Pacific Rim Quotes: Eccentric Sci-Fi that Dazzles

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Directed by: Guillermo del Toro
Written by:
Travis Beacham (story & screenplay)
Guillermo del Toro (screenplay)
Charlie Hunnam – Raleigh Becket
Diego Klattenhoff – Yancy Becket
Idris Elba – Stacker Pentecost
Rinko Kikuchi – Mako Mori
Charlie Day – Dr. Newton Geiszler
Burn Gorman – Gottlieb
Max Martini – Herc Hansen
Robert Kazinsky – Chuck Hansen
Clifton Collins Jr. – Ops Tendo Choi
Ron Perlman – Hannibal Chau
Mana Ashida – Young Mako
Santiago Segura – Wizened Man
Joe Pingue – Captain Merrit
Paul Michael Wyers – Young Raleigh
Jane Watson – Raleigh and Yancy’s Mom
Robert Morse – Raleigh and Yancy’s Dad


Pacific Rim quotes bring out the inner child as it is filled with monsters, robots and grand heroism. A quick synopsis: the story set in a world where monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju mysteriously rise from beneath the ocean and begin war taking millions of lives and consuming the earth’s resources. In order to combat these creatures giant robots, called Jaegers, which are piloted by humans are deployed to fight off these creatures.

When Jaegers prove to be nearly defenseless against these creatures, forces defending the earth turn to a washed-up former pilot and an untested trainee to pilot the seemingly obsolete Jaeger to fight off these giant menaces and save mankind.

The combination of larger-than-life characters, imaginative and unusual production design makes Pacific Rim dazzling and eccentric. The movie is big, brash and unpretentious, and yes, the dialogue is corny and cartoonish at times, and while the script doesn’t offer any character development or emotional core, the way del Toro has presented it with such a sense of fun and joy and with the goal to entertain, that it makes it refreshing and a mesmerizing, if mindless, sci-fi adventure.

Verdict: This movie is best enjoyed if you put away your cynicism as the simplicity and straightforwardness of the story is what underpins the action and makes this an entertaining experience.

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[first lines; Kaiju (Japanese): Giant Beast, Jaeger (German): Hunter]
Raleigh Becket: [voice over] When I was a kid, whenever I’d feel small or lonely, I’d look up at the stars, wondered if there was life up there. Turns out I was looking in the wrong direction. When alien life entered our world it was from the deep beneath the Pacific Ocean, a fischer between two tectonic plates. A portal between the dimensions, a breach. I was fifteen when the first Kaiju landed in San Francisco.
[we see a Kaiju stomping through the Golden Gate Bridge and destroying it]


Raleigh Becket: [voice over] By the time tanks, jets and missiles took it down, six days and thirty five miles later, three cities were destroyed. Tens of thousands of lives were lost. We mourned our dead, memorialized the attack, moved on. And then, only six months later, a second attack hit Manila.
[news footage is shown of Manila being destroyed by the Kaiju attack]
Voice of News Reporter: …the Kaiju blood created a toxic phenomenon named Blue Kaiju.
Raleigh Becket: [voice over] And then the third one hit Cabo, and then the fourth. And then we learned, this was not gonna stop, this was just the beginning. We needed new a weapon.


[we see more news footage of countries coming together]
Raleigh Becket: [voice over] The world came together, pooling its resources, throwing aside old rivalry for the sake of the greater good. To fight monsters we created monsters of our own. The Jaeger program was born. There were set backs at first, the neural lobe interface proved too much for a single pilot. A two pilot system was implemented, left hemisphere, right hemisphere, pilot controlled.
[we see footage of Jaegers being paraded in the streets after their victories]
Raleigh Becket: [voice over] We started winning, the Jaegers stopped invasions everywhere. But the Jaegers were only as good as their pilots. The Jaeger pilots turned into rock stars, the danger had turned into propaganda, Kaijus into toys. We got really good at it…winning. Then…then it all changed.


