Starring: Keira Knightley, Matt Smith, Matthew Goode, Adam Bakri, Ralph Fiennes, Indira Varma, Conleth Hill, Tamsin Greig


Political thriller directed by Gavin Hood based on the true story of British Intelligence whistleblower Katharine Gun (Keira Knightley), who, during the immediate run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion, leaked a top secret NSA memo exposing a joint US-UK illegal spying operation against members of the UN Security Council.



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[watching Tony Blair being interviewed on the news]
Tony Blair: What we know, is that Saddam has this material.
Katharine Gun: You don’t know that. I mean, he just keeps repeating the lie. Just because you’re the Prime Minister, it doesn’t mean you get to make up your own facts.


Katharine Gun: Did you get this email?
[Andy nods]
Andy Dumfrie: The Americans want us to help them get a UN resolution for war.


British intelligence Officer: Someone in this building has betrayed their government and their country.


John: Katharine Gun, who do you think might have leaked because of your email?


[on the phone to Martin Bright]
Katharine Gun: I’ve got something you need to see.


Peter Beaumont: Who brought you this?
Martin Bright: A friend.


Peter Beaumont: Be careful.
Martin Bright: You can go to jail just for having it in your possession.


Katharine Gun: We could get you a copy.
Jasmine: You’re asking me to collude in a breach of the Official Secrets Act. Some call that treason.


TinTin: What were you employed to do?
Katharine Gun: I translated signals intelligence and I reported anything of interest to my clients.
TinTin: You’re a spy.


TinTin: So you work for the British government.
Katharine Gun: No.
TinTin: No?
Katharine Gun: I work for the British people. I do not gather intelligence so that the government can lie to the British people.


Katharine Gun: My husband had absolutely nothing to do with this.
Jerry: He’s a Muslim.
Katharine Gun: I’m sorry?


Jacqueline Jones: Intelligence may be being manipulated to take this country to war.


Ed Vulliamy: This paper needs to stop taking Tony Blair at face value!


Ben Emmerson: [to Katherine] Your marriage will be interrogated.


Ben Emmerson: [to Katherine] You chose loyalty to your country over loyalty to your government, your marriage, and yourself. I think that speaks rather highly of you.


Ben Emmerson: [to Katherine] You had nothing to gain and everything to lose.


Roger Alton: This could result in a prison sentence.


Ben Emmerson: [to Katherine] Do you want to risk it all?


Katharine Gun: My motives was to stop a war and save lives. I have to tell the truth.


[referring to the protests against the Iraq invasion]
Martin Bright: It’s everywhere. Every country. Biggest demonstration in human history.


Katharine Gun: If we do not go public, we would be conceding that no one can ever tell the people when their government is lying.


Martin Bright: [to Katherine] What you did, it was extraordinary.


Judge Hyam: Katharine Teresa Gun, you’re charged with an offense of the Official Secrets Act. How do you plead?


Ben Emmerson: The war is illegal. The public is entitled to know why!


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