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Directed by: Joseph Kosinski
Written by:
Joseph Kosinski (screenplay & comic book)
Karl Gajdusek (screenplay)
Michael Arndt (screenplay)
Arvid Nelson (comic book)
Tom Cruise – Jack
Morgan Freeman – Beech
Olga Kurylenko – Julia
Andrea Riseborough – Victoria
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau – Sykes
Melissa Leo – Sally
Zoe Bell – Kara
Abigail Lowe – Julia’s Child
Isabelle Lowe – Julia’s Child
David Madison – Grow Hall Survivor


Although Oblivion successfully manages to provide stunningly visuals and action, the quotes lack in emotion and originality. The story is set in the future after Earth has been attacked by an alien race and the surviving human race has been taken to a new home, but two technicians, Jack and Victoria, are stationed on Earth with the mission to extract the planet’s remaining resources. Jack’s existence is brought crashing down when he rescues a stranger, Julia, from a crashed spacecraft and her arrival triggers a chain of events, causing him to question his mission and everything around him.

The film itself is presented with great style and stunning details with the fantasy future world feeling real to its core, but what it lacks in is strong storytelling, character depth and soul. Oblivion quotes gives the audience a good premise but the plot twists are just a generic amalgamation of many sci-fi movies that we’ve seen before making it incredibly predictable and because of this the movie feels like it’s going at a slower pace and the audience is going faster than the movie as we are not being challenged.

Verdict: If the story was smarter, more meaningful and had given us something fresh in this genre then it would no doubt have been a classic.

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[first lines; Jack dreams of walking in the streets of New York, he stands outside the Empire State Building]
Jack: [voice over] Before the war…New York. Before I was born, a place I’ve only seen pictures of.
[as he looks around the crowd of people walking he notices a woman, smiling at him]
Jack: [voice over] I know you, but we’ve never met. I’m with you, but I don’t know your name.
[Jack and the woman stare and smile at each other]
Jack: [voice over] I know I’m dreaming, but it feels like more than that. It feels like a memory. How can that be?


[Jack wakes up in his bed and looks disorientated]
Jack: [voice over] March 14th, 2077, five years since the mandatory memory wipe and I’m still haunted by these dreams
[he looks over at the woman sleeping next to him, she opens her eyes and smiles at him]
Jack: [voice over] Victoria and I were assigned together. In two weeks our mission here will be finished and we’ll join the others. But the questions I ask, she doesn’t. The things I wonder about, she won’t. It’s been half a century since the Scavengers destroyed our moon, forced to leave their own dying planet, they came to take ours. Without the moon the Earth was thrown into chaos. Earthquakes toppled cities within hours, tsunami’s wiped out what remained, then came the invasion. We did what we had to do, we used the nukes. We won the war, but lost the planet, left it contaminated, most of it uninhabitable. What remained of humanity had to leave the Earth. We build the Tet, our mission control, a temporary space station before the migration to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. Everyone’s there now. Well, almost everyone.


[we see Jack and Victoria doing their morning ritual and getting ready]
Jack: [voice over] Remnants of the Scavenger army continue to disrupt the operation. They attack our drones at night, and try to kill me during the day. I’m still fighting them, but I don’t know why. Mission says we have done well, that we are an effective team.
[Jack puts on his Tech suit and gets his gun]
Jack: [voice over] Vica is my communications officer, she keeps an eye on me. I handle drone maintenance, the drones watch everything. Vica can’t wait to go, but me, I’m not so sure. I can’t shake the feeling that Earth, in spite of all that’s happened, Earth is still my home.
[Jack kisses Victoria goodbye and leaves the station to get on his bubbleship]


[inside his ship Jack gets ready to turn on the engines]
Jack: Jack Harper, Tech-49.
[the monitor flashes ‘Tech-49 Confirmed’ and Jack turns on the engines, puts his seat belt on and tests the seat, he then looks at his bobbing head doll that’s propped on the dashboard]
Jack: Morning, Bob.
[to Victoria, who’s turning on the systems at the station]
Jack: Tower, call check, drone technician four-nine, hydraulic support, all operation systems are green. I’m good to go.
Victoria: Copy that, 49, you’re clear. Be careful out there.
Jack: Always am.
Victoria: No, you’re not.
Jack: You’re right, I gotta work on that.
[Jack takes off his ship]


