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[after knocking down one of the zombies with his car, Mitch gets out of the car and walks up to the body lying still on the ground]
Mitch: Uh…hello, sir?
Courtney: Is he dead or what?
Mitch: I don’t know. He’s not moving.
[the zombie makes noise]
Mitch: He’s still breathing!
Courtney: So he’s okay?
[Mitch picks up the zombie by its head and suddenly the head snaps off its body]
Mitch: Uh…not exactly.
Courtney: What? What did you just say?
Mitch: Does anyone know uh…CPR or…?
[at that moment Norman and Alvin appear running towards them]
Norman Babcock: Run!


[Mitch looks down at the head in his hand and suddenly the zombie’s eyes open, Mitch screams in terror and kicks the head, he runs back into the car and turns to Courtney]
Mitch: Did you see that?
Courtney: That was insane!
Mitch: I know, right? I kicked that like a hundred yards!
[Courtney turns to Norman sat in the back seat]
Courtney: Norman, what just happened?
Alvin: Zombies, I swear! Okay? We saw them burst out of their graves, for real!
[pointing to Norman]
Alvin: Just so you know, I totally saved his life. And I could totally save yours.
Courtney: Sorry, who are you?
[Norman notices the zombies are getting close to them]
Norman Babcock: Um…guys, maybe we should actually drive away now.
Mitch: Right!
[Mitch steps on it, unaware that the zombie leader has latched himself to the back of the van]


[as they are speeding away from the zombies unaware that one of them is latched to car]
Courtney: I knew something like this was gonna happen tonight!
Mitch: You did? Wow! Cause that zombie bit really threw me.
[Courtney turns to Norman]paranorman-5
Courtney: Why did you have to go and get everyone involved in all your weird stuff?
Norman Babcock: Well, you weren’t supposed to follow me, were you!
Neil: Sorry, my fault. When I’m nervous I get mouth diarrhea.
Alvin: Woh! Diarrhea!


Courtney: Oh, my gosh! I think I’m having an aneurysm! Oh, this is so typical of you!
Norman Babcock: No! You don’t understand. I’m the only one who can stop this, Courtney!
Courtney: Oh, I understand! I understand that this is all getting completely out of…
[suddenly the zombie’s hand crashes through into the car from the roof top]
Courtney: Hands!
[everyone screams]
Neil: What do we do?! What do we do?! Mitch?!
Mitch: I don’t know! I don’t know!
Neil: You’re the oldest!
Mitch: Not mentally!


[as they are getting attacked by the lead zombie]
Courtney: Norman, how do we stop them?
Norman Babcock: I…I’m supposed to read from the book at the witch’s grave!
Neil: We gotta go back to the graveyard?!
Norman Babcock: She wasn’t buried with the others. I don’t know where else to look!
Courtney: Well, you better think of something quick!
Neil: Oh! Oh! I have an idea!


[as they are being pursued by the Sheriff whilst the zombie is attached to their van, Norman calls Salma]
Salma: So, Norman, let me get this straight. You guys all go on this big supernatural adventure, and you’re calling me in the middle of the night, because you need someone to help you do your homework?
Norman Babcock: Uh…yeah. Please! We need to find out where the witch is buried! I went to the old graveyard, her grave wasn’t there!
Salma: Well, duh! People found guilty of witchcraft weren’t considered people anymore. Norman, your witch was buried some place else. In an unmarked grave.


[back in the van, the zombie is now sat on the hood of their can, staring at them through the windscreen]
Courtney: Mitch, do something!
[the zombie seems to gets mesmerized by the windscreen wipers, then suddenly Neil screams as the detached zombies arm in his hand comes to life]


[as the high-speed car chase continues with the zombie latched onto the van, Salma continues her telephone conversation with Norman]
Salma: If you care to pay attention some of the time, you would know that we covered this in fifth grade history class.
[back in the car, Norman tries to pries off the zombies hand from Neil’s face]
Norman Babcock: Salma! Please hurry!
[Norman manages to get the zombie hand off Neil’s face, he throws it aside and the hand latches onto Mitch’s head]
Mitch: Oh, no!
[Mitch and Courtney scream and the car swerves frantically as Mitch manages to get the hand off of him and throws it behind him, landing on Alvin]


[back in the high-speeding van, Norman carries on his conversation with Salma over the phone]
Norman Babcock: You know, I would Google this myself if there wasn’t a three hundred year old dead guy trying to rip my face off!
Salma: Okay. Okay.
[reading from a website about the witch’s burial]
Salma: It says here she was tried in the Old Town Hall on Meade Street. There may be a record of her execution and burial in the archives.
[back in the van, Norman shouts to Courtney and Mitch]
Norman Babcock: Quick! She said go to the Town Hall!


