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[as Jack is being escorted by Beech and his men]
Beech: We were running a ground game and losing. So we decided, what the hell, gotta throw the long ball. It took us ten years just to crack the GPS code.
Jack: That’s how you brought down the Odyssey. Why?
Beech: The Odyssey’s compact reactor, courtesy of NASA. Very hard to come by.
[they stop and Beech points to the reactor]
Beech: Did you like the show last night?
[he picks up a fuel cell]
Beech: That was with just one fuel cell. Imagine what ten of them will do. The core of weapon-grade plutonium.
[Beech shows Jack the drone they have captured]
Beech: We have a nuke, we have a drone to carry it, but we can’t access it. It doesn’t know who we are.
[Beech looks at Jack]
Beech: But it knows you, Jack.


[Beech and his men escort Jack towards the drone]
Beech: We need you to program the drone. Let it carry our nuke up to the Tet.
[Beech looks at Jack]
Beech: End this war.
Jack: There are people up there.
Beech: Sergeant.
[Sykes walks up towards them]
Sykes: Program the drone to return to the Tet, it needs to go right to the center.
Jack: Screw you.
[Sykes turns to Beech]
Sykes: We haven’t got time for this.
[suddenly Sykes shoots Jack making Jack fall to the ground]


[after shooting Jack, they bring in Julia, they make her kneel in front of Jack and take her hood off; turning to Jack]
Sykes: Hey! Hey!
[Jack looks at Julia, then at Beech, Sykes then points his gun at Julia’s head]
Jack: No!
[suddenly a warning signal goes off; Beech looks at his men]
Beech: Get ’em out.
[we see that the drone sent to find Jack has found their location; a team of Scavs led by Sykes starts shooting at the drone and the drone opens fire on them, but the Scavs manage to shoot down the drone which explodes as it crashes down]


[back at the station after drone 185 was destroyed by the Scavs]
Victoria: 185 just went off grid.
Sally: Copy, Tower. We’re seein’ the same thing.
Victoria: Permission to task for two additional drones.


[Jack and Julia are escorted by Beech and his men through a long tunnel]oblivion-7
Jack: If one drone is here, more will come, and they won’t stop until they find me. They’ll turn this place to dust, but if you let us go, I’ll call them off. It’s your only chance.
[at that moment, Beech opens the door to the entrance outside where Jack’s motorcycle is parked outside]
Beech: I’ve been to your radiation zones. If you’re looking for the truth, that’s where you’ll find it.
[Beech holds out a gun for Jack to take; Sykes and Beech watch as Jack and Julia take off on the bike]
Sykes: You’ve risked all our lives, everything. What makes you think he’s different?
Beech: She does.


[Jack and Julia go back to the Empire State Building where Jack sends a Morse code message to Victoria to say ‘Another day in paradise’, making Victoria smile with relief]
Victoria: Mission, I found my Tech over in 37. You can call off the search.
Sally: Copy that, Tower. Glad Jack’s safe. Tasking the inner drones back to rig support.
[Victoria sends off Jack’s bubbleship to go to Jack’s location; back at the Empire State Building Jack walks up to Julia, who’s standing by one of the old pay telescopes]
Julia: Where are we going now?
Jack: Who are you? What aren’t you telling me?
Julia: Jack…
Jack: What were you doing in the Odyssey? What was your mission?
Julia: It was a research flight to Titan, my first. That’s what it was supposed to be. Six weeks to launch, deep space scanner picked up an alien object, we were reassigned to investigate. They put us all into delta, they must have woken you and Victoria first.
[Jack looks confused]
Jack: What?
Julia: That object was the Tet, Jack. The Tet was our mission.
[Jack looks at her with disbelief]
Jack: That’s impossible. That’s impossible! Who are you?!
Julia: I’m you’re wife.


Julia: I don’t know what happened, but you’re not who you think you are.
[Jack silently stares at her]oblivion-8
Julia: Jack, we were here.
[she touches the old pay telescope]
Julia: You asked me to meet you, you brought me on top of the world.
[Jack starts having flashbacks to the day she’s referring to, with him and Julia meeting]
Julia: I could tell you were nervous that day. It was right here, Jack.