[as Jack is flying his ship]
Victoria: Alright, Tet coming online in thirty seconds. Relay hydraulic coordinate now, confirm visual.
[Jack sees the hydro rigs]
Jack: I got ’em. Hydro rigs are sunk in sea water.
[Jack turns his seat and looks at his bobbing head doll]
Jack: You got ’em, Bob?
[Jack spots a drone flying in the distance]
Jack: Drone 185 looks good.
[as Jack follows drone 185, back at the station Victoria notices a problem on the monitor]
Victoria: Jack, we’ve got two drones down.
Jack: Shit.
Victoria: Standby, mission coming online.
[as Victoria contacts their control commander, Jack looks back towards the station]
Jack: Mornin’, boss.


[as their control commander comes online]
Sally: Tower-49, this is mission control. How y’all doin’ on this lovely mornin’?
Victoria: Holiday in paradise, Sally. Uploading data now. 49 mission logged, 016412, hydro rigs support. I have two drones…
Sally: You have two drones on flying perimeter that have been compromised.
Victoria: Copy that. Relaying to Tech, standby.
[Victoria contacts Jack on his ship]
Victoria: Jack, 166 is down in grid 37. Linking to beacon now. You go there first.
Jack: Got it, on my way.
[Jack takes off towards the compromised drone]
Victoria: Tech-49 is on route to grid 37 now.
Sally: Can you plug that hole with drone 109.
Victoria: Negative, 109 is in the dock, still waiting for parts.
Sally: Jack better find those drones and get ’em flyin’, those rigs can’t be exposed overnight.
Victoria: Copy that.


[as Jack goes after drone 166]
Sally: Tower, did he fix 166 recently?
Victoria: Jack has fixed all drones recently, and if we had the parts that we’ve been asking for, we wouldn’t be running a skeleton crew down here.
Sally: Understood, we’re doin’ the best we can. Are you an effective team?
Victoria: We are an effective team.
Sally: Your directive today is to rehabilitate 166 and find 172. Get ’em flyin’ by Sunday and I’ll buy you two a round of drinks when you get up to the Tet.
Victoria: You better be, Sally. Two weeks now, we’re keeping track.


[as Jack goes after drone 166 he ship hits rough weather and he loses control and goes off the grid]
Victoria: Tech-49.
[Jack doesn’t answer]
Victoria: Tech-49.
[we see Jack has gained control of the ship]
Victoria: Jack?
Jack: Copy, Tower.
Victoria: What happened? I lost you for a second.
Jack: Really? I’m coming up on location.
[Jack skirts the location and spots the drone]
Jack: There it is. Probably got multiple Scav kills. God, 166 put up a hell of a fight. Got any movement?
Victoria: No sign of Scavenger activity, but I’ve got limited visibility here, Jack. To low an angle to allow admission.
Jack: Copy that. I’m coming in on it.


[Jack lands his bubbleship near the drone, gets out, grabs his weapon and repair kit and then puts on an old Yankees cap]
Jack: Starting repairs. Watch my back.
Victoria: Always do.
[as starts repairing the drone he notices a huge broken sign ‘World 2017 Champions’]
Jack: You know I read about this game. It was played right here, the last Super Bowl.
Victoria: Please don’t tell me it was a classic.
Jack: A classic game. Out by four, the ball was on the fifty yard line, seconds left on the clock. The ball was snapped, QB fumbles. Disaster. Looks like the game is over.
Victoria: I’m reading the whole central core off alignment, you don’t have necessary tools down there. And a new fuel cell is not gonna fix that.


