Oz The Great and Powerful Quotes: Hollow Prequel

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Directed by: Sam Raimi
Written by:
Mitchell Kapner (screen story & screenplay)
David Lindsay-Abaire (screenplay)
L. Frank Baum (“Oz” works)
James Franco – Oz
Mila Kunis – Theodora
Rachel Weisz – Evanora
Michelle Williams – Annie / Glinda
Zach Braff – Frank / Finley
Bill Cobbs – Master Tinker
Joey King – Girl in Wheelchair / China Girl
Tony Cox – Knuck
Stephen R. Hart – Winkie General
Abigail Spencer – May
Bruce Campbell – Winkie Gate Keeper
Ted Raimi – Skeptic in Audience
Tim Holmes – Strongman
Toni Wynne – Strong Man’s Wife
Rob Crites – Firebreather
William Dick – Front Gate Barker
Gene Jones – Wild West Barker
John Lord Booth III – Oz’s Tent Barker
Suzanne Keilly – Concessioneer


Oz the Great and Powerful quotes explores the origins of several key characters from The Wizard of Oz and as well as throwing in some new adventures. The story is straight forward enough and centers on conman sideshow magician, Oscar Diggs, and how he gets transported from Kansas to the magical world of Oz where he’s then mistaken for the wizard who can save Oz from a wicked witch.

The visuals of this movie are pretty spectacular, however, the same cannot be said for the bland and hollow script and the often corny dialogue. Although the cast do the best they can with the insipid script, the most convincing and affecting characters of them all were the China Girl and Rachel Weiz’s larger than life performance as Evanora which pretty much stole the show from the slightly lackluster portrayal of the Wicked Witch of the West by Mila Kunis. It’s definitely not a classic, but it’s a good enough family friendly film, just sadly not that great.

Verdict: It definitely needed more heart and courage, there’s nothing deep or meaningful here, so don’t go into this expecting some complex gritty fantasy film.

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[first lines; Kansas 1905 – everything is in black and white, we are at the front gate of the traveling circus where the barker is trying to attract customers]
Front Gate Barker: Step this way, get your tickets now! Step this way! See the most wondrous sites imaginable, all from the four corners of the earth. Have the delight to thrill and to mystify! Walk through these gates and into a world of wonder!
[we go inside the traveling circus camp and see all the different acts and hear the next barker introducing their act]
Wild West Barker: She is here, ladies and gents. Live and in person, the gun slingin’, sharp shootin’ Annie Pie of the Wild West.
[we move along to Oz’s barker as he stands outside his tent and introduces Oz]
Frank: He has traveled the world and dazzled crowned princes of Europe! He will amaze, he will astound! The Great and Powerful Oz!


[inside Oz’s caravan, his assistant is getting ready for their next act]
May: I always knew that I was destined for show business. And now look at me, a magician’s assistant. To think an hour ago I was just selling oil cakes on the midway.
[as she looks at herself in the mirror she finds a hat nearby and puts it on]
Oz: Yes. Well, opportunity comes when you least expect it, my dear.
[Oz comes up from behind her wearing his magician outfit]
May: Wow. What a get up!
[referring to her hat]
Oz: You won’t need this.
May: Oh.
[he takes the hat off her head]


Oz: You are playing the simple country girl.
[he flaps his arm and produces a small box from under a large handkerchief]
Oz: A gift, in honor of your debut.
May: Oh!
[as May goes to grab the box, he pulls back slightly]
Oz: This belonged to my grandmother, Serena from Irkutsk. A decorated war hero.
May: Your grandmother?
Oz: Yes, she was killed in battle. Poor thing.
May: Which battle?
Oz: Which battle?
May: Mm-hmm.
Oz: There were so many. You’ve heard of the battle of Kerplach?
May: No.
Oz: No? Good. That’s where she died.
May: Oh.
Oz: And this music box was the only thing to survive.
[he opens the box and the music starts playing]
Oz: But I know that Grammy would want you to have it.
[just as they’re about to kiss, Oz’s assistant bursts into the caravan interrupting them]


[as Frank interrupts Oz and May kissing as he bursts into the caravan]
Frank: Professor…
Oz: Frank, the sock is on door! We’re rehearsing! How many times do I have to tell you to knock? Knock!
[Frank turns and leaves, closing the door behind him, Oz continues his seduction of May, opens the music box and leans in to kiss May, as they’re about to kiss there’s a knock on the door, Frank opens the door and Oz gives him a cold look]
Frank: I knocked.
Oz: What is it?
Frank: Showtime.


