Starring: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfeld, Ruby Rose, Alexis Knapp, Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee, Chrissie Fit, Kelley Jakle, Shelley Regner, Elizabeth Banks, Matt Lanter, John Lithgow, John Michael Higgins, Andy Allo



Musical comedy sequel directed by Trish Sie which follows the Bellas after the highs of winning the World Championships who are now graduated from college and out in the real world, they find themselves split apart and discovering there aren’t job prospects for making music with your mouth. But when they get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour, this group of awesome nerds will come together to make some music, and some questionable decisions, one last time.


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[referring to the Bellas]
Gail: They’ve graduated college, spread their wings and are attempting to fly. Hopefully not becoming the failures we expect them to be. Where are they now?


Chloe Beale: I feel really good about where I am right now. I’m trying to get into vet school. Fingers crossed.


[performing on the street]
Fat Amy: My name is Fat Amy Winehouse, so let’s cracking.


Beca: I quit my job.
Fat Amy: You got fired?
Beca: No, I quit. It’s fine.
[Amy goes to hug her]
Beca: Oh, come on. This is an overreaction.


Emily: Hey, Bellas.
Chloe Beale: So what do you want us to sing tonight? I brought this just in case.
[she holds up a paper cup which Beca knocks down]
Emily’s Friend: We didn’t invite you guys to sing, we invited you to watch.
Aubrey: Uh, excuse me?
Emily: I just thought that you guys were so busy with your awesome jobs and amazing lives.
Beca: I am actually.
Fat Amy: Yeah, that makes sense.
Beca: We all, we’re actually…


[referring to the new Bellas group]
Flo: They’re so bright and shiny.
Cynthia Rose: They look like they was all breast fed.


Chloe Beale: I would do anything to sing with you guys again. Anything!
[starts to breakdown]
Aubrey: You guys, every year the USO puts on this performance to support the troops in Europe. What if I could get us an invite? One last show together. Who’s with me?
Beca: Yeah, I’ve suddenly got a bunch of free time. So, hell, yeah!


Chicago: Welcome to Spain, Bellas.
Fat Amy: So this is the first base? Will we be going to second base with you guys?
Military Guy: That’s a no from me, so.


Chicago: [to the Bellas] On the tour we’ve got three bands.


Serenity: You guys just sing other people’s songs, right, like a cover band.
Emily: They’re trying to intimidate us. Let’s just do what we do.
Fat Amy: A reef off.


Beca: Guys, we’ve never competed against bands that actually have instruments. So what’s the plan?


Serenity: Oh, you guys just sing other people’s songs, like karaoke.
Aubrey: Karaoke, no, no, no, no.
Serenity: That’s so cute.


Chloe Beale: We like to keep it oral.


Beca: Is it weird that everybody is better at the one thing that we do than we are at that thing?


Calamity: I’m Calamity. This is Serenity, Veracity and Charity.
Fat Amy: If I joined your group I could be obesity.


John: Another day on stage for the Bellas. This is their big plummet.
Gail: Their fade out.
John: Into the nothingness.


John: They really do need to join the workforce.
Gail: Yes.


Beca: Are you sure about this?
Fat Amy: Have I ever let you down?
Beca: All the time.
Fat Amy: What?
Beca: You’re very unreliable. It’s like one of the hallmarks of your personality.
Fat Amy: You’re not remembering all the times I’ve been awesome.


Aubrey: Let’s all go finish this.
Beca: I love you awesome nerds!


Serenity: Try to have some dignity.
Fat Amy: Yeah, well, we don’t do anything with dignity, okay?


Emily: Alright, ladies, pick up your tits. We’re going to show them that we are not a joke.


Theo: My record label wants to sign one of the bands, but we don’t want the Bellas. We want you.
Beca: What? I can’t I’m part of the group.
Theo: Beca, it’s a big opportunity for you.


John Smith: I did not see this coming.


Chloe Beale: We’re family. We support each other.


Fat Amy: We’re like sister, Aubrey. It is Aubrey, isn’t it?


John Smith: Bye-bye, Bellas.
Gail: It really does feel like goodbye, John.


Fat Amy: Beca.
Beca: What are you doing? Don’t. If you cry I’m going to cry. Don’t make that face.
Fat Amy: I’m not doing it.
Beca: Don’t make a face.
Fat Amy: This is my regular face.

Total Quotes: 27


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