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[Franklin walks through the front door of his house and Nancy confronts him]
Nancy Birch: Where have you been all this time?prisoners-12
[Franklin looks at her for a moment then sits on the stairs nearby, he takes off his glassed and looks at Nancy again; at the Dover’s house, Keller is sat alone in the living room when he hears knocking at the door, he opens the door to see Nancy and Franklin behind her]
Nancy Birch: What the hell were you thinking?!
[Keller looks over at Franklin accusingly, he steps outside onto the porch and closes the door]
Keller Dover: Did you tell anyone? Did you?
[Nancy and Franklin don’t answer indicating that they haven’t]
Nancy Birch: I want to see him.


[at the old apartment, the bathroom door opens and Nancy walks in, Jones is sat on the floor with a bloodied hood over his face and his hands tied to the sink pipe, Nancy takes off the hood, leans in closer and flinches when she sees Jones’ swollen and bloodied face]
Nancy Birch: Please help me. You could help me find my little girl. I’ve got a picture.
[she takes out a picture of Joy from her bag and holds it front of Jones]
Nancy Birch: See. That’s my baby. See her. Her name is Joy.
[Jones is silent and Nancy fights to keep back her tears, she takes out a small soft toy from her bag]
Nancy Birch: And um…this is her doll, she’s had since she was two because she’s afraid to sleep by herself. Please, tell me where my little girl is. Please, tell me where my little girl…
[Jones looks at his hands]


Nancy Birch: You’re gonna tell me. You’re gonna tell me.
[Nancy leans in closer and starts untying his hands from the pipe, then she looks at him and he says quietly]
Alex Jones: Help me. Help me.
[suddenly he pushes Nancy to the side and Nancy screams]
Franklin Birch: Nancy!
[Franklin, who’s been standing outside the bathroom in the little hallway quickly rushes in, Jones breaks through the window and tries to get out but Franklin grabs him, Keller rushes in and Jones uses a broken piece of glass to cut him, Keller smashes his hand against the wall and holds his wrist]
Keller Dover: Let it go. Let it go.
[Jones lets go of the piece of broken glass and it falls to the floor, Keller looks over at Nancy who’s crying]
Keller Dover: You untied him? Huh?


[after re-tying Jones’ up again, Keller sits across from him on the edge of the bath tub, he touches the cut on his chest that Jones did to him with the piece of glass]
Keller Dover: That was close.
[later we see Keller as he slices through a piece of plywood; at the Birch’s house Nancy is in the kitchen lost in thought when there’s a knock at their door, she opens the door and it’s Keller]prisoners-13
Nancy Birch: What is it? What happened?
Keller Dover: Get Franklin. I need to show you something.
[at the apartment, Keller, Franklin and Nancy approach the bathroom]
Nancy Birch: Did he say anything new?
Keller Dover: He will soon, you’ll see.


[they enter the bathroom and we see where the shower used to be is now a wooden cell]
Keller Dover: No light gets in. There’s barely enough room for him to sit down inside. The shower still works, but we control it from out here. I rigged the water heater, so it either comes out scalding or freezing. And uh…you talk to him through this.
[Keller points to a pipe jutting out of the wooden cell, he’s also stuck a picture of Anna and Joy the outside of the cell]
Keller Dover: That’s to remind us, in case we start feeling sorry for him.
[Nancy and Franklin look stunned]
Nancy Birch: My God.
Keller Dover: We can’t hurt him any more without killing him, so this is the only way.
Franklin Birch: Have you lost your mind, Keller?
Keller Dover: Do you have a better idea, Franklin? Do you? Go ahead, let him out if you want, I’m not gonna stop you. If that’s what you really want, you go ahead. You think someone’s looking out for our girls the way you’re looking out for him?
[Franklin looks away in anguish]
Franklin Birch: No.