[Alaska 2020 – alarms sound throughout a massive military hangar]
Alarm System: Gipsy Danger report to Bay 08, level A-42. Kaiju. Code name: Knifehead. Category 3. It weighs 8,700 tons…
[Raleigh awakens and excitedly jumps from his bunk]
Raleigh Becket: Yo, Yancy, wake up! There’s a movement in the breach.
[he hits Yancy’s bunk bed to wake him up]
Raleigh Becket: Come on! We’re being deployed.pacific-rim-3
[Yancy opens his eyes looking sleepy and sluggish]
Yancy Becket: Great.
[he pushes Raleigh aside]
Yancy Becket: Good morning.
[Yancy gets out of bed and Raleigh starts getting dressed]
Raleigh Becket: Kaiju’s Category 3, biggest one yet. Code name: Knifehead.


Yancy Becket: What time is it?
Raleigh Becket: Two.
Yancy Becket: A.M.?
Raleigh Becket: Yep.
[Raleigh goes towards Yancy and holds out his fist]
Raleigh Becket: What do you say, fifth notch on the belt?
[they fist pump each other, at that moment there’s a knock on the door]
Voice of Officer: Come on, Beckets. Time for the drop.
Yancy Becket: Hey, kid?
Raleigh Becket: Yeah?
Yancy Becket: Don’t get cocky.


[Raleigh and Yancy are making their way in the hanger towards their Jaeger, Gipsy Danger]
Raleigh Becket: [voice over] Years before, you wouldn’t have picked my brother Yancy and I for heroes. No chance. We were never star athletes, never at the head of the class, but we could hold our own in a fight. And it turned out we had a unique skill, we were drift compatible.
[we see the two brothers being suited up and then boarding onto their Jaeger]
Tendo Choi: Good morning, Becket boys!
Raleigh Becket: Tendo, what’s happenin’, my man?
Yancy Becket: How did that date with Alison go last night, Mr. Choi?
[we see Tendo in the control room as he talks to the brothers]
Tendo Choi: Oh, she loved me. Her boyfriend, not so much.
Raleigh Becket: You’re gonna get your ass kicked.
[Tendo chuckles]
Tendo Choi: A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, brother.


[their commanding officer, Pentecost comes up behind Tendo]
Stacker Pentecost: Ready to drop, Mr. Choi?
Tendo Choi: Ready to drop, sir. Jaeger Conn Pod getting ready to drop.
[the Jaeger pod is placed in position ready for the drop]
Yancy Becket: Ready for the big drop.
Raleigh Becket: Ready to go.
[suddenly the pod, which is the head of the Jaeger, in which the brothers are in is dropped down and placed into position on the giant Jaeger’s body]


Tendo Choi: Drop-in confirmed, sir.
Stacker Pentecost: Initiate the pilot to pilot protocol.
[the pilot to pilot mind melding is activated and the Jaeger taken out of the hanger]
Tendo Choi: Gipsy Danger is ready and aligned, sir.
Stacker Pentecost: Danger, this is Marshall Stacker Pentecost ready for Neural Handshake.
Tendo Choi: Starting fifteen seconds, Fourteen, thirteen, twelve, eleven, ten…
[inside the Jaeger]
Yancy Becket: Ready to step into my head, kid?
Raleigh Becket: Please, after you. Age before beauty, old man.
[Yancy smiles as they get ready to mind meld]
Gipsy Danger AI: Neural Handshake initiating.
Raleigh Becket: [voice over] The drift, Jaeger tech, based on DARPA jet fighter neural systems.
[we see the process of how the brothers start sharing memories]
Raleigh Becket: [voice over] Two pilots, mind melding through memories with a body of a giant machine. The deeper the bond, the better you fight.


