Prisoners Quotes: Emotionally Raw

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Directed by: Denis Villeneuve
Written by: Aaron Guzikowski
Hugh Jackman – Keller Dover
Jake Gyllenhaal – Detective Loki
Viola Davis – Nancy Birch
Maria Bello – Grace Dover
Terrence Howard – Franklin Birch
Melissa Leo – Holly Jones
Paul Dano – Alex Jones
Dylan Minnette – Ralph Dover
Zoe Borde – Eliza Birch
Erin Gerasimovich – Anna Dover
Kyla Drew Simmons – Joy Birch
Wayne Duvall – Captain Richard O’Malley
Len Cariou – Father Patrick Dunn
David Dastmalchian – Bob Taylor
Brad James – Officer Carter
Anthony Reynolds – Officer Wedge
Robert C. Treveiler – Forensics Guy
Sandra Ellis Lafferty – Mrs. Milland


Prisoners quotes are a haunting puzzle full of hidden layers that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The story follows the aftermath of the kidnapping of two young girls, one belonging to Keller and Grace Dover (Jackman and Bello), the other to Franklin and Nancy Birch (Howard and Davis).

The detective assigned to the investigation is Loki (Gyllenhaal) who relentlessly tries to find the clues that could lead to the whereabouts of the missing girls. Following the only lead left at the scene of the kidnapping, Loki arrests mentally handicapped Alex Jones (Dano), but due to a lack of evidence Loki is forced to release Jones. Feeling failed by the law, Keller captures Jones and takes matters into his own hands.

The script is an emotional ride full of depth and complexity taking the audience into many different paths. The two leads, Gyllenhaal and Jackman give their career best performances, and Dano is superb as the mysterious and unpredictable suspect.

The narrative is gritty with equal parts suspenseful and disturbing making the story tense and believable. There are no easy answers in this dark and brooding film which examines the horrors of child abduction and the moral ambiguity of the story raises the movie to a new level in this genre.

Verdict: If you’re looking for a feel good movie then stay well away from this, but if you’re looking for a dark engaging complex thriller where the plot raises complicated moral questions then this is the film for you.

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[first lines; we hear Keller saying a prayer while he and his son, Ralph, are stalking a deer in the woods]
Keller Dover: Our Father, Who art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name; Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power, and the glory is yours, now and forever. Amen.
[Keller watches as Ralph shoots the deer and gives him an approving pat on the shoulder]


[Keller drives them home in the truck]
Keller Dover: You know the most important thing your Grandpa ever taught me. Mm?
[he looks at Ralph and Ralph shakes his head]
Keller Dover: Be ready. Hurricane, flood, whatever it ends up being. No more food gets delivered to the grocery store, gas stations dry up. People just turn on each another and uh…all of a sudden all that stands between you and being dead is you.
[Ralph looks at Keller]
Keller Dover: I’m proud of you son. That was a nice shot.
[we see the dead body of the deer loaded in the back of the truck as they drive home]


[we see an old looking RV being driven through a suburban area and it drives past where Keller’s drive is parked outside their house; the Dover’s front door opens their young daughter, Anna, along with Grace Dover step out]
Grace Dover: Okay. Come on, hon. Oh, wait, wait, wait. I forgot something.
[Grace walks back up the front steps]
Grace Dover: Hold on a second, Anna.
[Anna walks towards the truck as Grace goes back into the house]
Anna Dover: Are we taking the truck?
[Ralph comes out of the house]
Ralph Dover: We’re going across the street you dope.
[Keller comes out and joins Anna]
Keller Dover: Come on.
[they start walking across the street when Grace walks out of the house]
Grace Dover: Hey, wait for your mother, please!
[to Keller]
Anna Dover: Give me a ride.
Keller Dover: Here.
[Keller picks Anna up and puts her on his shoulders]
Keller Dover: Oh, you’re getting heavy.