Keller Dover: It’s been five days now and we’re running out of time.
Franklin Birch: You don’t even know it’s him.
Keller Dover: Yeah, I do.
Franklin Birch: No, you don’t.
Keller Dover: I do.
Franklin Birch: I know you, you don’t. Look, I want my baby back as much as you miss Anna. And despite what you think about me, I would die for my daughter. But this ain’t right. This has to stop.
Keller Dover: Well then you better get to work.
[he picks up a hammer]
Keller Dover: I’d start with that wall there.
[Keller walks over to Franklin hands him the hammer and walks off, Franklin enters the bathroom and looks over to Nancy]
Nancy Birch: Franklin, stop.
[Franklin starts prying one of the walls of the cell with the hammer]
Nancy Birch: Think of Joy.
[Franklin stops, takes a moment then drops the hammer and walks out of the bathroom]


[we see the man that the police are now looking for lurking outside the Birch’s house, inside the house Eliza is taking a bath and talking on the phone to Ralph]
Eliza Birch: I need to get out of this place, Ralph. Everything in this house just makes me want to throw up.
[the man is now inside the house walking up the stairs then moving down the hallway, he stops at the closed bathroom door listening to Eliza talking on the phone; outside Franklin and Nancy drive up and park in the driveway, Franklin looks over to Nancy]
Nancy Birch: We’re not gonna help kill him, but we won’t stop him either. Let him do what he needs to.
[she unbuckles her seat belt]
Nancy Birch: We don’t know about it anymore.
[Nancy gets out of the car and shuts the door, Franklin remains seated]


[inside the Birch’s house Nancy walks up the stairs and walks down the hallway, as she walks past Eliza closed bedroom door she stops and turns back]
Nancy Birch: Eliza? Eliza?
[Nancy knocks on the closed bathroom door and tries to open the door but it’s locked]
Nancy Birch: Eliza? Eliza, open the door?
[Franklin walks past Nancy by stops as he hears the panic in Nancy’s voice as she rattles the doorknob]
Nancy Birch: Eliza?
Franklin Birch: Is she in there?
[calling to Eliza]
Franklin Birch: Honey?
[as Eliza doesn’t answer, Franklin goes to break in the door]
Franklin Birch: Alright, get out of the way!
[suddenly Eliza opens the bathroom door]
Eliza Birch: Yeah, fuck you both! Next time you plan on leaving me here alone, maybe you could try at least telling me where you’re going.
[she pushes past them, enters her room and slams the door shut]


[we now see the man the police suspect break into the Dover’s house and walk up the stairs and enter one of the rooms, Grace who’s sleeping in her bed wakes when she hears a noise]
Grace Dover: Ralph?
[she sits up and whispers]
Grace Dover: Anna?
[she gets out bed]
Grace Dover: Anna?
[she starts walking over to Anna’s room]
Grace Dover: Anna?
[she enters Anna’s room and turns on the light, there’s no one in there]
Grace Dover: Anna?
[she hears the window to her bedroom open and walks back towards her room]
Grace Dover: Anna?


[Ralph appears from his room]
Ralph Dover: Mom?
[Grace keeps looking at the open window]
Grace Dover: Anna?
[Ralph turns on the bedroom light making Grace jump, she turns to look at him]
Ralph Dover: Mom?
Grace Dover: Anna…Anna was here.
Ralph Dover: Mom, it’s freezing in here.
Grace Dover: Anna…
[Grace starts looking agitated]
Ralph Dover: Mom. Hey, Mom? Mom, sit down. Sit down. Calm down.
[he makes Grace sit at the edge of the bed]
Ralph Dover: I gotta close the window.
[Ralph closes the window]


[later, Ralph stands outside Anna’s room as Grace talks to Loki]
Grace Dover: And she wasn’t here.
[she walks out of the Anna’s room and Loki follows her as she walks over to her room]
Grace Dover: And then I heard the sound from my room, and I…I came in and the window was open, and…and it wasn’t open before. And then…and then Ralph, he…he came in and he looked and uh…and um…
[Loki walks over to the now closed window]
Grace Dover: And then…then I don’t know. Aren’t you gonna write this down?
[Loki turns to look at her for a moment then takes out his notebook and pen and writes down ‘IN THE HOUSE’]
Grace Dover: The basement, I didn’t check the basement. We need to check the basement. I’ll show you. I’ll show you.
[Grace turns to lead the way, before following her Loki notices the bottle of pills by Grace’s bedside table and then follows Grace]


[Grace leads Loki down the basement stairs]
Grace Dover: The kids know they’re not allowed down here.
[Loki looks around the basement which is stacked with all of Keller’s tools and provisions]
Grace Dover: They’re not supposed to come down here, but I don’t know.
[Loki notices a half used bag of lye]
Grace Dover: My husband likes to be prepared for emergency.
Detective Loki: Where is your husband, Mrs. Dover?
Grace Dover: I was gonna ask you. He’s been out searching with the police for Anna. Which you should be doing right now.
Detective Loki: Does he always stay out this late?
Grace Dover: Yes, he stays out this late, when he’s looking for my daughter. Since my daughter’s been gone, yes.
Detective Loki: Shit.


