Starring: Jovan Adepo, Jacob Anderson, Pilou Asbæk, Iain De Caestecker, John Magaro, Wyatt Russell, Bokeem Woodbine



Supernatural action horror directed by Julius Avery, set on the eve of D-Day, where a group of American paratroopers are dropped behind enemy lines to carry out a mission crucial to the invasion’s success. But as they approach their target, they begin to realize there is more going on in this Nazi-occupied village than a simple military operation. They find themselves fighting against supernatural forces, part of a Nazi experiment.


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[to the German soldiers]
Rensin: Any of you Krauts got a cigarette? You got to be shitting me. None of you? Well, that’s goddamn…
[he’s shot and killed by the German soldiers]


[after they watch Rensin get gunned down by the German soldiers]
Ford: Shut up. It’s over.
Boyce: You just let him die.
Ford: He was dead before he hit the ground. He fucking knew that.
Boyce: What are you talking about? We could’ve…
Ford: Done shit. There were ten of them, and I’ve seen how you hold that rifle. The Sergeant wasn’t the mission.


Tibbet: I bet you wish you were back at Italy, huh, Corporal? How did you even end up with us?
Ford: I don’t know, Tibbet. Why do you talk so much? Some questions don’t have good answers.
Dawson: I’m going to put that in my book, Corporal Ford.
Chase: Your book?
Dawson: Yeah. I’ve been writing it since we got stationed.
Tibbet: Is that what you’re always scribbling about? Jesus, Dawson, I didn’t think a hick like you knew enough letters to make a sentence, much less a fucking book.
Dawson: My mama writes her cookbooks for the church back home. I figured I’d try it over here. All the stuff regular folks don’t know. What goes on from basic to here.
Tibbet: Sounds thrilling. Bet you’ll sell a million copies.
Boyce: I’d buy one.
Dawson: Thanks, buddy. And, Chase, I was thinking maybe me and you could team up, use some of your pictures in it. That way, you get a cut of the profits…
[just then he steps on a landmine and is killed]


[referring to the German soldiers]
Chloe: You can’t stay here. They patrol all night, inspecting houses, doing whatever they like.
Ford: We just need to stay here till that tower comes down in less than four hours.
Tibbet: Don’t worry, sweetheart.


Chase: There’s a lot of soldiers out there, and there’s only four of us. So, maybe we should wait. See if more of our guys show up first.
Tibbet: Pretty boy, you finally said something smart.
Chase: Thank you.
Tibbet: Corporal, there is no sense committing suicide over some tower.
Boyce: We all heard the Sergeant. The planes can’t provide air support to the beaches unless we take the tower out.
Tibbet: Oh, listen to you!
Boyce: Right?
Tibbet: All of a sudden talking like a real soldier there, Boyce. And what are you prepared to do to take out those Krauts?
Boyce: Whatever I have to.
Tibbet: Whatever you have to. And what is that exactly? Tell me more.
Boyce: What’s your point, Tibbet?
Tibbet: My point is you couldn’t even kill a mouse, could you?


Tibbet: Corporal, you’ve got to hear this. We had this mouse, he gets in the barracks back at base, right? The thing’s shitting all over the place, so Sarge, he orders somebody to kill it. So Boyce here, he catches the thing in his boot and he sets it loose in a field. But the mouse comes back the next night, and it’s crapping all over Sarge’s pillow. So Sarge, he has us running up hills all morning for that shit. You’re not built for this, Boyce. Even if you were, there’s ten Krauts to every one of us.
Ford: Tibbet, enough!


Boyce: They’re doing experiments on the villagers!
Ford: What?
[referring to Chloe’s aunt]
Boyce: Just like her aunt. They’re burning people with these flamethrowers, and they’re still moving, the bodies. And they’re pumping tar from the ground into these cocoon things…
Ford: Hey. Breathe. Breathe. Did you get eyes on the tower compound?
Boyce: She doesn’t have a body and she’s still talking, and I saw Rosenfeld…
Ford: Boyce! Did you get eyes on the tower compound?
Boyce: The tower base…
Ford: Yeah.
Boyce: …is below the ground. But there’s more than that down there.
Ford: Okay. Okay.
Boyce: Look.
[he holds up a syringe filled serum]


[referring to syringe with the serum]
Ford: What is this shit?
[Wafner mumbles in German]
Ford: What is that, German? I don’t understand German.
[to Tibbet]
Ford: Do you understand German? I don’t speak German.
Wafner: I’m simply an officer for the Fuhrer. I know nothing of what the doctor does.
Ford: You don’t?
Wafner: No.
Ford: Well, I don’t think that the, uh, private here, I don’t think he believes you.
Boyce: I saw your men and the doctor burn those people.
Wafner: This is war, yeah? People die in many unfortunate ways. I’m sure your corporal has killed many people.
[Ford suddenly kicks Wafner in the face]


