Prometheus Quotes: Striking Concept

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Directed by: Ridley Scott
Written by:
Jon Spaihts
Damon Lindelof
Noomi Rapace – Elizabeth Shaw
Michael Fassbender – David
Charlize Theron – Meredith Vickers
Idris Elba – Janek
Guy Pearce – Peter Weyland
Logan Marshall-Green – Charlie Holloway
Sean Harris – Fifield
Rafe Spall – Millburn
Emun Elliott – Chance
Benedict Wong – Ravel
Kate Dickie – Ford
Patrick Wilson – Shaw’s Father
Lucy Hutchinson – Young Shaw


Prometheus quotes seem to lay the ground work for an Alien prequel rather than giving it to us fully. Although the narrative does retrace the steps of the original movie and presents us with a striking concept, it just falls short of being truly satisfying.

The story begins by the discovery of a star map by archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway, among the remnants of several ancient Earth civilizations. After which the story then centers on the crew of the spaceship Prometheus as they follow this star map and seek the origins of humanity as they are led to a distant and advanced civilization, but instead they discover a threat that could cause extinction of the human race.

There’s plenty of reasons to recommend Prometheus; it’s visually thrilling and haunting and the actors do a pretty good job in their roles, with Fassbender probably the most impressive. The plot is fully crammed, thought provoking and challenging but it’s also coldly analytical, failing to give a smooth flow and leaves too many open ended moments, raising more questions than answers, which I imagine is maybe leading us to the sequel to resolve.

Verdict: It may not gain the classic status as Alien did, it’s still worth viewing and making up your own mind about it.

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[the movie begins with a pale, muscled human-looking alien standing near a waterfall with a spaceship hovering above him, he disrobes places an object on the ground, opens the object which has a liquid in it, he drinks the liquid, the spaceship flies away and the alien starts getting effected to a molecular level by the liquid, his DNA splits and his body disintegrates, falling down into the waterfall to his death, with what’s left of the alien’s body floating into the water, reforming itself into DNA and splitting cells]



[at an archaeological dig, Shaw has just broken through into a cave, she calls for Holloway to come and look at her findings, they gaze in wonder at cave paintings etched into the cave]
Charlie Holloway: Did you date it?
Elizabeth Shaw: Thirty five thousand years, maybe older.
[Shaw shows Holloway a painting on the ceiling where a man is pointing to a star map]
Charlie Holloway: You gotta be kiddin’ me! It’s the same configuration, only it’s gotta predate the others by a millennium.
[Shaw holds Holloway’s hand as they gaze at the paintings]
Elizabeth Shaw: I think they want us to come and find them.


[on the ship, Prometheus, David checks on the crew who are in hypersleep, he gazes upon Shaw and sees what she’s dreaming of, which is from her childhood when she is with her father in a foreign land looking at a funeral procession]
Young Shaw: What happened to that man?
Shaw’s Father: He died.
Young Shaw: Why aren’t you helping them?
Shaw’s Father: They don’t want my help. They’re God’s different than ours.
Young Shaw: Why did he die?
Shaw’s Father: Sooner or later everyone does.
Young Shaw: Like mommy?
Shaw’s Father: Like mommy.
Young Shaw: Where do they go?
Shaw’s Father: Everyone has their own word; heaven, paradise. Whatever it’s called, it’s someplace beautiful.
Young Shaw: How do you know it’s beautiful?
Shaw’s Father: Cause that’s what I choose to believe. What do you believe, darling?
[at that point David comes out of watching he dream]


[as the crew are in hypersleep, we see David pass the time by bouncing a basketball around, riding a bicycle, taking language lesson, watching Lawrence of Arabia and bleaching his hair to look like Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia, and repeating lines from the movie]
David: The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.


[as Prometheus reaches their destination, David finds Vickers awake from hypersleep, looking wet and doing pushups]
Meredith Vickers: Robe!
[he gets a robe for her and hand it to her]
Meredith Vickers: How long?prometheus-4
David: Two years, four months, eighteen days, thirty six hours, fifteen minutes.
Meredith Vickers: Any casualties?
David: Casualties, ma’am?
Meredith Vickers: Has anyone died?
David: No, ma’am. Everyone’s fine.
Meredith Vickers: Well then wake them up.


