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[after Janek has told them that the pinging noise has gone]
Fifield: He said…he said, one click west.
Millburn: Yeah.
Fifield: Now we…we don’t wanna check that out, do we? Huh?
Millburn: Shit, no!
Fifield: Where we gonna go?
Millburn: East.
Fifield: Yeah, East.
Millburn: Fucking glitch, man! Pings, glitch, lifeform! What the fuck?
[they turn and walk off]


[Shaw records her findings as she watches the holographic images of the Engineers]
Elizabeth Shaw: Based on the behavior of the subject in these holographic recordings, we’re still attempting to identify what caused the head to combust. I can’t help but wonder, was there an outbreak here.


[Holloway enters Shaw’s room as she’s recording her findings of the alien head]
Charlie Holloway: You rang, ma’am.
Elizabeth Shaw: I have something important to tell you.
[Shaw notices Holloway is holding a single stem of rose in his hand]
Elizabeth Shaw: What is that?
Charlie Holloway: This is a rose that I had frozen with the champagne, I was gonna give it to you when we found what we came for.
Elizabeth Shaw: We did find what we came for. They were here. This is…
Charlie Holloway: The most significant discovery in history of mankind. Oh, I know. It’s incredible, it really is. But I wanted to talk to ’em. I mean, don’t you…don’t you wanna know why they came? Why they abandoned us? I just want answers, baby.
[Shaw sits on Holloway’s lap]
Elizabeth Shaw: We were right, Charlie. I have proof.
[she kisses Holloway]
Elizabeth Shaw: Look.
[she shows him the results of the genetic test she’d taken earlier]
Elizabeth Shaw: Their genetic material predates ours. We come from them.


[after Shaw shows Holloway her proof that humans come from the Engineers]
Charlie Holloway: I guess you can take your father’s cross off now.
Elizabeth Shaw: Why would I wanna do that?
Charlie Holloway: Because they made us.
Elizabeth Shaw: And who made them?
Charlie Holloway: Well, exactly. We’ll never know. But here’s what we do know. That there is nothing special about the creation of life. Right? Anybody can do it. I mean, all you need is a dash of DNA and half a brain, right?
[Eli goes quite for a moment and looks upset]


Elizabeth Shaw: I can’t. I can’t create life. What does that say about me?
Charlie Holloway: Eli, that’s not… I didn’t mean… I wasn’t talking about…
Elizabeth Shaw: Children?
Charlie Holloway: Us.
[he sees Eli getting even more upset]
Charlie Holloway: Hey! Hey! Hey!
[he lays her down on the bed and kisses her]
Charlie Holloway: Elizabeth Shaw, you are the most special person I have ever met in my life. And I love you.
[they start kissing and start having sex]


[Vickers, thinking she’s alone goes over to the pyramid scan of the large dome structure, as she goes to touch it, Janek interrupts her with his accordion making her jump]
Meredith Vickers: How much longer is this gonna take?
Janek: I don’t know, I’m just the Captain.
[Janek starts to play his accordion]
Meredith Vickers: That thing sounds like a dying cat by the way.
Janek: I’ll have you know that this thing once belonged to Stephen Stills.
Meredith Vickers: Am I supposed to know who that is?
[Janek laughs at her]
Janek: You know, if you wanna get laid, you really don’t have to pretend to be interested in the pyramid scan. I mean, you could just say; ‘Hey, tryin’ to get laid.’
Meredith Vickers: I could…I could say that. Right? But then it wouldn’t make sense why I would fly myself a half a billion miles from every man on earth, if I wanted to get laid, would it?
[Janek laughs at her and Vickers starts walking off]


Janek: Hey, uh…Vickers! Hey, Vickers!
[Vickers turns to face him]
Janek: I was wonderin’. Are you a robot?
[she gives Janek a cold look]
Meredith Vickers: My room, ten minutes.
[Vickers walks off and Janek sings a little tune to himself]
Janek: ‘Well, if you can’t be with the one you love. Love the one you’re with. Love the one you’re with.’


[back in the cave, Fifield and Millburn come across the metal vases with the black liquids inside them and all over the ground]
Fifield: Mill, what’s all this black stuff?
Millburn: Despacho!
[Millburn looks over at Fifield who has smoke in his helmet]
Millburn: Is that tobacco?
Fifield: What?
Millburn: Is that tobacco in your respirator?
Fifield: Yeah. Sure.
[Fifield takes a breath from his respirator and breaths out smoke]
Fifield: Tobacco.
[Millburn laughs]
Millburn: You know, on behalf of scientists everywhere, I am ashamed to count you amongst us, Fifield, really.


