Starring: Tom Holland, Chris Pratt, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer


Disney-Pixar’s animated fantasy adventure directed by Dan Scanlon. The story is set in a suburban fantasy planet where it’s populated with elves, trolls, mermaids, centaurs, fauns, satyrs, gnomes, sprites, unicorns and others. We follow two teenage elf brothers, Barley and Ian Lightfoot (Chris Pratt and Tom Holland), who embark on a quest to discover if there is still magic in the world in order to spend one day with their father, who died when they were too young to remember him.



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Ian Lightfoot: Hi, mom.
[their pet dragon jumps on him and starts licking his face]
Ian Lightfoot: Stop it!
Barley Lightfoot: Blazy, down! I didn’t get a chance to walk her. Bad dragon. Back to your lair.


[takes out a sword]
Barley Lightfoot: By the laws of your, I must dub thee a man today. Kneel before me.
Ian Lightfoot: That’s okay.


Laurel Lightfoot: [to Ian] I have a gift from your dad.


[to Ian and Barley]
Laurel Lightfoot: He just said to give you this when you were both over sixteen.
[Barley opens the item, and it appears to be a staff]
Barley Lightfoot: No way! It’s a wizard staff. Dad was a wizard!
Ian Lightfoot: What?
Laurel Lightfoot: Your dad was an accountant!


[looking at the Visitation Spell found in the same package as the staff]
Barley Lightfoot: This spell brings him back. For one whole day, dad will be back!
Laurel Lightfoot: What?
Ian Lightfoot: Dad come back to life? that’s not possible!
[holds up the staff]
Barley Lightfoot: It is with this!
Ian Lightfoot: I’m going to meet dad?


[as Ian is using the staff with the spell to bring back their dad]
Barley Lightfoot: Woh, feet!
[we see the spell bringing back their dad up to his legs]
Ian Lightfoot: It’s getting hard to hold!


[after the spell suddenly stops, they see their dad’s legs with some clothes on the upper half, as the legs move, the clothes fall off to only reveal their dad’s leg]
Barley Lightfoot: Aah! He’s just legs! I definitely remember having a top part.
Ian Lightfoot: Oh, what did I do?
[his dad places one of his feet on top of Ian’s foot]
Ian Lightfoot: Hi.


[pulls up in his van]
Barley Lightfoot: Come, dear brother, our destiny awaits.
Ian Lightfoot: Okay. I’m coming. I’m coming.
[referring to the bag in Ian’s hand]
Barley Lightfoot: I see you’ve brought sustenance for our adventure.
Ian Lightfoot: No, it’s garbage for the trash can. And you left the lid… Oh! Ugh!
[to the unicorns eating the garbage from the trash can]
Ian Lightfoot: Shoo! Get out of here! Go! Get..
[as he gets into the van]
Ian Lightfoot: Ugh, unicorns.


[as they drive off]
Barley Lightfoot: We are going on a grand and glorious quest.
Ian Lightfoot: It’s not a quest. It’s just a really fast and strange errand.
Barley Lightfoot: It’s totally a quest.


Barley Lightfoot: We only have twenty-four hours to bring the rest of him back.
Ian Lightfoot: Until then, ta-da!
[we see he’s made a make-shift top half and a head with some clothes on top of his dad’s legs]
Barley Lightfoot: Oh, that’s great! Dad, you look just like I remember.


Manticore: If it’s adventure you seek, you’ve come to the right tavern.


Barley Lightfoot: We might be out of gas.
Ian Lightfoot: But it says we have a full tank.
Barley Lightfoot: [chuckles] No, that’s doesn’t work.


[to Ian; takes out a spell book]
Barley Lightfoot: Growth spell! We grow the can, and then the gas inside will grow with it.


[as Ian is using the staff to grow a can of gas for the van]
Barley Lightfoot: Elbows up!
Ian Lightfoot: I’m trying to focus here!
Barley Lightfoot: [slowly] Focus. Focus.
Ian Lightfoot: Oh, forget it!
[Ian stops using the spell]
Barley Lightfoot: It worked! The can is huge!
[we see Barley has been zapped to a miniscule size]
Barley Lightfoot: And the van is huge! And you’re…
[suddenly looks down his body and realizes what’s happened]
Barley Lightfoot: Oh, no!


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