By Benjamin W (England)


A ludicrous tale from start to finish, Pain & Gain follows three body-builders on their struggle to finally find the wealth they feel they deserve. Going in to watch this movie I was sceptical, whether it would prove to be a disappointing attempt to appeal to an audience of fitness freaks and muscle heads, or just a modern take on the low-rate crime comedy that boomed in the 80’s and 90’s. What Michael Bay pleasingly managed to create was a perfect blend of the two resulting in a hilarious and outrageous piece of cinema, leaving no time to stop and think right up until the credits roll.

The story would be too far-fetched for most people to comprehend had it not been based on actual events. I’m entirely confident that this was deliberate on Michael Bay’s part and at one point of particular nuttiness there even pops up a piece of text saying “this is still a true story.”

As for the acting Dwayne Johnson made his part of coke head Christian appropriately animated and for me, he has never been better. Mark Wahlberg proved his place as the sun gym gang ring leader and his delusion and desperation was so powerfully put across throughout. Anthony Mackie suited his comedy role impeccably and made brought the majority of the spoken humour to the movie.

It’s not wrong to assume that a few more intervals between the craziness would have made this movie stick in the mind even more, but I think the fact that it was everlasting was sort of the point Bay was trying to make.

I would say the director executed all of his intentions excellently and Pain & Gain is definitely a must see of 2013.


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