Ford: I’m on the clock here, Franz, so if you don’t tell me what I need to know, the private here is going to paint this room with you.
[Wafner laughs]
Ford: What do you do with those people that you take into that church?
Wafner: They have been given a purpose.
[he looks over to Chloe and speaks in French]
Wafner: For once in their pathetic lives they have value. Like your Aunt, the blood and the bodies of this village, will contribute in ways you can hardly imagine.
[Chloe suddenly stabs him in the leg]


Chloe: [in French] I don’t recognize myself anymore.
Boyce: Three months ago, I was cutting grass in my front yard and the mailman shows up with a letter from the Army. Now I’m here, with no idea of where I’m going to end up.


[after Boyce has injected Chase with the serum in order to resurrect him]
Ford: Holy Christ.
Wafner: You asked what the serum was, Corporal.
Chase: I’m thirsty.
[Boyce gives him some water]
Ford: How do you feel?
Chase: I feel really good.
[he touches the bullet wounds in his chest]
Chase: Doesn’t even hurt. Not as bad as it looks, I guess.


Ford: Chase?
Chase: Huh?
Ford: Can you stand up?
Chase: Yeah.
Tibbet: Easy.
Chase: Is it hot in here? I feel hot.
[he takes off his jacket and tosses it aside and starts walking towards them]
Boyce: Chase.
Ford: Chase. Maybe you should sit down.
Chase: My head hurts.
[he looks down at his arm and his veins start popping out]
Ford: What the fuck?


[as he’s starting to mutate]
Chase: My head hurts.
[he smashes his head against the wood pillar and breaks it]
Tibbet: Chase.
Ford: Chase, sit down.
Tibbet: Jesus Christ, Chase! Jesus Christ!
[as Chase continues to mutate]
Boyce: What’s wrong with him?
Ford: I don’t know. Chase. I’m going to fucking shoot him.
Boyce: Corporal, no, please. Corporal, relax. Please, Corporal. Chase. Hey, pal. Hey, Chase?
[suddenly Chase grabs Boyce by the throat]
Chase: What did you do to me, Ed? What did you do?
[Chase starts to turn violent and starts to attack them]


[after shooting down a mutated Chase]
Ford: What just happened?
Wafner: A thousand year Reich needs thousand year soldiers.
[they turn to see Chase rise up]
Tibbet: You got to be shitting me.
[as Chase goes to attack them, suddenly Boyce hits him with the end of his riffle, repeatedly hitting him and smashing his brains out]


[as Ford is mutating]
Wafner: How does it feel, the blood of eternity flowing through your veins?
Ford: Not so fucking great.


Ford: I think I’m done with this.
[looks at the fully mutated Wafner and lights up the explosive in his hand with Wafner’s lighter]
Ford: Thanks.
[the explosive detonates]


American Officer: You had plenty of explosive to take the tower out above ground, but you went below to set the charges.
Boyce: Yes, sir.
American Officer: Why would you do something like that, Private?
Boyce: Corporal Ford thought it was best. And the number of enemy troops, he didn’t feel we’d be able to hold them off long enough outside, sir.
American Officer: Well, your corporal made a hell of a good call. I just wish he were here for me to tell him that.
Boyce: So do I, sir.
American Officer: Go catch a breath. We’re going to fold you into Charlie Company.


American Officer: Did you see anything else when you were down there? There’s talk about some kind of Kraut lab. So if there’s anything down there that’s worth us digging through all that rubble, you’d let us know, right?
Boyce: Just the tower control room. But there’s nothing left of that, sir.
American Officer: That’s what I figured. Good job, soldier. You and your squad.
Boyce: Thank you, sir.


[last lines]
Boyce: You look better.
Rosenfeld: Thanks. Now I just got to convince somebody how I helped save the war.
Tibbet: Save the war? All I saw was you missing a bunch of Germans with a machine gun.
Rosenfeld: Are you kidding? I saved your ass out there.
Tibbet: Is that what happened? I don’t remember that.
[to Paul]
Tibbet: Do you remember that?
[Paul shakes his head]
Tibbet: No? That’s what I thought.
Rosenfeld: Did you get your orders?
Boyce: Yeah, they’re putting us in C Company.
Tibbet: Jesus Christ, after all that? I thought they would just send us the fuck home.
Boyce: Got a job to finish. We got to get Tibbet to Hitler.
Tibbet: And then pop!
Boyce: We all go home.

Total Quotes: 19


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