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Glinda: I’m Glinda the Good, the Witch of the South.
Oz: I thought Evanora was the good witch.
Glinda: Evanora is the true Wicked Witch. Conniving and as cruel as they come.
[Glinda turns and start walking, Oz follows beside her with China Girl and Finley following behind them]
Glinda: She’s fooled most everyone, including her own sister. She made everyone believe that I poisoned my father, but it was her.
China Girl: Then she’s the one who destroyed my village?
[Glinda stops, turns and comes over to China Girl]
Glinda: I’m so sorry, child.
[Glinda tries to comfort China Girl, but China Girl looks away]


[to Glinda, offering her wand back]
Finley: Here’s your wand. Sorry I mooed.
[to Oz]
Finley: And to think, you almost killed Glinda for a bit of gold.
Oz: A bit? There are mountains of it, buddy.
[Glinda turns and faces Oz, giving him a cold look]
Oz: Not that I was going to…going to do it. I…I wasn’t really going to break your wand.
Glinda: Follow me.
[Glinda walks on ahead]
Oz: Okay.


[back in Emerald City Evanora watches, in her crystal ball, as her plans to kill Glinda have failed and Glinda is guiding Oz through the cemetery]
Evanora: No. No, no, no, no. It cannot be! I curse you, Glinda. You shall be dead, I’ll see you dead yet. I curse you and your pretty little face!
[Theodora enters the room]
Theodora: Sister! Sister, the Wizard is missing. I’ve looked everywhere, but he’s gone!
[Theodora sees Evanora by the crystal ball]
Theodora: What is it? Where’s the Wizard?
Evanora: Where’s the Wizard? With Glinda.
Theodora: Then it’s happening.
[Theodora looks into the crystal ball and sees Oz with Glinda]
Theodora: Oh, sister, he’s fulfilling the prophecy. He’ll bring her darkness to the light and peace to the land.
Evanora: Yes, I’m…I’m certain that’s what is happening. It must be.


[Evanora places a powder in her hand and turns it into the small wooden music box identical to the one Oz gave Theodora]
Theodora: Where did you get that?
Evanora: This? Oh, it was a gift from him. He…he came to my chambers last night. Oh, how we danced, for hours it seemed.
[Evanora opens the music box]
Evanora: Oh, I can still feel his body pressed against mine. Oh, sister, you were right about him. He is the great wizard, he must be to make me feel the way I feel.
[Theodora looks devastated]
Evanora: Oh, no. Not you too, sister?
Theodora: He said we would rule Oz together. He said I would be his queen.
Evanora: Did he?


[Evanora takes hold of Theodora’s hands]oz-7
Evanora: Are you quite sure it wasn’t you who said it to him?
[Theodora turns and runs out of the room, she enters her own chambers, sits in front of her dressing table and starts crying as she looks at herself in the mirror]
Theodora: You fool.
[as she cries, she cries out in pain as her tears etch permanent burn marks into her skin, Theodora stands as she looks at herself in the mirror]
Theodora: Serves you right!
[she screams out and smashes her the mirror with her hand]


[to her minions]
Evanora: I want Glinda and that wizard torn to shreds. Do not fail me a second time. Rise!
[her army of minions fly off and an army marches on ground to carry out her wishes; back in the cemetery with Glinda, Oz, Finley and China Girl]
Glinda: On the day my father died we lost a kind and noble leader, and a dark shadow was cast across this land. I’ve had to stand alone against Evanora and watch as towns were destroyed, children were orphaned and my heart’s broken. I’ve been unable to protect the good people of Oz by myself. With only a faith in my father’s prophecy, I’ve waited for you, great wizard from Kansas, to come and set things right.
[Oz smiles awkwardly]
Oz: Oh, so that’s the prophecy.