[as Fifield looks at the human looking statue in the cave]
Fifield: Hey, Millburn?
Millburn: Yeah?
Fifield: You see this thing? What do you thing this thing was? Some kind of a God? Something they worshiped, what?
[as they are looking at the statue, a long snake-type creature wriggles on the ground close to them]
Millburn: I don’t know. Kind of looks like…
[suddenly Fifield notices the movement on the ground]
Fifield: What’s that?
Millburn: Oh, my God! Okay. Okay.
Fifield: Mill!
Millburn: Just stay calm. Stay quiet.
Fifield: What is it?
Millburn: It’s okay. I can handle this.
[the snake-like creature rises from the ground]
Millburn: Hey, baby. Hey.
[Millburn tries to contact Prometheus, but there no one listening back on the ship]
Millburn: Uh…come in, Prometheus. We have an elongated reptile type creature. Maybe… maybe thirty, forty inches with transparent skin. It’s beautiful.


[to the snake-like creatures as it rises further in front of them]
Millburn: Look at you. Look at you, baby!prometheus-8
Fifield: Jesus! Look at the size of that! What is it?
Millburn: You need to stay calm, okay?
Fifield: What’s there to be calm about?
Millburn: You need to stay calm, dude. She is beautiful.
[Millburn goes closer to the creature and tries to touch it]
Fifield: What in the hell makes you think that’s female?
Millburn: It’s a female. Look. Hmm?
[he slowly goes to touch the creature but it suddenly flap opens its head]
Millburn: Hey, she’s mesmerized. Come here.
[the creature hisses at Millburn as he goes to touch it]
Millburn: It’s okay! It’s okay. It’s okay! Hey, baby.
[as Millburn reaches out to touch the creature it suddenly seizes his hand]
Millburn: Your strong!


[to Fifield as he’s struggling to get his hand free]
Millburn: Maybe you should help me now, okay? Help! Now! Okay!
[suddenly the creature wraps itself around Millburn’s arm]
Fifield: I ain’t touching that!
Millburn: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! It’s getting tighter.
Fifield: I ain’t touching it! I don’t want to touch it!
Millburn: Touch the thing, man! For God’s sake! Don’t be…
[Fifield tries to touch the creature but it wraps itself tighter around Millburn’s arm]
Millburn: God! You’re making it worse! Aah! It’s tightening! Aah! It’s breaking my arm!
Fifield: Shit!
[suddenly Millburn’s arm breaks making him shout in pain]
Millburn: Cut it off! Cut it off!
[Fifield takes his knife and starts to cut off the creature from Millburn’s arm]
Millburn: Cut it off! Cut it off! Cut it off!
[as Fifield cuts the creature it suddenly sprays it’s acid blood onto his helmet melting it onto Fifield’s face]
Millburn: It’s in my suit! It’s in my suit!
[the creature gets into Millburn’s suit and goes inside his helmet and crawls into his mouth]


[Shaw and Holloway are lying in bed, he rises and goes to wash his face, in the mirror he notices his eyes are bloodshot with something crawling in them, just as he’s about to freak out Janek calls]
Janek: Shaw, you up?
Elizabeth Shaw: Yeah. What’s up?
Janek: Alright, storm’s passed, but I can’t reach Millburn and Fifield on the com. I’m taking a few men down and see if I can rustle them up.
Elizabeth Shaw: Okay. Uh…any idea where they are?
Janek: Well, last time they radioed in was just outside where you found your head.
Elizabeth Shaw: Okay, we’re coming.
Janek: Right.


[as Janek, Shaw and Holloway get ready to go back to the structure to look for Millburn and Fifield]
Janek: Ravel, did you fix that glitch?
Ravel: No, Captain. It’s gotta be in the hard wire.
David: What glitch, Captain?
Janek: One of them probes, picked up a lifeform. Pops up every hour or so for a couple of seconds and it was gone.
David: I can find the probe and fix it for you if you like.
Janek: Knock yourself out.
[David looks at Holloway and Shaw]
David: Be careful, doctors.