Oz: Why didn’t you say something?!
Frank: Only a half a house. Here’s the take.
[Frank empties the coins onto the table]
Oz: Pitiful.
[Oz starts counting the coins and separates out Frank’s cut, which is just two coins]
Oz: Alright, here’s your cut.
[Oz then looks at May]
Oz: For you, the applause will be approbation enough.
[May looks pleased, Frank looks at Oz holding out his hand with the two coins Oz gave him]
Oz: Well, how do you think I feel? Man of my talents, I should be playing the Orpheum Circuit instead of some dusty Podunk! My second hand jacket falling apart at the seams!


[Oz puts on the jacket that Frank is holding out for him]
Oz: You’re gonna have to patch this again.
Frank: What, again?
Oz: Yeah.
[Frank grabs Oz’s hat]
Oz: Let’s go. Hat!
Frank: Hat!
[Frank throws the hat at Oz and Oz puts it on ready to leave]


[as May gets ready to get on stage with Oz]
Frank: You’re the new girl, huh?
May: Yes.
Frank: Good. We needed a new one, the last one left us. Poor thing, suffered from a broken heart…
[Oz quickly interrupts him]
Oz: Attack. Heart attack. But she’s resting comfortably now in Abilene, expected to make a full recovery.
[looking at Frank]
Oz: Perhaps you’d like to join her.
[Oz takes the hat May put on her head again]
Oz: Now, remember, when I ask for a volunteer…
May: I raise my hand!
[May laughs in excitement and Frank rolls his eyes]
Oz: You are over qualified for this job, my dear.
[Oz opens the door and May walks out, Oz looks back at the camera]
Oz: Let’s go and make some magic.
[Oz winks, puts his hat on and walks out]


[outside Oz’s tent the barker addresses the crowds passing by]
Oz’s Tent Barker: Ladies and Gentlemen, this show has already begun. There are still a few seats left. Don’t miss your chance to see Oz the Great and Powerful!
[inside the tent Oz is on stage doing his show, he’s wearing a quasi-oriental robe and turban]
Oz: Journey with me now across those deserts to the mystical lands of the Arabian Peninsula!
[a couple of people in the audience clap]oz-14
Oz: For five thousand years, the lonely spirit has been trapped. But tonight we will attempt to free her. I shall require a volunteer from the audience.
[no one puts their hand up]
Oz: Anyone?
[some of the audience puts their hand up but Oz doesn’t see May’s hand]
Oz: Anyone?


[Oz sees May sitting in the audience, but May looks oblivious and instead looks around her to see who puts up their hand, Oz looks at Frank at the side of the stage and Frank slaps his hand to his forehead in frustration, Oz finally points at May]
Oz: How about you, Madam?
[suddenly May realizes what she’s was supposed to do and raises her hand]
May: Oh! Yes, I would like to volunteer.
[Oz does a fake laugh]
Oz: How kind of you. Please.
[May makes her way to the stage, as Oz takes her hand to guide her, he whispers to her]
Oz: Just remember what I told you.


[pointing to May on the stage]
Oz: A small country girl, ladies and gentlemen.
[the audience claps for her, Oz looks at May]
Oz: Now, you have nothing to fear just so long as you believe. For when you do believe, anything is possible.
[a young girl in a wheelchair in the front row watches in awe; backstage, Frank starts playing the atmospheric music as Oz pretends to hypnotize May]
Oz: You are growing sleepy, you’re eyelids become heavy. Sleep!
[May pretends to be in a deep sleep, the audience looks on with awe]
Oz: Come, Fernanda!


[backstage, Frank produces all of the practical effects for the show and sets off the pyrotechnics]
Oz: Allow yourself to merge with this woman before me!
[Oz puts hand on May and leans her body half way down, the audience looks amazed]
Oz: Can you hear me, oh, Queen Fernanda?
[May quietly croaks out]
May: Yes.
Oz: Then rise. Rise!
[Oz makes May’s body appear as though it’s floating in mid-air]
Oz: I command you to rise!
[backstage, Frank continues doing the effects and atmospheric music, onstage, Oz places a sheet to cover May’s body from head to foot]