[Jack carries on fixing the drone and telling his story]
Jack: But this QB runs back, picks up his own foul…
Victoria: Jack, hold on. What did you just do?oblivion-2
Jack: There’s a wall of linebackers closing in on him, so he throws the ball with no idea who’s at the other end. Hail Mary. Eighty thousand people on their feet watching this ball sail through the air. Downfield would be Wide Receiver, third straight, just leaps out the back…
[Jack pretends to catch the ball and touchdown]
Jack: Touchdown!
[Jack raises his arms and looks around the stadium, making the crowd roar sound under his breath]


[Victoria sees the danger ‘Alert’ sign coming up on her monitor]
Victoria: Contact! West contact!
[Jack notices something coming out of the tunnel nearby and draws his gun, Jack sees a starving dog cowering in front of him]
Victoria: Jack?
Jack: It’s okay, Vica. It’s just a dog.
[the dog barks which activates drone 166]
Jack: Hey, now go on.
[the dog continues to bark]
Jack: Get outta here. Go on, get! Get outta here! Go!
[Jack shoots his gun into the air, which scares off the dog and it runs off, Jack sees drone 166 reactivate and surge up, the drone scans Jack]
Jack: Tech-49, Jack Harper.
[the drone clears Jack, then scans the tunnel, then the drone rockets up into the sky and flies off, Jack clears the dust from his eyes and mouth]
Jack: You’re welcome.
[to Victoria as he walks back to his ship]
Jack: 166 is back online.


[taking a break, Jack sits on the edge of a ridge, he waters a plant he’s placed in a can]
Jack: Two drones shut down today. Ten fuel cells stolen in just over a month, these Scavs are getting bolder.
Victoria: While hydro is taking all the water. Once we’re gone they’ll have nothing but dust and radiation.
Jack: This is bullshit. We won the war, why do we have to leave?
Victoria: Two more weeks, Jack. Then we’ll be on our way to Titan.
Jack: Yep. That drone is out there somewhere, we just have to find it.
Victoria: Without a beacon, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.
[Jack smiles, then gets up and picks up his plant]
Jack: Well, it’s back to work again.
[Jack pulls out a folded up motorcycle from a compartment on his bubbleship, he unfolds the bike, puts on his goggle, turns on the bike and takes off in search of the second drone]


[Jack notices a signal on his bike monitor, he takes his gun out and looks through the binoculars and sees a structure in the distance, he walks up to the structure which is the ruins of New York’s Public Library]
Jack: Tower, I’ve located 172 in a sink hole. No visual, but I can hear it.
[back the station, Victoria sees a barely visible Jack on her monitor]
Victoria: Tet’s so far off angle I can barely see you. How does it look?
Jack: It’s good. It’s good. There’s no sign of Scav activity on top.
Victoria: Tet’s offline in fifteen minutes. After that you’re on your own.


[as Jack climbs down the hole to get the drone, we see that he’s been watched through binoculars by what looks like an alien, back at the station Victoria contacts mission control]
Victoria: Mission, this is Tower 49. Jack has located drone 172, engaging recovery now. Requesting backup to his location ASAP.
[Jack drops down through the roof of the library and looks around him, he hears the drone’s beacon]
Jack: Better visual in drone 172.
[Victoria can’t hear Jack and can only hear a scrambling noise]
Victoria: Jack?
[Jack continues looking for the drone, he crosses over a make-shift bridge to where he can hear the beacon, he finds the drone buried under a cloth, but when he takes the cloth off he discovers that’s it’s a trap]
Jack: What the hell? Shit!


[as Jack turns to leave, suddenly his leg is trapped in a bear trap, he falls and gets dragged through the debris, he manages to get himself freed and runs off but finds himself surrounded by Scavs, Jack manages to shoot them off and run towards the hole he climbed down through, he gets himself attached back to the rope which starts raising him up out of the hole, but suddenly the rope snaps and Jack lands back in the library, as he’s about to get attacked something shoots at the Scavs, Jack turns and sees it’s drone 166, the first drone that he’d repaired earlier, the drone shoots at all the Scavs and manages to secure the area, Jack then identifies himself to the drone]
Jack: Tech-49, Jack Harper.
[the drone doesn’t clear him and gets prepared to shoot]
Jack: Jack Harper, Tech-49.
[the drone scans him]
Jack: Hey!
[the drone clears him and quickly blasts off out of the hole through the roof, Jack looks at around him and reaches down and grabs a book from the ground]