[the next morning Loki follows Keller as he leaves home and drives to his old apartment, as Keller parks in a parking lot nearby and starts walking towards the apartment, Loki parks a little distance away to watch him, but a truck pulls up behind Loki and start honking its horn at Loki, this alerts Keller, he looks over and notices Loki’s car, he immediately makes a turn and enters a liquor store instead, Loki sits in his car waiting for Keller to leave the store]
Detective Loki: Come on, Mr. Dover.
[finally he sees Keller leave the store and start walking over towards Loki’s car]
Detective Loki: Shit.
[Keller takes a swig from the bottle of drink he’s just bought as he walks over to Loki’s car, when he approaches the car Loki rolls down his window and Keller leans down]
Keller Dover: Why are you following me?
Detective Loki: Get in the car.
[Keller walks over to the passenger side and gets into the car]


Keller Dover: Why are you following me?
Detective Loki: Where did you go just now?
Keller Dover: I parked at the liquor store, I have a bottle of liquor
[he holds up the bottle]
Keller Dover: You’re the shit-hot detective, work it out.
[he takes another slug from the bottle]
Detective Loki: I actually meant before that. You were uh…walking in the opposite direction, across the parking lot, towards Campello Street.
[Keller takes another slug from the bottle before answering]
Keller Dover: Yeah, well…I haven’t had a drink in nine and a half years. I figured if I walked around the parking lot for a while, by the time they’d open I might not want one that bad. And then uh…then I saw you, it sort of helped me make up mind.


Detective Loki: There’s a bag of lye in your basement, it’s half-empty. Your wife thinks you’ve been helping us…but we both know that’s not true.
Keller Dover: I used the lye to bury our dog last year. And helping the cops sounds better than “I’ve been driving aimlessly in my truck cause I don’t know what the fuck else to do.”
Detective Loki: Is that what you were doing last Saturday night?
Keller Dover: Probably. Am I a suspect?
Detective Loki: No, I’m only asking. I’m only asking because you assaulted a man who’s now missing.
[Keller looks at Loki]


Keller Dover: I heard about that. What happened? I thought you had him under surveillance.
Detective Loki: I’m…I’m…I’m gonna assume you’re asking because you have no idea.prisoners-14
Keller Dover: Yeah, well, I didn’t think it was something I could get away with.
Detective Loki: It’s not.
Keller Dover: Yeah, well, couldn’t be that he skipped town because the asshole is guilty. Oh, it couldn’t be that, right? Cause that would be your fault, right?
Detective Loki: Mr. Dover…
[Keller doesn’t answer]


Detective Loki: Mr. Dover.
Keller Dover: What?
Detective Loki: You need to take care of yourself and your wife, that’s the best thing you can do right now. That little girl is gonna need you when she comes home.
Keller Dover: Kids gone for more than a week have half as good a chance of being found. And after a month, almost none are not alive, alright? So, forgive me for doing everything I can to f…
Detective Loki: You know what? It hasn’t been a fucking week.
Keller Dover: You’re right.
Detective Loki: It hasn’t been a week!
Keller Dover: It’s day fucking six! Day six! And every day, she’s wondering why I’m not there to fucking rescue her!
Detective Loki: Alright.
Keller Dover: Do you understand that? Me, not you! Not you! But me! Every day!
Detective Loki: Alright.
Keller Dover: So, forgive me for not going home to have a good night’s rest!
[he begins repeatedly bashing his fist against the dashboard in anger]


Keller Dover: Now why don’t you look for my fucking daughter?! Mother fucking…!
Detective Loki: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey…
Keller Dover: Don’t follow me!
Detective Loki: …hey, hey, hey. Mr. Dover, Mr. Dover…
[Keller starts to calm down and opens the car door]
Detective Loki: Now you don’t think I’m gonna let you get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking, do you?
Keller Dover: I’m gonna walk. You look for my daughter.
[he gets out of the car and slams the door shut]


