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[after Atom has made it past the first round, Kingpin decides to make another deal]
Kingpin: This thousand bucks?
Charlie Kenton: Yeah, a thousand.
Kingpin: Double or nothin’ and he can’t make another round.
Charlie Kenton: Yeah, thanks anyway.
Max Kenton: Deal! Double or nothin’.
Kingpin: Baby boy said it! We’re back out!
Charlie Kenton: No! No! No! No! You crazy! You just threw away a thousand bucks! He can barely stand up in there, kid! Look, I really need the money. Yeah?
Max Kenton: I know. Let’s do it.


[talking to Bailey on the phone referring to Atom winning the fight with Metro earlier]
Charlie Kenton: Hey, Bailey, it’s me. Hey, he won. Can you believe that? The kid’s robot actually won.
[he listens to Bailey talk]
Charlie Kenton: I know. Oh, yeah. Happy? Oh, my God! Yeah. No, he’s…he’s been bit. He’s been bit real bad. Yeah. Anyway, I…I just want you to know.


[watching as Max teaches Atom how to dance, using the shadow-mode feature]
Charlie Kenton: Nice moves, kid. How long have you been out here?
Max Kenton: Check it out.
Charlie Kenton: What?
Max Kenton: I’ve just figured out doing something amazing, incredibly amazing. If it works, you know?
Charlie Kenton: No.
Max Kenton: You know his remote was spotty?
Charlie Kenton: Yeah.
Max Kenton: Well, I killed it. Got rid of it, done. We don’t need it anymore.


[referring to the parts of robots Max has been using from Charlie’s truck]
Charlie Kenton: How did you…?
Max Kenton: I had to start over, but I was able to use spin frame from Ambush.
Charlie Kenton: Uh-huh.
Max Kenton: And take the circuit leads out of Noisy Boy, and it works! And he knows nothing, but it works. It really, really works!
Charlie Kenton: What works?
Max Kenton: Let me turn it on
[he puts on the headset and talks into it giving Atom instruction which Atom follows]


Charlie Kenton: You put Noisey’s recognition into Atom?
Max Kenton: Yeah.
Charlie Kenton: Pretty smart, kid.
Max Kenton: Smart? Smart! I could be genius! It could be the most incredible thing in the history of the entire world!
[as Max gets all hyper and excited]
Charlie Kenton: Hey, easy there, chief. Easy. Woh! Woh! Did you drink all these sodas?
Max Kenton: Yeah, I might have had a few.


Max Kenton: Charlie, I need you to teach him to box.
Charlie Kenton: Are you kiddin’ me? He’s nowhere near advanced enough to handle Noisey’s voice command.
Max Kenton: Yeah, so we need you moves, your commands. Start over.
Charlie Kenton: Forget it, kid.
Max Kenton: From the ground up.
Charlie Kenton: Forget it.
Max Kenton: You were a boxer Charlie.
Charlie Kenton: Yep.
Max Kenton: Yesterday at The Zoo, you could see things happen before they even happened.
Charlie Kenton: I haven’t boxed in a long time, I’m not starting now.
Max Kenton: You can teach him to fight.
Charlie Kenton: You’re doin’ fine, Max. You don’t need me, sorry.


Charlie Kenton: That was really cool, though. That dance. You should…you should do that on Saturday night.
Max Kenton: Don’t make fun of me.
Charlie Kenton: I’m serious. Before the fight, when you guys take the ring, you should do it.
Max Kenton: There’s no way I’m dancin’ with robot in front of a boxing crowd
Charlie Kenton: Boxing…are you kiddin’ me? It’s just a show, Max. People wanna see something they’ve never seen. Look, you think all the greats, think Ali, Sugar Ray, Prince Rakeem, Gammon, they all had…they all had their nicknames, they had their persona’s, alright? They all had flair. Now you, you might not have much robot, but with that dance you got flair. Plus you’re a kid! People love that kid thing. I mean, what are you? Nine? Ten?
Max Kenton: I’m eleven.
Charlie Kenton: Okay. Are…are you sure you’re eleven?
Max Kenton: Yes, I’m sure. I’m eleven.
Charlie Kenton: Anyway, the point is, people wanna see that.


Max Kenton: You really not messing with me?
Charlie Kenton: I’m not messing with you. They’re gonna love it.
Max Kenton: Okay.
Charlie Kenton: Cool.
Max Kenton: But…
Charlie Kenton: What?
Max Kenton: I won’t do it unless help me.
Charlie Kenton: I can’t dance. You’re on your own there!
Max Kenton: No! Boxing!
Charlie Kenton: Oh, I see. I see.


