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Emma: How’s Suki?
Dexter: Oh, she…she’s fantastic. Yeah, gorgeous. You know, what’s great for me is that she really understands the industry. You know, she knows exactly what it’s like to be…I was gonna say famous. God, we hate the word.
Emma: Every time I turn on the telly, she’s there in her pink rubber cat suit. She’s doing incredibly well.
Dexter: Yeah. Yeah. Well, we…we both are. I’ve got some really, really exciting stuff coming up. You know, it’s all sort of in development. If I told you I’d have to shoot you.
Emma: Please, do.
Dexter: Never mind. Start without me, alright?
[he gets up goes to the bathroom and does some drugs]


[as Dexter comes back from the bathroom Emma notices him flirting with a girl]
Dexter: You alright?
Emma: Maybe she could join us.
Dexter: Hey! Hey! Hey! What’s this? I’m here to see you, remember?
[she nods her head]
Dexter: Right. Well, uh…how’s the teaching?
[Emma looks upset]
Dexter: What?
Emma: If you’re not interested, don’t ask.
Dexter: I am interested! I just thought you were gonna be writing this novel, that’s all.
Emma: And I will. But I have to earn a living, more the point, I enjoy it. I’m a bloody good teacher, Dexter.
Dexter: I’m sure you are. Just, uh…you know? You know what they say?
Emma: No, what do they say?
Dexter: Well, you know. Those who can…
Emma: No, I’m sorry. I’m not familiar. Finish the sentence.
Dexter: Alright. Well, those who can, do. And those who can’t, teach.
Emma: Those who can teach say, go fuck yourself!
[she gets up and turns to walk out of the club]


Emma: You’re drunk! You’re drunk! Do you realize I haven’t really not seen you sober, what, three years? No, nipping off to the toilet every ten minutes, either drunk on or you’ve got dysentery. Either way, it’s boring! Banging on about yourself all the time! Well, I wouldn’t mind, Dex, but you’re a TV presenter. Alright? You’ve not invented penicillin. All you do is stand around chatting and make some noise!
Dexter: Look, I’m having fun, that’s all. Look, I’ve been through a lot recently and I might get a bit carried away, but if you wouldn’t stop getting at me!
Emma: Am I? I don’t mean to and I…I know that you have been through a lot with your mom. I know. But there are things that I needed to talk to you about. About how I’m…I’m stuck in this flat with a man that I am not in love with! And if I can’t talk to you, then what is the point of you? Of us?
Dexter: What do you mean, what’s the point?
Emma: I think we’ve out grown each other. No, you have out grown me. You think I’m uncool and dreary.
Dexter: I don’t think you’re dreary. Em.
Emma: I think that if it’s over then we should just face facts, say goodbye.
Dexter: Sounds like you’re dumping me.
Emma: Yeah, maybe I am. You’re not who you used to be.
[she turns and starts walking away from him]


[as Emma’s just walked away from Dexter after their fight]
Dexter: Oh, come on, Em! Look, I apologize! Please!
[she stops turns and walks back towards him]
Dexter: Come on. That’s it.
[she hugs Dexter]
Emma: I love you, Dexter, so much. I just don’t like you anymore. I’m sorry.
[crying she turns and walks away from him]


[15th July 1998 – Dexter looking scruffy with a ponytail is hosting a show about video games, as filming ends]
Dexter: Do I really have to say ‘smoking hot’?! It’s just I’m thirty two for God’s sake.


[after the Dexter has finished his day of filming his show]
Dexter: What, they’re sacking me?
Aaron: You see, sack has negative connotations. It’s just they wanna try a new presenter.
Dexter: So they are sacking me?
Aaron: Well, no. They’re taking the show in different direction, but it’s a direction from you. Okay, so less you now.
Dexter: Okay.
Aaron: More you in your twenties.
Dexter: Right. Right. So, uh…so what’s the good news?
Aaron: Sorry?
Dexter: Well, you said you had some bad news, what’s the good news?
[Aaron looks at him as if to say there is no other news]


Aaron: Look every career has its ups and downs. This is just a bloody great down. And I sense a bit if disenchantment, Dexie.
Dexter: I’m just a little concerned about my future. It’s not quite what I was expecting.
Aaron: Future never is. It’s what makes it so bloody exciting. Everyone loves you, yeah?
[Dexter nods his head]
Aaron: But they love you in that ‘ironic love to hate’ kind of way, right? And all that we need to do is just find someone that loves you for real. Okay?
Dexter: Yeah.


