Starring: Anna Kendrick, Bill Hader, Billy Eichner, Ron Funches, Julie Hagerty, Shirley MacLaine, Brayan Brendle, Maceo Smedley, Michael Gross, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Chelah Horsdal, Anna Van Hooft, Anthony Konechny


Fantasy adventure comedy written and directed by Marc Lawrence. After Santa prepares to retire and pass on the reins to his son Nick Claus (Bill Hader), Nick ends up getting cold feet prior to his first big Christmas Eve flight and abandons his job completely. The story then follows his sister, Noelle (Anna Kendrick), who is forced to face the world outside the North Pole for the first time to look for Nick and convince him to return to his duties. At the same time, their ill-prepared cousin, Gabriel Kringle (Billy Eichner), steps up and prepares to turn Santa’s workshop into an online delivery service.



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Noelle: My name is Noelle Kringle. Christmas runs in my family. My dad was Santa, and now it’s my brother Nick’s turn to wear the hat.


Elf Polly: Morning Princess.
Noelle: My Partridge In a Pear Tree underwear needs washing.
Elf Polly: Oh, well, then my Christmas wish has been granted.


[holds up a photo of an angry looking kid]
Nick: Stocking full of coal if I’ve ever seen one.
Noelle: He saved a kitten from a tree.
Nick: So nice?


Elf Carol: Noelle, will your brother be ready by Christmas?
Noelle: Of course, he’s a Kringle.


[as Nick is practicing going through a chimney]
Noelle: Look what you’re doing!
Nick: I can’t do this! No!
Noelle: No, this is great!
Nick: No!
Noelle: Let it happen.
[Nick falls through the chimney]


[to Noelle; referring to Nick]
Mrs. Kringle: This is not going well at all.


Nick: Sometimes I dream about getting out.
Noelle: Well, you can’t be Santa if you’re having a nervous breakdown. You need to get away for the weekend.


Elder Elf Abe: For the first time in two thousand years Santa has disappeared.
Noelle: I just said he should take the weekend off.
Elder Elf Abe: We must have a new Santa. Gabriel Kringle.
Gabriel: Me? I’m in the tech department, and loving it!
Noelle: What about a rescue mission?


[taking out Santa’s sleigh]
Elf Polly: Do you mind telling me what you’re doing?
Noelle: I’m going to get my brother, and you’re coming with me.


Mall Security Guard: Stay right where you are!
Noelle: We are looking for Santa Claus.


Elf Polly: [to Noelle] You don’t tell anybody who you are, or where you came from.


Kid: Where are you from?
Noelle: Uh, a little town up north.


[to the street Santa, who’s wearing shorts]
Noelle: Sir, it’s a privilege to wear that suit. Put some pants on!
[the Santa just looks at her and takes a bite out of his pizza]
Noelle: So naughty.


[to the elf helpers]
Gabriel: Christmas Eve is less than forty-eight hours away. This could be the perfect time to start an online delivery platform.


Noelle: We got to find Santa!


Noelle: For thousands of years we’ve jingled bells and delivered toys, and we must make sure nothing changes that.


Noelle: I’m so hot! Do you have any ice in this town?


[a shopper finds Noelle in the store’s freezer as she tries to cool herself]
Noelle: Hello. I like your pants, they’re jolly.
Shopper: They’re yoga pants. I like yours.
Noelle: These are my yogurt pants.
Shopper: No. Yoga pants.
[the shopper does a yoga pose]
Noelle: I love yogurt pants.
[Noelle imitates the shopper’s pose]


[Noelle finds Nick teaching a yoga class]
Nick: Downward facing reindeer.
[Nick screams as he sees Noelle]


Noelle: I said take the weekend! Nobody listens to me!
Nick: Don’t do that, please.
[Noelle blows out the candle next to the Buddha statue]
Noelle: Wow. That’s a big deal in here.


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