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[as Mako’s memory continues, the Kaiju find her and tries to attack her, in order to defend herself Mako raises her arm in Gipsy to initiates the weapon system]
Gipsy Danger AI: Weapons engaged. Plasma cannon powering up.
Tendo Choi: Oh, no.
[we see Gipsy’s weapon system starting]
Tendo Choi: Weapon systems engaged! Do a failsafe!
Engineer: Fail safe’s not responding, there’s a problem with the neural barriers. They’re connection is way too strong!
[inside Mako’s memory Raleigh approaches the younger Mako again]
Raleigh Becket: Mako! Mako, listen to me. This is just a memory, none of it is real.


[to everyone in the command center]
Tendo Choi: Everybody out, now! Everybody out now!
[everyone starts running out; to Tendo]
Herc Hansen: Power line! The power line! Get the main power line!
[Tendo and Chuck try to disconnect the main weapons power line; Mako continues to be lost in her memory with Raleigh watching; back in the command center, Pentecost rushes in]
Stacker Pentecost: Take them off line! Take them off line!
[Tendo manages to pull out the power line]
Tendo Choi: I just did.
Gipsy Danger AI: Weapons disengaged.
[Gipsy shuts down, inside Gipsy Raleigh looks over to Mako]
Raleigh Becket: Mako!
[he takes off his helmet and rushes to Mako, who collapses to the ground looking dazed, Raleigh holds on to her and tries to comfort her]
Raleigh Becket: It’s alright. It’s okay.
Gipsy Danger AI: Bridge sequence terminated. Would you like to try again?


[The Bone Slums, Hong Kong – Geiszler arrives at Fong Road, Tull Street, he finds the symbol, on the card Pentecost gave him on, a street sign which shows up as an arrow under fluorescent light]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Hello.
[Geiszler follows the arrow and finally enters a shop which has the same symbol]
Wizened Man: You’re looking for some Kaiju bone powder?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Some…some bone? Some…bone powder? Uh, no. Why would I want that?
Wizened Man: Male potency. I take it myself.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: I see. Uh, no. Thank you. I’m looking for a Hannibal Chau.
[the shop clerk indicates for the man by the door to lock the shop door, he then opens up a secret doorway by sliding open the shelf area]
Wizened Man: Hannibal Chau, huh? Good luck.


[Geiszler goes through the secret passage and enters a lab containing lots of jars with Kaiju parts in them and men working in there]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Oh, my God. Oh, my God! This place is heaven.
[looking at the different parts of Kaiju]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: That’s a…that’s a lymph from Category 2! And what are you working on here? Is this a cuticle? In mint condition?!
[he notices another man picking up a small creature]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Is that a Kaiju skin parasite? I’ve never seen them alive before! They… they usually die as soon as the Kaiju fall! I thought you couldn’t keep them alive.
Hannibal Chau: You can, if you soak them in ammonia.
[Geiszler turns and sees Chau for the first time]


Hannibal Chau: What do you want?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: I’m looking for Hannibal Chau. I was told he was here.
[Geiszler shows him the symbol on the card]
Hannibal Chau: Who wants to know?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: I really can’t say.
[suddenly Chau takes out a knife and sticks it under Geiszler’s nose making him scream out in pain]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Stacker Pentecost sent me!
[Chau takes away the knife which causes Geiszler more pain]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Aah! Oh, that’s great! That’s real great. So I take it you’re Hannibal Chau, right?
Hannibal Chau: Do like the name? I took it from uh…my favorite historical character and my second favorite Szechuan restaurant in Brooklyn. Now tell me what you want, before I gut you like a pig and feed you to the skin lice.


[after their disastrous trial run, Raleigh and Mako wait as Pentecost, Herc and Chuck are discussing them in Pentecost’s office, Raleigh paces outside as they hear Chuck shouting]
Chuck Hansen: She can’t control her dreams and he went out in phase three…
Herc Hansen: We all know what happened.
Chuck Hansen: We can’t afford mistakes, the Kaiju is evolving. They keep kicking our asses! He’s a has-been, she’s a rookie. I don’t want them protecting my bomb run!
[suddenly the door opens and Chuck walks out of the room]
Stacker Pentecost: You need to watch your tone, Mr. Hansen.
Herc Hansen: Hey, stay there. Give me a moment.
[Herc closes the door]


