Starring: Ansel Elgort, Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Shanks, Tessa Albertson, Catherine Keener, David Strathairn

Story: Crime drama directed and co-written by Sacha Gervasi which follows Addison Schacht (Ansel Elgort), a high school senior who navigates the Washington DC underworld with his best friend and soul mate, Phoebe Digger (Chloë Grace Moretz). Together, they attempt to solve the death of a fellow student. Kevin Broadus (Jared Kemp), but the more Addison digs into his own past, the farther he stumbles into the middle of the murder investigation.


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Addison Schacht: Two medium Americanos.
Kevin: It’s coming right up, brother.
Addison Schacht: Have you read it yet?
[Kevin grabs a book from the shelf behind him and hands it to Addison]
Addison Schacht: What? Dude, how are you so fast?
Phoebe: Oh, have you guys had your first kiss yet?
Addison Schacht: No, I’m waiting.
[Kevin gives them their coffees]
Addison Schacht: Kevin, you’re a good man.


Radio Reporter: This neighborhood is concerned about the killing of a seventeen year-old.


[referring to Kevin’s murder]
Addison Schacht: Do you have any idea who did it?
Police Officer: Whatever gang he was in.
Addison Schacht: Why is everyone saying this is a gang thing?


Radio Reporter: Police are still looking for leads in the case of slain Kennedy High School student Kevin Broadus.


[to the students]
Principal Karlstadt: Our emotions are raw, everybody in this room is hurting.


Addison Schacht: Kevin Broadus was not in a gang.


Addison Schacht: My friend just got killed, you can’t expect me to just sit around and not do anything about it.


Addison Schacht: The police have already made up their minds. They’re going to write this whole thing off as a gang killing. Someone needs to do something!


Mr. Broadus: Why are you so interested?
Addison Schacht: It just doesn’t really make any sense why anyone would kill Kevin.
Mrs. Broadus: I don’t know why, but maybe we’re just going to have to learn to live with that.


Theo Schacht: [to Addison] Just stop this nonsense, this is a murder investigation. You don’t know what could happen.


Student: [to Phoebe] Addison is mixed up with some heavy people. They’re dangerous.


[to drug dealers]
Addison Schacht: You said you got something for me.


Phoebe: [to Addison] Do you see where we are right now?


[referring to the box containing drugs]
Mr. Broadus: My wife had to find this. Are you a dealer?
Addison Schacht: No!
Mr. Broadus: Were you supplying my son?
Addison Schacht: No, absolutely not!


Phoebe: I’m worried about you.
Addison Schacht: Well, if you came here to try to talk me out of doing anything crazy, don’t bother.


Phoebe: [to Addison] I can’t do this anymore.


Addison Schacht: Now I got nothing to lose.


Phoebe: Addison, don’t be stupid. Do not go there!


November Criminals is set to open in the US 11/07/2017.



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