By Felipe do Nascimento Machado (Rio de Janeiro)


The first film in the series, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, which was released in 2003 had a great cast, with a good interaction between the actors besides the movie fit in more than one genre: action, adventure, comedy and romance. The film also grossed at the box office worldwide about $ $654 million and ensured the continuation of the series. Even the following films had not been as good as the first maintained a standard and an increasing profit at the box office.

Compared to the first film, which focused more on Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, the following movies focused more on Captain Jack Sparrow due to the great development of the character and the excellent performance of Johnny Depp. But in the film Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge Captain Jack Sparrow appears visibly worn and note the fatigue so much of the character as an actor.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge past history tells a Jack making it appear that the film will be more focused on it, but that’s not what happens, because the story this well divided between the characters: Salazar, who was a Spanish officer and now seeks revenge against Jack Sparrow, Henry, who is the son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann and this looking for a way to release your father of the curse which he stuck the third movie, give young scientist Carina, Barbossa and Captain Jack Sparrow. The film comes down to the desire for revenge of Salazar, it’s also about Henry and search of Carina to achieve their goals. The film makes the public remember the early films through the return of some characters, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, and with new characters connected to the ancient, Henry and Carina.

The film shows at first Captain Jack Sparrow half fallen likely not mind feeling more like the great pirate who was, but this situation seems to change with the course of the film, is also shown: Salazar who was a Spanish officer who hunted vigorously pirates making it clear his hate for them and now seeks revenge against Sparrow on the pretext he was responsible for your current situation, Barbossa who apparently became an imposing figure among the pirates went to see their achievements and power threatened by Salazar that craves revenge , Henry seeks the help of Jack to find Poseidon’s Trident to free your father your curse and Carina that seeks to follow what you believe to be your father’s research, but due to the prejudices of the time ends up being accused of being a witch.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge although has some points related to the early films is not as good as them, but succeeded in getting fit the story. This series of films presented to the public a world of pirates with action and adventure in the midst of an ocean of countless ancient mythologies over the sea in a bygone era, and it hard to mind will be forgotten.

Rating: 5/5



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