Real Steel Quotes: Action Packed Syrup

(Total Quotes: 125)

Directed by: Shawn Levy
Written by:
John Gatins (screenplay)
Dan Gilroy (story)
Jeremy Leven (story)
Hugh Jackman – Charlie Kenton
Dakota Goyo – Max Kenton
Evangeline Lilly – Bailey Tallet
Anthony Mackie – Finn
Kevin Durand – Ricky
Hope Davis – Aunt Debra
James Rebhorn – Marvin
Marco Ruggeri – Cliff
Karl Yune – Tak Mashido
Olga Fonda – Farra Lemkova


Real Steel quotes are a little syrupy and somewhat predictable but manage to be very crowd pleasing. The story is very basic involving a solid mix of underdog fighting with a father and son bonding drama set against the backdrop of some wickedly cool looking robots fighting.

It borrows a lot of themes from other movies and is unashamedly very formulaic and sappy, but the fact that it’s played with such sincerity is what gives it heart and ultimately makes it work.

Verdict: It solidly and confidently delivers the crowd pleasing goods.

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[first lines; falls out of his bed when he hears his cell phone ringing and answers it]
Charlie Kenton: Yep.
Bill Panner: Where are you, Charlie? More importantly, where is my money? You’re into me for thirty grand.
Charlie Kenton: Alright! Alright! Jack! Jack! Jack, I’m gonna pay.
Bill Panner: This ain’t Jack! It’s Bill Panner. You owe Jack money too? Charlie, you pay me first!
Charlie Kenton: Bill, hey. No, we’re, buddy. I’ve got your money, it’s right here in my hand.
[Charlie pretends his phone is breaking up]
Charlie Kenton: So uh…why don’t we meet up uh… on the peak or the uh…diner? We could…I’ve got…but…
Bill Panner: Charlie, your phone’s going all screwy!
Charlie Kenton: Bill?
Bill Panner: Hello?
Charlie Kenton: I’m losing you, Bill!
Bill Panner: Wait, Charlie, I can’t hear what you’re sayi…!
[Charlie ends the call]


Littlest Sister: Hey, mister, is that Ambush?
Charlie Kenton: Uh…yeah.
Littlest Sister: Can I see him?
Charlie Kenton: You wanna see him?
Littlest Sister: Yeah.
Charlie Kenton: Alright. Give me a minute.
[he goes over to the robot]
Charlie Kenton: This…is Ambush.
[he turns the robot on]
Charlie Kenton: Wakey, wakey.
[the robot comes to life, stands and walks forward]


Big Sister: What robot’s he fighting?
Charlie Kenton: Actually, he’s gonna…
[the little sister takes out a camera to take a photo]
Charlie Kenton: Woh! Woh! Woh, little lady! What are you doin’?
Little Sister: Can we get a picture of him?
Charlie Kenton: Sure, for five dollars.
Big Sister: You want five dollars? Seriously?
Charlie Kenton: No, I want five dollars immediately.
Little Sister: Come on guys.
[the sisters turn to leave]
Charlie Kenton: Alright. Alright. Alright, I’m kiddin’! Three bucks?
[the girls walk away]
Big Sister: Whatever!
Charlie Kenton: How about two fifty?
Big Sister: You suck!


[getting ready for Ambush to fight in a match at a small rodeo ring]
Charlie Kenton: We agreed that my boxer would fight an eight hundred pound steer for three grand. Am I right?
Ricky: Yes, sir, we did. Yes, sir.
Charlie Kenton: Now, that bull is like two thousand pounds.
Ricky: Right. Okay. Well, Charlie I’ll tell you somethin’, your bot don’t fight, you don’t get paid! Wooh! How about that?
[the large Texan man standing next Charlie laughs and Charlie looks at him]
Charlie Kenton: Get the hell outta here!