[in the cave, as the others search for Millburn and Fifield, David searches for the probes alone]
Meredith Vickers: David, are you alone?
David: Yes, Miss Vickers.
Meredith Vickers: I’d like your feed to my room.
David: Copy.
[David sets his suit camera to show on Vickers monitor, she watches as he finds a control room of sorts, but suddenly David cuts the camera feed]
Meredith Vickers: You son of a bitch. You cut me off.


[as they come across the pile of dead Engineer bodies]
Chance: What is this?
[Holloway, looking sick, trips on one of the bodies]
Elizabeth Shaw: Charlie!
Charlie Holloway: I just tripped.
[Shaw notices Charlie’s eyes looking really bloodshot]
Elizabeth Shaw: Oh, my God! You’re sick!
Charlie Holloway: I’m okay, baby.
[he looks away from her]
Charlie Holloway: Come on. Fifield! Millburn!


[as they enter the chamber where the metal vases are, Chance goes to touch one]
Janek: Hey, Chance! I wouldn’t touch that if I were you. Dr. Shaw?
Elizabeth Shaw: Yeah?
Janek: Do you have any idea what is oozing out of these vases?
Elizabeth Shaw: No, they weren’t like this last time we were here.
[a head of them, Chance finds a body]
Chance: Captain!
Janek: What? Who is it? Which one?
Elizabeth Shaw: Who is it?
Chance: It’s Millburn.
Janek: Don’t touch him! Hold on! Don’t touch him.


[after they find Millburn’s body, Charlie feeling sick lays against the wall]
Charlie Holloway: Eli! Eli, honey.prometheus-10
Elizabeth Shaw: Charlie, what’s wrong?
Charlie Holloway: I…I need you to…I need you look at me, okay? It won’t infect you, so, what do you see?
[Shaw looks at his face and eyes]
Elizabeth Shaw: This is not good, baby.
Charlie Holloway: I want you to look at me and tell me what you see.
[the others turn Millburn’s body over and see Millburn died with his mouth open]
Janek: Oh, my God! Ford, get over here.


[as the others are checking Millburn’s body, Eli shouts over to them]
Elizabeth Shaw: Janek?
Janek: What?
Elizabeth Shaw: We have to do now!
Janek: We’re got a man down here, Shaw.
Charlie Holloway: What do you see, baby? Honey, what do you see? Huh?
[shouting towards Janek]
Elizabeth Shaw: Holloway’s sick! He’s…he’s not good.
[as the others are checking out Millburn’s body, the snake-like creature jumps out of Millburn’s mouth and everyone freaks out]


[as they try to get Holloway out of the cave]
Elizabeth Shaw: Prometheus, come in! Is anyone there?
Meredith Vickers: This is Vickers.
Elizabeth Shaw: I need a medical team standing by the airlock. Call quarantine fail-safe, Holloway’s sick.
Meredith Vickers: Sick with what?
Elizabeth Shaw: Just do it.
[on the ship, Vickers turns to Ravel]
Meredith Vickers: I’m closing it up.


[as the others are trying to get Holloway back to the ship, David is in the control room he’s found and manages to activate the holographic images of the Engineers plotting courses through stars and different planets, of which one of them is Earth, then the images suddenly disappear and David finds a hypersleep pod containing one of the Engineers, which seems to be alive]



[referring to Holloway, as they drive back towards the ship]
Janek: He don’t look too good.
Chance: Did he catch something down there? We had our helmets on.
Janek: I don’t know. Prometheus, this is Janek. Make sure that back door is open.
Aye-aye, Captain.
[Shaw holds on to a very sick looking Holloway]
Elizabeth Shaw: Oh, God! I’m so sorry!
[Holloway howls in pain]
Elizabeth Shaw: Please!
[as they reach Prometheus, Janek sees the door is not open]
Janek: Vickers, why is that door not open? Vickers, that is an order! Get the Goddamn door open!
[Holloway is now looking like his skin is disintegrating]
Charlie Holloway: I’m sick! Look at me, okay! It’s too late. I’m sick!
Elizabeth Shaw: No, it’s not! Come on!