[in the command center, they keep an eye on the brothers completing their mind melding]
Tendo Choi: Neural Handshake strong and holding.
1st Officer: Right hemispheres calibrating, left hemisphere calibrating.
[we see the Raleigh and Yancy completing the mind melding process and they are able to control the Jaeger as one]
Stacker Pentecost: Gentlemen, your orders are to hold a miracle mile off Anchorage, copy?
Yancy Becket: Cop that, sir. Sir, there’s still a civilian vessel in the Gulf…
Stacker Pentecost: Skip it. You’re protecting a city of two million people. You do not risk those lives for a boat that holds ten, am I clear?
Yancy Becket: Yes, sir.pacific-rim-5
[as they sign off]
Raleigh Becket: Man, that’s cold.
[Yancy doesn’t reply]
Raleigh Becket: You know what I’m thinking.
Yancy Becket: I’m in your brain, I know.
Raleigh Becket: Let’s go fishing. Here we go! Come on, bro! Put some muscle into it!
Yancy Becket: Just worry about yourself, kiddo.
[they both start making movements which makes the Jaeger walk on the water in the ocean]


[as Raleigh and Yancy are making their Jaeger walk through the ocean towards the Kaiju]
Raleigh Becket: [voice over] There are things you can’t fight. Acts of God, like you see a hurricane coming, you have to get out of the way. But when you’re in a Jaeger, suddenly you can fight the hurricane, you can win.


[on the Alaska coast line, a fishing boat is caught in the storm]
Captain Merrit: How far to the mainland?
McTighe: Seven miles from Anchorage, sir.
1st Officer:
But we won’t even make it past the shallow!
McTighe: No, we won’t!
[pointing to their radar]
Captain Merrit: What about that island, three miles east?
[the radar shows the island is moving]
McTighe: No! It’s two miles away, sir. One mile, sir! It’s getting closer!
1st Officer: How the hell could it be getting closer?!
[as they look ahead they suddenly see the Kaiju rising out of the water, the fishing then gets caught between the Kaiju and Jaeger, the Jaeger picks up the boat and diverts it away from danger, then the brothers manage to use their Jaeger to kill the Kaiju]


[back at the control room after the brothers have killed the Kaiju]
Tendo Choi: I detect a plasma cannon in shallow water seven miles off the coastline
Stacker Pentecost: Gipsy, what the hell is going on?
Raleigh Becket: Job done, sir. Lit it up twice, catched our fifth kill.
Stacker Pentecost: You disobeyed a direct order!
Yancy Becket: Respectfully, sir, we intercepted a Kaiju and saved everyone on that boat.
Stacker Pentecost: Get back to your post, now.pacific-rim-6
Raleigh Becket: Yes, sir.
Tendo Choi: Kaiju signature rising.
[Pentecost looks over at the screen]
Tendo Choi: He’s still alive, sir.
Stacker Pentecost: Gipsy, we’re still getting a signature. The Kaiju is still alive! Take the boat and get out of there. Do you copy? Take the boat and get out of there now!


[the Kaiju rises from the water again and starts attacking the brothers Jaeger]
Yancy Becket: Can you move forward?
Raleigh Becket: I’ve got this!
[as they are fighting the Kaiju, their Jaeger loses its left arm on Raleigh’s side]
Yancy Becket: We’re hit!
Tendo Choi: Left arm’s gone cold, sir.
[as the Kaiju continues to attack the Jaeger it manages to break through the Jaeger’s hull]
Raleigh Becket: He’s broken through the hull!
Yancy Becket: Raleigh, listen to me! You need to…
[suddenly Yancy is sucked out of the command hull]
Raleigh Becket: No! No!
[the Kaiju then proceeds to destroy the Jaeger with Raleigh still inside]
Tendo Choi: The second discharge the comm. Sir, I’m not getting any signals.
[looking dismayed, Pentecost turns away]
Tendo Choi: Not signature, sir.
[Pentecost starts walking away]
Tendo Choi: What do we do now, sir?


[later we see an old man and a child walking on the beach with metal detectors]
Old Man on Beach: Now, I want you to keep your eye on that gage there. Now you know what I’d like to find? I’d like to find a whole ship, that’s what I’d like to find.
[suddenly his metal detector signal gets louder]
Old Man on Beach: Wait, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Right there! Right there! There it is!
[the boy shovels out a small metal toy from beneath the snow]
Old Man on Beach: Well what is it?
Child: Just an old toy. We never find anything good.
[the metal detector signal stars beeping again]
Old Man on Beach: Listen!
[the old man looks up and sees the half destroyed Jaeger walking out of the ocean]
Old Man on Beach: Oh, my God.
[the Jaeger crashes onto the beach, the old man and the child run towards the cockpit]
Old Man on Beach: Stay here!
[the child stops and the old man keeps running until he sees Raleigh crawling out of the cockpit, Raleigh stumbles around him looking disorientated]
Raleigh Becket: Yancy. Yancy.
[Raleigh finally collapses; to the child]
Old Man on Beach: Run! Get help, fast!