[as they walk across the street to the Birch’s house]prisoners-3
Ralph Dover: Um…Danny’s Dad said he’d sell me their old car. I got half of what I need saved from the summer, I thought maybe…
Keller Dover: Forget it. I’m barely getting enough carpentry work to keep up with the mortgage.
Ralph Dover: Well, why don’t you rent out Grandpa’s old apartment house?
Keller Dover: Like I keep telling your mother, it’s an old building. It would cost a fortune to fix it up.
[they walk silently towards the Birch’s house]


[as the Dover’s reach the Birch’s house, Anna rings the doorbell; inside the house Nancy calls out]
Nancy Birch: They’re here!
[she opens the door and Anna jumps into her arms and Nancy kisses her]
Grace Dover: Hello!
Nancy Birch: Happy Thanksgiving!
Grace Dover: Happy Thanksgiving!
[Grace embraces Nancy]
Nancy Birch: Oh, for God’s sake! Keller, get the hell in here!
[Anna is joined by the Birch’s daughter, Joy, they run inside when Franklin enters the living and playfully scares them]


[at the front door Nancy greets Keller and Ralph]
Nancy Birch: Keller, you bring that poor deer you shot?
Keller Dover: This one’s Ralph’s.
[to Ralph]
Nancy Birch: Well, you killed it, you take it into the kitchen.
Keller Dover: Thank you.
[Keller kisses Nancy on the cheek and he walks into the living room]
Nancy Birch: Happy Thanksgiving.
[as everyone walks into the living room we see the Birch’s oldest daughter, Eliza, coming down to join them]


[later in the Birch’s kitchen; to Grace, referring to the venison that’s been placed on the table]
Nancy Birch: Alright, you’re in charge of this. Us veterinarians make lousy butchers.
Grace Dover: No problem.
[in the dining room, Keller helps Franklin set up the dining table when Anna and Joy enter]
Anna Dover: Can I go outside with Joy?
Keller Dover: Uh…convince your brother to go with you and you can.
[Anna and Joy start walking away]


Grace Dover: And wear a hat, please. You’re just getting over a cold.
Nancy Birch: Joy, you wear a hat too.
[outside, Joy and Anna start running and playing with Eliza and Ralph walking behind them]
Eliza Birch: Did you feel bad for that deer when you shot it?
Ralph Dover: Do you feel bad for cows when you go to McDonald’s? That’s what my Dad says. And the deer, if they have too many babies and the babies starve anyway. You gotta keep the population down.
Eliza Birch: Right. Did your Dad say that too?
[Ralph nods]


[as they walk Ralph notices Anna and Joy hitting the old RV’s bumper that we had seen earlier, which is now parked on the side of the road]
Ralph Dover: Hey, get away from that thing! Come on, let’s go.
[to Joy as she continues hitting the bumper]
Eliza Birch: No.
Ralph Dover: I said, let’s go.
[Anna starts to climb a little ladder on the back of the RV]
Ralph Dover: Hey, hey, hey. Come on, let’s go.
[Ralph grabs Anna to pull her off the ladder]
Anna Dover: No. Let me…
Ralph Dover: Let’s go. Come on, come on, come on.
[Ralph pulls her off the ladder, as they all start to walks away Eliza hears music from the radio playing inside the RV]
Eliza Birch: Wait, did you hear that? Somebody’s in there.
Ralph Dover: Alright, I don’t feel like getting yelled at. Let’s go.
[Ralph gets hold of Anna’s hand and Eliza gets hold of Joy’s hand and they start walking away from the RV back towards the Birch’s house; inside the RV we see whoever is in there is watching the kids walk away through the back window]


[back the Birch’s, they all sit at the dinner table eating desert]
Franklin Birch: Now the school boards telling me there’s no money for the marching band uniforms. These kids are wearing the same uniforms they had when we went there, and they were old then. They’re marching right out of 1979.
[Franklin laughs; then we see Anna and Joy in Joy’s room looking at her pet hamster in its cage]
Anna Dover: Why isn’t he speaking to me?
Joy Birch: He doesn’t speak.
[to the hamster]
Joy Birch: Cutie pie.
[the hamster suddenly sticks it head out through the cage]
Joy Birch: Oh, my gosh!
Anna Dover: He’s fast. Woh. He’s so quick. Is that a slide?