[Chuck turns and looks at Raleigh and Mako]
Chuck Hansen: You two are a Goddamn disgrace! You’re gonna get us all killed, and here’s the thing, Raleigh. I want to come back from this mission, cause I quite like my life. So why don’t you just do us all a favor and disappear? It’s the only thing you’re good at.
Mako Mori: Stop! Now!
[Raleigh raises his hand to stop her from arguing further with Chuck]
Chuck Hansen: Yeah, that’s right. You just hold back your little girlfriend. Once of your bitches needs a leash.
[suddenly Raleigh punches Chuck in the face, Chuck retaliates but Raleigh punches him again making Chuck spits out blood]pacific-rim-12
Raleigh Becket: Apologize to her.
Chuck Hansen: Screw you.
[Chuck attacks Raleigh and they fight until Raleigh throws Chuck against the pipes on the wall]
Raleigh Becket: I said, apologize to her.
[Chuck attacks Raleigh again, but Raleigh easily knocks him down and twists his arm]


[Herc and Pentecost come out of the room]
Herc Hansen: What’s going on? On your feet, both of you!
[Chuck and Raleigh rise]
Stacker Pentecost: Becket, Mori, into my office.
[Chuck goes to attack Raleigh again]
Chuck Hansen: No, we are…
[Herc holds him back to stop him]
Herc Hansen: This is over! You’re a Ranger for Christ’s sake! Why don’t you start acting like one?
[Chuck turns and leaves in anger]


Raleigh Becket: I went out of phase first, it was my mistake.
Stacker Pentecost: No. It was my mistake. I should have never let you two in the same machine.
Raleigh Becket: So what, you’re grounding us?
Stacker Pentecost: Not you.
[he looks at Mako, she rises from her seat with tears in her eyes]
Mako Mori: Permission to be dismissed, sir.
Stacker Pentecost: Permission granted, Miss Mori.
[Mako bows and turns to leave]
Raleigh Becket: Mako.
[Mako leaves the room]


Raleigh Becket: Sir, what are you doing? She is the strongest candidate by far. What other options do we have, huh? Tell me!
Stacker Pentecost: Do not my calm demeanor fool you…Ranger! Now is not a good moment for your insubordination! Make is too inexperienced to reign in her memories during combat.
[Pentecost starts to walk off]
Raleigh Becket: That’s not why you grounded her. I was in her memories, I saw everything.
Stacker Pentecost: I don’t care what you think you saw.
[we see flashback to when Raleigh was in Mako’s memory in which as the Kaiju is nearly upon young Mako, a Jaeger appears out of nowhere and kills the Kaiju, young Mako then emerges from her hiding spot, picks up on of her fallen red shoe and walks up towards the Jaeger, she then sees a pilot emerge from the cockpit; she smiles as she sees Pentecost for the first time]


Raleigh Becket: I know what she means to you. I saw…I…pacific-rim-1
[Pentecost suddenly turns and walks out of the room]
Raleigh Becket: Hey! Hey!
Stacker Pentecost: This conversation is over.
[Pentecost carries on walking off and Raleigh chases after him]
Raleigh Becket: Marshal! Marshal, can we just talk about this for one second!
[Raleigh grabs hold of Pentecost’s arm to stop him, Pentecost turns and shoves Raleigh’s hand away, he gives Raleigh a cold look]
Raleigh Becket: You rescued her, you raised her, but you’re not protecting her now. You are holding her back.
Stacker Pentecost: One, don’t you ever touch me again. Two, don’t you ever touch me again. Now you have no idea who the hell I am or where I’ve come from, and I’m not about to tell you my whole life story. All I need to be to you and everybody on this dome is a fixed point, the last man standing. I do not need your sympathy or your admiration, all I need you is your compliance and your fighting skills. And if I can’t get that then you can go back to the wall that I found you crawling on. Do I make myself clear?
[Raleigh nods his head, but Pentecost points to his ear to indicate that he wants to hear Raleigh confirm he understands]
Raleigh Becket: Yes, sir.
Stacker Pentecost: Good.
[Pentecost turns and walks into the elevator]


[as Raleigh and Mako enters the Shatterdome dining hall, the hall becomes quiet and all eyes turn to them; later Raleigh and Mako are sat alone having their dinner across from where Gipsy is being kept]
Raleigh Becket: I’m sorry, I should have warned you. First drifts are rough. You weren’t just tapped into my memories, you were tappin’ into my brother’s too. When Yancy was taken we were still connected. I felt his fear, his pain, his hopelessness and then…he was gone.
Mako Mori: I felt it, I know.
Raleigh Becket: You know you live in someone else’s head for so long the hardest part to deal with is the silence. To let someone else in, to really connect, you have to trust them. And today the drift was strong.
[Mako nods her head and they smile at each other, Mako looks over to Gipsy]
Her heart, when’s the last time you saw it?
Raleigh Becket: Not in a long time.