Charlie Kenton: Why don’t we make this more interesting? My bot against your bull straight up.
Ricky: How much?
Charlie Kenton: Twenty grand, winner takes all.
Ricky: You got twenty grand, Charlie?
Charlie Kenton: It’s safe in my truck.
Ricky: Alright, Charlie.
Charlie Kenton: Alright.
Ricky: I tell you what, twenty grand it is. But if you lose, and you will, I’m gonna come after you and I’m gonna beat you within an inch of your life. And you know that I could do that, cause I already done it.


Charlie Kenton: What’s the problem with you, man? Why do you have to get too close? In the ring you stand back like a girl.
[he pushes Ricky away]real-steel-2
Charlie Kenton: Just shake.
[he puts his hand out for Ricky to shake]
Ricky: Alright, Charlie. Shake it is…pow!
[suddenly he punches the air close to Charlie’s face]
Ricky: Just like that once again! Wanna dance again? Wanna dance?
[turns to the crowd behind him]
Ricky: Come on! Cheer for this guy, give him some love, he needs it!


[as Ambush is being destroyed by the bull in the ring]
Charlie Kenton: Ricky, enough! Enough!
Ricky: I can’t hear you over the sound of your robot being destroyed!
[the crowd cheers ‘kill’ as the bulls totally destroy Ambush and Charlie has lost the fight]


[Charlie sees the trio of sisters that had wanted to take a photo leave the arena with Ambush’s severed leg as a souvenir]
Charlie Kenton: Hey! Hey! Give me that leg?
Big Sister: Sure, for five dollars.
Littlest Sister: Boo-ya!


[Charlie is about to make a quick getaway in his truck when he gets accosted by two men, Charlie turns and decks one of them]
Charlie Kenton: One more step and I’ll drop you like your girlfriend.
San Leandro Gentleman #2: Charlie, relax!
[assuming they are Ricky’s men coming for his money]
Charlie Kenton: I’m not paying you, that was a bogus fight! It cost me my last robot.
San Leandro Gentleman #2: Just listen to us.
San Leandro Gentleman #1: Do you recall Carolyn Fallon?
Charlie Kenton: She’s my ex-girlfriend. I have seen her in like ten years. What does she want?
San Leandro Gentleman #2: Nothing, she died.
San Leandro Gentleman #1: Do you recall Max Kenton?
Charlie Kenton: Uh…he’s my son. He’s gotta be like nine or…
San Leandro Gentleman #2: Eleven.
Charlie Kenton: Eleven, okay. Is he dead too?
San Leandro Gentleman #1: No, he’s fine. That’s why we’re here.


[Charlie arrives to his son’s custody hearing late]
Charlie Kenton: Woh!
Judge: Please be Charles Kenton.
Charlie Kenton: Uh…Charlie, yeah. I-I-I’m…I’m here to sign some paper that releases my rights to the custody of my son, that’s…that’s why I’m here. Do I need to be here?
Aunt Debra: Charlie. Do you remember me? Debra, Caroline’s sister?
Charlie Kenton: Yeah, sure. Debra, how are you?
Judge: Mr. Kenton?
Charlie Kenton: Yeah?
Judge: Please take a seat.


Aunt Debra: Your Honor, please may I go and see my nephew now?
Judge: Yes, you may. How about you, Mr. Kenton?
Charlie Kenton: Uh…what?
Judge: You can spend some time with him, if you’d like.
Charlie Kenton: With the kid?
Aunt Debra: Yeah, the kid! The kid! Max, your son?
Charlie Kenton: Alright! Alright!
Aunt Debra: You’ve been working with those robots for so long you’ve become one.


[after Charlie notices that Debra and her husband are rich and he hatches a plan to get money out of them]
Marvin: Marvin Barnes, I’m Debra’s husband.
Charlie Kenton: Right, yeah.
Marvin: You know, Debra really wants to adopt Max. And um…uh…I’m up for it. But um…
Charlie Kenton: Seventy five grand.
Marvin: Seventy five thousand dollars? You’re serious?
Charlie Kenton: Hmm.
Marvin: The thing is, we’re supposed to go to Italy this summer with my oldest friend and his wife, two months in Tuscany.
Charlie Kenton: Oh, just the four of you. Sounds nice.