[as the ship’s crew are all awakening from hypersleep, we see David comforting Shaw as she’s throws up]
David: Try to relax, Dr. Shaw. My name is David. Your mind and body are in a state of shock as a result of stasis. It’s alright, it’s perfectly normal.
[Holloway, who’s also just awakened calls to Shaw from behind her]
Charlie Holloway: Eli, we’re here, baby.


[as the crew are eating and making small talk, Milburn sits opposite Fifield]
Millburn: I’m Milburn, Biology. Nice to meet you.
[Milburn holds out his hand but Fifield ignores him and carries on eating his food]
Fifield: Look, uh…no offense, but uh…I’ve been asleep two years. I ain’t here to be your friend, I’m here to make money. You got that?
Millburn: Okay.


[the crew assemble for the mission briefing, which Vickers begins]
Meredith Vickers: Good morning. For those of you I hired personally, it’s nice to see you again. For the rest of you, I am Meredith Vickers, and it’s my job to make sure you do yours. Okay then, on with the show.
[David brings up a hologram of an elderly Peter Weyland, who addresses the crew in a pre-recorded message]
Peter Weyland: Hello, friends. My name is Peter Weyland, I am your employer. I am recording this, 22 June, 2091. If you’re watching it, you have reached your destination, and I am long dead. May I rest in peace. There’s a man sitting with you today, his name is David. He is the closest thing to a son I will ever had, unfortunately, he is not human. He will never grow old and he will never die. And yet he is unable to appreciate these remarkable gifts, for that would require the one thing that David will never have; a soul. I have spent my entire lifetime contemplating the questions; Where do we come from? What is our purpose? What happens when you die? And I have finally found two people who have convinced me that they’re on the verge of answering it. Doctors Holloway and Shaw, if you would, please stand.
[Holloway and Shaw stand]


[referring to Holloway and Shaw]
Peter Weyland: As far as you’re concerned, they’re both in charge. The Titan, Prometheus, wanted to give mankind equal footing with the Gods. For that, he was cast from Olympus. Well, my friends, the time has finally come for his return.
[pointing to Shaw and Holloway]prometheus-3
Peter Weyland: Doctors, please.
[Shaw and Holloway stand beside Peter Weyland’s hologram]
Peter Weyland: The floor is yours.
[Peter Weyland’s hologram turns and walks off and fades out]


[as Weyland’s hologram walks off and fades out, Holloway addresses the assembled crew]
Charlie Holloway: Okay. Wow! Alright. Never had to follow a ghost before. Okay. Let me show you why you guys are here.
[he holds up a cube places it on the floor and opens up another hologram showing images]
Charlie Holloway: These are images of archaeological digs from all over the earth.
[pointing to the different images]
Charlie Holloway: That’s Egyptian, Mayan, Sumerian, Babylonian. That’s Hawaiian at the end there and Mesopotamian. Now this one here is our most recent discovery, it’s a thirty five thousand year old cave painting from the Isle of Sky in Scotland. These are ancient civilizations, they were separated by centuries, they shared no contact with one another, and yet…
[he gathers the hologram images to line up and he goes through each one]
Charlie Holloway: The same pictogram, showing men worshiping giant beings pointing to the stars was discovered at every last one of them. The only galactic system that matched, was so far from earth, that there’s no way that these primitive ancient civilizations could have possibly known about. But it just so happens, that system has a sun, a lot like ours. And based on our long range scans, there seemed to be a planet. Just one planet with the moon, capable of sustaining life, and we arrived there this morning.


[after Holloway has given his presentation about the pictograms to the crew]
Fifield: So you’re saying we’re here because of a map you two kids found in a cave, is that right?
Elizabeth Shaw: No.
Charlie Holloway: Yeah. Um…
Elizabeth Shaw: No. Not a map. An invitation.
Fifield: From whom?
Elizabeth Shaw: We call them Engineers.
Fifield: Engineers? Do you mind um…telling us what they engineered?
Elizabeth Shaw: They engineered us.
Fifield: Bullshit!
Millburn: Okay, so uh…do you have anything to back that up? I mean, look, if you’re willing to discount three centuries of Darwinism, that’s…wooh! But how do you know? Mm?
Elizabeth Shaw: I don’t. But it’s what I choose to believe.