[Keller, Grace, Franklin and Nancy are sat in the Birch’s living room]
Franklin Birch: Thank y’all. Thank y’all. I got a surprise.
[Franklin takes out his trumpet from its case]
Franklin Birch: And I am taking requests.
Grace Dover: Yes!
Keller Dover: No.
[they all laughs]
Franklin Birch: You gotta listen out for it, cause this is not easy.


[Anna and Joy enter the living room and Anna goes over to Grace and Keller]
Anna Dover: Mom. Mommy, can I take Joy to our house?
Grace Dover: Why?
Anna Dover: My red whistle. She’s gonna help me look for it.prisoners-2
Grace Dover: Oh, sweetheart, I think that whistle is long gone.
[Grace kisses Anna on her head]
Nancy Birch: What whistle?
Anna Dover: The emergency whistle Daddy gave me. I lost it…
[she thinks for a moment]
Anna Dover: A hundred and thirty-three days ago.
[Grace points to Keller and mouths the words ‘Just like her father’]


Franklin Birch: Well, if you wanna find a whistle, you have to whistle for it. So we’ll do Jingle Bells to find it.
[he starts whistling Jingles Bells tune, then carries on playing the tune on his trumpet and the girls join in by singing]
Anna and Joy: Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg! The Batmobile lost a wheel and the Joker got away! Yay!
[Grace and Nancy cheer and clap for them]
Grace Dover: Okay! Okay! You can go, alright? Just make sure you ask Ralph to go with you, please.
[Anna and Joy start to walk out of the living room]
Keller Dover: No looking in the basement.
Anna Dover: I won’t.
Keller Dover: Stay out of the basement.
[Anna and Joy leave]


[after the girls leave the room]
Franklin Birch: But I am requests, from your, Keller.
Keller Dover: From me?
Franklin Birch: Your day, your request.
Keller Dover: Oh. Uh…the piano.
[Keller and Franklin laugh]
Franklin Birch: No!
Grace Dover: No, no, no.
Franklin Birch: You all set?
Grace Dover: Wait, listen. He used to love this, but he used to dress like Springsteen
Franklin Birch: Really?
Keller Dover: I loved Springsteen, yeah.
Grace Dover: Do you remember ‘Jersey Girl’?
Franklin Birch: Well, I ain’t white…
Nancy Birch: Yeah!
Franklin Birch: And I like him too much. But I’m too drunk to cover The Boss.
[Franklin laughs]
Keller Dover: Thank you.


[turning to Nancy]
Franklin Birch: Honey, what else?
Nancy Birch: Um…nothing comes to mind, nothing.
Grace Dover: I know.
Keller Dover: What?
[referring to Keller]
Grace Dover: He actually loves the Star Spangled Banner. I know, I know. Sings it in the shower, so.
Keller Dover: I do not!
Grace Dover: Yes, you do!
[they both laugh]
Franklin Birch: I got you.
[Franklin starts playing the Banner on his trumpet, really badly and out of tune]


[later that day, Ralph and Eliza sit watching TV in basement when Keller walks down the stairs]
Keller Dover: Where are your sisters?
[Grace takes a couple of steps down the basement stairs]
Grace Dover: I can’t find them.
Keller Dover: Did you uh…did you go to the house with them?
Ralph Dover: No, what are you talking about?
Keller Dover: Really?prisoners-5
Ralph Dover: No.
Grace Dover: What? They were supposed to come down earlier and get you. They didn’t come get you?
Eliza Birch: No, we haven’t since we ate.
Keller Dover: It’s alright.
[Keller turns towards Grace]
Keller Dover: Don’t worry, they’re probably at our house.
[Keller and Grace start walking up the basement stairs]


[Keller walks across the street from the Birch’s house towards their own house and enters]
Keller Dover: Anna? Joy?
[Keller walks through the house looking for the girls]
Keller Dover: Anna? Girls?
[he enters Anna’s room but sees they’re not there, he then goes to the basement and turns on the light, but the girls aren’t there, he starts walking out and turns off the light]
Keller Dover: Girls!
[back at the Birch’s house, Ralph enters the kitchen after having a look for the girls outside]
Ralph Dover: They weren’t outside, it started raining.
Franklin Birch: Did you check over by the rear swing?
Ralph Dover: Yeah.
Franklin Birch: Well, they’re getting whooped when they get here. Sorry, Grace. I whoop kids.