[Jack has flashback of them walking up to the pay telescope in the Empire State Building]
Julia: You said, look through here and I’ll show you the future.
Jack: …and I’ll show you the future.
[Jack starts to remember what happened on that day]
Jack: And I held up a ring.
[Julia shows him the ring, tied around her neck on a silver chain, that Jack had given her, Jack takes hold of the ring]
Jack: And you said…
Julia: Yes. There you are. There you are.
[she embraces him, Jack remembers everything and has full flashback to that day he met Julia by the Empire State Building, and them walking inside and how he shows her the ring and she accepts his proposal and embracing him just as she’s doing now]


[as Jack and Julia are embracing by the old pay telescope, Jack’s bubbleship arrives, back at the station Victoria sees Jack and Julia on her monitor as they hold each other and she starts crying, then Jack and Julia fly back towards the station on the bubbleship]
Jack: Vica, I’m coming in. Don’t report the mission until I get back, do you copy?
[Victoria doesn’t respond]
Jack: Do you copy?
[the bubbleship lands back at the station, as Jack and Julia walk back towards the big glass doors of the station, they see Victoria standing on the other side of the glass doors]
Jack: Vica, open the door.
Victoria: Stay away from me. I don’t want to hear it.
Jack: It’s not safe here, and we need to leave now.
[Victoria just stares at Jack]
Victoria: It was always her. Wasn’t it?
Jack: Vica, she’s my wife.


[Victoria walks up closer to the door and presses a button to contact Mission Control]
Victoria: Mission, this is Tower 49.
Sally: Go ahead, 49.
Jack: No.
Victoria: I’m having a problem with my technician.
Jack: No, you don’t know what you’re doing.
Victoria: He found a survivor at the crash site.
Jack: Vica, listen to me!
Victoria: She’s impeding his abilities, and he’s unfit for service.
Jack: No, no, no, no.
Sally: I’m sorry to hear that, Vica. Are you still an effective team?
[Jack slams on the glass doors]
Jack: No. Open the goddamn door, Vica!
Victoria: No. We are not an effective team.
[suddenly the glass doors open]


[under the base of the station one of the drones is activated, back in the station Jack enters inside and Vica backs away from him]
Jack: Vica, please. You know, we have to go now.
Victoria: No, I’m not going anywhere with you, Jack.
Jack: There’s a place I know, we’ll be safe.
Victoria: I’m going to Titan.
Jack: There is not Titan. They lied to us.
[Victoria starts crying]
Victoria: Just stay away from me!
Jack: Vica, please. There are things…things you need to know.
Victoria: I don’t want to know!
[Victoria turns away from him and at that moment they see the activated drone on the other side of the glass windows, Victoria turns to face Jack]
Victoria: Jack…
[as Jack goes to grab Victoria the drone shoots and kills Victoria, Jack falls to the ground, the drone then enters inside and as it’s about to shoot Jack, it’s destroyed by Julia with the weapon from the bubbleship]


[Jack enters Victoria’s work station and the monitor comes online to show Sally]
Sally: Hi, Jack. I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure.
Jack: What have you done?
Sally: You can’t blame yourself for this, drones are unreliable. Sometimes things go wrong.
Jack: Go wrong? You killed her.
Sally: I know. It’s tragic, she was a wonderful person. Jack, we want to bring you in. I’ve been authorized to tell you we’re going to assign you a new mission. You and the survivor.
[Jack looks behind him at Julia]
Sally: There’s a lot of interest up here. Bring her up, we can debrief and anything’s possible. It’s time to come home, Jack.
[there’s no response from Jack]
Sally: Jack. Jack!
[we see that Jack and Julia have boarded the bubbleship and it flies away from the station]


[as Jack and Julia are flying away in the bubbleship]
Julia: Jack, I’m sorry.
[suddenly their ship gets hit, Jack looks beside him and sees three drones beside them]
Jack: Hang on.
[Jack flies down into the clouds with the drones following them, as they fly into the clouds it starts to rain]
Julia: Lightning.
Jack: That’s the plan.
[they see lightning ahead of them, as the drones follow their ship, Jack suddenly swerves to the side to avoid the lightning and the drones fly straight into it which causes them to fall but as they get out of the cloud they follow Jack again]
Jack: We need cover.oblivion-9
Julia: There!
[Jack takes the ship under a waterfall, they wait until the three drones fly past them, then Jack follows them and manages to shoot two down, but the last one starts damaging their ship, Jack manages to escape the drone by taking the ship through a narrow slit in the rocky canyon]
Jack: Are you okay?
Julia: No!