[Keller walks home in the snow finishing the bottle of drink and throwing it aside, he drops into bed with his clothes on and starts dreaming of Anna]
Anna Dover: Daddy. Daddy. Look, Daddy, we found it.
[Keller opens his eyes and sees Anna standing by the side of the bed holding out the red whistle in her hand]
Keller Dover: Where was it?
[Anna looks ahead and suddenly Keller wakes as he hears the sound of the whistle, he rises and sits at the edge of the bed breathing heavily]


[at the police station Loki is at his desk searching on his computer when he comes across a newspaper report of Keller’s father, a security guard at Graterford, committing suicide at home, he reads the article and finds the address is 234 Campello Street; later Keller walks to the apartment, he goes to the bathroom and faces the wooden cell, he turns on the hot water and we hear Jones screaming inside the cell as the hot water burns him, Keller turns off the water and waits, he hears Jones mumbling something]
Keller Dover: What are you saying? What? What?
[he tries to listen through the pipe as Jones continues to mumble something]
Keller Dover: You want out…? What?
[Jones mumbles again]
Keller Dover: Listen, I don’t understand. Just talk.
[Jones mumbles again]


Keller Dover: Come on, tell me where they are. Just fucking tell me. I’ll let you go home, if you tell me where they are.
[Jones’ mumbling becomes clearer]
Alex Jones: I just wanted to play… I just…I just…
Keller Dover: What the hell are you doing? Why are you making me do this?
[Keller goes to turn on the water but stops, instead he kneels down and starts praying]
Keller Dover: O my God, relying on your almighty power and infinite mercy and promises, I hope to obtain pardon for my sins.
[Loki drives over to the apartment and gets out of his car; inside, Keller hears the car door closing and goes over to the window and sees Loki walking towards the apartment]
Keller Dover: Fuck me.
[as he hears Loki trying to get in, Keller speaks into the pipe for Jones to hear]
Keller Dover: No…No noise. You shut up. You make any noise I’m gonna turn on that tap.
[Keller rushes down the stairs but hears Loki removing the board from one of the windows]


[Loki enters the apartment through the window, he looks around and comes across Keller lying on the floor, looking as though he’s been sleeping there all night, Loki nudges him with his foot]
Detective Loki: Hey, rise and shine.
[Keller flinches as Loki shines his flashlight onto his face, then he starts walking further into the apartment]
Detective Loki: I’m not gonna find some girls here, am I?
Keller Dover: Fuck you.
Detective Loki: What about Alex Jones?
Keller Dover: What about him? I came here to drink, I didn’t want to drink in front of my wife. Look, my father left me this building, alright?
Detective Loki: Mind giving me the tour?
[Keller stands and starts leading Loki up the stairs]
Detective Loki: Why didn’t you tell me about this place?
Keller Dover: I didn’t think it mattered.
Detective Loki: Everything matters.


[Keller walks through the hallway upstairs with Loki following behind him]
Keller Dover: It’s all pretty much like this. I’ll renovate soon.
Detective Loki: Yeah. Not as organized as your basement, huh?
[Keller walks further inside looking apprehensive]
Detective Loki: What’s up with all the survival gear in there?
Keller Dover: Pray for the best, prepare for the worst.
Detective Loki: I guess we agree there, yeah.


[Keller slowly makes his way round towards the hallway leading to the bathroom]
Detective Loki: Come on, hurry up.
[Loki stops to look around, Keller watches him with fear in his eyes, suddenly Loki’s phone rings]
Detective Loki: Shit.
[as Loki gets his phone he walks straight past the bathroom, not noticing it]
Detective Loki: Hello?
Check Out Girl: The guy that you were looking for was just here. He saw me watching and then ran.
Detective Loki: Did you get a plate?
[he listens to the check-out girl and takes out his notebook and pen]
Detective Loki: Yeah.
[he writes in his notebook as he listens]
Detective Loki: Yeah. Yep.
[Loki ends the call starts walking past Keller]
Detective Loki: Go home, Mr. Dover.
[Loki rushes past him and down the stairs, Keller breathes a sigh as he looks over to the bathroom]


