One Day Movie Quotes: Feels Fractured

(Total Quotes: 91)

Directed by: Lone Scherfig
Written by: David Nicholls (screenplay & novel)
Anne Hathaway – Emma
Jim Sturgess – Dexter
Tom Mison – Callum
Jodie Whittaker – Tilly
Tim Key – Customer
Rafe Spall – Ian
Joséphine de La Baume – Marie
Patricia Clarkson – Alison
Ken Stott – Steven
Heida Reed – Ingrid
Amanda Fairbank-Hynes – Tara
Romola Garai – Sylvie
Emilia Jones – Jasmine (2007 and 2011)


One Day movie quotes feel fractured and although the movie isn’t entirely bad the foundations of the story from the novel is lacking an organic flow and hasn’t transitioned that well to screen. If you haven’t read the novel then the experience of the movie will come across as slightly confusing and disjointed as the movie doesn’t delve enough into the missing years of the characters lives, what saves it is the beautiful love story.

Verdict: This isn’t the worst adaptation you’ll come across and if you can stand to sit through a tragic love story, then you won’t be disappointed with this movie.

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[first lines; 15th July 2006 – Emma is swimming then riding a bike, then we go back to the same day in 1988, Emma and Dexter are celebrating their college graduation with friends]
Dexter: You know, we’ve never actually met.
Emma: Actually, we have, several times.
Dexter: Oh, have we?
Emma: You gatecrashed my Birthday party, called me Julie and split red wine down my top.
Dexter: Ouch. Well, I’m sorry about that.
Emma: No, not at all! You were delightful.
Dexter: Oh, was I?
Emma: No! No, you weren’t.
Dexter: Look, uh…if you’re not Julie, then…
Emma: I’m Emma.
Dexter: Emma.
Emma: Emma Morley.
Dexter: Emma Morley. Listen, I’ll…I’ll walk you home.


[back at Emma’s place they start making out]
Emma: So, what are you gonna be when you’re, I don’t know, forty?
[they start to get undressed]
Dexter: Forty?
Emma: Mm-hmm.
Dexter: Can I say famous? Horribly rich.
Emma: Terrible! You’re so…you’re so terrible.
Dexter: Where are you going?
Emma: I’m just gonna go brush my teeth. You know, booze and fags.
Dexter: I don’t mind.
Emma: I do.
[she puts on a record]
Dexter: Listen, I won’t be a minute. No playing with yourself while I’m gone.


[Emma comes back from the bathroom in her underwear only wearing graduation gown to find Dexter getting dressed]
Emma: Oh, you’re going!
Dexter: Well, you know, it’s getting light out. I thought I could just…
Emma: You should go if you wanna go. There’s no point in…
Dexter: I just thought you might wanna get some sleep.
Emma: It’s very light. Should get some sleep. No! No! Go!
Dexter: I don’t have to go.
Emma: Go! I’m not bothered. Sneak off!
Dexter: I wasn’t sneaking off.
Emma: Sneak off. Jump out the window for all I care.
Dexter: I wasn’t sneaking off!
Emma: It’s five floors if you don’t mind.
Dexter: Look! Fine! Fine! Fine! Look, I’ll stay. Alright? I’ll stay.
[he takes his trousers off again]


[after Dexter decides to stay and spend the night with her]
Emma: Sorry, I’m no good at this. It’s just, whenever I go to bed with someone I always end up either laughing or weeping and it could be nice to go for something in between.
Dexter: Look, uh…that’s fine. That’s fine. Maybe we could just be friends.
Emma: Okay. Friends.
[she puts on a t-shirt and gets into bed with him]


[as they try to sleep in each other’s arms]
Dexter: Of course, you know, it’s, uh…St. Swithen’s day today, don’t you?
Emma: Mm…what is?
Dexter: Today. St. Swithen’s day, the fifteenth of July.
Emma: How do you know that?
Dexter: Well, he…he was buried in Manchester cathedral, which is where I went to school.
Emma: Well, la-di-da.
[Dexter laughs]
Dexter: La-di-da! Well, you know there’s a poem. If on St. Swithen’s day at the thrane, something, something, something, remain.
Emma: Dexter, that’s beautiful.
[they both laugh]
Dexter: Shut up.
Emma: Let’s get some sleep. But, Dex?
Dexter: Yeah.
Emma: If it doesn’t rain, do you wanna do something? Me and you?
Dexter: Mm-hmm.