[as Norman’s parents are driving back home from their dinner date]
Sandra Babcock: I really think it might help if you tried to see things from his point of view.
Perry Babcock: I don’t want to!
Sandra Babcock: Perry, not believing in the afterlife is like not believing in astrology.
Perry Babcock: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Seriously, where did you learn that?!
Sandra Babcock: Calm down.
[suddenly Mitch’s van speeds by past them, crashing into them and causing their car to swerve and stop, Perry gets out of the car and shouts in anger]
Perry Babcock: Delinquent drivers! Where are the police when you need ’em?!
[suddenly the Sheriff’s motorcycle crashed into their car, causing the Sheriff to land on top of Perry, knocking him out]


[as the zombie manages to enter inside the van, the van veers off the main road, rolls down an embankment, and miraculously lands in a parking space without hurting anybody]
Mitch: Oh, my gosh! I’m gonna be sick!
[Alvin holds on to the zombie’s arm as he gets out of the van]
Alvin: Yeah! Alvin the zombie slayer!
[suddenly the arm tries to grab Alvin again]
Alvin: Ow!
[Alvin drops the arm and the zombie arm runs off using it’s fingers]
Mitch: Baby, I’m so sorry. You’ll be alright. We’re gonna get through this together.
[Courtney turns and smiles, thinking that Mitch is talking to her, but then sees Mitch walking towards his van and the van suddenly falls apart]


[as Norman notices the clouds in the sky getting darker and weirder]
Norman Babcock: Uh-oh! Come on!
Neil: Oh, yeah!
[Neil, Alvin and Mitch follow Norman]
Courtney: Great. Now the geeks are in charge.
[she follows after them]


[back in town the seven Zombies have regrouped and they run across various townspeople and are frightened by their 21st century ways]
Blithe Hollow Townperson: See! I told you! Zombies! It’s the witch’s curse!
Blithe Hollow Kid: Mama?!
Blithe Hollow Townperson: What?!
Blithe Hollow Townperson: What shall we do?
[one of the townspeople taker a gun and shouts]
Blithe Hollow Townperson: Kill them in the head!
[suddenly the townspeople start attacking the zombies]


[as they reach the town]
Norman Babcock: Hurry, this way!
[they come across the townspeople attacking the zombies]
Courtney: Oh, this is awful! The zombies are like eating everyone!
[Norman sees the sign for the Town Hall]
Norman Babcock: Come on!
[Norman runs on and the others follow after him finally reaching the Town Hall]
Norman Babcock: Is everyone alright? Nobody got bitten?
Neil: I bit my tongue. Does that count?
[Norman tries to open the Town Hall door but it’s locked, he turns to the others]
Norman Babcock: Does anyone know how to pick a lock?
[everyone turns and looks at Alvin]
Alvin: Sure! Picking locks is my thing.
[Alvin picks up a sign, throws it at the door, breaks the glass and puts his hand inside and unlocks the door]
Alvin: Boom!


[inside the Town Hall, Norman finds the Hall of Records]
Norman Babcock: This is it!
Neil: This is?!
Norman Babcock: Now we can find out where the witch was buried.
[Norman opens the doors to the Hall of Records]
Norman Babcock: Uh-oh.
[they see the room is filled with thousands of records]
Mitch: Woh!
Courtney: Great. I’m super psyched. This is turning into the most fun date ever!
Alvin: Man! Zombies take over the world and we lock ourselves in a library?! Are you kidding me?! There’s an adult video store across the street.
Neil: This will be a piece of cake, you’ll see.


[Neil reads from one of the books he’s picked up]
Neil: Page…one. Okay, page one.
Mitch: I really hate…books.
[Mitch picks up some books and starts doing weights with them, Norman starts looking through some books]
Norman Babcock: Come on! Oh, this is not it! Time is running out.


[as Norman’s parents drive the Sheriff into the town]
Sheriff Hooper: Would have been a quite night too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids. Hmm!
[suddenly she notices that all the townspeople have gone nuts are rioting]
Sheriff Hooper: Sweet baby Jesus!
[Perry stops the car in the middle of the riot, the Sheriff gets out and grabs the gun form an old woman as she’s shooting it]
Sheriff Hooper: What do you think you’re doing firing at civilians! That is for the Police to do!
Deputy Dwayne: No, no, no! It’s okay, Sheriff. We’ve only been shooting at the dead ones. It’s the living dead come to take us all to hell! We’ve gotta stop them before they get away!