Max Kenton: I program the robot, you teach him to box.
Charlie Kenton: And you dance?
[Max doesn’t reply]
Charlie Kenton: And you dance?
Max Kenton: Yeah.
Charlie Kenton: Yeah?
Max Kenton: Deal.
[they shake hands]
Charlie Kenton: It’s gonna be cool.


[to Atom as he’s teaching him boxing]
Charlie Kenton: You’re punching guys bigger. You’re gonna have to punch up.real-steel-8
[Charlie punches up and Atom copies the movement at the same time]
Charlie Kenton: That’s it.
[Charlie does more punches which Atom mimics but then Charlie stops to move his shoulder when he sees Atom doing the same movement and laughs]
Charlie Kenton: You too, old man?


[we see montage of Atom winning fight after fight and then Bailey, Charlie and Max hear the radio DJ’s talking about Atom]
Radio DJ #1: [voice] Hey, Tommy, have you heard about this little bot out there, his name is Atom?
Radio DJ #2: [voice] Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah!
Radio DJ #1: [voice] I gotta tell you, my buddy’s and I saw him the other night and he dances.
Radio DJ #2: [voice] You say, dances?
Radio DJ #1: [voice] Yeah.
Radio DJ #2: [voice] Dances?
Radio DJ #1: [voice] You heard me. He dances pre-fight with this little kid and the crowd go nuts for these two.


Radio DJ #2: [voice] I’ll tell you, what’s really something. You put the gimmick aside for a second, then I’m holdin’ here…I’m holdin’ a list of the boxers he’s beaten. Chaos…
Radio DJ #1: [voice] Yep.
Radio DJ #2: [voice] Wall Street, One Eyed Jack.
Radio DJ #1: [voice] That’s right.
Radio DJ #2: [voice] No slouchers on that list, right? But folks, Atom’s sparred ’em all, beat ’em all!
Radio DJ #1: [voice] I’m tellin’ you, Tommy, this bot is fast! He escapes the shots from the bigger boxers and sails.
Radio DJ #2: [voice] No doubt. No doubt. I’m tellin’ you listeners, you remember this name, Atom. That’s right, A-T-O-M. This bot is one to watch!


[after being recruited for Atom to play in the league fight, Max is preparing Atom]
Charlie Kenton: It’s a league fight, I just want you to be relaxed. I want you to be relaxed. Okay, Max? No freaking out. Don’t get all freaky deaky on me. You go freaky deaky, this whole thing can go south. Whatever you do, have fun. Have fun, you gotta have fun, you understand me? We’ve come too far to get out there and freak out and blow this whole thing. We’re gonna have fun and we’re gonna…we’re gonna knock Freak out!


Charlie Kenton: Trust me when I say no freaking out, you got it?
Max Kenton: Yeah, I got it.


[after being invited to meet with Farra Lemkova in the Zeus suite]
Farra Lemkova: I’d like to buy your robot. He’d be useful sparring bot for Zeus and for that I’m willing to pay two hundred thousand dollars.
Charlie Kenton: Thous…Done!
Max Kenton: He’s not for sale!
Charlie Kenton: What? No, of course he is. No, we can definitely…
Max Kenton: He’s not for sale!
Farra Lemkova: Your fifty minutes away from getting in the ring with Twin Cities, a vicious league bot. So to be clear, my offer stands until the starting bell.
Max Kenton: Okay. And just to be clear, he’s not for sale! Not now, not ever!
Charlie Kenton: Okay, uh…listen…Woh!
[Max gets up and leaves]
Charlie Kenton: Give me a minute to clear this. So, okay?
[he gets up and follows Max out of the suite]


Charlie Kenton: Max, be smart. I know you love him, but in twenty minutes there may be nothing left to love. Think about it! Take the offer.
Max Kenton: You think about it! Why does she want Atom? Huh? Because he’s different from other bots.
Charlie Kenton: Yeah, he’s different! He’s smaller and weaker and he’s gonna get his ass kicked!
Max Kenton: He’s a boxer, we taught him to box. You taught him to box! That’s worth something.
Charlie Kenton: I think it is too. I think it’s worth two hundred grand. Two hundred grand!
Max Kenton: Charlie, we can go round and round on this all night long. Look at me? Look at me? But it’s not gonna happen. I got a fight to get to.
[he turns and leaves]


[as Atom and Twin Cities enter the ring to begin their fight]
Charlie Kenton: Hey, did you switch him to fight mode?
Max Kenton: Of course!
Charlie Kenton: Alright. Now, this bot is tough to put down.
Max Kenton: Atom can do it.
Charlie Kenton: Max, look over there. You see those geeks with the joysticks and consoles? They’re controlling everything that bot does. They’re monitoring his system, seeing what he sees, stadium feeds to the fights, everything. I mean, this is not like the underground hand held remote bots we’ve been fighting, this is the league.