[15th July 1989 – Dexter helps Emma move into an apartment in London]
Dexter: I bet this bed could tell some stories.
Emma: Yeah, short stories, horror stories.


[referring to the apartment she’s just moved into]
Emma: I think I’m going to be very happy here.
Dexter: What is that smell?
Emma: Onions. Onions and disappointment.
Dexter: Right.
Emma: No, it’s not that bad. Nothing that a lick of paint and a nuclear warhead can’t fix. I’ve got my typewriter, I’ve got my books, I’m in London. I think it’s going to be alright. I might actually get things done.
Dexter: Yeah, you know, you might actually meet someone.
Emma: Dex, don’t! Please!
Dexter: No! A nice guy.
Emma: Dex! Dex! No! I…
Dexter: Sensitive, wears a cardigan.
Emma: Dex, I told you I’m not interested in any of that.
Dexter: Matching glasses. Matching opinions.
[he laughs at her]


Emma: You know, I’m actually glad you’re going to India.
Dexter: Good. Cause I’m leaving. I’ve gotta catch my flight.
Emma: Already?
Dexter: Yeah, I’m sorry.
Emma: Go on then. Find yourself.
[he picks up her typewriter]
Dexter: Keep sending me those letters. Long ones.
Emma: I will.
Dexter: And have fun, Em.
Emma: Of course.
Dexter: It is allowed.
Emma: You know, I’ve got a feeling that this time next you’re gonna take London by storm.


[15th July 1990 – Emma is working as a waitress at a Mexican restaurant]
Customer: What is the difference between…
Emma: A tortilla is either corn or wheat, but a corn tortilla folded and filled is a taco, whereas a filled wheat tortilla is a burrito. A deep fried burrito is a chimichanga. Toasted tortilla, it’s a tostada, roll it, it’s an enchilada.
Customer: Is there any chance you could repeat that?


Ian: Hello, I’m Ian. Ian Whitehead.
Emma: The new boy!
[she shakes hands with him]
Emma: Welcome to the graveyard of ambition.


Emma: So, what’s your stroke?
Ian: Sorry, my what?
Emma: Waiter stroke actress? Waiter stroke model? Waiter stroke writer?
Ian: Well, I’m a comedian.
Emma: Oh, we could use a comedian. We all like to laugh, I know I used to.
Ian: Well, I’m just starting out really. You know, working on my unique comedy styling. Not a joke so much, more sort of wry little observations, you know?
Emma: Baicarumba!


Ian: I’m doing an open mic tonight, if you were interested. At the, uh…House of Laffs. Spelt L-A-F-F-S. It’s not a date or anything. I mean, you…you probably got a boyfriend anyway.
Emma: Ian, I’d love to come. But after work I like to head home, cup of tea, weep.
Ian: So, what about you, Emma? What’s your, uh…stroke? What do you really do?
Emma: Uh…this. This is what I do. Still, it’s not forever, is it?


[calling Dexter from a payphone]
Emma: London’s swallowed me up. I thought I’d make a difference, but no one knows I’m here.
Dexter: Listen, listen. Nothing truly good was ever easy.
Emma: Who said that?
Dexter: You did!
Emma: Did I? That’s annoying. I’m sorry for moaning. I’m just…I really wanted to hear… How’s teaching? How’s Paris?
Dexter: It’s good, Em. You know, truly fulfilling.
Emma: Well, don’t sleep with any of your students. It’s, uh…unethical and predictable.
[we see that there is a young girl walking on his bed, naked]
Dexter: Good advice, Em. Thank you. But, uh…I’ve gotta have lunch with mom.
Emma: Well, um…apologize again, will you? I didn’t mean to call your dad a fascist.
Dexter: A beaujoire fascist.
Emma: Say sorry. And, uh…Dex? Dexter?
[a beeping noise sounds on the line]
Emma: Oh, my money’s running out!
Dexter: Can you hear me?
Emma: Dex?
[they get disconnected]
Emma: I miss you.