[Oz looks over at China Girl and Finley]
Oz: Um…you see when I uh…agreed to be king, I didn’t realize how complicated all of this was.
Glinda: She knows.
Oz: What?
Glinda: Evanora knows you know the truth. Now look!
[Glinda points ahead and they turn to see Evanora’s army marching towards them]
Oz: What do we do?
Glinda: Wizard, now’s the time.
Oz: The time?
Glinda: Use your magic.
Oz: Oh, my magic. Yes!
[Oz takes out his red handkerchief from his jacket pocket]
Oz: Uh…


[they watch as Evanora’s army break through the gates of the cemetery]
Oz: I think we should run!
Glinda: Run?
Oz: Yeah.
[Glinda turns to Finley and China Girl]
Glinda: You heard the Wizard, run!
China Girl: Let’s get out of here!
Oz: Let’s go!
[they all start running off as the army marches towards them]
Finley: They’re gaining on us!
[suddenly Glinda stops and turns]
Oz: What are you doing?
[Glinda takes her wand and draws a thick fog out of the ground]
Oz: Is that gonna stop ’em?
Glinda: I don’t know
[as the fog gets thicker it blinds the army and they disappear into the fog]
Oz: Nice work, we lost ’em.
Finley: Phew, that was close.
China Girl: Yeah.


[after getting rid of the marching army in the thick fog]
Glinda: Wait, I hear something.
[they all look up as they try to listen, suddenly one of Evanora’s minions, which is a flying howling monkey, comes through the fog and howls at them, the quartet scream turn and make a run for it]
China Girl: They’re gonna kill us!
[as the minions chase them through the fog, Oz finds himself alone and looks around for the others]
Oz: Monkey? Little China Girl?
China Girl: Wizard, I’m over here!
[Oz runs towards where he heard her voice and suddenly bumps into Finley who has China Girl on his back and she goes flying into the air]
China Girl: Help! Catch me, please!
[Oz manages to catch China Girl]
Oz: You alright?
China Girl: Yes.
[Finley comes up behind them]
Finley: I’m okay too.
[they hear the minions howl behind them and they start running]
China Girl: Go!
Oz: Great, stupid fog! Is this your big idea on how to save us?
[Glinda comes up running beside them]
Glinda: Well, it was the best I could do under the circumstances.


[as they are running away from the minions, the quartet find themselves at the end of a cliff, hanging over a bottomless pit, with Glinda holding onto Oz from falling over the edge]
Oz: Don’t let go! Monkey, grab her!
[Finley holds onto Glinda]
Finley: Grab my tail!
[China Girl holds onto Finley’s tail]
Finley: Ow! Not so hard!
[Glinda manages to pull Oz over from the edge]
China Girl: They’re getting closer!
Oz: What do we do?
Glinda: What do we do? Just do what I do. Unless you’ve got something?
Oz: Uh…no, you go.
[Glinda nods her head, turns, takes her cloak off and leaps off the edge of the cliff]


Oz: What are you doing?! Wanda!
[Finley, with China Girl on his back, flies over to Oz]
Oz: Where are you going?
Finley: She said do what she did.
Oz: Just cause she jumped off the cliff you’re gonna jump off the cliff?
Finley: I have wings.
[Finley turns and flies off]
Oz: What about me?!
[Oz turns and sees the minions getting closer, he closes his eyes and jumps off the cliff, moments later the four appear in gigantic floating bubbles]


[as they float through the forest in their giant bubbles]
Oz: It’s going’ kind of fast, huh?
[Oz notices a small city inside a giant bubble]
Oz: Hey, is that a wall?
Glinda: Of sorts. It repels our enemies and protects us from harm.
Oz: But we’re headed straight for it.
Glinda: Yes, we are.
Oz: And going very fast. How do you, uh…? Does this thing have any breaks?
[Oz moves his feet inside the bubble to try and slow it down]
Oz: I’m going too fast! I’m gonna die!
Glinda: You needn’t worry, Wizard. It’s a magic wall, and all good hearted souls get to pass through.
Oz: I’m gonna die!
[as they approach the city, Glinda, Finley and China Girl easily glide through the bubble barrier]
Oz: Wanda!
[as Oz approaches the city, he is stopped by the bubble barrier but finally manages to squeeze through]


