, grandfather.
Ila: What is it?
[Naameh looks at Ila for a moment before replying]
Naameh: You’re not sick.
[realizing that Naameh is saying she’s pregnant, Ila looks confused]
Ila: That’s impossible.
[Ila begins to cry with joy when she notices Naameh looking sad]
Ila: What…what is it?
Naameh: Noah.
Ila: But it is his grandchild.
[Naameh smiles and they both embrace and weep with joy]


[Naameh, Ila and Shem go to Noah as he works]
Noah: What’s wrong?
Shem: Father.
Ila: Noah, we’ve come to ask for your blessing,
Noah: I don’t understand.
Ila: I’m with child.
[Noah looks at Naameh with shock]
Noah: That’s not possible. You’re barren. You can’t conceive!
[to Naameh]
Noah: How…how is that possible?!
Naameh: Grandfather. I asked grandfather…
Noah: To what?! Undermine the Creator?!
Naameh: To give our children a future. To give humanity a future.
Noah: Have you any idea what you’ve done?! All those lives, all those people! For nothing! Do you know what this forces me to do?
[Naameh begins to weep realizing what he means, Noah tosses a piece of wood aside in anger]
Noah: No!
[Noah then storms away to make his way to the deck of the ark]


[Noah opens the ark door and shouts to the Creator as it continues to rain heavily]noah-10
Noah: Please! Please! Please! I cannot do this! Tell me I don’t need to do this! Please! Have I not done everything that you asked of me? Is that not enough? Why do you not answer me? Why?
[as he waits for some sign Noah kneels]
Noah: I will not fail you. I will not fail you. I will not fail you. It shall be done.
[suddenly the rain stops, as Naameh is comforting a weeping Ila they hear the rain stopping outside as do Ham and Tubal-cain; back to Noah on top of the ark]
Noah: It shall be done.


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