[meeting his mother for lunch in Paris]
Alison: Tell me, who’s been writing you all those long letters?
Dexter: That is none of your business.
Alison: Was is that girl who came to stay?
Dexter: Yeah. Well, Emma and I are just good friends.



Alison: How much holiday do you need?
Dexter: I’m not on holiday! I’m teaching English.
Alison: Dexter.
[she stops and stares ahead looking amazed]
Alison: Isn’t that Alain Delon?
Dexter: What?
Alison: Oh, no. It’s your father.
[they both laugh]


[15th July 1991 – Emma is still working at the Mexican restaurant, Dexter shows up kissing a girl]
Dexter: We were just kissing.
Emma: You were trying to fit her entire head in your mouth. People have enough trouble keeping their food down as it is. What does she see in you anyway?
Dexter: Yeah, well she says I’m complicated.
[they both laugh]
Emma: You’re just spoilt.


Emma: I got offered the job of manager today. They told me they wanted someone who wasn’t going anywhere.
Dexter: Alright, Em, listen. Look, I think you should take a bottle of tequila, I think you should walk out the door and I don’t want you to ever come back.
Emma: But my job is my life.
Dexter: You can’t throw away years of your life just because, well you think it’s funny.
Emma: My hair smells of cheese, Monterey Jack.
Dexter: Look, I thought you were writing poetry.
Emma: No, I’ll go where the money is. I tried that, failed!
Dexter: You just can’t see it, can you? Look, you’re funny, you’re attractive, you’re smart. I mean you’re the smartest person I know.
Emma: Yeah!
Dexter: You are! You’re…you’re attractive, you’re sexy.
Emma: What?
Dexter: What, is that supposed to be sexist or something?
Emma: No, it’s not sexist, it’s just ridiculous.


Dexter: Em, listen. If I could just give you one gift, alright? One gift for the rest of your life, do you know what I’d give you?
[Emma is silent and looking down]
Dexter: Confidence. It’s either that or a scented candle.
[they both laugh and he hugs her]


Emma: I’ll be fine. I’m just ooh…feel a bit lost, that’s all.
Dexter: Come on, everyone’s lost at twenty five.
Emma: You’re not. Trainee TV producer, nice new flat, CD player, group sex Tuesdays and Fridays.
Dexter: Yeah, but you know I am crying on the inside.
[they drink a shot of tequila]
Dexter: You know what you need, don’t you?
[she shakes her head]
Dexter: You need a holiday.


[15th July 1992 – Dexter and Emma are in a car headed to France for vacation]
Emma: Look, Dexter, all I’m saying is I think we need some rules.
Dexter: Rules!
Emma: Well, I’m not taking any chances with our friendship. Alright?
Dexter: Alright. Alright. Such as?
Emma: Separate bedrooms. Where ever we stay no shared beds, no drunken cuddles.
Dexter: Well, I don’t see the point of cuddling anyway. Cuddling gives you cramp.
Emma: Agreed then. Rule number two, no flirting, no having a few drinks and getting frisky with me or anyone else.
Dexter: Well, I never flirt.
Emma: I’m serious!
Dexter: Hello, what’s this?
[a wedding car drives past them beeping their horn]
Dexter: Bonjour! Bonne chance!


[as they continue to drive through France]
Emma: Which leads me to rule three, the nudity clause.
Dexter: What?
Emma: I don’t want to see you in the shower or have a wee or have a wee in the shower.
Dexter: Well, I can’t promise that.
Emma: You have to, Dex. It’s the rules. And ab…absolutely no skinny dipping.
Dexter: Alright then, rule number four.
Emma: What?
Dexter: No scrabble.
Emma: But I love scrabble!
Dexter: Well, that is exactly why it’s my rule. Look, we’re not dead yet.


[whilst at the beach, referring to the tattoo just above his foot]
Emma: I’ve not seen this before.
Dexter: What, that? I got that in Thailand. It’s a Ying Yang.
Emma: Looks like a road sign.
Dexter: Well, it means a perfect union of opposites.
Emma: It means, wear some socks.


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Total Quotes: 91



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