[standing outside the locked doors of Prometheus]
Janek: Airlock Two, if you can hear me, this is Janek. Open the back door, right now!
[inside the ship, Vickers has suited]
Meredith Vickers: Hold that door!
Janek: Prometheus, do you copy? Goddamn it, open this door! That is an order!
[Vickers grabs a flamethrower]
Meredith Vickers: Open it!
[Vickers walks out towards Janek]
Janek: What the hell is this?
Meredith Vickers: He’s not coming on board.
Janek: Vickers, this is a sick man!
Meredith Vickers: I can see that! That’s why he’s not coming on my ship
[Holloway collapses in pain and Shaw pleads with Vickers]


Elizabeth Shaw: We can still help him!
Meredith Vickers: Help yourself. Everybody but Holloway back on this ship, now!
Elizabeth Shaw: I won’t leave him!
Meredith Vickers: Then stay!
Janek: Wait a minute! We can contain him and put him on the medpod!
Elizabeth Shaw: Don’t do this!
[suddenly Holloway gets up]
Charlie Holloway: Vickers!
Meredith Vickers: What are you doing?


[Holloway looks at Shaw]
Charlie Holloway: I love you, baby. I love you.
Elizabeth Shaw: No! No! Don’t do this!
Meredith Vickers: I’m telling you, stay back!
[Holloway holds his hands up and walks towards Vickers]
Charlie Holloway: Do it.
Meredith Vickers: Stay back!
Elizabeth Shaw: No! Charlie!
Charlie Holloway: Do it.
[suddenly Vickers fires the flames towards Holloway, burning him alive, Shaw collapses in grief]


[after Charlie dies, Shaw wakes up to find herself lying on the lab table, with David trying to remove her cross necklace]
David: My deepest condolences. I’m going to have to take this, it may be contaminated.
Elizabeth Shaw: If there’s a contagion, we were all exposed. You need to…we need to run blood work on everyone who set foot in the pyramid.
David: Yes, of course.
Elizabeth Shaw: Yes.
[she allows David to take her cross]
David: I understand how inappropriate this is, given the circumstances. But as you ordered quarantine fail-safes, it’s my responsibility to ask, have you and Dr. Holloway had any intimate contact recently? Since you and he were so close, I just want to be as thorough as possible.


[David runs a scan across Shaw’s body and sees that she is pregnant]
David: My, my. You’re pregnant.
Elizabeth Shaw: What?
David: From the look of it, three months so.
Elizabeth Shaw: No, that’s impossible. I can’t get pregnant.
David: Did you have intercourse with Dr. Holloway?
Elizabeth Shaw: Yes, but ten hours ago. There’s no bloody way I’m three months pregnant.
David: Well, doctor, it’s not exactly a traditional fetus.


[after David has just told her that she’s pregnant]
Elizabeth Shaw: I want to see it.
David: I don’t think that’s a good idea.
[David turns off the scan image]
Elizabeth Shaw: David, I want to see it.
David: Now, doctor.
[Shaw gets up from the lab table and tries to access the scan image but can’t get access]
Elizabeth Shaw: I want to see it. I want it out of me.
David: I’m afraid we don’t have the personnel to perform a procedure like that. Our best option…
Elizabeth Shaw: I want it out.
David: Put you back into cryostasis.
Elizabeth Shaw: Please, get it out of me. Get it out of me! Please!
[suddenly Shaw doubles over and cries out in pain]
David: It must be very painful. Here, let me give you something.
[David gives her an injection for the pain which relaxes Shaw]
David: That’s it. There, there.
[David gently puts Shaw back on the lab table]
David: Someone will be alone shortly to bring you back to cryotech.


[as Shaw is about to pass out from the painkiller injection David just gave her]
David: Must feel like your God abandoned you.
Elizabeth Shaw: What?
David: To lose Dr. Holloway, after your father died under such similar circumstances. What was it that killed him? Ebola.
Elizabeth Shaw: How do you…how do you know that?
David: I watched your dreams.
[David walks off and Shaw passes out]


[Ford taps Shaw on the face to wake her]
Ford: Dr. Shaw? We’re here to put you in an anti-contaminating suit, take you back to cryotech, go to beddy byes. Dr. Shaw?
[as Shaw doesn’t respond]
Ford: She’s totally doped. Prepare her.
[suddenly Shaw’s eyes open as one of the scientists goes to grab her she attacks him and knocks both Ford and the scientist out, she makes her way to the surgery pod, and activates the controls]
Automated Voice: Emergency procedure’s initiated. Please verbally state the nature of your injury.
Elizabeth Shaw: I need cesarean!
Automated Voice: Error, this medpod is calibrated for male patients only. It does not offer the procedure you have requested. Please seek medical assistance else…
[Shaw, now in pain, starts to override the controls and programs]
Elizabeth Shaw: Surgery, abdominal, penetrating injuries, foreign body, initiate.


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