By Jim Woods (Manchester, UK)


Ready Player One … going into the movie this gamer was ready. Having read the book a number of times, I had high expectations going in, but being a movie buff, I am well aware that books are different from scripts, things portrayed in books often cannot be done on screen due to time or character rights or the concept being dated for the time.

That being said, the movie is VERY different from the book. Deep down the soul and essence of the story is there. Underlying in the story, but not everyone would like that in 2018. In a time of Twitch and gaming, often the 80s are used for pop culture references and retro things. I felt this is how it was shown in the movie, it has been brought into 2018 and you can see this from the addition of tracer from overwatch, the name overwatch, Harley Quinn, Batman, Batgirl, Promethean soldiers.

For a gamer and twitch streamer in 2018 this movie feels like a twitch and gaming movie, but also from reading the book I feel like a Gunter myself, looking for all the pop culture references included. I feel I need to watch the movie again to notice the references I will have missed.

For a movie in 2018 I felt it was great, there was comedy, a love story, action, racing, a good story, beautiful moments of regret to make you want to do things differently in real life. Also with this movie it could potentially be a glimpse of a future, being a streamer and twitch viewer I notice the problems of internet and bandwidth, of wanting the newest technologies and getting into debt for having them and his movie has those at the core, I mean the book describes them more (and some things have changed for the movie) but the essence is there.

The music was on point, COMPLETELY, having the back to the future dun dun duns, and the BTTF musical sprinklings (I can’t describe them but it sounds like cascading chimes) throughout and mixed into the soundtrack is orgasmic.

Now I have sung the movies praises a lot but it is not without its drawbacks, some of the acting at times was more wooden than a plank of wood in a wooden wood mill in a forest with some dialog being corny and cringeworthy.

But on first viewing that was my only drawback, and some of the changes but I feel they were done for the story and I’m kind of ok with them a little. All in all it is amazing to see Spielberg back in the director’s seat doing an epic movie in this genre. You also can’t go wrong with the DeLorean kicking ass back on the big screen.

I’m unsure if they used motion capture or if it was all computer generated (for the oasis parts of course) but it was amazing!! It helped that it was based in a computer game so wasn’t necessary for it to appear realistic, but a lot of it did.

I have loved the book and the story for I have felt like Parzival, of having things being poop IRL but having amazing friendships, amazing camaraderie from playing games with people from all over the world, in an online world.

Now, if you are a Gunter who uses the book as a grail diary and is going in without an open mind, this movie will NOT be for you. A LOT of things have been changed from the keys, to the gates to the challenges and the character development.

If you loved the movie then I HIGHLY recommend you check out the book, it adds to the story so much and brings more awesomeness and includes EVEN MORE pop culture references, but mostly from the 80s.

I cannot wait to see this movie again and I actually cried happy tears multiple times whilst watching.

It’s a shame there can’t be a “ready player one: a new challenger has appeared”, but I am super happy with this movie. I ADORED IT.

Rating: 4/5



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