David: Doctors. Miss Vickers would like to have a word, before the adventure begins.
[David opens the door to Vickers quarters]
Charlie Holloway: Wow! Nice place!
David: It’s actually a separate module, with its own self-contained life support. Air, food, anything Miss Vickers would need to survive a hostile environment.
Charlie Holloway: Okay, so she lives on a life boat.
[as they are looking around her chamber, Vickers walks in from behind them]
Meredith Vickers: Yes, I do. I like to minimize risk. David, why don’t you make the doctors a drink. I’ll take a vodka, up.


Meredith Vickers: I think there might be some confusion about our relationship. Weyland found you impressive enough to fund this mission, but I’m fairly certain your Engineers are nothing but scribblings of savages living in dirty little caves. But let’s say I’m wrong, and you do find these beings down there. You won’t engage them, you won’t talk to them, you’ll do nothing but report back to me.
Charlie Holloway: Um…Miss Vickers, is there an agenda that you’re not telling us about?
Meredith Vickers: My company paid a trillion dollars to find this place and to bring you here. Had you raised the money yourself, Mr. Holloway, we’d happily be pursuing your agenda. But you didn’t, and that makes you an employee.
[Holloway laughs and takes the drink that David offers them]
Elizabeth Shaw: But if we can’t make contact, why did you…why did you even bring us here?
Meredith Vickers: Weyland was a superstitious man. He wanted a true believer on board.
[she takes the drink offered by David]
Meredith Vickers: Cheers.


Charlie Holloway: So, no response?
David: I’m sorry, no.
Charlie Holloway: Maybe they didn’t understand it. How are you lessons going, David?
David: I spent two years deconstructing dozens of ancient languages, to their roots. I’m confident I can communicate with them, provided you’re thesis is correct.
[Holloway laughs]
Charlie Holloway: Provided it’s correct. That’s good!
David: That’s why they call it a thesis, doctor.
[David smiles, gets up and walks off and Shaw smiles]
Charlie Holloway: What are you smiling about?


[as they get ready to enter the atmosphere of the planet]
Janek: All personal, this is the captain. Brace for entry. That means you too, Vickers.
[everyone takes their seats and buckles themselves in]
Janek: What is the atmosphere?
Ravel: Atmosphere, seventy one percent nitrogen, twenty one percent oxygen, traces of argon gas.
Janek: Woh! Now that’s weather!
[Holloway turns to Ford as he buckles himself into his seat]
Charlie Holloway: Just like home.
Ford: Only if you’re breathing through an exhaust pipe! CO2 is over three percent. Two minutes without a suit, you’re dead.
[as they get nearer to the planet, Ford looks at her monitor]
Ford: Peak, port side. Woh! Fifty two thousand! Makes earth look like a baby brother.
Janek: Alright. Take us round. We’ll use it as our point of entry.


[as Prometheus is entering the planet]
Ravel: No radio, no feed source.
Millburn: Nobody’s home!
[David quotes a line from Lawrence of Arabia]
David: There is nothing in the desert, and no man is nothing.
Ford: What is that?
David: Just something from a film I like.


[as Prometheus is entering the planet]
Janek: Going through, nice and slow. Keep it steady, boys.
[suddenly Holloway spots something]
Charlie Holloway: There!
[he gets up from his seat]
Elizabeth Shaw: No, what are you doing?
Janek: Dr. Holloway, why don’t you take a seat?
Charlie Holloway: Right there. God does not build in straight lines. Starboard side, this valley! Captain, do you think you could put us down there?
Janek: Yeah, I wouldn’t be any good if I couldn’t do that.


[after Prometheus has landed on the planet]
Charlie Holloway: Captain, would you please tell the survey team to suit up and meet us in the airlock.
Janek: There’s only six hours left of day light. Why don’t you leave it till the morning?
Charlie Holloway: Oh, no, no, no, no! It’s Christmas, Captain, and I wanna open up my presents.
[he turns and point to David and Ford]
Charlie Holloway: You, Ford, you’re coming with us.
David: I’d be delighted.