Marvin: We’ll be back in New York by the end of August.
Charlie Kenton: In August. A hundred.
Marvin: A hundred thousand?
Charlie Kenton: You heard me.
Marvin: You’re crazy!
Charlie Kenton: Not nearly as crazy as your wife if she you tell I decided to hand over the kid to the State of Texas. The way I see it there’s a real way everyone gets what they want here. So here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna tell your wife I’ll only sign over custody to her if I get to spend the summer with the kid first. Okay? Just tell her how guilty she made me feel for being such a terrible absentee dad and how I wanna make good with junior and a little fatherly bonding, what not. She’ll buy it, you’ll get to be the hero and everybody wins.
Marvin: Okay. But not a word about the money to Debra, you understand?
Charlie Kenton: I understand.
Marvin: I’ll give you fifty grand tonight when we drop off Max, and the other fifty when we get back in August and you deliver him to us in New York.
Charlie Kenton: Pleasure doing business with you.


Bailey Tallet: Charlie, let me make something clear. A creep dude with a robot in a box has been sitting outside my gym for two hours. Now, putting aside the fact that you’re doing what I’m guessing is a black market deal on my doorstep?
Charlie Kenton: Mm-hmm.
Bailey Tallet: How are you gonna pay him when Ambush just got destroyed?
Charlie Kenton: The money is on its way, just you know, distract him.
Bailey Tallet: I have been. It’s exhausting,
Charlie Kenton: You’re the best, Baile.
Bailey Tallet: Yeah, really?
Charlie Kenton: Mm-hmm.
Bailey Tallet: Is that why you’re buying a forty five thousand dollar robot, when you owe me six grand rent? Cause I’m the best?
Charlie Kenton: Three!
[she slaps him lightly in the face]
Bailey Tallet: No! Six.


Bailey Tallet: No, listen. Charlie, there is a guy with real money who wants to buy this place
Charlie Kenton: Come on! Like you really gonna sell your dad’s gym?
Bailey Tallet: If you don’t make rent, I can’t make payments and I won’t have a choice.
Charlie Kenton: You’re father will climb out of his grave and kick your ass if you sell this place.
Bailey Tallet: No, my father would climb out of this grave and kick your ass!
Charlie Kenton: Bailey.


[he stares at her]
Bailey Tallet: Don’t.real-steel-3
Charlie Kenton: Don’t what?
Bailey Tallet: Don’t do that. That!
[she turns her face from him]
Charlie Kenton: Hey. Don’t what?
Bailey Tallet: Don’t do that thing.
Charlie Kenton: Oh, you like that thing?
Bailey Tallet: No.
Charlie Kenton: Yeah.
Bailey Tallet: No. No, I don’t like that thing. I used to once, briefly. Now I like money more.
Charlie Kenton: I don’t believe you.
Bailey Tallet: I don’t care.


[after Marvin and Debra drop Max off with Charlie]
Charlie Kenton: I’m Charlie. It’s been a long time. You know I’m your…
Max Kenton: You screwed me!
Charlie Kenton: Nice mouth.
Max Kenton: Do you know where they’re going?
Charlie Kenton: Italy?
Max Kenton: Yeah, Italy. So how did I get stuck here with you?
Charlie Kenton: Relax, kid. You got a whole life of fine living ahead of you.