[Keller returns to the Birch’s house]
Keller Dover: Are they here?
[he walks into the living room]
Grace Dover: No, they’re not here! They weren’t there?
Keller Dover: No, they’re not at the house.
[Franklin comes into the living from the kitchen]
Franklin Birch: Were they there?
Grace Dover: No, they’re not there.
Eliza Birch: But I checked the entire house, they’re not here.
[there’s a moments silence before Ralph realizes the last place they were playing at]
Ralph Dover: The…the RV.
Grace Dover: What RV?
Ralph Dover: Dad, there’s this RV and they were playing on it. There’s…we thought that there was someone inside.
Keller Dover: Where? Where was it? Show me.
[Ralph and Keller start walking out of the living room and Franklin follows them]


[to Franklin; as they walk out of the Birch’s house]
Keller Dover: Go that way, we’ll meet you at the other side.
[Keller and Ralph start running to the left of the street with Franklin running in the opposite direction]
Keller Dover: Anna?
[as Keller and Ralph run down the street they notice a neighbor standing on his porch]
Keller Dover: Paul, seen my daughter walk by here?
Paul Brewer: No. You got a problem?
[Ralph and Keller carrying on running down the street]
Keller Dover: Anna?
[Ralph points to the now empty spot where the RV was parked]
Ralph Dover: Here! Dad, it was parked right here!
[Keller runs towards the house where the RV was parked outside of]
Keller Dover: Anna? Anna?
[he bangs on the front door]
Keller Dover: Hello? Hello?


Franklin Birch: Do you see ’em?
Ralph Dover: No!
[Keller bangs on the door of house again]
Keller Dover: Hello!
[no one answers, Franklin comes running from the other direction]
Franklin Birch: I couldn’t find them!
Keller Dover: Were you messing around in this house?
Ralph Dover: No!
Keller Dover: I told you not to come here.
Ralph Dover: We weren’t! They were just on the RV, we go ’em off of it.
Keller Dover: Tell me everything you can remember about that RV.
[Keller gets his cell phone out to make a call]
Ralph Dover: Uh…there was a ladder on the back.
Keller Dover: Wait.
[on the phone]
Keller Dover: Police, please.


[Detective Loki is sat in a Chinese restaurant eating when a waitress walks over to his table to pour him more coffee and give him his check]
Chinese Waitress: Happy thanksgiving.
Detective Loki: Thanks. Do you have any of those um…fortune cookie things?
Chinese Waitress: My boss told me cops don’t like fortune cookies.
Detective Loki: What year were you born in? Were you a dragon, or a snake, or a horse…
Chinese Waitress: I’m a monkey.
Detective Loki: Oh, you’re a monkey.
[he looks down at the paper with all the Chinese year animal explanations]
Detective Loki: You’re very intelligent, and you have an ability to influence people. Maybe you could influence your boss to lower the check a little bit.
[the waitress laughs]
Chinese Waitress: No, I cannot. My boss is a rooster.
[the waitress walks away]


[Loki reads the description for rooster; to himself]
Detective Loki: So he’s selfish and eccentric. That’s…
[at that moment his cell phone starts buzzing; Loki starts walking towards his car and listens to the police radio]
Police Radio: All units, all units, an RV was reported matching the description. The vehicle was parked at a rest stop off of Route 26, northbound, past exit 17. Any available units?
Cop #1: [voice] This is 12-12, responding.
Cop #1: [voice] 10-80 responding.
[Loki responds to the radio call]
Detective Loki: This is 13-40, I’m five minutes out. Call in all respond units.