[Oz continues his show, floating attempting to make May’s floating body rise]
Oz: Rise from your tomb! Rise as your spirit…
[suddenly someone from the audience shouts]
Skeptic in Audience #1: I see a wire!
Oz: You are mistaken, sir.
Skeptic in Audience #1: I am not! There is a wire! There is a wire holding her up!
[someone else from the audience shouts out]
Skeptic in Audience #2: A wire, I see it too! It’s right there!
[Oz looks to see what he’s referring to]
Skeptic in Audience #2: Clear as day, can’t you see it?
[Oz sees the wires and acts amazed]
Oz: A wire!
[Oz looks to the audience]
Oz: What need have I of wires? Frank!
[Frank tosses him a scimitar, Oz catches it and cuts the visible wires then Oz makes May’s body rise and whisks the sheet off of May’s body revealing empty air, the audience gasps in amazement and claps and Oz bows his head]


[as the audience is clapping Oz on stage, suddenly the girl in the wheelchair yells out]
Girl in Wheelchair: Make me walk!
[the audience goes silent]
Oz: What’s that?
Girl in Wheelchair: Make me walk.
[not knowing what to do at this unscripted outburst, Oz blurts out]
Oz: Not know, kid. Let us leave the wonders…
Girl in Wheelchair: But…but I believe in you.
Girl in Wheelchair’s Mother: Look, it’s not much, but it’s all that we have.
[she extends her hand towards Oz]
Girl in Wheelchair’s Father: Whatever you could do.
[Oz hesitates and looks at the girl]
Oz: I…I would make you, it’s just…it’s just that…
Disgruntled Kansas Man #1: Well, go on then! Make the girl walk.
Disgruntled Kansas Man #2: Make the kid walk!


[the rest of the audience pipes in telling him to make her walk, finally Oz confronts them]
Oz: I…I would make her walk, of course, but unfortunately there is a distemper in the ethers tonight.
Disgruntled Kansas Man #2: Make the kid walk! You big phony!
Disgruntled Kansas Man #1: You see! You see!
Oz: I’m sorry! I’m sorry!
[the crowd turns on him and start throwing stuff at him]
Oz: Thank you! Thank you! Oz the Great and Powerful.
[Oz quickly bows and Frank brings down the curtains]


[Oz storms out of the tent after the show had ended, around them the circus crew are hurriedly packing up the traveling circus as gray clouds swirl above them]
Oz: Why didn’t you close the damn curtains sooner?! I was dyin’ out there!
Frank: There was nothing you could have done. I didn’t really think it was that bad.
Oz: Of course not! You’re just a trained monkey!
[Frank looks upset at this comment as Oz walks on ahead, then they enter Oz’s caravan]
Frank: You know, you shouldn’t be so mean to me all the time, Professor. After all, I’m the only friend you got.
Oz: Friend? You’re not my friend, Frank. I don’t need a friend. What I need is someone who knows when to close damn curtain.


[they hear a knock at the door, Frank looks out the window to see who it is]
Frank: It’s a woman.
Oz: Ah, finally some good news.
Frank: You want me to wind up a music box?
[Oz look out through the window and sees a blond woman waiting]
Oz: No. Not for this one, Frank.
[Oz opens the door, the woman turns and smiles at Oz]
Oz: Hey, Annie.
[Annie walks in and embraces Oz, Frank leaves and closes the door]
Annie: Hello, Oscar.
Oz: You look lovely.
Annie: Thank you.


Annie: That was a wonderful show.
Oz: Oh, don’t tell me you watched that debacle?
Annie: I don’t why you didn’t just that poor girl the truth.
Oz: What truth? That I’m a fake? They would have had my head, and worse, they would’ve demanded a refund. Come on, have a seat. I’ll get you some tea.
[Annie takes a seat]
Oz: It’s been a long time, I haven’t seen you since…
Annie: The last time you rolled into town?
[Oz smiles at her as he gets her some tea]
Annie: It’s not often enough, Oscar, seeing you once every few months.
Oz: Well, it is a traveling circus.
[Oz gives her the tea and takes a seat opposite her]


Oz: How’s everything on the farm? How’s your Ma? She didn’t send me a pie this time, I hope she’s not mad. I meant to write.
Annie: I need to tell you something, Oscar.
Oz: That’s never a good start to a conversation.
Annie: John Gale asked me to marry him, that’s why I’ve come. Thought you should know.
[Oz looks at her quietly for a moment]
Oz: Uh-huh. Well, I…think that’s…that’s wonderful, Annie.
Annie: I said I had to think about it.
Oz: Well, men love that answer.