[as they float through the city in their bubbles]
China Girl: It’s beautiful.
[as they approach the city, the people in the city cheer them]
Glinda: We’ve waited a long time for you, Wizard.
[as they land in the city, their bubbles burst, the crowd cheers them]
Quadling Greeter: All hail the great and powerful Oz!
[the crowd cheers]
Oz: Thank you! Well, you’re a wonderful crowd! You put the merry back in the merry land of Oz.
[the crowd claps and cheers Oz, in the crowd, Finley and China Girl are surrounded by couple of children]
Finley: Listen, I am not a toy! I am not a toy!
[as two girls grab hold of him]
Finley: Oz! Oz!
[Oz and Glinda walk through the crowd]
Oz: Hello!
[to Glinda]
Oz: What, no fireworks?
Glinda: What are fireworks?
Oz: Remind me to show you sometime.


[as they walk through the cheering crowds of the city]oz-10
Oz: You know, I should tell you…I might not actually be a wizard.
Glinda: Yes, I know.
Oz: Oh.
Glinda: Well, at least not any kind of wizard we were expecting.
Oz: Uh…you could tell?
Glinda: Yes. I can also tell you’re weak, selfish, slightly egotistical, and a fibber.
Oz: I see. Anything you don’t know about me?
Glinda: Whether or not you’ll save my people.
Oz: Uh…no. I just told you, I’m not the wizard.


[they turn to face the crowd]
Glinda: But they don’t know that. If you can make them believe, then you’re wizard enough. These are desperate times after all.
[Oz watches the faces in the crowd]
Glinda: Can you make them believe?
Oz: Will I…still get that gold?
Glinda: Yeah.
[addressing the awaiting crowd]
Oz: Good people of Oz. You’re wizard is here!
[the crowd cheers]


[back in Emerald City, Theodora watches Oz in the crystal ball as he’s cheered by the people of Oz with Glinda beside him, Evanora comes up behind her]
Evanora: What’s the matter, sister?
Theodora: Look at how happy they are. Do you think she’ll be his queen?
Evanora: Well, of course she’ll be his queen. What did you expect? Can’t compete with Glinda’s charms, no one can.
[Theodora starts crying again and her tears burn into her flesh]
Theodora: Sister, it hurts.
Evanora: Such is a broken heart, you’re precious wizard did that to you.
[Theodora turns to face Evanora]
Theodora: Make it stop.
Evanora: Would you like me to?


[Evanora produces a small, green apple and walks slowly towards Theodora]
Evanora: One bite is all it takes. One bite, and your world will change forever. One bite, and you’re heart will become impenetrable. One bite, and you and I will finally share the throne. Unless you’d rather see Oz and Glinda there.
[on hearing this, Theodora quickly grabs the apple from Evanora’s hand and takes a bite, as she eats the apple she feels the atmosphere in the room change and looks at Evanora]
Theodora: You’re the wicked one! Not Glinda.
[Evanora smiles and nods her head]
Theodora: Sister, you lied to me.
Evanora: It’s nice, isn’t it? How clear everything becomes.
[suddenly Theodora keels over in pain, she rises and stumbles across the room]
Theodora: What is happening to me?
Evanora: It’s just your heart withering away. Fear not, Theodora. Soon you will feel nothing at all, except beautiful wickedness.
[Theodora screams in pain again and stumbles around, finally falling to the ground behind a large table]


[Evanora walks closer to the table where Theodora had fallen in pain from eating the apple]
Evanora: Sister?
[suddenly a green hand with long nails comes up from behind the table and scratches the top of the table with her nails, then we see a large silhouette rising]
Evanora: Oh, sister, you’re hideous. I can cast a simple enchantment and have you looking just the way you were before.
Theodora: No! This is who I am now! I want him to see me like this. I want him to know that he was the one who made me this way!
[Theodora grabs a black brimmed hat and laughs maniacally]
Evanora: Oh, dear.