[Loki finds the RV parked close to a gas station near the woods, two other police officers arrive on the scene and they all get out of their car and approach the RV; inside the RV a man sits at the driver’s seat and notices Loki and the police officers approaching her starts the RV and starts to reverse quickly, Loki gets his gun out]
Detective Loki: Hey!
[to the other police officers]
Detective Loki: Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!
[the driver of the RV attempts to drive off, but he crashes the RV into a tree nearby, Loki and the officers approach the RV with their guns pointed]
Detective Loki: I got this side, take the right.
[Loki finds the driver’s seat empty]
Detective Loki: Clear!
[the officers find the passenger seat empty]
Police Officer: Clear!


[one of the officers goes to open the RV’s side door]
Detective Loki: Alright. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I got this.
[the officer opens the door and Loki steps inside the RV, he looks around the RV pointing his flashlight around and sees someone hiding behind the curtained area of the RV]
Detective Loki: Hey. Hey. I see you in there. Show me both your hands, right now. Hey! I see you in there. Show me your hands!
[the man slowly shows one hand through the curtain]
Detective Loki: Both hands, right now.
[the man starts showing both hands through the curtain]
Detective Loki: That’s it, slow. Slow. Slow! Slow. Slowly, both hands. Both fucking hands!
[the man sticks both hands out throw the curtain]


[Loki, with the other officers behind him, drag the man, Alex Jones, away from the RV with his hands cuffed behind his back]
Detective Loki: Walk! Walk!
[Jones struggles and falls]
Detective Loki: Get up! Get up!
[Loki tries to pull him]
Detective Loki: Get up!
[Jones rises and Loki shoves him forward]
Detective Loki: Show me those girls! Where are those girls? Where are those girls?!
[to one of the officers]
Detective Loki: Hey, give me a flashlight.


[Loki shines the light onto Jones]
Detective Loki: Show me those girls. Are they in the woods? Did you take them into the woods?
[Jones slowly turns to face Loki]
Detective Loki: Where did you put those girls?
[Jones just stares at them with the light from the flashlight shining onto his face]
Detective Loki: Did you hear me? What the fuck is this guy on?
Police Officer #1: No, he’s hiding something.
Detective Loki: He’s fucking walking to the car.


[to Jones]
Detective Loki: Get in the car. Get in the fucking car!
[he pushes Jones forward]
Detective Loki: Walk!
[Jones is escorted by the other officers; to the other officers]
Detective Loki: Hey, call PSP. Tell ’em to send their sniff dogs and seal off the whole area! The entrance, all of it.
Police Officer #1: Alright.
[to the officer next to him]
Detective Loki: You, follow me.


[in the police station interrogation room, Jones is standing against the wall with Loki in front of him]
Detective Loki: No? They weren’t playing on your RV?
Alex Jones: No.
[Loki places one hand against the wall next to Jones’ face and with his other hand holds up a photo of Anna and Joy]
Detective Loki: Okay, take a look at them again.
[Jones looks at the photo in Loki’s hand]
Detective Loki: You don’t recognize these girls?
Alex Jones: I didn’t see them. May I sit down?
Detective Loki: What do you do in the RV? Answer my question.
Alex Jones: I sleep there.prisoners-6
Detective Loki: You sleep in there. You were sleeping out there, in the day? Why was the RV parked outside the house?
Alex Jones: Mmm…
[Jones thinks for a moment]
Alex Jones: I went for a drive.


Detective Loki: You went for a drive? You weren’t driving. I know for a fact those girls were playing outside your RV. You weren’t driving, it was parked. Was it a special day? Were you planning on taking two little girls?
Alex Jones: No.
Detective Loki: Have you done it before?
Alex Jones: No.
Detective Loki: Did you ask them to come inside?
Alex Jones: No.
Detective Loki: Did you ask them to come inside the RV and then you take them away?
Alex Jones: No.
Detective Loki: Did you put those girls somewhere?
Alex Jones: May I sit down?
Detective Loki: Did you put those girls somewhere?
Alex Jones: Please don’t touch me.
Detective Loki: I know you put those girls somewhere. Did you hide ’em?
Alex Jones: No.
Detective Loki: Where did you hide ’em? Did you tie ’em up?
Alex Jones: Mmm…
Detective Loki: Did you tie ’em up? Hey. Hey. Hey.
[Jones just looks away, looking very uncomfortable]