[at the command center, Tendo gets a Kaiju warning from the computer]
Voice of Computer: Movement in the breach, double impact. Signatures dilation indicator, category 4.
[all the rangers are gathered, along with Raleigh and Mako, as Tendo briefs everyone]
Tendo Choi: Breach was exposed at twenty three hundred hours. We have two signatures, both category 4, which means, Otachi and Leatherback. They’ll reach Hong Kong within the hour.
Stacker Pentecost: Evacuate the city, shut down the bridges, I want every single civilian in a refuge right now. Crimson Typhoon, Cherno Alpha, I want you to front line the harbor. Stay on the miracle mile. Striker, I want you to stay back, look after the coastline. We cannot afford to lose you, so only engage as a final option.
Chuck and Herc Hansen: Yes, sir.
[to Raleigh and Mako]
Stacker Pentecost: You two, you stay put.
[to everybody else]
Stacker Pentecost: Let’s go!


[as the Jaeger’s get into position and make their way towards Hong Kong bay]
Chuck Hansen: Loccent, Striker’s off the pole and we’re on the role.
Herc Hansen: Loccent, we’re in position and awaiting your orders.
Stacker Pentecost: Proceed to miracle mile, engage at your discretion. Guys, keep your eyes open, these category 4’s are the biggest we’ve ever seen both in size and weight.
Lt. A. Kaidanovsky: Cherno Alpha reached the target zone. Disengage and transport.
[the Jaeger is dropped down onto the shore]
Lt. A. Kaidanovsky: Cherno Alpha in position in miracle mile.
[they start making their Jaeger walk down the coastline]
Lt. A. Kaidanovsky: Cherno Alpha holding the coastline, beacon is on.


[back at Chau’s shop, Geiszler and Chau are standing on the balcony overlooking the street watching the people]
Hannibal Chau: Look at them. They believe the Kaiju is sent from heaven and the Gods are expressing their displeasure with our behavior, the silly bastards.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: And what do you believe?
Hannibal Chau: Well, I believe the Kaiju bone powder is five hundred bucks a pound. What do you want?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: I need to access a Kaiju brain. Completely intact.
Hannibal Chau: No, no, no. The skull plate is so dense that by the time you drill into it…
Dr. Newton Geiszler: The brain’s rotted away, but I’m talking about the secondary brain. Now we both know that the Kaiju are so large they need two brains to move around, like a dinosaur. I want to get my hands on that.
Hannibal Chau: Hm. What the hell do you want a secondary brain for anyway? I mean, every part of the Kaiju sells. Cartilage, spleen, liver. Even their crap! One cubic meter of crap has enough phosphorous in it to fertilize a whole field! The brain, too much ammonia. So what’s the deal, little fella?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Well, that’s classified. So I couldn’t tell you, even if I wanted to. But it is pretty cool. So I might tell you. I’m gonna tell you. I figured out how to drift with a Kaiju.
Hannibal Chau: Are you funning me, son?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: It’s fascinating how their minds work. Every single Kaiju has minds connected, they’re… they’re species has like a…like a hive mind.
[Chau suddenly pulls down one of Geiszler’s eyes and look into it]
Hannibal Chau: Holy Jesus. You’ve gone and done it, haven’t you?
Dr. Newton Geiszler: I did it a little bit, yeah.
Hannibal Chau: You Goddamn moron.


[Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha are attacked by one of the category 4 Kaiju’s, both Jaeger’s are badly hit]
Herc Hansen: Loccent, Typhoon and Alpha are in trouble! We’re moving in.
Stacker Pentecost: You are to hold your ground, do not engage. We need you to carry that bomb, do you copy?
[Chuck and Herc watch as one of the Kaiju is in the process of destroying Typhoon]
Chuck Hansen: Jesus, we just can’t sit here and watch them die! Come on!
Herc Hansen: Oh, screw this! Loccent, we’re moving in now!
[Typhoon is then knocked down and destroyed by the Kaiju]


Lt. A. Kaidanovsky: Typhoon’s been grounded. We will kill this bastard.
[as Cherno Alpha goes to attack the second Kaiju it suddenly opens its mouth and sprays them with acid]
Lt. A. Kaidanovsky: Cherno Alpha, we were sprayed with acid!
Chuck Hansen: Come on!
Lt. A. Kaidanovsky: Cherno Alpha’s been compromised! We need help immediately!
Chuck Hansen: Just hold on, Cherno! We’re on our way!
[Striker moves into help Cherno, but they can’t help Cherno as the Kaiju destroys Cherno]
Tendo Choi: We’ve just lost Cherno, sir.
[Striker manages to hit the Kaiju; to Chuck]
Herc Hansen: Ignite your air missile!
[as the missiles are about to be launched the suddenly Kaiju sends out a massive electromagnetic pulse, frying both Striker and command center’s electronics]
Gottlieb: What’s going on? What happened?
Tendo Choi: The blast, it doubled onto the Jaeger’s electrical circuits.


