ParaNorman Quotes: Creative, Clever and Funny

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Directed by:
Chris Butler
Sam Fell
Written by: Chris Butler
Kodi Smit-McPhee – Norman Babcock (voice)
Tucker Albrizzi – Neil (voice)
Anna Kendrick – Courtney (voice)
Casey Affleck – Mitch (voice)
Christopher Mintz-Plasse – Alvin (voice)
Leslie Mann – Sandra Babcock (voice)
Jeff Garlin – Perry Babcock (voice)
Elaine Stritch – Grandma (voice)
Bernard Hill – The Judge (voice)
Jodelle Ferland – Aggie (voice)
Tempestt Bledsoe – Sheriff Hooper (voice)
Alex Borstein – Mrs. Henscher (voice)
John Goodman – Mr. Prenderghast (voice)
Hannah Noyes – Salma (voice)


This touching and creative animation follows the story of a lonely boy named Norman Babcock who is able to speak with the dead and due to this unique and strange gift he is treated like a freak by his family and peers until he meets a boy at school, Neil, who is also bullied due to his weight.

Then Norman gets a decree from his eccentric uncle that he must use his gift to save the town from the ghost of a powerful witch which takes him on the journey of finding his true purpose, acceptance of others and forgiveness.

Verdict: ParaNorman quotes offer a very familiar narrative of the outcast turned unlikely hero and along the way learning his own self-worth. It’s creepy, funny and touching in all the right places and although the story may be predictable it’s well played out and thoroughly engaging.

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[first lines; Norman is watching a ’70s zombie movie in his family room while his Grandmother is watching him]
Grandma: What’s happening now?
Norman Babcock: Well, the zombie is eating her head, Grandma.
Grandma: That’s not very nice. What’s he doing that for?
Norman Babcock: Cause he’s a zombie, it’s what they do.
Grandma: He’s gonna ruin his dinner. I’m sure if they just bothered to sit down and talk it through, it’d be a different story.
[Norman’s dad opens the family room door and calls to Norman]
Perry Babcock: Norman, didn’t I tell you to take out the garbage?
Norman Babcock: Yeah, coming, dad!
Grandma: Tell him to turn up the thermostat too, will you? My feet are like ice.


[as Perry enters the kitchen to take out the garbage]
Sandra Babcock: Hi, what you watchin’ in there?
Norman Babcock: Sex and violence.
Sandra Babcock: Oh, that’s nice.
Perry Babcock: Can’t you be like other kids your age and pitch a tent in the yard or have healthy interest in carpentry?
Sandra Babcock: Perry!
Norman Babcock: I thought you said kids my age were too busy shoplifting and joy riding.


[Norman returns to the kitchen after taking out the garbage]
Norman Babcock: Hey, uh…dad? Grandma says can you turn up the heating? Her feet are cold.
Sandra Babcock: Now, Perry…
Perry Babcock: How many times do we have to go through this, son?
[suddenly he shouts]
Perry Babcock: Your Grandmother is dead!
Norman Babcock: I know.
Perry Babcock: Then why do you keep on talking to her?
Norman Babcock: Because she talks back.
Courtney: OMG! You are such a liar!
Norman Babcock: God, I’m not making this up! I swear! She talks to me all the time!
Courtney: Oh, yeah? Prove it.
Norman Babcock: She said, it’s not very ladylike to hide photos of the high school Quarterback with his shirt off in your underwear drawer.
Courtney: Haa! I knew it! You’ve been sneaking around in my personal…
[Courtney screams in anger]
Norman Babcock: No, I haven’t. Grandma told me.
Courtney: You are the worst!
[Courtney turns in anger and walks off]


Sandra Babcock: Norman, I know you and Grandma were very close. But we all have to move on. Grandma’s in a better place now.
Norman Babcock: No, she’s not. She’s in the living room.
Perry Babcock: You’re Grandmother was old and sick and she died. That’s all there is to it!
Sandra Babcock: Okay. Perry, this is just part of the mourning process.
Perry Babcock: Oh, stop indulging him! I’m nothing if I’m not liberal, but that limp wristed hippy garbage needs to be nipped in the bud!
[Norman feeling dejected starts walking off as his parents continue to argue over him]