Annie: I wondered what you thought I should do.
Oz: Um…you could do a lot worse that John Gale, he’s a good man.
[Oz rises, turns from her and glues one of the fallen pictures on his moving picture box]
Annie: So are you.
Oz: No, I’m not. I’m many things, but a good man is not one of them.
Annie: But you could be, if you wanted to.
Oz: Well, that’s just it. I don’t want to. See Kansas is full of good men, church going men that get married and raise families, men like John Gale. Men like my father, who spent his whole life cleaning the dirt, just to die face down in it. I don’t want that, Annie. I don’t wanna be a good man, I wanna be great one. I wanna be Harry Houdini and Thomas Edison all rolled into one.


[Oz turns on the moving pictures box]
Annie: That’s all I ever wanted for you, you know?
[Oz turns to look at Annie]
Annie: Greatness.
Oz: Then you understand.
Annie: I do. Do you?
[suddenly Frank opens the door]
Frank: Uh…Professor, you need to look outside.
[Frank closes the door]


[Oz moves to look out the window, he sees another brunette pleading with her husband, Strongman]
Strong Man’s Wife: No, Bud, please! It was his grandmother’s!
[Strongman pushes her away]
Strongman: I’m gonna rip him in half!
[he crushes the music box Oz had given her in one hand and throws it to the ground]
Strong Man’s Wife: No, please! It was just his grandmother’s music box, it meant nothing!
[we see May is standing near them and looks down at the identical music box Oz had given her and realizes that Oz had played her, inside the caravan Oz turns to Annie]
Oz: I have to go. Congratulations on the engagement.
Annie: Oscar.
Oz: I’ll see you in my dreams.
[Oz kisses her and at that same moment Strongman breaks open the door and bursts in]
Strongman: I’m gonna rip your head off!
[Oz moves back and grabs a large sheet]
Oz: Zim-zala-bim!
[he swirls the sheet around and throws it onto himself and he disappears from under it, Strongman pulls the sheet off the floor and sees the massive hole cut into the bottom of the caravan that Oz had used to escape making him yell out in anger]


[as Oz is making his escape from Strongman, one of the circus clowns spots him]
Clown: There he is!
Oz: Woh!
Clown: He’s out here!
[Oz makes a run for it as Strongman chases after him]
Strongman: I’m gonna crush you up! I’m gonna crush you up!
[as Oz is running away, he passes the circus owner]
Oz, where are you going?
Oz: I’ll catch up with you in Milwaukee!
[Oz jumps onto the rope holding a large hot-air balloon]
Circus Owner: Half of that balloon is mine!
Oz: The other half is mine!
[Oz climbs the rope and gets into the balloon basket, Oz smiles to himself thinking he’s got away, but Strongman grabs hold of the rope holding the balloon and pulls it down]
Strongman: Oz!


[as Strongman is pulling the rope holding the balloon down, Oz gets his pocket knife and starts cutting through the rope, as Strongman is about to grab hold of him, Oz manages to cut the rope and the balloon rises up, Oz laughs as the balloon starts floating off]
Oz: So long, sucker!
Strongman: Get back here!
[as the balloon is floating off, Frank runs after him, holding Oz’s hat and magician’s bag]
Frank: Oz! Oz, you’re gonna need these!
Oz: Throw it! Now!
[Frank throws the bag and Oz catches it]
Oz: Hat!
[Oz catches the hat and sees Strongman still chasing after him]
Strongman: You’re a dead man!
[Oz waves his hat mockingly at Strongman]
Oz: Farewell! Au revoir! Al vida zein!
[as Oz looks down at the circus crew, he sees them all running away, then he looks up and sees that a massive tornado is coming towards him]
Oz: No! No, no, no, no!
[Oz’s balloon gets sucked into the tornado]


[as the tornado is destroying the balloon and Oz being nearly impaled a dozen times, Oz sits in the balloon basket and yells out]
Oz: Please! I don’t wanna die! I haven’t accomplished anything yet! Get me out of here and I’ll do great things! Please! Give me a chance! I promise! I promise, I can change!
[suddenly the tornado stops and everything around Oz starts floating up and around him, as if there’s no gravity, then a large organ crashes into his balloon, sending him back into the tornado where Oz finally wakes up and finds himself in the colorful World of Oz]
Oz: Thank you! Thank you!
[as the balloon floats around the beautiful surrounding it runs out of steam and descends and crashes into a river, the water finally takes it to a forest filled with giant plants, as the balloon floats through the river in the forest it starts to sink making Oz yells out]oz-3
Oz: I can’t swim! I can’t swim!
[when the balloon sinks, Oz falls into the water and he starts flapping his arms around yelling out for help]
Oz: Somebody help me!
[Oz stops flapping around and yelling when he realized the water is shallow, he stands and retrieves his hat]