[inside Striker, all the electrical circuits are damaged as Herc tries to contact command center]
Chuck Hansen: What the hell was that?
Herc Hansen: Loccent!
Chuck Hansen: I’ve never seen that before!
Herc Hansen: Loccent!
[back at the command center]
Gottlieb: They’re adapting This isn’t a defense mechanism, it’s a weapon!
Stacker Pentecost: Get me Striker.
Tendo Choi: Nothing, sir. The Mark 5 digital’s fried. It’ll take me two hours to reroute the auxiliary. All the Jaegers, they’re digital!
Raleigh Becket: Not all of them are, Marshal. Gipsy’s analog is nuclear.


[back at Chau’s shop, the news about the Kaiju attack has spread]
Wizened Man: There are two Kaiju. We gotta out.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Hang on a second. Excuse me. What…what’s going on?
Hannibal Chau: They’re two Goddamn Kaiju heading straight for Hong Kong city.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: No, no, no, no. That’s not possible, there’s never been two before.
Hannibal Chau: Well maybe that’s cause nobody ever drifted with one before, hey?! Genius! When Jaeger pilots drift, it’s a two way street.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Right.
Hannibal Chau: A bridge, right.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Of course, yes.
Hannibal Chau: It sets them the connection, both ways! A high mentality, you said. Maybe those Kaiju are trying to find you.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: What…what are we gonna do?
Hannibal Chau: I’m gonna wait out this shit storm in my own private Kaiju bunker. But you are going to a public refuge. I tried it once.
[he takes off his dark glassed to reveal a scar on his left eye]
Hannibal Chau: Once. Now get the hell out of here.
[his thugs point their guns at Geiszler; one of the Kaiju reaches Hong Kong city and starts stomping the streets, Geiszler notices it and hurries into an underground shelter with hundreds of local people]


[as Striker’s power is gone, the Kaiju circles around it waiting to attack]
Herc Hansen: There’s no emergency power. I’m gonna try something else.
Chuck Hansen: No! Don’t disengage!
[as Herc breaks the drift the Kaiju attacks, which knocks Herc down and injuring his arm]
Herc Hansen: My arm!
[Chuck rushes to help Herc]
Chuck Hansen: Hey! Come on! Get on your feet, old man!
Herc Hansen: Don’t call me that!


[Herc rises and pushes Chuck away, they hear the Kaiju outside]
Chuck Hansen: He’s right outside! We gotta get out of here, now!
Herc Hansen: I’m not going anywhere! Now you and I are the only things standing between that ugly bastard and the city of ten million people. Now we have a choice here, we either sit and wait or we take these flare guns and do something really stupid!
[Herc and Chuck grab the flare guns and scramble outside]
Chuck Hansen: How’s your arm?
Herc Hansen: Ah, just give me the gun!
[to the Kaiju]
Herc Hansen: Oi, you!
[they fire the flares at the Kaiju]
Chuck Hansen: I think we just pissed it off!
[the Kaiju gets angry and prepares to attack, just the Gipsy Danger arrives]


[inside Gipsy]
Raleigh Becket: Alright, Mako. Get ready, this is for real!
[the Kaiju goes to attack Gipsy but Gipsy manages to defend itself]
Chuck Hansen: Come on, Gipsy! Kick his ass!
[the Kaiju grabs hold of Gipsy and throws it into the city streets, then as Gipsy manages to rise the Kaiju approaches]
Raleigh Becket: Come on! Let’s do this together!
[Gipsy runs towards the Kaiju and hurls itself at it, then manages to grab hold of the Kaiju and deliver some heavy blows]
Raleigh Becket: Elbow rocket!
Gipsy Danger AI: Elbow rocket engaged.
Raleigh Becket: Now!


[Gipsy manages to deliver some strikes to the Kaiju]
Raleigh Becket: Hang on, Mako!
[Gipsy throws the Kaiju down, but it rises and runs into attack Gipsy]
Raleigh Becket: Plasma cannon, now!
Gipsy Danger AI: Plasma cannon engaged.
[Gipsy then manages to amputate the Kaiju’s arm then knock it down, Gipsy gets ready to walk away when it stops]
Raleigh Becket: Wait. I think this guy’s dead, but let’s check for a pulse.
Mako Mori: Okay.
[they open fire on the fallen Kaiju and open it’s chest to reveal its heart]
Raleigh Becket: No pulse.