[15th July 1999 – Dexter is practicing saying I love you]
Dexter: I love you, Sylvie.
[to himself]
Dexter: No, no, no! In love with you.
[practices again]
Dexter: Look, I’ve never said this to anyone before.
[to himself]
Dexter: No, that’s not right.
[practices saying it again]
Dexter: Um…I love you, Sylvie. I…


[Emma walks into her apartment to find Ian sitting on the couch drinking and looking drunk]
Emma: Serves me right for not changing the locks. Looking good, Ian.
Ian: You can get stuffed Emma.
Emma: Is that from your act?
Ian: No, though I have got this new thing I’ve been working on.
Emma: Oh, God!
Ian: I come on and I say, ‘here’s a funny story’, all like this.
Emma: Ian.
Ian: There’s this guy and he’s going out with this girl, and he worships her and, uh…they buy this flat together. And then he gets her an engagement ring, the lot. It turns out that she is still in love with her best friend.
Emma: Interesting theory, Ian. Accept I’ve not seen Dexter for ages.
Ian: No?
Emma: That is not the reason. Ian…
Ian: Do you know how he found out about it? He read it in her poetry.
[he takes out her book of poems]
Emma: You bastard! Give me that back to me!
[she runs towards him as he starts reading out loud her poetry]


[as she’s trying to get her book of poetry back from Ian]
Emma: I’ll call the police!
Ian: Call the bloody police! It’s my flat too!
Emma: Is it? I paid the mortgage! You just sat around farting and watching the bloody Wrath of Khan!
Ian: You love the Wrath of Khan.
Emma: I have the Wrath of Khan!


[we see them sat on the balcony looking calmer]
Ian: Well, it’s a good job we didn’t get married.
[Emma looks at him as if to agree]
Ian: Sorry about going through all your stuff. I’ve just been a bit mad recently, that’s all.
Emma: It’s alright.
Ian: I miss you.
Emma: I know you do.
Ian: Right…right here.
[he points to his heart]
Ian: Either that or it’s trapped wind. I’m not sure.
[Emma laughs]
Emma: Either way, it’ll pass.
Ian: It’s good, by the way. Not the poems. The poems are awful, but the rest of the stuff, like the…the stories. You’re funny, proper funny. Not like me.
Emma: Ian.
Ian: No, I’m just saying that you should show them to someone, because you’re…you’re better than you know.
[he gets up and leaves]


[15th July 2000 – Emma alone, Dexter with Sylvie are attending a mutual college friend’s wedding]
Dexter: That’s Emma Morley. We went to University together.
Sylvie: Did you sleep with her as well?
Sylvie: What about the bride?
Dexter: No! God, what is this?
Sylvie: Well, it’s just that every weekend we go to a wedding with a coach load of people that you’ve slept with. It’s like a conference.
Dexter: Hey! Come on. You know you’re the only one for me now. You are. Come here.
[she laughs and he kisses her, Emma notices them from a distance]


[Dexter is talking to one of his old college friends at the wedding reception]
Callum: You should come and have lunch. We should talk.
Dexter: Are you offering me a job?
Callum: No, I’m just saying…
Dexter: You are, aren’t you? You’re offering me a job.
Callum: Look, I haven’t seen you on telly for a while. I thought if you wanted a fresh start…
Dexter: Callum, mate. Mate, mate, mate. At University you wore the same pair of jeans for, what was it? Four years?
Callum: Long time ago now, pal. We’re not students anymore.


[as him and Dexter watch Emma from afar]
Callum: Have you seen Emma Morley? Right under our noses all this time. Hey? Who knew?


[at the wedding reception Dexter and Emma sit in a quiet corner to talk]
Emma: Today must be quite tough for you, having slept with the bride.
Dexter: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
[Emma gives him a knowing look]
Dexter: What? How do you know all these things?
Emma: Tilly told me all about
Dexter: Oh, did she?
Emma: Foot massage spun out of control. I think you even used my olive oil. Foot prints halfway up the kitchen wall.
Dexter: Well, that stuffs behind me now, so.
Emma: Really? What happened? Sex in toilet cubicles lose its bitter sweet charm?
Dexter: Well an orgy won’t keep you warm at night, yeah?
Emma: An orgy won’t look after you when you’re old.
Dexter: Well said.