[he can still hear his parents shouting as he sits in his room]
Perry Babcock: This behavior might be okay with your side of the family, but I’m not putting up with it anymore! Not me!
Sandra Babcock: Oh, not this again!
Perry Babcock: This isn’t the West Coast, Sandra! People talk! They do!
Sandra Babcock: He’s just sensitive, Perry.
Perry Babcock: Oh, please! Sensitive is writing poetry and being lousy at team sports, not this! I won’t have him turn out like uncle of yours. If that crazy old tramp has been around here putting ideas in Norman’s head…!
Sandra Babcock: Perry, no one’s had anything to do with Uncle Prenderghast in years. I bet he doesn’t even know what Norman looks like.


[at the same time that Norman’s parents are arguing over him, we see Uncle Prenderghast looking and photos of Norman and muttering to himself]
Mr. Prenderghast: Not much time. Not much time.


[next morning Norman gets ready for school with his various zombie-themed appliances, he then goes down to the living room where he sees his grandmother’s spirit sitting on the couch, he waves goodbye, as he leaves Courtney peaks into the room and sees nothing, Norman then walks to school exchanging hello’s with various dead spirits that we can’t see]
Norman Babcock: Good morning!
[he walks on and talks to another spirit]paranorman-1
Norman Babcock: Hey, Bruce, how’s it going?
[carries on walking and sees another spirit]
Norman Babcock: Not much. I’m kind of late for school. I need to go.
[as continues walking he runs into more spirits]
Norman Babcock: Hi, nice to see you guys!
[keeps passing dead spirits]
Norman Babcock: Good morning. Sorry, I’ve gotta run.
[as he starts to run he runs into another spirit]
Norman Babcock: Oh, excuse me! Pardon me! See ya!
[just then a man walks past Norman and gives him a look and Norman avoids eye contact and quickly walks on]


[as he continues to walk to school we then get to see what Norman sees, all the dead spirits floating around in the streets]
Norman Babcock: Hi, Mrs. Harmon. You look nice today. I like what you’ve done with your hair.
Hair Dryer Ghost: Does anyone smell burning?
[Norman passes the ghost of a floating hippy]
Hippy Ghost: Hey! Peace, man!
Norman Babcock: Totally!
[he passes the ghost of Civil War veteran on his horse]
Civil War Ghost: As you were, Soldier.
Norman Babcock: Sir. Yes, sir.


[Norman then passes the spirit of a 1960’s Greaser]
Greaser Ghost: Yoh, Norman! Playing hooky?
Norman Babcock: No, no! I’m just late for school. Sorry, I gotta go.
[he passes a spirit of a gangster]
Norman Babcock: How you doing?
Slob Guy: Hey! How you doin’?
[he then passes the spirit of a lady parachutist hanging from the tree]
Norman Babcock: Hi! How’s it hanging?
Parachutist Ghost: Oh, haven’t heard that one before.


[as Norman arrives at school we see he’s an outcast and the other students avoid him, when he gets to his locker he sees the word ‘FREAK’ written on it, he opens his locker and gets a cloth to wipe the word off, just then he notices another kid across the hallway is wiping off the word ‘FATTY’ from his locker, then the school bullies come up to Norman]
Alvin: Hey! Hey, ghost jerk, you know what?
Norman Babcock: What do you want, Alvin?
Alvin: Why don’t you see some more ghosts? Goober!
[Alvin’s gang laughs]
Alvin: Hey. Hey, Norman…
[Alvin squats the fly buzzing around them against a locker and kills it]
Alvin: Talk to that!
[his gang laughs again]
Alvin: Oh! That’s so Alvin! Right?
[turning to his gang of friends]
Alvin: That was good, right?
[he then pushes Norman out of the way and starts walking off with his gang]
Norman Babcock: Flies don’t talk.