[as Atom is about to begin his fight with Twin Cities]
Max Kenton: So what do we do?
Charlie Kenton: We fight smart, be patient and pray. Seriously, pray!


[as Atom is being punched into a corner by Twin Cities]
Max Kenton: Come on, Charlie! He’s getting killed in there! Tell him what to do!
Charlie Kenton: This guy’s got two heads and a further reach on us and no blind spot!
Max Kenton: He’s gotta have a weakness, find it!


[the arena announcer makes the announcement of Atom winning the fight with Twin Cities to the crowd]
Arena Announcer: In a time of one minute, forty seven seconds of the first round, Atom has beat…
[suddenly Max jumps up and grabs the microphone from and talks to the crowd]
Max Kenton: I wanna thank everyone for coming out tonight!
[the crowd cheers]
Max Kenton: Our little bot from the junk yard got shot at a league fight! How about that?
[the crowd cheers loudly]


[continuing his speech to the crowd]
Max Kenton: And the last thing I wanna say to a special girl who won’t be named, Farra Lemkova.
[Max looks up at Farra standing in the owners box and the crowd boos]
Max Kenton: That instead of buying my robot, and you think your money could control the sport!
[Charlie gets into the ring to try and stop Max from talking any further]
Okay! That’s good!
Max Kenton: No, wait! I’m not done!


[to Farra]
Max Kenton: Why not give the littlest bot a bigger shot? Huh?
[the crowd cheers loudly]
Max Kenton: Seriously, if you give him a shot he’ll surprise you! Wouldn’t you like to see a little bot get a shot at the Real Steal Championship?
[the crowd cheers even louder]
Max Kenton: I challenge Zeus to a fight. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere! You name it, we will be there!


[after they get paid by their promoter and leave the arena]
Charlie Kenton: Look at this? Let’s celebrate!
Max Kenton: Yeah!
Charlie Kenton: Alright. Seventy-thirty, right?
Max Kenton: Yes. Seventy for me and thirty for you, that’s so right.
Charlie Kenton: That’s so funny. Very very funny.
[as they walk out of the arena Charlie jokes around with Max]
Charlie Kenton: So uh…I told you we shouldn’t have sold him.
Max Kenton: Oh, okay! No!
Charlie Kenton: I told you!
Max Kenton: No! No! No!
Charlie Kenton: I told you!
Max Kenton: I remember now. Who’s right? Say who’s right? Say Max is right. Max is right.
Charlie Kenton: Alright. Alright.
Max Kenton: Max…
Charlie Kenton: Alright. We’re a good team.
Max Kenton: No! No! No! No!
Charlie Kenton: No, we’re a good team!
Max Kenton: Max is right.


[as Charlie and Max are about to leave the parking lot of the arena Charlie sees Ricky]
Ricky: That was a heck of a fight. Congratulations to both of you. That was really good. That was an amazing fight.
[to Max]
Ricky: That was a great job, young man.
[Charlie notices Ricky’s goons getting closer]
Charlie Kenton: Oh, come on, man.
Ricky: What?
Charlie Kenton: You serious?
Ricky: What, you thought I was uh…you thought I was joking when I said I’d beat you within an inch of your life?


[to his goons]
Ricky: He thought that was a joke! How about that? It wasn’t a joke.
Charlie Kenton: Hey, I got a kid here. Alright? Now I have your money. We don’t have a problem, Ricky.
Ricky: Oh, sure you do, Charlie. But um…but I think we know it’s about much more than just money now, don’t we?
Charlie Kenton: Alright. Alright, man. What do you want? Want twenty…Okay, you want twenty five, thirty? You want thirty grand? I got the money in cash right here.
[suddenly Charlie hits one of Ricky’s goons getting close to him]
Charlie Kenton: Let’s go, Max! Go! Go! Go!
[he grabs Max and they start running]


[as him and his goons are beating Charlie]
Ricky: Take all his money! Take it all. Wooh!
[to Max who has fallen to the ground trying to help Charlie]
Ricky: Hey, your friend’s a real dirt bag, kid.
Max Kenton: He’s my father!
[to Charlie as he’s lying beaten on the ground]
Ricky: Well, looks like a little less than an inch of your life. Right, buddy? That’ll teach ya!
[he hits Charlie in the stomach with his foot and him and goons start walking away]
Ricky: Just like old times, Charlie boy! Let’s go boys.


