Starring: Andrea Riseborough, Christopher Abbott, Rossif Sutherland, Tuppence Middleton, Sean Bean, Jennifer Jason Leigh


Sci-fi horror written and directed by Brandon Cronenberg. The story follow Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough), a corporate agent who uses brain-implant technology to inhabit other people’s bodies, driving them to commit assassinations for the benefit of the company. While she has a special gift for the work, her experiences on these jobs have caused a dramatic change in her, and in her own life, she struggles to suppress violent memories and urges. As her mental strain intensifies, she begins to lose control, and soon she finds herself trapped in the mind of Colin Tate (Christopher Abbott), whose identity threatens to obliterate her own.


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Girder: You have a very special nature. One we’ve worked hard together to enroll.


Tasya Vos: Pull me out!


Girder: The results are normal. Anything you want to flag?
Tasya Vos: No. No, I’m fine.


Michael Vos: How was your trip?
Tasya Vos: Dull. Extraordinarily dull.


Girder: Our next contract is a big one. The target is the CEO of the largest operation in US. You’ll be binding to Colin Tate.


Corporate Technician: Interface is active and we’re full power.
Tasya Vos: Watch your levels this time.
Corporate Technician: You just make sure you pull the trigger on the way out.


Girder: After initial binding, you’ll be able be locked in, with no loss of control permitted during this performance. We can’t afford any mistakes on this one.


Corporate Technician: Ready?
Tasya Vos: One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten.
Girder: Good. Very good.


[after Tasya has binded with Colin]
Ava Parse: What’s with you today?
Colin Tate: What do you mean?


[as he approaches Parse]
Colin Tate: I’m in place.
John Parse: Can I help you?
[Tasya as Colin starts hitting Parse and points hi gun at him]
Girder: Finis this.
[Colin lowers his gun]
Girder: What are you doing?
Colin, Tasya: I can’t pull the trigger.


Colin Tate: I need to know. I need to know what she’s done to me.


Girder: He’s become a danger.


[pointing a gun at Michael]
Colin Tate: Where is she? Come out, or I’ll do it!


Girder: Sometimes, that small thought is all it takes to lose control.


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