Dexter: Anyway, I screwed up my career. And screwed up things with mom.
Emma: That’s not true.
Dexter: I screwed up my friendships. And then Sylvie just came along. She sort of, well, saved me really.
Emma: She’s very beautiful.
Dexter: Of course she has absolutely no sense of humor.
Emma: Just as well. Sense of humor is overrated, goofing around all the time. The only time Ian made me really laugh was when he fell down the stairs.
Dexter: Well you know, Sylvie says she doesn’t like to laugh. Doesn’t really like what it does to her face.
[the both laugh]
Emma: But you love her, right?
Dexter: Yeah, I…I worship her.


Dexter: So come then, you. Huh? Any romance?
Emma: Don’t start, Dex.
Dexter: What?
Emma: Sympathy! I’m not lonely, I’m alone. There, how does that sound?
Dexter: Yeah. Yeah. I bought that.
Emma: It’s true. I got a tiny advance to write this book.
Dexter: Em!
Emma: Mm-hmm.
Dexter: Well, you know, I have something to tell you too.
[he holds out a card for her to take]
Emma: You’re getting married.
Dexter: Yeah.
[she hugs him]
Dexter: So you’re pleased?
Emma: Of course I’m pleased! Dex, it’s fantastic news! Really!


[as she takes Dexter’s wedding invitation, she notices it smells]
Emma: Scented? You’re wedding invitations are scented.
Dexter: Yeah, um…lavender.
Emma: No, Dex. It’s money. They smell of money.
[she reads the invitation]
Emma: August the fourteenth?
Dexter: Yeah, I think that’s what they call a shot gun wedding.
Emma: Ah.
Dexter: For three hundred and fifty with buffet.
Emma: Do you know who the father is?
Dexter: Oh, stop it.
[they both laugh]
Emma: I’m kidding. Congratulations.
Dexter: Thank you.
Emma: A dad?
Dexter: I know.
Emma: Is that allowed? Will the let you?
Dexter: God, it’s…it’s incredible, isn’t it?
Emma: Oh, you’re gonna be a wonderful father.
Dexter: Yeah. Do you really think so?
Emma: Don’t doubt it for a minute.


Emma: I missed you, Dex.
Dexter: I missed you too.
[he kisses her forehead]
Emma: No more disappearing?
Dexter: Well, I won’t if you won’t. Hmm?
Emma: Hmm.
[they share a friendly kiss but kiss again and stop before it becomes more passionate]
Emma: Dex?
Dexter: We should go.
Emma: Absolutely let’s go.


[15th July 2001 – Dexter is working as kitchen hand for Callum]
Callum: How you getting on?
Dexter: Oh, good mate. Good. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Not quite what I was expecting, but…
Callum: How do you mean?
Dexter: Well, you see the words ‘organic’ and ‘homemade’.
Callum: Yeah, I know. You imagine a couple of hippies on a little farm somewhere, knitting their own muesli. Nice idea, but this is business, Dex.
Dexter: Yeah, well. I realize that.
Callum: Listen, mate. You’re only here to learn the ropes, okay? Company policy, everyone has to.
Dexter: Callum, I’m…I’m enjoying it. Honestly, I’m good.


[as Dexter is at home looking after the baby, Sylvie calls to check in, and we see that she’s cheating on him with Callum]
Dexter: Look, Sylvie. Look, I know I’m not good at all this, dad husband thing.
Sylvie: You’re doing fine, Dexter.
Dexter: No. No. And I know if you had a receipt you would have taken me back a long time ago. But, uh…you know I’m working on it, right? So bear with me. That’s all.
Sylvie: Uh…I’ve…I’ve got to go. Um…I’ll see you tomorrow.


[15th July 2003 – Dexter travels to Paris where Emma, who’s a published writer, now lives]
Dexter: Well, look at you. Huh? You even look like a writer. Writer in Paris.
[he touches he short cropped hair]
Dexter: There’s…there’s a word for this, isn’t there?
Emma: Uh…butch.
[Dexter laughs]
Dexter: I was gonna say gamine.
Emma: What do you look like?
Dexter: Me? Screwed up divorcee.
Emma: So, uh…my apartment’s not far. Shall we?
Dexter: Mmm.
Emma: How long are you staying for?
Dexter: Well, I…I suppose that’s up to you really. It’s just…look I…I just wanted to say something which I couldn’t really do over the phone. And…well, ever since we were last together in London. Well, for a while actually, I…
Emma: Dexter, before you say anything else, I have to say… There’s something I have to tell you.


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