By Shelby Fielding (Lubbock, Texas, US)


Office Christmas Party: Finally a Decent Comedy!

Office Christmas Party is the new comedy that is co-directed by Josh Gordon and Will Speck that stars T.J Miller, Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, and Kate McKinnon. And, this movies narrative obviously is nothing remarkable but it follows the story of T.J Miller’s character named Clay Vanstone whose sister Carol Vanstone, played by Jennifer Aniston, is threatening to shut down his branch of the company unless he can secure a huge client. So, he and his friends then try to secure this client by throwing a huge office Christmas party to persuade him. This is a comedy that surprised as more than one part due to its decent script and good performances to enhance the audience’s laughter.

The comedy genre in film has been having a lot of trouble in the past couple of years in my opinion. I personally am a fan of dry humor movies like Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, Hot Fuzz, and At World’s End. With terrible recent comedies like Jack & Jill, Grown Ups 1&2, the Scary Movie franchise, and the haunted house franchise. I feel like comedies now are relying on spoofs for movies. With very few original comedic style movies being made like Anchorman, Neighbors, and now Office Christmas Party.

Now I wouldn’t say this is a great movie or even a good movie, but for a comedy I think it did what it was supposed to do as a film. The direction is very snippy, but does a great job of encompassing these actors jokes and improv. Which is what I feel this movie did a great job of, which was letting the actors improv beautifully. As far as performances go I felt that T.J Miller did a great job, and Kate McKinnon wowed me with her performance. Because of her earlier performances this year she has not had a great year, but this redeemed her in my opinion and got her a lot of laughs.

The biggest flaw with this film was that it does get bogged down by the script. And, just how ridiculous some of the scripts plot points are, and it took me out of the movie completely. But, nonetheless this movie was a lot better than most comedies as far as actually having laughs and not being overly offensive.

Overall this movie was a good comedy and a movie that I would put on in the background or late at night with nothing to do. If you are a comedy fan, I would recommend this movie because it does have good comedic moments. It just gets bogged down by the script’s ridiculousness as most comedies do.

I’m going to give Office Christmas Party a C+. What is your favorite comedy movie? Who is your favorite comedian? What is the best comedy movie of the past 5 years? What comedies are you excited about for 2017? Let me know down in the comments below and as always have a blessed day.

Rating: 3/5



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