[as the rioting continues in town, Norman and the others are having no luck finding the Witch’s burial information]
Courtney: We’re not gonna find it in here, Norman! This is useless!
Alvin: Yeah, I know. And it’s also really boring.
Mitch: I thought I was driving the van. No one told me I was gonna have to do this other dumb stuff.paranorman-6
Norman Babcock: If I’d known there was so much reading involved, I would have brought a completely different group of people that hate me.
[suddenly Neil bursts through from under a pile of papers]
Neil: Yes! Book number one finished! That is right. Twenty six pages. Oh, yeah!
[everyone sighs in dismay at they look at Neil]


Courtney: I can’t believe this is your plan. I’m gonna get bitten and start eating people’s brains. I’m supposed to be vegan!
[Mitch hears a noise coming from outside and opens the door]
Mitch: Guys! There’s something moving out there. I think it’s the zombies.
[Alvin screams]
Alvin: Hide!
Mitch: Oh, no, it’ not. It’s just grownups.
[Alvin screams even louder]
Alvin: Hide!
[the townspeople start attacking the Town Hall]
Mitch: That sound, you know what that is? That’s not awesome things.


[as they hear the townspeople breaking into the Town Hall]
Norman Babcock: Guys! Come on!
Alvin: Just give it up, you weaner!
Norman Babcock: No! We have to keep trying!
Courtney: Oh, we tried! And look what happened! I’m scared, Norman, and I can’t listen to this anymore.
Norman Babcock: You never listen. No one ever listens! I’m scared too, but I’ve still gotta do this!
Courtney: I do too listen! Whatever it was you just said, it’s not working. You think you’re gonna go out there, you’re gonna do your talking to the dead thing and this is all gonna be okay?! It’s uh…! What are you gonna do, huh?! Ask the zombies not to eat you?
Norman Babcock: I should have known you wouldn’t understand. No one ever does!


Courtney: Norman, you need to stop all this weird stuff and start living in the real world.
Norman Babcock: Everyone in the real world thinks I’m a freak! And you know what? Maybe they’re right, maybe I am a freak! But I never asked for your help! Just go! Get out!
Mitch: Jeez! That was dramatic.
[to the others]
Courtney: Oh, come on!
[Courtney turns and walks out, Alvin follows her, Mitch grabs Neil’s arm to take him]
Neil: I’m not going anywhere. You can’t make me.
[Mitch picks up Neil and carries him out under his arm]
Mitch: Dude, you’re really heavy.
Neil: I’m not speaking to you and you can’t make me.
[Norman is left all on his own in Hall of Records]


[as they move towards the doors, they hear the townspeople outside trying to break in]
Courtney: Um…excuse me? Hello?
[suddenly the townspeople break through the windows, one of them grabs Neil, he turns to the other townspeople]
Blithe Hollow Townperson: They’re in there alright! I can feel its clammy flesh!


[Norman hears a noise as the zombies break into the Hall of Records]
Norman Babcock: Hello?
[he sees the zombies coming towards him and grabs Prenderghast’s book and makes a run for it]
Norman Babcock: Help! Somebody help me!
[Norman runs onto the building’s roof and starts climbing the rickety ladder leading to the Town Hall’s tower]


[On the ground, Norman’s parents look around them as the rioting gets worse]
Sandra Babcock: Oh, my gosh! Do you think that it’s got anything to do with Norman?
Perry Babcock: Of course not!
[they see Norman climbing the Town Hall tower as dark, swirling, evil clouds appear over the town square]
Blithe Hollow Townperson: Everyone, look!
Sandra Babcock: Perry! It’s Norman!
[Perry shouts]
Perry Babcock: Norman! Get down from there this instant! You’re supposed to be grounded!
[suddenly a witch-like face materializes within clouds, Norman looks shouts at it]
Norman Babcock: Is this what you want?


[as the witch-like face appears in the clouds, Norman recites the fairy tale story from Prenderghast’s book]
Norman Babcock: Once upon a time, in a…in a far off land, there was a king and a queen in a magnificent castle.
[the witch starts doing a cackling laughter]
Norman Babcock: Why won’t you listen to me?! Why are you doing this?
[the witch produces green lightning bolts which hit the leather-bound book in Norman’s hands, frying it, Norman, gripping the book, screams as he falls from the tower]


[after falling from the tower, Norman finds himself transported to a vision from the past, where the seven puritan pilgrims are alive and acting as a judge over an accused witch]
The Judge: Agatha Prenderghast, of his majesty’s province of Massachusetts. On this day you have been arraigned for the horrible crime of witchcraft, witnessed by those whose testimonies have been heard. You have, by this court, been found guilty!
Norman Babcock: No!
The Judge: And it is passed on you, according to your grievous crimes, execution!


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