[as they continue to fly away from the drone, the ship starts signaling the radiation warning ahead as they get near the radiation zone]
Jack: Don’t worry, we’re staying out of there.
[suddenly out of nowhere the drone crashes into the side of their ship which causes them to cross over the radiation barrier]
Julia: Are we gonna die?
Jack: No!
[at that moment the ship’s power goes out]
Jack: Maybe.
Julia: Jack!
[they see the drone flying towards them and shooting, Jack points his gun at the drone, and as it gets close Jack shoots it which causes the drone to crash into the side of their ship as it falls, Jack grabs a lever and pulls it, which separates the cockpit of the ship from the body, the body of the ship crashes and the cockpit skims the surface of the ground before hitting into ridge and coming to a stop]


[after crashing into the radiation zone, Jack gets out of the cockpit and looks around him and realizes that there’s no radiation to kill them]
Jack: Son of a bitch.
[he sees the smoke coming from the crashed drone ahead, he gets his gun from inside the cockpit and looks at Julia]
Jack: Wait here.
[Jack runs towards the smoke, when he gets near it he lies down on the dirt and brings up his weapon, then suddenly he sees his bubbleship fly in and land next to the crashed drone]
Jack: What…?
[Jack looks through his weapon’s binoculars and sees a man getting off the ship, but the binoculars has been smashed so he can’t see clearly, Jack sees the man getting his equipment to fix the drone, so he starts running towards him]
Jack: Hey! Wait! Wait! Hey! Hey!
[as Jack reaches the man they both raise their weapons and face each other, suddenly Jack realizes sees that the other repairman is another version of himself, a clone]


[the two Jack’s stare at each other in astonishment for a moment before the other Jack shouts out]
Jack #2: Drop your weapon!
[Jack raises his arms and drops his weapon]
Jack: It’s…it’s okay.
Jack #2: Don’t move!
[the drone nearby starts getting activated]
Jack: We have to shut that drone down.
[Jack starts moving closer to the drone]
Jack #2: Stop moving!
Julia: Jack!
[they turn to see Julia running towards them, she stops as she sees the two Jack’s, as Jack #2 sees Julia he suddenly starts having the same flashbacks of Julia as Jack, then Jack uses this opportunity to grab Jack #2’s weapon and they start fighting, while the two Jacks are fighting, a stray shot hits Julia, Jack finally manages to wrap his legs around Jack #2 throat, choking him]
Jack: It’s okay.
[as Jack 2 passes out, Jack manages to run towards the drone and deactivate it]


[after deactivating the drone, Jack looks around him for Julia]
Jack: Julia.
[he sees her lying on the ground a little ahead and runs towards her]
Jack: Julia!
[as he goes to check on her shot wound, Julia becomes conscious]
Julia: Don’t touch me.
[Jack carries Julia and lays her down under a small rocky enclave]
Jack: Hold on. Just hold on.
[he runs back to Jack #2’s bubbleship and sees that it has no. 52 written on it, he ties Jack #2 up, enters the bubbleship and speaks into the Comm]
Jack: Jack Harper, Tech 52.
[the monitor on the screen confirms he’s Tech 52 and Jack flies the ship to Tower 52, he enters the station and sees that it’s identical to Tower 49, he sees a photo of him and Victoria that was identical to the one in his own station]


[Jack quickly grabs some medical supplies and as he’s about to leave he runs into Victoria #2]
Victoria #2: Hey, there you are.
[she walks towards him]
Victoria #2: What happened? Are you okay? I barely came across the water and then I lost you.
[Jack looks at her for a moment]
Jack: False alarm. I should get back out there.
[as Jack goes to leave, Victoria stops him]
Victoria #2: You come all the way home and I don’t get a kiss?
[Victoria kisses Jack and he just stares at her]


[she gently touches Jack’s head]
Victoria #2: What’s going on up there?
Jack: I was thinking, why don’t you come down with me? To the surface. We could go right now.
Victoria #2: Now? Are you serious?
Jack: You won’t believe what’s down there.
Victoria #2: Jack, you know the regulations.
Jack: Yes.
Victoria #2: Can we not do this again, I’m done talking about it.
[she smiles at him]
Jack: Okay.
[Victoria turns and walks up to her work station and Jack flies off in the bubbleship]


[Jack gets back to Julia where he left her under the rocky enclave, he lifts her shirt where the wound is and sprays something over the wound, then he takes another object and shines it on the wound]
Jack: This is gonna hurt.
[we hear Julia’s scream as Jack heals her wound; then we see Jack and Julia are in Tech 52′ bubbleship, Jack puts his bobbing head doll on the dashboard]
Jack: Hell of a day, huh, Bob?
[Jack takes off with the ship]


[we see Julia wake up in Jack’s secret grotto, she looks at all the stuff he’s collected, then puts on a record and walks up to Jack, who’s standing by the lake by the grotto]
Julia: You always loved this song.
Jack: I’m not him. I know I’m not, but I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember. I don’t know how else to say it.
Julia: You know what you said to me once, you said when it was all over you’d build me a house in the lake. We’d grow old and fat together. And we’d fight, maybe drink too much.
Jack: Real romantic.
Julia: And then we would die and be buried in a meadow by the lake. And the world would forget about us, but we would always have each other.
Jack: I remember.
Julia: Those memories are yours, Jack. They’re ours. They are you.
[Jack faces Julia and they kiss]


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