[back in the town where Glinda has taken Oz]
Glinda: It’s imperative that you behave like the great leader that they think you are. Moral is essential if we have any hope if defeating Evanora.
Oz: And I assume you have a plan?
Glinda: No, you have a plan. You’re going to lead us into battle and take back the throne.
Oz: And do we have an army to help do this?
Glinda: Of sorts.
[cut to scene where Glinda shows Oz her army, a simple group of townspeople]
Glinda: The Quadling, your highness.
Oz: You’re soldiers?
Quadling Mayor: No, sir. Farmers mostly.
Oz: Farmers? But you can fight?.
Quadling Farmer: No, sir. Many of us can hoe.
Oz: Oh, you can hoe.
Quadling Blacksmith: And I can work with iron.
Oz: Well, that’s good.
Quadling Baker: I bake bread.
Oz: Yummy.
Quadling Seamstress: I can sew.
Oz: Not so helpful.
Quadling Scarecrow Maker: I can make a scarecrow.
Oz: Ah. Well, that’ll come in handy.
Glinda: It might.


[Glinda shows Oz more townspeople that have volunteered to be part of the army]
Glinda: And these are the Tinkers.
[Oz looks at the old people that seem to make up most of the Tinkers and turns to Glinda]
Oz: Are you kidding me?
Master Tinker: We’re tougher than we look, Wizard.
[the other Tinkers raise their voices in agreement]
Glinda: What they lack in stamina the Tinkers make up for in ingenuity, they can build anything.
[the Tinkers raise their voices in agreement]
Elder Tinker: And I tell you what else. We can build anything.
Oz: Yeah, I…I got it.
Master Tinker: And we’re prepared to storm The Emerald City.
[the other Tinkers raise their voice again to agree]
Oz: If you don’t keel over on the way there.
[Glinda looks at Oz in anger and grabs his arm to walk him away from the Tinkers]
Oz: Ow!


[Glinda shows Oz another group of townspeople that have volunteered to be part of the army]
Glinda: And Finally, the Munchkins.
[a group of very tall soldiers, march over to Oz as they play music]
Oz: Please tell me you gentlemen can fight.
Munchkin #1: No, but we make pretty clothes.
Munchkin #2: Also we sing.
Oz: Ah, no. That won’t be necessary.
Glinda: I like it, I think it’s cute. I hope you like it.
[suddenly the tall soldiers burst open their long jackets to reveal several small men all sitting on each other’s shoulders and they burst into a song and start dancing]
Oz: Alright, enough!


[the Munchkins continue to sing and dance]
Oz: Alright, that’s enough! Munchkins, stop!
[suddenly the Munchkins stop and everyone looks at Oz]
Glinda: They do make beautiful clothes.
Oz: Alright. Now, listen, Wanda.
Glinda: Glinda.
[Oz nods his head, then turns to the Munchkins]
Oz: Guys, um…take five.


[referring to all the Quadlings, Tinkers and Munchkins]
Oz: Uh…Glinda, these are all very lovely people. But do you honestly believe that they can kill a wicked witch and an army of flying baboons?
Glinda: I don’t expect them to kill anyone.
Oz: What do you mean?
Glinda: I mean the good people of Oz are forbidden to kill.
Oz: Forbidden to…
[Oz turns and looks at the people then turns to Glinda again]
Oz: You want me to lead an army that can’t kill?
Glinda: If this was easy we wouldn’t need a wizard, would we?