[in drama class we see the drama teacher shouting at the children, who are all dressed up in costume]
Mrs. Henscher: Ah! You stink of illiteracy! Pilgrims! Don’t any of your know anything about the history of this town?!
[Mrs. Henscher lets out a frustrated sigh]
Mrs. Henscher: Puritans were strict and devout settlers who came here to bloom. A place without sin!
[one of the students, dressed in a stereotypical witch’s costume, puts up her hand up]
Mrs. Henscher: Oh, what is it now, Salma?
Salma: Why is the witch always a hideous old crow with a pointy hat and a broomstick? I don’t believe it’s historically accurate, Mrs. Henscher.
Mrs. Henscher: It’s not supposed to be! It’s supposed to sell postcards and keychains. So, let’s try it again! Top of page six, Norman!


[Norman, who’s dressed as a pilgrim, starts reading from his script]
Norman Babcock: The founding fathers of Blithe Hollow discovered and evil witch amongst them…
Mrs. Henscher: No! No, Norman! With gusto! Like this!
[she starts saying the lines over dramatically]
Mrs. Henscher: They put her on trial and hanged her! But the vengeful witch cursed her accusers, seven of them in all, to die a horrible and gruesome death and rise from their graves as the living dead! Their souls…their souls doomed to an eternity of damnation!
[Norman looks at her not sure what to do]


Mrs. Henscher: Now, I want you to try that again, but with conviction! My reputation is at stake here, and I won’t have this turn out like that wretched…
[at that moment Norman starts seeing the class-stage begin to burn and ghostly faces appear all around him, then Mrs. Henscher yells at him]
Mrs. Henscher: Norman! Are you listening to me, boy?!
[the other kids laugh at Norman]
Norman Babcock: Sorry, Mrs. Henscher.
Mrs. Henscher: So am I. Now, unless there’s any other issues, let us resume. They put her on trial and hanged her.
[just then Alvin sneaks up behind Norman and ties a rope round Alvin and Neil’s tree costume]
Neil: Ooh, this is my moment.
[as Neil steps forward, Norman gets pulled by the rope around him and falls over, the other kids laugh again with Mrs. Henscher screaming at them]


[Neil runs up to Norman as he walks home]paranorman-2
Neil: Norman, wait up!
Norman Babcock: I keep telling you, Neil, I…I like to be alone.
Neil: So do I! Let’s do it together!
[Norman doesn’t answer; referring to Alvin and his gang of bullies]
Neil: You shouldn’t let them get you down. They always do stuff like that to me,
Norman Babcock: Why?
Neil: Because I’m fat, and my allergies make my eyes leak, and I sweat when I walk too fast, and I have a lunch box with a kitten on it. Ooh, and I have irritable bowel syndrome. I guess there’s a whole bunch of stuff.
Norman Babcock: Doesn’t it bother you?
Neil: Nah. You can’t stop bullying, it’s part of human nature. If you were bigger and more stupid, you’d probably be a bully too. It’s called, survival of the thickest.


[as they continue to walk home, they pass a bronze statue of a witch]
Mr. Prenderghast: Psst!
[whispering to Norman]
Neil: That statue just psst at us!
[they see a man hiding behind the statue]
Mr. Prenderghast: Do you know who I am?
Neil: The weird stinky old bum, who lives up the hill?
Mr. Prenderghast: I was asking him!
[points to Norman]


Norman Babcock: Yeah. I know. I was told not to talk to you. Sorry.
Mr. Prenderghast: You know why you’re not supposed to talk to me?
[Norman shakes his head]
Mr. Prenderghast: I can see ghosts too! And I know that’s not all you’ve been seeing lately, is it? Bad omens, things you can’t quite explain. Strange faces appearing through the veil! And I’ll bet no one told you about the witch’s curse, did they?
[he takes Norman closer to the witch’s statue]
Norman Babcock: Actually, we’re learning about it in school.
Neil: Ooh! Ooh! I’m a tree!
[Prenderghast sighs with frustration]


Mr. Prenderghast: There’s something you really need to know. It’s the most important thing you will ever hear! The fate of everyone depends on it. Now listen close, the witch’s curse is real and you’re the one who has to stop it! You’ve gotta use your gift…of talking to the dead!
[suddenly Prenderghast starts coughing]
Mr. Prenderghast: Because if you don’t, the witch will…paranorman-3
[he carries on coughing and choking]
Mr. Prenderghast: Oh! Oh! This is the most…you’ve gotta…
[he coughs again]
Mr. Prenderghast: You’ve gotta…you’ve…
[he keeps choking and coughing, suddenly Neil throws something hard at his face]
Neil: Leave him alone!