[5 years later – Pentecost is meeting with UN Representatives from around the world at the military hanger in Alaska via satellite feeds]
American UN Representative: The Kaiju are learning our defenses. They’re adapting, evolving. We’re losing Jaeger’s faster than we can build them. Lima. Seattle. Vladivostok. Category 4 Kaiju’s are now coming through the breach. I think that you can see, Marshall, this is no longer a sound strategy. The frequency of the attacks has increased. The Jaeger’s are not the most viable line of defense anymore.
Stacker Pentecost: I am aware. Those are my ranger that die every time a Jaeger falls, which is why I’m asking you for one last chance…
British UN Representative: Excuse me, Marshall. Excuse me!
Stacker Pentecost: One final score with everything that we’ve got.
British UN Representative: Excuse me! The Jaeger program is dead, Marshall. On the other hand the coastal wall program is a promising option.
American UN Representative: The world appreciates all that you and your men have done, but it’s over. We will authorize you to take all remaining Jaegers to the last battle station in Hong Kong. We’re prepared to fund you for the next eight months while the coastal wall is completed. After that, you will receive no further support.
Canadian UN Representative: You have our answer, Marshall.
[the TV monitors go black as the meeting ends]
Tendo Choi: So that’s it? It’s over?
Herc Hansen: Suits and ties and flashing smiles. That’s all they are, Stacker.
Stacker Pentecost: We don’t need them.


[Sitka Alaska – we see Raleigh working as a construction worker building the coastal wall from Alaska to California]
Construction Foreman: Ration card time! Come on, come on! Let’s go!
[the construction workers gather to hear the news]
Construction Foreman: Now, I’ve got good news and I’ve bad news, fellas. Which one do you wanna hear first?
Construction Worker #1: Bad news!
Construction Foreman: Bad news, three guys died yesterday working on top of the wall.
Construction Worker #2: What’s the good news?
Construction Foreman: The good news is, I got three new job openings, top of the wall. Okay, who wants to work? Who wants to eat? Come on!


[after Raleigh is finishing his shift at the end of the day, he sees the news on the TV showing the latest Kaiju attack in Sydney]
TV Reporter: …yet another Kaiju attack took place. And the Kaiju, an enormous category 4, broke through the coastal wall in less than an hour. The Wall Life was claimed to be impenetrable by its builders.
[as the construction workers are watching the news]
Construction Worker #3: Why the hell are we even building this thing?
[to Raleigh]
Construction Worker #1: That thing, it went through the wall like it was nothing.
[Raleigh continues watching the news now showing two Jaeger pilots]
TV Reporter: Ironically, it was the decommissioned Jaeger, Striker Eureka, piloted by Herc and Chuck Hansen that finally too the beast down.
[we see the Jaeger destroying the Kaiju and then one of the pilots, Chuck Hansen, being interviewed]
Chuck Hansen: Look, they decommissioned the Jaeger program because of mediocre pilots. It’s that simple. That’s Striker Eureka’s tenth kill to date. It’s a new record.
TV Reporter: Are you still going to Hong Kong, even at a time like this?
Chuck Hansen: Well, orders are orders. What else am I supposed to do?
[not being able to stand to hear anymore, Raleigh turns to walk off]