Quadling Woman: Something’s wrong!
Munchkin #3: Look!
[everyone looks up and sees a mysterious black cloud in the sky surrounding the barrier around the city]
Glinda: The Wicked Witch isn’t powerful enough to get through the wall.
Oz: It looks like she’s managing.
Glinda: Not by herself she isn’t.
Oz: What does that mean? Is someone helping her?
[Glinda turns to the townspeople]
Glinda: Everyone, take cover! Run, quickly! Take cover! Take the children to safety! Run!
[suddenly a fireball breaks through the barrier of the city and shoots a fireball into the city]
Oz: Glinda!
[the fireball explodes into the grounds, then a figure emerges from the fire, it’s Theodora transfigured into a green-skinned, black-suited witch, she looks around at the people]
Theodora: There’s so much good here, it sickens me.
[she jumps out towards the Tinkers, making them scream in terror]
Theodora: Still think your wizard can save you, from the likes of me?!
[she quickly glides over to the Quadlings]
Theodora: Speak up or I will tear out your tongue!


[to Glinda, as they watch the green-skinned witch]
Oz: Who’s that?
[Theodora hears this and faces him]
Theodora: Don’t you recognize me, Wizard?
[she quickly glides over towards him]
Theodora: Have I changed so much?
Oz: Theodora?
Theodora: May I have this dance?
[she bows her head mockingly, then uses her powers to move Oz like a puppet and float him above the ground, Oz screams out in terror, Theodora makes him dance as he floats in the air]


Oz: I get it! You’re a little upset!
Glinda: Theodora, stop. You’re hurting him.
[Theodora makes Oz spin before making him crash against a wall and dropping to the ground, she slowly walks towards him]
Oz: Theodora, what happened to you?
Theodora: You happened to me!
[Theodora produces a fireball in her hand, but Glinda quickly extinguishes the fire using her wand]
Glinda: This isn’t you, it’s your sister. She’s worked her magic on you. I’d hoped you’d be able to see through her.
Theodora: Oh, Glinda. So naive, just like your father. That’s why it was so easy for my sister to kill him.
Glinda: She only killed a man, not what he believed in.


Quadling Woman with Broom: Be gone, witch! Before the wizard makes mush of you!
[the rest of the townspeople shout out in agreement]
Theodora: Oh, how sweet! You all believe in him! Well, so did I once.
[to Glinda]
Theodora: And as for you, my pretty one. When I return with my sister and her army, the Yellow Brick Road will be red with the blood of every Tinker, farmer and Munchkin in your kingdom.
Glinda: You underestimate us, Theodora. We are a strong and united people, now the wizard is here to lead us.
[addressing all the people]
Theodora: And as for your wizard, he will be the first to die! And you will all see that he’s nothing but a deceitful, selfish and extremely mortal man!


[referring to the broom in the Quadling woman’s hand]
Theodora: Give me that!
[Theodora makes the broom from the woman’s hand glide over into her own hand, then looks at Oz]
Theodora: It was a broom that you wanted, wasn’t it, Wizard?
[she gives an evil laugh as she rides away on the broom, leaving a trail of black smoke behind her, the townspeople panic and start running off as they watch Theodora leave]
Glinda: It’s alright. It’s alright! She’s gone now! Don’t be frightened! Now that the wizard is with us.
[Glinda turns and sees that Oz has disappeared, with only his hat lying on the ground]
Glinda: Wizard?


[Glinda finds Oz in his quarters, where he’s quickly packing his bags for a hasty escape]
Glinda: Leaving! But you promised to help us.
Oz: Yeah, well, that was before I knew what we were up against. An army, and yet another wicked witch? This one bent on destroying everyone, especially me!
Glinda: We can defeat them. There must be something, something we haven’t thought of, something that we’re not seeing, something we’re just on the verge of!
Oz: Glinda, you need a real wizard! Better yet, a general!
Glinda: But you’re all I have!
[she walks towards Oz]
Glinda: So you’re not the wizard I was expecting. So you don’t have the powers I thought you’d have. But you’re here, there must be a reason. Maybe you’re capable of more than you know.
Oz: Glinda, I wish I had the answer. But I’m just a con man, I’m a carnival magician. I’m just not the man you want me to be.