[as Oz stand in the forest water looking around him, he hears a strange noise, looks ahead and sees a woman, Theodora, coming towards him through the large plants]
Oz: Thank goodness! I…I thought I was dead! Unless you’re an angel. Am I in heaven?
[Theodora shakes her head and Oz laughs and looks up at the sky and yells out]
Oz: Oh! There’s still hope for me! You won’t regret this!
Theodora: I saw you fall from the sky.
Oz: Oh. Yes. Uh…my balloon hit a, uh…inverted thermo. I…I couldn’t compensate it.
[Oz finds his bag in the water and retrieves it]
Theodora: I’d get out of the water if I were you.
Oz: Oh, it’s actually quite nice.
Theodora: I’d be more concerned with the river fairies, their teeth are small, but very sharp.
Oz: Uh…river fairies? What’s a river fairy?
[suddenly the river fairies attack Oz’s legs, biting him]
Oz: Ow! Get off! Ah! Ow!
[Oz quickly gets out of the water, one of the fairies floats towards Oz and starts singing a tune, to which Oz whistles the same tune, but the fairy suddenly squirts water in his face and flies off]
Theodora: Spiteful little things, aren’t they?
[Oz turns and smiles at her]


[Oz walks towards Theodora]
Oz: Where…where am I exactly?
Theodora: Where do you think you are?
Oz: I have no idea. It’s like no place I’ve ever seen.
Theodora: You’re in Oz.
Oz? That’s my name. Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmanuel Ambrose Diggs.
[Oz takes his hat off]
Oz: But everyone calls me Oz.
[Oz does one of his cheap magic tricks and produces a bunch of flowers to present to Theodora]
Theodora: I knew it! Oh, the King’s prophecy was true! He said that a great wizard bearing the name of our land would descend from the heavens and save us all, and here you are. Here to claim your throne.


[Oz looks bewildered]oz-2
Oz: To claim a throne? You mean, like a king’s throne?
Theodora: Well, yes. Because you will be our king.
Oz: Your king?
[Theodora nods her head]
Oz: Like in a palace with a crown and a scepter?
Theodora: Yes, a beautiful scepter and a grand palace. And you will save all the people.
Oz: Is that a gold scepter?
Theodora: Yes. There’s more gold than you could ever imagine. And Oz will now be what it once was. Because you are the wizard, aren’t you?
[on hearing about all the gold, Oz quickly takes up this opportunity]
Oz: Yes. I am the wizard.


[after Oz confirm to Theodora that he’s the prophesied wizard, they hear an awful loud mysterious growling echoes around the forest]
Oz: What…what was that?
Theodora: The Wicked Witch’s minions. They’ve been sent here to kill you.
Oz: Me? A wicked witch?
[they hear the loud noise again]
Theodora: You better hurry, or your reign will be over before it’s begun!
[Theodora quickly turns to leave and Oz follows her, they make a run for it and Oz spots an alcove under a small waterfall]
Oz: In there! Give me your leg!
[Oz helps Theodora into the alcove and climbs in himself, they hear the witch’s minions outside as they fly away]
Theodora: Perhaps the Wicked Witch is sending them back.
Oz: I don’t think I like witches.
[Theodora laughs]


Oz: What?
Theodora: I…I too am a witch. I’m Theodora the Good.
[Oz laughs, not believing her]
Oz: You’re not a witch.
Theodora: Of course I am.
Oz: Where are all your warts? Where’s your broom?
Theodora: What would I do with a broom?
Oz: Fly.
Theodora: With a broom?
Oz: Never mind.
[suddenly they hear one of the witch’s minions outside their cave, Oz holds Theodora’s mouth to stop her from screaming, then takes off his hat, takes out a white dove and releases it, the minion immediately flies off to follow the bird]


[as Oz helps Theodora out of the cave, she holds onto him]
Oz: You were afraid?
Theodora: Yes, that something might happen to you.
[Theodora looks at Oz, believing that he genuinely cares for her]



[later that night, they set up camp and sit around a fire]
Oz: So, this Wicked Witch, just how wicked is she?
Theodora: She’s as wicked as they come, she poisoned her own father.
Oz: Pretty wicked.
Theodora: He was the king and wizard like you, but she wanted the thrown all to herself. Poor man. But my sister chased her away from The Emerald City. I can’t wait for her to meet you. She was starting to doubt you’d ever come, but now she’ll see, and you’re going to fix everything.
Oz: Yeah.
[Theodora takes her jacket and hat off, then let’s her hair down, Oz watches her and is struck by her beauty]