Detective Loki: Look, I know you’re a good guy, alright? I know you’re a decent guy. I’m not trying to tell you that you’re doing anything bad. I’m just trying to get to the right answers out of you, okay? The real ones. That’s all I want. Where do you usually park your RV, Alex?
Alex Jones: My aunt’s house.
Detective Loki: Your aunt’s house.
Alex Jones: She lets me park it in the back yard. The grass don’t grow back there anyway.
[later Loki looks around Jones’ Aunt backyard, he finds an old car parked on the lawn and lights his flashlight to peer through the car window, at that moment Holly Jones comes out the back door]
Holly Jones: It was my husband’s. It’s for sale if you want it.
Detective Loki: No, thanks.
Holly Jones: Well, would you tell me what you’re doing on my property then?


[Holly leads Loki through the hallway of her house]
Holly Jones: I’m just glad to know where he is, he’s always home before dark. And I just don’t understand, that boy has never been in trouble, not a day in his life. Uh…in the summer time he sleeps out in the camper some, but this time of year he sleeps in here on a sofa bed.
[she enters a room and turns on a light, Loki enters the room and looks around, he picks up a framed photo atop a chest of drawers]
Holly Jones: That’s my husband. We had a fight…jeez, five years ago. He walked out, didn’t come back. Alex loved him like a father.
[Loki places the photo back on the chest of drawers]


Detective Loki: Where are Alex’s real parents?
Holly Jones: My husband’s brother and his girlfriend, they died in a car accident when Alex was six.
Detective Loki: Sorry to hear that.
[Loki opens the top chest drawer and find a toy RV, he takes it out]
Holly Jones: He doesn’t have much.
[he places the small toy RV on top of the drawers and pushes it forward]


[in the police station garage where the RV has been stripped and searched]
Detective Loki: What do you got?
Forensics Guy: Well, this things clean. I mean it’s filthy as shit, but we didn’t find anything.
Detective Loki: We didn’t find any uh…wool fibers, anything like that? The girls could be wearing some wool gloves or wool hats, no cotton fibers?
Forensics Guy: Well, if he was just using this thing to transport them I might buy that, but if there had been struggle, I would have found something. I’d start looking the woods, by the rest stop.
Detective Loki: Yeah, half the uniformed cops in the state are doing that right now.
[Loki starts walking off]
Detective Loki: Hey, when you’re done with this thing, can you send the crew over to the aunt’s house?
[police search in the woods at night, looking along with them is Keller holding out his flashlight]
Keller Dover: Anna! Anna!
[Franklin is also in the woods searching]


[the next morning Loki drives over to the Birch’s house, Franklin lets Loki into the house]
Franklin Birch: Please, come in. I’m Franklin Birch. My wife’s in here.
[he enters the living room and Nancy is sat at the dining table]
Franklin Birch: Honey.
[to Loki]
Franklin Birch: This is Nancy.
[to Nancy]
Franklin Birch: Detective Loki is…honey?
[Loki walks over to Nancy and she holds out some photos]
Nancy Birch: These photos are better than the ones my husband gave you. You can see her eyes more clearly.
[Loki takes the photos]


[over at the Dover’s house, Keller is in the bathroom splashing water on his face, his eyes drift over to Anna’s little toothbrush; in the living room, Loki is sat on the couch texting]prisoners-8
Grace Dover: So did we pass?
Detective Loki: I’m sorry, what did you say?
[Loki puts his phone away and looks at Grace sat next to him]
Grace Dover: The poly-thing…the like detector we took this morning, did we pass?
Detective Loki: Oh, yeah. Yes, sorry. Yes, we appreciate your cooperation.
Grace Dover: It’s embarrassing, all the…all this fuss. Everyone’s gonna think we’re crazy when those two come out of hiding, wherever they are.
Detective Loki: Do you have some reason to believe they ran away?
Grace Dover: No. They’re happy. But they must have run away. I think they must have run away, right?
[Loki smiles and nods his head]
Grace Dover: Um…your police captain told me that you’ve solved every case that you’ve ever been assigned, is that right?
[Loki looks at her and nods, Grace starts crying]
Grace Dover: Sorry. I’m so sorry. Do you…do you have children, Detective?
[Loki doesn’t answer as he watches her cry]
Detective Loki: I’m gonna find your daughter. We believe they came back here after they left you at the Birch’s yesterday.