[Loki goes over the suspect’s house and knocks on the door, inside the house a man opens the door]
Bob Taylor: Hi.
[Loki shows his badge]
Detective Loki: Morning.
[Loki looks at Taylor for a moment]
Detective Loki: Why did you run away from me the other night, man?
Bob Taylor: I’ve never seen you before. You sure you’re at the right house?
Detective Loki: You doing some shopping in the ValueMore lately?
Bob Taylor: Yeah. Why? Is it a crime to shop there? I can’t afford to buy suits from Brooks Brothers.
[Loki laughs and Taylor smiles]
Detective Loki: Uh…yeah, no. You bought children’s clothes.
Bob Taylor: Did I? Must have been in a hurry.


[Loki gives Taylor thoughtful look]
Detective Loki: Do you…do you have children?
Bob Taylor: I don’t…have…
[suddenly Taylor goes to slam the door but Loki stops him and pushes him back inside the house and slams him down to the ground, Loki cuffs Taylor’s hand and points his gun at Taylor’s head]
Detective Loki: Hey, you move, I put a bullet through your fucking head.
[Loki starts looking around the house and makes a phone call]
Detective Loki: This is 13-40, I need additional units for search 437 Carrol Street, possible kidnap victims on the premises.
[as Loki looks around we see mazes are drawn on the walls, Loki then finds a severed pig’s head in the kitchen sink]


[Loki looks into the other rooms and finds a locked door, he breaks the door and finds several locked crates spread all over the floor, he enters the room]
Detective Loki: Anna? Fucking…
[he touches one of the crates]
Detective Loki: Anna? Joy? Fuck.
[Loki places Taylor in his car, grabs a crowbar from the trunk ad runs back into the house, he opens one of the crates and finds blood-stained children’s clothes, as he picks up the material he finds snakes moving underneath and he flinches back, he opens another crate and finds more bloodied clothes with snakes on top of them]
Detective Loki: Aah, fuck!
[as he opens the other crates, the snakes start crawling all over the place, Loki then finds a homemade notebook in one of the crates with mazes drawn inside the pages]


[at the police station, Keller sits on a bench waiting as Loki is sat with Franklin and Nancy in one of the rooms]
Detective Loki: So we’ve taken photographs of some of the clothing found in the suspect’s house.
[Loki shows them the photos, Nancy starts crying as she recognizes the clothes, Keller sees Nancy walks past him down the corridor crying with Franklin following her]
Detective Loki: Mr. Dover?
[Keller doesn’t respond]
Detective Loki: Mr. Dover, is your wife here?
Keller Dover: She’s not coming.
Detective Loki: Okay, well, if you can’t make a positive ID on any of these photographs. I’m gonna need her to come in and take a look at them.


[Keller follows Loki into one of the rooms]
Detective Loki: Have a seat.
[Loki sits and Keller takes the seat next to him]
Keller Dover: So he confessed? He said he killed them?
Detective Loki: We’re hoping he was lying, but we haven’t found any bodies, Mr. Dover, but… The Birch’s just positively identified two pieces of clothing. So, I’m gonna need you to…I’m gonna need you to tell me if you recognize anything.
[Loki picks up one photo and shows it to Keller, he looks and shakes his head, Loki shows him another photo and Keller shakes his head again, Loki picks up another photo]
Keller Dover: No.
[Loki shows him a photo of bloodied socks]
Keller Dover: Not sure. I don’t know.
[Loki shows him another photo]
Keller Dover: No.


[Loki shows him a photo of a lone bloodied sock with a bunny face on it, Keller takes it as he recognizes it, his hands shaking]
Keller Dover: That’s…that’s her….
[Keller puts the photo down, then looks at Loki with tears in his eyes]
Keller Dover: That’s her sock.
[Loki nods his head]
Keller Dover: You…you wasted time. You wasted time following me.
[he slides the photo towards Loki and points to it]
Keller Dover: You let this happen.
[Keller rises and walks out of the room]


[Keller returns home and sees Grace is passed out in bed, he watches her for a moment before going to Anna’s room where Ralph is sat on her bed looking shocked, Keller goes over to the window and sees the news vans pulling up]
Keller Dover: Don’t talk to them.
[Ralph stands up and turns to face Keller]
Ralph Dover: Eliza told me they’re dead.
[there’s a moment’s pause]
Ralph Dover: Is it true?
Keller Dover: No.
Ralph Dover: No, she said they found their bloody clothes.
Keller Dover: Don’t you tell your mother that. Don’t you dare tell your mother that. Do you understand me?