[inside the underground refugee shelter the Kaiju can be hear approaching]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: He stopped right above us. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. This isn’t a refuge, this is a buffet line!
[the Kaiju is then heard breaking in]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: He knows I’m here. He knows I’m here!
Girl in Anti-Kaiju Refugee: He knows we’re all here!
Dr. Newton Geiszler: No, you don’t understand, he’s trying to get me! He knows I’m here and he’s trying to get me!
Girl in Anti-Kaiju Refugee: [subtitled] The Kaiju want this little dude! The Kaiju want this little dude!


[Geiszler turns to another man]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: What was she saying? I gotta get out of here! Let me out of here!
[Geiszler moves to go to the door but he’s knocked down and his glasses are knocked off his face]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Oh, come on.
[he starts searching for his glasses]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: This is the worst!
[he finds his glasses and that same moment the Kaiju breaks through the ceiling, just as it’s about to take Geiszler Gipsy arrives dragging a cargo ship in its hand]


[Gipsy uses the ship to hit the Kaiju until the Kaiju takes the ship from Gipsy, throws it away and knocks down Gipsy, then it turns and rushes off, Gipsy rises and rushes after it; to Mako]
Raleigh Becket: Catch this one, it’s moving quick. Keep your eyes open.
[to the helicopter pilot following them]
Raleigh Becket: Chopper, do you have a visual?
[as they search for the Kaiju it suddenly attacks Gipsy and they start fighting, the Kaiju then uses acid spray from its mouth and destroys some buildings, Gipsy grabs hold of the Kaiju]
Raleigh Becket: I’ll hold it! Grab the coolant on the left side!
[Mako uses the coolant to spray onto the Kaiju and freezes one of its arms, but the Kaiju shatters the ice and continues attack Gipsy]


[suddenly the Kaiju sprouts wings, flies off carrying Gipsy away]
Raleigh Becket: Temperature’s dropping! We’re losing oxygen! Both plasma cannons are shot! We’re out of options, Mako!
Mako Mori: No, there is still something left.
[Mako activates the sword]
Gipsy Danger AI: Sword deployment.
[a massive sword emerges from the Jaeger]
Mako Mori: For my family!
[they cut the Kaiju in two and as it dies Gipsy falls from its arms through the air]
Gipsy Danger AI: Altitude actuation off balance. Fifty thousand feet to ground contact.
[on Shatterdome they notice Gipsy falling]
Tendo Choi: Look, there!


[as Gipsy continues falling; heading fast towards the ground]
Gipsy Danger AI: Altitude loss critical. Forty thousand feet.
Stacker Pentecost: Gipsy, listen to me. Loosen all the shuttle doors, use the gyroscope to balance the fall out! It’s your only chance!
Gipsy Danger AI: Twenty thousand feet.
Raleigh Becket: Fuel fall, now!
[Gipsy heads in fast towards the ground]
Raleigh Becket: We’re coming in too fast! We’re coming in too fast! Brace for it, Mako!
[Gipsy crashes to the ground, Pentecost uses his binoculars to see that Gipsy is fine as it starts rising, everyone on Shatterdome cheers; inside Gipsy]
Raleigh Becket: Mako, talk to me.
[Mako doesn’t reply as she tries to catch her breath]


Raleigh Becket: Mako, you okay?
Mako Mori: Yeah. You?
[they both laugh; back on Shatterdome Pentecost turns orders Gottlieb]
Stacker Pentecost: Find Dr. Geiszler, now!
Gottlieb: Yes, sir!
[Gottlieb rushes off; to Tendo]
Stacker Pentecost: I want the two remaining Jaegers ready to a hundred percent functionality
Tendo Choi: Yes, sir!
[Tendo rushes off]


[to his thugs]
Hannibal Chau: We’re gonna harvest the skin, the talons and the wings. The Germans are gonna go nuts for that stuff. Let me see that map.
[one of his thugs holds out the map]
Hannibal Chau: Here is where the Kaiju fell, here is where we concentrate our efforts.
Wizened Man: We’ll get it, Boss.
Hannibal Chau: Right
[as Chau is about to enter his shop through the secret doorway, he sees Geiszler in the shop]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Hey! Okay, guess who’s back, you one eyed bitch?! You owe me a Kaiju brain.


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