[as Raleigh is about to leave the construction site he sees a helicopter landing and Pentecost stepping out of the helicopter]
Stacker Pentecost: Mr. Becket.
Raleigh Becket: Marshall, looking sharp.
Stacker Pentecost: Long time.
Raleigh Becket: Five years, four months.
Stacker Pentecost: Can I have a word?
[Raleigh takes Pentecost inside the construction site]
Raleigh Becket: Step into my office.
Stacker Pentecost: It took me a while to find you. Anchorage, Sheldon Point, Nome…
Raleigh Becket: Yeah, my position travels with the wall, chasing shifts to make a living. What do you want?
Stacker Pentecost: I’ve spent the last six months activating everything I can get my hands on. There’s an old Jaeger, Mark 3, you may know it. It needs a pilot.
Raleigh Becket: I’m guessing I wasn’t your first choice.
Stacker Pentecost: You were my first choice. All the other Mark 3 pilots are dead.
[Raleigh steps closer to Pentecost]
Raleigh Becket: Look, I can’t have anyone else in my head again. I’m done. I was still connected to my brother when he died. I can’t go through that again, I’m sorry.
[Raleigh starts walking off, Pentecost calls out to him]
Stacker Pentecost: Haven’t you heard, Mr. Becket?
[Raleigh stops and turns to face Pentecost]
Stacker Pentecost: The world is coming to an end. So where would you rather die?! Here or in a Jaeger?!


[Pentecost flies Raleigh to Hong Kong where they are met by Pentecost’s senior aid Mako] Mori]
Stacker Pentecost: Mr. Becket, this is Mako Mori. One of my brightest, also in charge of the Mark 3 restoration program. She personally handpicked your co-pilot candidates.
[speaking in Japanese to Pentecost; referring to Raleigh]
Mako Mori: [subtitled] I imagined him differently.
[Becket replies in Japanese]
Raleigh Becket: [subtitled] Better or worse.
[Mako looks surprised and embarrassed]
Mako Mori: [subtitled] I apologize, Mr. Becket. I’ve heard a lot about you.
[they look at each other for a moment, then she bows her head and Raleigh does the same]


[Pentecost, Mako and Raleigh walk into the military hanger]
Stacker Pentecost: At ease. You’ll get the tour of the facility first and then Miss Mori will show you to your Jaeger, Mr. Becket.
[at that moment two men rush into the hanger]
Gottlieb: Wait for us!
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Hold the door, please!
Gottlieb: Thank you! Thank you!


[as they are riding down in the elevator; referring to the bodies of the dead Kaiju that have been kept large glass cells]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Stand back, Kaiju specimens are extremely rare, so look but don’t touch, please.
Stacker Pentecost: Mr. Becket this is our research team. Dr. Gottlieb, Dr. Geiszler.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Call me Newt. Only my mother calls me doctor.
[Geiszler chuckles, he turns to Gottlieb]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Hermann, these are human beings. Why don’t you say hello?
Gottlieb: I have asked you not to refer to me by my first name in front of others. I have more than 10 years…
Dr. Newton Geiszler: I’m sorry.
Gottlieb: Please.


[noticing Geiszler’s tattoo’s on his arms]
Raleigh Becket: What is that, Yamarashi?
[pointing to the tattoo on his arm]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: This is a Kaiju? Yeah, you got a good eye,
Raleigh Becket: My brother and I took him down in 2017.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: You know he was one of the biggest Category 3’s ever? He was two thousand five hundred tons of awesome.
[there’s a moment’s pause as Raleigh gives him a cold look]
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Or awful, you know, whatever you wanna call it.
Gottlieb: Please, excuse him. He’s a Kaiju groupie, he loves them.
Dr. Newton Geiszler: Shut up, Hermann. I don’t love them, okay? I study them. And unlike most people, I wanna see one live and up close one day.
Raleigh Becket: Trust me, you don’t want to.


[referring to Geiszler and Gottlieb as they leave the elevator]
Raleigh Becket: So that’s your research division?
Stacker Pentecost: Things have changed. We’re not an army anymore, Mr. Becket. We’re the resistance. Welcome to the Shatterdome.
[the large metal door slide open, Raleigh enters inside a large command complex where Jaeger’s are being built and repaired, he turns and sees a large digital clock]
Stacker Pentecost: War clock. We re-set it after every Kaiju attack, it keeps everyone focused. The frequency of attacks is accelerating.
Raleigh Becket: How long until the next re-set?
Stacker Pentecost: A week, if we’re lucky. Our experts believe there will be a Kaiju attack even before that. This complex used to launch thirty Jaegers in five days, just like this one. Now we only have four Jaegers left.
Raleigh Becket: I didn’t know it was this bad.
Stacker Pentecost: It is that bad.