[Keller walks over to Ralph]
Keller Dover: Now, I need you to listen to me. I need you to stay around the house for a couple days and you make sure she does not watch the news or when the paper comes, you just throw it the fuck away! Listen to me! We do not give up on your sister. We do not! I’m gonna find her, I’m gonna bring her home. We do not give up.
[Keller turns and starts to walk out of the room when Ralph replies in anger]
Ralph Dover: You’re gonna bring her home? She’s dead, you can’t do anything. You’ve been leaving me and Mom here while you…you’re going out and getting fucking drunk! You think I can’t smell it on you!
[suddenly Keller grabs Ralph and slams him into the wall]
Keller Dover: Shut up!
[Keller lets Ralph go and exits]


[at the police station, Loki and O’Malley watch Taylor through the two-way mirror sat in the observation room drawing mazes on pieces of paper]
Captain Richard O’Malley: How long has this Bob Taylor been working on this map?
Detective Loki: Three and a half hours.
Captain Richard O’Malley: And you think this is gonna lead you to the bodies? Cause I sure as shit don’t.
Detective Loki: Well, do me a favor, Captain, go fuck yourself. We weren’t getting anywhere questioning him.
[O’Malley walks over closer to the glass and looks at what Taylor is doing]
Captain Richard O’Malley: That looks more like a maze than a map.
Detective Loki: He’s got a thing for mazes.
Captain Richard O’Malley: I’m going home. Call me if something happens.
[O’Malley turns and exits the room]


[later Loki continues to watch Taylor through the two-way mirror and monitors as he draws the mazes in the observation room]
Detective Loki: Give me that card, Joe. The key card.
[Carter passes the card to Loki leaves and enters the observation room]
Detective Loki: Alright, it’s done now. Tell me what you’re drawing.
[Taylor doesn’t respond and continues drawing]
Detective Loki: You said you were drawing a map, it looks like a fucking puzzle. You tell me what you’re drawing.prisoners-15
[Taylor continues drawing the maze]
Detective Loki: Tell me what you’re drawing.
Bob Taylor: I can’t…
[suddenly Loki grabs hold of back of Taylor’s head]
Bob Taylor: I can’t.
Detective Loki: Yes, you can. Yes, you can.
[Loki smashes Taylor’s nose onto the table]


[Carter who’s watching through the monitor in the next room panics and gets up to go and stop Loki, he enters the room with another police officer as Loki continues to hold onto to Taylor’s neck]
Detective Loki: Yes, you can! Yes, you can! Yes, you can!
[Carter and the other officer drag Loki off of Taylor, in that same moment Taylor grabs the gun from the other police officer’s holster]
Detective Loki: Gun! Gun!
[Loki and Carter point their guns at Taylor]
Detective Loki: Bob! Bob, put the gun down!
[Taylor cries as he holds on to the gun]
Bob Taylor: Stop.
Detective Loki: Bob, put the gun down! Bob! Bob! Bob! Bob!
[Taylor places the gun into his mouth as he cries]
Detective Loki: No, no, no! No, no, no! No, no…!
[suddenly Taylor pulls the trigger, blows his brains out against the mirror and falls to the floor, there’s a shocked silence]
Detective Loki: Fuck.
[to Carter]
Detective Loki: Call a fucking RE!
[Loki looks dismayed and near to tears]


[Keller is sat on the bathroom floor of the old apartment praying, Jones, who’s still tied up in the wooden cell listen to him]
Keller Dover: Our Father, Who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name; Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we…as we for…
[Keller stops not being able to say the rest of the prayer; back at the police station Loki sits in the hallway as Taylor’s body is taken away, O’Malley comes up to Loki holding the piece of paper with the maze that Taylor had drawn]
Captain Richard O’Malley: He explained this before he ate the bullet?
[Loki takes the piece of paper]
Detective Loki: I’m sorry.
Captain Richard O’Malley: Fuck you’re sorry. Save it for the girl’s parents.
[O’Malley turns and walks off]


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