By Yousef (Kuwait)


Rampage is a monster movie which is inspired by a game with the same name, directed by Brad Peyton starring The Rock Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Dwayne Johnson a primatologist as Davis Okoye have or shares a relationship/ friendship with an intelligent gorilla “George”. But with an experiment by a some rich company, George and two other animals change and get bigger due to the genetic experiment. They basically go on destroying everything in their path.

The movie start is a very promising one, we see very quickly a scientist in space trying to escape with the scientific experiment while the space shuttle is going to explode with a monster inside. She doesn’t make it but the experiment does. Then we are introduced to Dwayne Johnson as Okoye with his trainees and his friend George.

Going on with the film, Okoye teams up with Dr. Kate Caldwell she used to work with the company with the experiment. Not sure what is her real purpose but all I know that she said she can help or cure these animals who turned into monsters.

Of course when all of that happened Okoye tried to help George and the rest of people and the government were afraid of him and wanted him dead. Then we see Okoye and Harvey Russell played by Jeffrey Dead Morgan, close to having a fight. Harvey had both Okoye and Dr. Kate Caldwell on handcuffs with George locked in a small cage. Throughout the film you feel like Harvey is a very likeable character but he’s being there felt very off especially how he says that he hate the military and he doesn’t want them making the rules every time.

Claire and Brett Wyden are siblings and the heads of their company which made the scientific research. But for some very stupid reason they want these animals *who had their genetic experiment inside of them* dead so they can have their DNA so they’ll sell it… yes, these are the bad guys aka villains, and by which way they are going to get the DNA? By literally turning on a signal on the rooftop of their company which triggers the animals, so when they get to the city “Chicago” destroying everything in their way the military kills them then they take the DNA… that’s their plan.

You see these things are expected to happen actually because these are movies based by video games, that’s why I and probably everyone hates them, they lack very much of sense. It’s not really hard, it’s ok, make a movie based off a video game, but try to change it in some way or put some effort into making these films. I felt as if they didn’t care about anything else except the action scenes which also were ok not great. Everything else was flawed.

Okoye is the smartest, most powerful person on the face of the earth, nothing can stop him well it kind of obvious IT IS THE ROCK. Not the police not the U.S military can stop those monsters but Dwayne Johnson can…

So both George and the other two animals/monsters where forcing their way into the city to destroy the machine where the signal came from. Dr. Kate Caldwell and Okoye were going into the city while it were evacuated. They were after a cure which they thought it will make the animals get back to their usual form but it’s not like that the cure only make them lose their aggression.

I hated most parts of the movie, but not overall. There were some good action monster scenes well, this is why they made the film in the first place, horribly written and surprisingly not badly acted. It’s just when a movie is written in that way, you hear these stupid dialogues from the actors, so that’s the problem, but the actors themselves their performances were fine.

I won’t say go or don’t go to see the movie, because you’ll probably have seen it by now or going to. But it was not even worth watching.

I bet Dwayne Johnson The Rock can beat the whole Avengers team or even Superman…

Don’t really have more things to say. I really forget the film from the very moment I got out of the theatre.

Can’t wait to see The Rock demolish the Avengers…

Rating: 1/5



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