[as they are getting ready to go outside, Shaw notices one of the crew is holding a large looking weapon]
Elizabeth Shaw: Hey, Jackson. What’s that for?
Jackson: Expedition security. My job’s to make sure everybody’s nice and safe.
Elizabeth Shaw: This is a scientific expedition. No weapons.
Jackson: Alright then. Good luck with that.


[as they are getting suited up to go out to the planet]
Charlie Holloway: David, why are you wearing a suit, man?
David: I beg your pardon?
Charlie Holloway: You don’t breath, remember? So, why wear the suit?
David: I was designed like this, because you people are more comfortable interacting with your own kind. If I didn’t wear the suit, it would defeat the purpose.
Charlie Holloway: Making you guys pretty close, huh?
David: Not too close I hope.


[as the team is sent out to investigate the large dome shaped structure that Holloway had noticed earlier]
Charlie Holloway: This is just one small step for mankind.
Elizabeth Shaw: Seriously?
[he holds her head close to his letting their helmets touch, he turns and sits opposite Fifield]
Charlie Holloway: Wooh! Come on! You ready to do this? I know you are!
[Fifield ignores him]


[as they drive up to the dome shaped structure]
Charlie Holloway: Hey, Fifield. I want a spectrograph on the structure. I wanna know if it’s natural or if somebody put it there, alright?
Fifield: I can’t tell you if it’s natural or not. But what I can tell you is, it’s hollow.


[referring to the dome shaped building they have just driven up to]
Elizabeth Shaw: Prometheus, are you seeing this?
Janek: Affirmative, we see it.



[as they enter the large dome shaped structure]
Charlie Holloway: Mr. Fifield, let’s get a grid of the structure. I want the whole interior.
Fifield: If there’s anything in here worth looking at, these pups will find them.
Charlie Holloway: Pups?
[Fifield holds up drone globes]
Fifield: Yeah, pups. My pups.
[Fifield sends out several of the globes which begin mapping the interior of the building]
Fifield: Prometheus, we are now mapping.
Janek: Copy that.
[back on Prometheus, Janek, Vickers and the rest of the crew watch as the hologram of the map of the interior is being created]
Janek: Well, I’ll be damned.


[as they reach an area of the structure that has water streaming down and the sun shining through the open ceiling]
Charlie Holloway: Look at this!
Elizabeth Shaw: Oh, Charlie!
Ford: Jesus! Sun light’s heating the water. Check out the humidity.
Charlie Holloway: Yeah, look at the CO2 levels. Outside it’s completely toxic and in…in here, there’s nothing. It’s breathable.
[as Holloway prepares to take off his helmet]
Elizabeth Shaw: What are you doing? Charlie, don’t be an idiot!
Charlie Holloway: Hey, don’t be a skeptic. Right? There’s something generating an atmosphere. David?
David: Dr. Holloway is correct.
Ford: Cleaner than earth, actually.
Charlie Holloway: They were terraforming here!
Elizabeth Shaw: Please, don’t do…
Charlie Holloway: Look, Eli…
Elizabeth Shaw: Please, don’t!
Charlie Holloway: Eli, I’m not wearing this thing anymore! Wish me luck, babe.
[he takes off his helmet, takes a large breath of the air and laughs]
Elizabeth Shaw: You crazy bastard!


[after Holloway takes off his helmet the others start doing the same]
Fifield: Prometheus, connect our suit cameras if you want to continue watching this freak show. We are taking our helmets off.
Ravel: Copy that. Switching feeds.


[back on the ship, after the team have taken off their helmets in the dome shaped structure]
Chance: Well, come on! Pay up.
Ravel: Pay? Pay what?
Chance: What do you mean, pay what? Something manufacturing breathable air down there. That, mate, it’s terraforming.
Ravel: No, no, no, no! The bet was why we came here. If you said the dead old man wanted to talk to Martians, then I pay.
Chance: Oh, come on! A hundred credits! Put it towards a lap dance of Miss Vickers. How about that, hey?


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