[Jack manages to get out of the library roof and notices his bike has gone]
Jack: Oh, come on. Not my goddamn bike!
[Jack manages to get his bubbleship back to the station, later as he takes a shower he has flashbacks of being in the Empire State Building with the woman he’d dreamt of earlier, then later on he takes out the book he took from the library and opens and reads a passage]
Jack: ‘And how can man die better facing fearful odds, for the ashes of his fathers and the temples of his gods.’
[Victoria calls out to him]
Victoria: Jack.
Jack: Yep, I’ll be right there.
[Jack looks at the books title and sees that its ‘Lay of Ancient Rome’ by Macaulay, Jack puts the books aside and pick up his plant]


[Jack walks over to Victoria as she prepares something to eat]
Victoria: That is one annoying look. Can it fly?
Jack: Barely, and without armor she’s a sitting duck.
Victoria: Well, I’ll talk to Sally about that shielding in the morning. Again.
[Jack stares at Victoria]
Victoria: What, Captain Harper?
[Jack brings his hand out from his back and holds out his plant to Victoria]
Victoria: Where did you get this?
[Victoria takes the plant and walks away]
Jack: It was growing and…
[Victoria opens a glass door and drops the plant out off the edge, she closes the door and turns and walks back towards Jack]
Victoria: Come on, Jack. You know the regulations. I know you think I’m a stickler, but we have no idea what kind of toxins could be in something like that.
Jack: It’s a flower, Vica.
Victoria: Yeah, that’s not the point. It’s the way we’re so close to the end and the last thing that we need is you putting it all at risk.
Jack: Okay.


[later that night as they are sat at the dinner table]
Victoria: Every day you have to go down there and see what was lost. But we’ve done our job, Jack. It’s time to go.
Jack: I don’t think they were trying to kill me today, the Scavs. They were trying to catch me.
[Victoria stares at him for a moment]
Victoria: They can’t have you.
[Victoria rises from her seat, walks over to Jack and puts a hand on his shoulder]
Victoria: Come on.
[Victoria walks off and goes to the swimming pool]


[Jack follows after Victoria and goes to the pool, Victoria swims over to the edge and Jack sits on the steps near her]
Jack: You should come with me sometime, before we leave. There’s a place I found, I’d like to show you.
[Victoria hauls herself up and whispers into his ear]
Victoria: I’ll show you something.
[she grabs hold of his hand and drags him into the water]
Jack: Hey! Hey!
[Jack takes his clothes off in the water and they start kissing, as they kiss under the water Jack sees that instead of kissing Victoria, he’s kissing the woman he keeps dreaming of, he then wakes up in his bed feeling breathless]


[after Jack wakes up from his dream he hears a rumble, Jack and Victoria run to the glass windows and see that one of the water collectors has exploded, sending a mushroom cloud up into the atmosphere]
Victoria: Oh, my God.
[Jack flies his bubbleship towards the explosion]
Victoria: It was a six stage melt down from inside the hydro rigs core. It’s offline permanently.
Sally: Tower 49, you have put the whole operation at risk. I need to know exactly what happened.
Victoria: Jack believes the Scavs weaponized one of the stolen fuel cells and got it into suction.
Sally: Tower hold.
Jack: Tower, we got a rogue signal in grid 370. Do you see this?
Victoria: Yes.
Jack: It’s gotta be a Scav.
Victoria: It’s not one of ours.
[Victoria checks the signal on her monitor]
Victoria: Jack, the signal’s being directed off planet.
Jack: On my way.
[Jack turns the bubbleship to go towards the signal]


Sally: Tower, our logs show you are missing an additional nine fuel cells. Can you confirm?
Victoria: Negative, mission, that number is ten. Drone 172 was lost last night, 109 is combat ready. Since you got that shielding. We can cover the remaining rigs with drones in the field. I’ve run the numbers, I…
Sally: We’ve run through the numbers up here, Tower. Our task is the drones to defensive positions.
Victoria: Copy.
Sally: Our job is to run those rigs. You’re directive is to protect them, we cannot afford to lose another. Do you copy?
Victoria: Copy.
Sally: Are you and Jack an effective team?
Victoria: Damn right, we are.


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