[China Girl interrupts them as she enters the room]
China Girl: Someone needs to tuck me in.
[Glinda turns to face her]
Glinda: Yes, of course.
[Glinda walks over to China Girl]
Glinda: Allow me.
China Girl: My papa used to do it.
Glinda: I see. Perhaps you’d prefer the wizard then?
China Girl: Yes, please.
[Glinda turns to Oz as he finishes his packing, she clears her throat and smiles at him]
Oz: Alright.


[Oz places China Girl in her bed]
Oz: In you go. There you are.
[Oz pulls the covers up, but China Girl stops him]
China Girl: Just a moment.
[she turns and pats her pillow]
China Girl: Bring forth the covers now.
Oz: Yes, ma’am.
[Oz brings the covers over her]
Oz: Comfy?
[China Girl turns to sleep]
Oz: Alright, good night.


[Oz turns to leave]
China Girl: Do you grant wishes?
Oz: Do I what?
China Girl: Grant wishes? The real wizard could grant wishes.
Oz: Oh.
China Girl: People would travel to The Emerald City and ask him for things, and if they were good and noble wishes, he would grant them.
Oz: Is that right?
China Girl: Do you know what I’d wish for?
Oz: Mm, pretty dress?
[China Girl looks down in sadness]
China Girl: To have my family back.
Oz: I know. I’m sorry, I can’t grant wishes. I’m not that kind of wizard.
China Girl: That’s what I thought.


[Oz sits on the side of her bed]
Oz: You see where I come from, there aren’t any real wizards. Although, there is one; Thomas Alva Edison, The Wizard of Menlo Park. A truly great man.
China Girl: Did he grant wishes?
Oz: No. But he looks into the future and make it real. He created the electric light, the phonograph, he created a camera that could take moving pictures.
China Girl: Pictures that move?
Oz: Yeah. Can you imagine? And all he had was a little bit of wire and some glass. With almost nothing he made the impossible real.
China Girl: Is that the kind of wizard you are?
Oz: It’s the kind of wizard I’d like to be.
China Girl: But you are that kind, I can tell.
[China Girl yawns]
China Girl: I’d rather you grant wishes, but that’s a good wizard too.
[China Girl puts her head down on her pillow]
China Girl: Good night, Wizard.
[as China Girl falls asleep, Oz suddenly realizes what he can do to help Glinda and the town]


[Oz rushes into Glinda’s chambers]
Oz: Glinda, I’ve got it!
Glinda: What have you got?
Oz: I got a way out of this mess!
[Oz places a book in front of Glinda]
Glinda: What is it?
Oz: A battle plan.


[Glinda opens the book, which is titled ‘Mastering Magic’]
Oz: It’s all in there. Illusion, misdirects, sleight of hand. Look, I know I’m not the wizard that you were expecting, but I might just be the wizard that you need.
Glinda: You said you were just a con man.
Oz: Precisely.
Glinda: Nothing but a trickster?
Oz: Yes.
Glinda: A terrible cheat?
Oz: The best there is.
Glinda: Carnival magician’s going to put on a show.
Oz: I’ll put on a show of a lifetime, the likes of which the land of Oz has never seen! Magic, mystery, prestidigitation! It’ll be my greatest trick yet.


[Oz meets with the Tinkers]
Oz: Tinkers, gather round!
Master Tinker: Quickly now!
Oz: This is what you’re gonna build.
[Oz places his plan on the table]
Oz: Where I come from, this is called a praxinoscope. Although I’ve made a few modifications.
[he points to his drawing]
Oz: It allows you to project an image into space.
Master Tinker: Impossible!
Oz: Nothing’s impossible, if you put your mind to it.
Master Tinker: Bully.
Tinkers: Bully!


[Glinda shows Oz the map leading to the Emerald City]
Glinda: These three roads all lead to The Emerald City. To the East are the deadly Poppy Fields, you’ll have to steer clear of them.
Oz: Why’s that?oz-11
Glinda: One good whiff, and it’s everlasting sleep.
China Girl: And we’re not exactly a terrifying army when we’re awake.
Oz: Alright, we’ll steer clear.
[Oz thinks for a moment]
Oz: Of maybe not.


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