[pointing to one of the Jaeger’s they’re walking past]
Stacker Pentecost: Crimson Typhoon, China. One of the greatest. Assembled in Changzhou. Full titanium core alloys, fifty diesel engine per muscle strand. A deadly precise fighter. He’s piloted by the Wei Tang brothers, triplets. They successfully defended the Hong Kong port seven times. They used the Thundercloud formation.
Raleigh Becket: Oh, yeah. Triple arm technique.
Stacker Pentecost: Very effective.
[Raleigh sees the Weigh Tang triplets playing basketball near their Jaeger]


[pointing to another Jaeger as Pentecost continues to show Raleigh around]pacific-rim-7
Stacker Pentecost: That tank, the last of the T90s, Cherno Alpha. First generation Mark 1, the heaviest, oldest Jaeger in the circus. But make no mistake, Mr. Becket, it’s a brutal war machine. Those two, Sasha and Aleksis Kaidanovsky.
Raleigh Becket: Yeah, I’ve heard of them. Perimeter patrols, Siberia wall.
Stacker Pentecost: Their watch has kept out the Kaiju for six years. Six years.
[they watch the two pilots walks past them and Raleigh looks at their massive Jaeger]


Stacker Pentecost: Herc! Chuck! Welcome to Hong Kong!
[to Chuck]
Herc Hansen: Wait here.
[Herc walks up to Pentecost, Mako calls out to Herc’s dog]
Mako Mori: Max! Come here!
[the dog goes over to Mako]
Stacker Pentecost: Don’t drool over Miss Mori.
Herc Hansen: A pretty girl and he gets all wound up.
Stacker Pentecost: Raleigh, this is Hercules Hansen, an old friend from the Mark 1 glory days.
[Herc and Raleigh shake hands]
Herc Hansen: I know you, mate. We rode together before.
Raleigh Becket: We did, sir. Six years ago, my brother and I took three Jaeger team drops.
Herc Hansen: That’s right, Manila. I’m sorry about your brother.
Raleigh Becket: Thank you, sir.


Stacker Pentecost: Herc and his son Chuck will be running Striker Eureka, the fastest Jaeger in the world. First and last of the Mark 5’s. Australia decommissioned it a day before the Sydney attacks.
Herc Hansen: Yeah, it was lucky we were still around.
Stacker Pentecost: Yep, now its running point for us.
Raleigh Becket: Wait, running point on what? You haven’t told me what we’re doing here yet.
Stacker Pentecost: We’re going for the breach, Mr. Becket. We’re gonna Sheppard two thousand four hundred pound thermonuclear warheads onto Striker’s back, detonating equivalent of 1.2 million tons of TNT. And you, and two other Jaegers will be running defense with him.
Raleigh Becket: I thought we were the resistance. Where do you get something like that up here?
Stacker Pentecost: See the Russians back there? They can get us anything.


Stacker Pentecost: Herc, shall we?
[Pentecost turns and walks off]
Herc Hansen: Good to have you back, Lieutenant.
Raleigh Becket: Thank you, sir.
[Herc walks off to join Pentecost]
Mako Mori: I’ll show you to your Jaeger.
Raleigh Becket: Miss Mori, will you give me a minute?
[Raleigh calls out to Pentecost]
Raleigh Becket: Marshall!
[Pentecost stops and turns to face Raleigh as he walks over to Pentecost]
Raleigh Becket: Sir, we’ve hit the breach before, it doesn’t work, nothing goes through. What’s changed?
Stacker Pentecost: I’ve got a plan. I need you ready, that’s all.
[Pentecost turns]
Stacker Pentecost: Let’s go, Herc.
[Pentecost and Herc walk off; Chuck calls out to the dog]
Chuck Hansen: Max, come here!
[Raleigh and Chuck look at each other for a moment before Raleigh turns to follow Mako]


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