[Prenderghast turns in anger at Neil]
Neil: Don’t make me throw this humus! It’s spicy!
[Prenderghast moves back in fear and turns to Norman]
Mr. Prenderghast: This ain’t done with. You’ll see it soon enough. Watch for the sign.
[he laughs then turns and goes away]
Neil: Jeez, what a dirty old creep?
Norman Babcock: He’s my uncle.
[Norman turns and starts to walk off]


Neil: So, is it true?
Norman Babcock: What?
Neil: Can you see ghosts, like, everywhere, all the time?
Norman Babcock: Uh…yeah.
Neil: Awesome! Ooh! Ooh! Do you think you could see my dog, Pug? He was ran over by an animal rescue van. Tragic and ironic. We buried him in the yard. Could you see him?
Norman Babcock: Maybe.
Neil: Sweet! Come on!


[as Neil takes Norman over to his house, Neil’s older brother is in the driveway, changing oil in his van]
Mitch: Neil, is that you?
Neil: Hey, Mitch. We’re gonna go play with the dead dog in the garden, and we’re not even gonna have to dig him out first.
[Mitch hits head on the car as comes up from underneath it]
Mitch: What?! What did you say?
[Mitch notices Norman and says quietly to Neil]
Mitch: Neil, isn’t he that weird kid? You know?
[mocking Norman]
Mitch: Look at me, ooh! I’m talking to ghosts so people will pay attention to me!
Neil: Can you stop doing that? It’s kind of stupid.
Mitch: Now, listen to me. You don’t need to be hanging out with weird people, okay? That’s a tip.
Neil: Don’t blow this for me, Mitch. This one’s not weird. He talks to dead people.
[Neil turns and takes Norman to his backyard]


[Neil takes Norman to his backyard where hid dog is buried]
Neil: He’s around here somewhere. So, does everyone come back as a ghost?
Norman Babcock: No. My Grandma told me it’s usually people who still have stuff to figure out, or sometimes it’s the ones who died suddenly or in a bad way.
[suddenly Norman hears a dog barking]
Norman Babcock: Pug?
Neil: Is he there? How does he look?
[Norman sees that the dog’s body is split in half]
Norman Babcock: Uh…good. He’s happy to see you.


[to the spirit of his dead dog]
Neil: Who’s a good boy, huh? Good boy!
[the dog’s spirit keeps barking in excitement and running towards Neil, who can’t see him]
Neil: Can he feel if I pet him?
Norman Babcock: Yeah, I guess.
[Neil turns and starts kissing where he thinks his dog’s chin is]
Norman Babcock: Uh…that’s not his chin.
[we see Neil has been kissing his dog’s butt, Neil then picks up a stick and throws it for his dog to fetch]
Neil: Go fetch it!
Norman Babcock: He can’t fetch it, you know?
Neil: Yeah, well, it’s still fun.


[Neil keeps playing fetch with his dead dog and Norma sits to watch them]
Neil: Go get it, Bob! Good boy!
[Norman pick up the stick that Neil just threw for his dead dog]
Neil: Why don’t you try?
Norman Babcock: Actually, I don’t really…um…
[he holds the stick up so Neil can take it back]
Neil: No! No! It’s fun. Try it!
[Norman keeps holding the stick up for Neil to take]
Neil: No, I don’t want to.
Norman Babcock: You throw it.
Neil: No. it’s okay. You can throw it.
Norman Babcock: I don’t….
Neil: Come on, it’s really fun.


[Neil forces Norman to stand, Norman not sure what to do with the stick, turns to Neil]
Norman Babcock: Here, you go first.
Neil: No, you try it. I already went, like, fifty times.
Norman Babcock: Okay, what do I do?
Neil: You…you get the stick, you pull back and you throw it.
[Norman pulls back hard and throws the stick, knocking Neil down in the process]
Norman Babcock: Neil? Sorry!
[Neil sits up, holding a stick between his mouth]
Neil: I fetched stick.
[they both laugh]


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