Oz: You know what I think we need?
[he rises, takes out a large red handkerchief, waves it and brings out one of his music box’s]
Oz: A little music.
Theodora: Is that magic?
Oz: In a way. It’s a music box.
[he kneels in front of her holding out the music box]
Oz: You’ve never seen one? Well this belonged to my grandmother, Serena from Irkutsk.
[he opens the box which starts playing its music]
Oz: Go on, I want you to have it.
[Theodora hesitates as she looks at the music box in his hands]
Theodora: No one’s ever given me anything just because they wanted to.
Oz: Pretty girl like you? A visage of Helen of Troy no less, I’m sure you have dozens of admirers.
Theodora: You don’t know much about witches, do you?
Oz: Maybe not, but I’m told I’m a fast learner.


Oz: May I have this dance, my lady?
[Theodora’s looks at him]
Oz: Now you’re gonna tell me no one’s ever asked you to dance before.
Theodora: No one ever has.
Oz: Then it’s high time that you learned.
[Oz extends his hand, Theodora smiles and takes it, Oz then shows her how to dance]
Oz: Now you put your hand here.
[she puts her hand in one his hands]
Oz: And your other hand here.
[he places her hand on his shoulder, Oz then starts moving them to the music]
Oz: Nice, isn’t it?
Theodora: Yes.
[as they continue to dance, Oz kisses Theodora]


[the next day, Theodora guides them to The Emerald City]
Theodora: I’ve cried for so long. I live a lonely life, then you showed up. Not only are you the wizard, but you’re the person I belong with.
[Oz smiles at her uncomfortably]
Oz: Well, we sure get along, and uh…
Theodora: And?
Oz: And, like you said, we belong together.
Theodora: Oh, I was hoping you would say that.


[as they walk along they hear a voice calling out]
Finley: Help me! Somebody save me!
[they see a winged small monkey tangled in the roots of a giant plant]
Theodora: That poor little creature. Wizard, we must save him.
[Oz and Theodora watch as the monkey struggles to free itself from the roots of the plant]
Finley: Help me! Please! Save me! Somebody help me! Oh, no, no, no, no!
[Oz turns to Theodora]
Oz: Allow the wizard.
Finley: Help me! Come on! Somebody help me!
[Oz starts walking towards the monkey]
Oz: Of course I’ll save this little talking monkey in a bellhop’s uniform.


[the monkey spots Oz walking towards him]
Finley: You! Mister, please hurry up! Do you have anything sharp, like a knife or something? How about your teeth? What kind of teeth you got?
[Oz eager to impress Theodora, looks towards her as he answers the monkey]
Oz: Calm down.
Finley: Come on, hurry!
Oz: It’s gonna be alright.
Finley: You gotta get me out of these vines!
Oz: Calm down.
[Oz kneels in front of the monkey, takes out his pocket knife and tries to grab hold of one of the plant roots]
Finley: I’m gonna die! It’s gonna eat me!
Oz: Don’t worry.
Finley: Hurry!
Oz: The vines aren’t gonna eat you.
Finley: Not the vine! The lion!


[he points to something behind Oz and Oz hears a lion’s growl]
Oz: Lion?!
[suddenly we see a massive lion, standing on a rock behind Oz, it roars loudly]
Finley: We’re gonna die! We’re gonna die!
[Oz looks round and yells in terror]
Oz: Aahh!
[the lion jumps towards them]
Finley: Eat him first! Eat him first!
[as the lion is about to attack them, Oz reaches into his jacket pocket and tosses a handful of red powder to the ground, thick red smoke explodes from the ground and frightens the lion away]


[after the lion has run off, Oz plays it out in front of Theodora]
Oz: Zim-zala-bim! Gone, coward! Fear my greatness!
Theodora: You were wonderful, Wizard.
Finley: Wizard? You mean the prophecy was true?
[Finley uses his wings to float up towards Oz and Theodora]
Theodora: Indeed.
Oz: Alright. Well, saved the day. It was nothing, just a little prestidigitation display.
Theodora: Oh.
Oz: Show me to the palace.
Theodora: Yes.
[turning to Finley]
Oz: Good day, sir.
Finley: Well, wait! Please!


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