[Keller enters the living room]
Keller Dover: They were looking for Anna’s red whistle.
[Loki stands up, Keller walks over to Grace and she takes hold of his arm]
Detective Loki: Right, I read your statement.
[Loki offers his hand to Keller]
Detective Loki: I’m Detective Loki.
[they shake hands]
Detective Loki: I’m heading up the investigation into your daughter’s disappearance. Please, sit down.
[Keller remains standing]
Keller Dover: Uh…my…my son already told you that the guy was inside the RV just watching them. Right?
Detective Loki: We haven’t found any physical evidence in the RV, or his aunt’s house where he lives.
Keller Dover: Nothing?
Detective Loki: Alex Jones unfortunately has the IQ of a ten year-old. There’s no way that someone with the IQ of a ten year-old could abduct two girls in broad daylight and then somehow make them disappear.


[referring to Jones]
Keller Dover: Uh…well, how can he drive an RV? I mean, if he can’t answer a question?
Detective Loki: Well, he has a legal Pennsylvania license.
Keller Dover: And he ran, right? They said, he tried to run away. Why uh…why…why would he run?
Detective Loki: I just spent ten hours questioning this boy, okay? I hear what you’re saying.
Keller Dover: Uh…did-did you give him a lie detector? You gave us a lie detector, did you give him one?
Detective Loki: Sir, I understand what you’re asking me. Yes, we did.prisoners-7
Keller Dover: And?
Detective Loki: We gave him a lie detector, and there’s no way of…
[Loki shakes his head]
Detective Loki: A lie detector doesn’t work if you don’t understand the questions.
Keller Dover: Well, maybe he wasn’t on his own. How can he drive an RV if he has an IQ of a ten year-old?
Detective Loki: Sir, sir, hey, we are considering all possibilities.
Keller Dover: I don’t think you are considering all possibilities.
Detective Loki: I hear…I hear what you’re saying. Sir, sir…
Keller Dover: No, you listen to me! Just shut the fuck up for a fucking second!
[Grace jumps as Keller shouts and starts crying again]


Detective Loki: This is what I’m gonna need you to do for me; I need you to calm down.
Keller Dover: [trembling] I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please listen to me for a second.
Detective Loki: Mr. Dover, I understand that this is an incredibly hard time, but I have every uniformed police officer in this state looking for Anna.
[fighting back his tears]
Keller Dover: I don’t understand what any of this means. They said he ran. They said he tried to get away. I don’t understand why he would try to run away.
Detective Loki: We’re considering all possibilities, Mr. Dover. I hear what you’re saying. I’m not crossing anybody off my list. Just…let me do my job.


[Loki leaves the Dover’s house and walks over to his car, as he enters his car Keller opens the front door and calls out to him]
Keller Dover: Hey! Detective!prisoners-1
[Keller starts walking over towards Loki’s car; to himself]
Detective Loki: Shit.
Keller Dover: Hey!
[Loki rolls down his car window]
Keller Dover: He stays in custody until my daughter is found, right? Right?
Detective Loki: We have a forty-eight hour hold on him until tomorrow unless we bring charges.
Keller Dover: Then charge him with something. Charge him.
Detective Loki: Mr. Dover, I understand what you’re suf…
Keller Dover: Detective. Detective, two little girls have gotta be worth whatever little rule you gotta break to keep that asshole in custody. Now I know you can’t promise me anything, I understand that. But I’m asking you to be sure, be one hundred percent sure.
[Loki nods his head]
Keller Dover: Thank you. I appreciate it.
[Keller turns and walks back over to his house]


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