[they day after getting beat up and his goons Charlie takes Max to Debra and her husband]
Max Kenton: What is she doing here?
Charlie Kenton: It’s better if you go with her now.
Max Kenton: We get beat up so you call her to come and get me?
[Debra turns to her husband, Marvin]
Aunt Debra: He’s been beat up! I told you he couldn’t take care of him! Look at his face?


[to Max]
Charlie Kenton: Yeah, I called her. Look at us, we’re a mess.
Max Kenton: We’re fine, she can leave. Atom’s fighting good, we can make the money back. Charlie, please!
Charlie Kenton: Look, just…
Max Kenton: Charlie, we’re doing so good. Charlie, please, no!
Charlie Kenton: Don’t. Don’t. Don’t!
Max Kenton: Please! Please!
Charlie Kenton: Trust me, kid. It’s better this way. Alright? I know you think you know what’s right, but you don’t. You’re too young, you don’t know. Look at me? Trust me. Legally she has custody, so what…what…what can I do? You tell me, what can I do?
[Max looks at Charlie and runs out of the building]
Aunt Debra: Max!
[Debra runs after Max and Marvin offers the envelope of money to Charlie]
Charlie Kenton: I don’t want your money, Marvin.


[as Max is packing his things from Charlie’s truck]
Charlie Kenton: Alright, you don’t wanna talk, fine! I’ll talk. What do you want me to say? I’m sorry? No, you knew. You knew from day one what this was. You decided to take the ride. I mean, what? You actually thought me, you and the little robot from the junk heap were gonna ride off into the sunset? Come on! No, you…you forgot who I was. You deserve better…than me. Will you say something, please?
[Max ignores him, gets his back and jumps off the truck]
Charlie Kenton: I tried, okay? I mean, what do you want from me?
[Max in tears, turns to Charlie]
Max Kenton: I want you to fight for me! That’s all I ever wanted!
[he turns and leaves]


[referring to Charlie giving Max to Debra and Marvin]
Bailey Tallet: So, Max?
Charlie Kenton: It’s better this way. Marvin and Debra have the money, Max is settled.
Bailey Tallet: I saw the way he looked at you. Charlie, that’s the way I looked at my dad.
Charlie Kenton: Come on!
Bailey Tallet: Even now, I’d give anything to have that back.
Charlie Kenton: Your dad…your dad was special. He was…he was in your corner from day one. Me? Come on, I blew it! I blew it. When Max was born I just freaked out, I just…
Bailey Tallet: Something is better than nothing.
Charlie Kenton: I just wouldn’t know where to start.
Bailey Tallet: You do.
Charlie Kenton: I don’t.
Bailey Tallet: You do!
Charlie Kenton: No.
Bailey Tallet: You do.
[she looks at him meaningfully and he comes close and kisses her]
Charlie Kenton: I gotta go.
Bailey Tallet: Twelve hundred miles for a kiss.
Charlie Kenton: Worth it. Worth it.
[he kisses her again and gets up to leave]
Bailey Tallet: Go get him, Charlie.


[after Charlie turns up at Debra and Marvin’s house and Max opens the door to him]
Charlie Kenton: Look, I know you think I abandoned you, and well I guess I did originally.
Max Kenton: Then you sold me.
[Debra notices Charlie at the door]
Aunt Debra: Charlie.
Charlie Kenton: Hey.
Aunt Debra: You have no business being here.
Charlie Kenton: That’s true. Uh…you’ve got full custody, he’s yours. And…and I know I’ve done all kinds of wrong by this kid, but if you’ll let me I just like to do one thing right.


[after Debra give Charlie permission to continue talking to Max]
Charlie Kenton: Now, where were we?
Max Kenton: You sold me.
Charlie Kenton: Right, yeah. That happened.
Aunt Debra: Wait. What?
Max Kenton: Then we had our asses kicked.
Charlie Kenton: And you slept on a shelf in a truck and it was awful.
Max Kenton: And dangerous.
Charlie Kenton: Really dangerous. I mean, I know! God! I’m sorry!
Max Kenton: That’s why you came? To say you’re sorry?
Charlie Kenton: No! I mean, yes.
[looks at Debra]
Charlie Kenton: Yes!


[to Max]
Charlie Kenton: But no. No, I came to tell you that I heard you, I got it. I’m a little slow, but I got it. And I know you had a bum ride, Max and I wasn’t there when I should have been. I should have been. Your mom was…
Max Kenton: She was cool, wasn’t she?
Charlie Kenton: She was.
Max Kenton: She was the coolest.
Charlie Kenton: Yeah, she was. I’m sorry about, you know, about what happened with her. And…and I can’t get those years back, Max. But I’m here right now, and if you’re up for it, I’m ready to fight.


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