[referring to Bailey who’s going back into the gym after Charlie hands over the money to her]
Charlie Kenton: So listen, you’re gonna stay here with her while I’m on the road.
Max Kenton: How much did he give you, huh?
Charlie Kenton: You coming to this the wrong way, kid.
Max Kenton: No, tell me! I want to know.
Charlie Kenton: Fifty thousand. Okay? He gave me fifty thousand dollars to sign you over to her. Will you shut up now?
Max Kenton: You sold me?
Charlie Kenton: Sounds worse than it is.
Max Kenton: Really?
Charlie Kenton: Is that…it’s just to take care of you.
Max Kenton: Just give me half the money and you won’t have to.
Charlie Kenton: Where you gonna go?
Max Kenton: Just give me the money, I’ll be fine.
Charlie Kenton: No, I told your aunt I’d get you to New York at the end of the summer.
Max Kenton: Now you’re concerned for aunt Debra? You sold me for fifty grand! You owe me half!
Charlie Kenton: I don’t have it. I spent the money on a robot. It’s gone! Okay? Gone! Uh, I’m through with this.
[he turns and walks back to the gym]


[referring to the giant container holding the robot that Charlie has just bought]
Charlie Kenton: Right, what do we got?
Bailey Tallet: Noisy Boy has arrived!
Charlie Kenton: Ah, that’s a lot of airline stickers and customs tags.
Bailey Tallet: Yep. He’s been all over the world.
[reading the airline stickers on the container]
Charlie Kenton: London, Japan, Brazil, St. Paulo.
Bailey Tallet: He hasn’t seen North American soil in over two years. Maybe that’s why you got such a good price.


[as Max enter they gym]
Charlie Kenton: Decided to stay, huh? Right, this is Bailey. She’ll be looking after you for a few weeks.
Bailey Tallet: What?
[to a shocked Bailey]
Charlie Kenton: Oh, by the way, I need you to look after the kid for a few weeks
Bailey Tallet: Charlie!
Charlie Kenton: More like eight.
Max Kenton: I want half that money.
Charlie Kenton: Are we back to this again?


[referring to Noisy Boy’s container]
Max Kenton: Is there a real robot boxer in there?
Bailey Tallet: Noisy Boy’s in there, you ever heard of him?
Max Kenton: Of course. He fought Rubicon for the WRB belt in two thousand sixteen.


[as Charlie and Bailey open up Noisy Boy’s container]
Max Kenton: I’ve watched that fight with Rubicon, like twenty times. He should have had him in the third round, but Rubicon got lucky with a huge right and ended it.


[as Charlie turns Noisy Boy to life and he steps out of his container making Max jump back]
Charlie Kenton: Relax, kid. He’s on our side.
Bailey Tallet: That’s not funny.
Charlie Kenton: Uh, kind of funny.
Bailey Tallet: You know he has voice recognition, right?
Max Kenton: No, he doesn’t.
Bailey Tallet: No, he didn’t in the league.
Charlie Kenton: But when Noisy fought in Brazil they must have put it in. Brazilians are crazy about that talk to you robot crap.


[Max takes over Noisy Boys voice recognition headset and give him instruction in Japanese]real-steel-5
Charlie Kenton: Woh! Woh! What was that? Was that Japanese?
[Max gives Noisy Boy more instructions in Japanese]
Bailey Tallet: Let me see if I can reset him to English, hang on.
Charlie Kenton: How the hell do you know Japanese?
Max Kenton: Video games.
Charlie Kenton: You play video games in Japanese?
Max Kenton: Japanese bootlegs are always better.


[as Charlie is about to leave in his truck with Noisy Boy he sees Max holding up the keys to his truck]
Charlie Kenton: Give me the keys.
Max Kenton: I’m coming with you.
Charlie Kenton: No, you’re not.
Max Kenton: Why not?
Charlie Kenton: Because I don’t want you with me, okay?
Max Kenton: I’m either coming with you or you’re fishing for your keys in the sewer. You’re choice. What’s it gonna be, old man?
[Max drops the key but catches them quickly before they go into the sewer]
Max Kenton: Oh, my God! That was close, wasn’t it?
Charlie Kenton: Don’t do that again. Don’t! Don’t!
Max Kenton: That’s scaring you, isn’t it?
Charlie Kenton: Don’t.
Max Kenton: Don’t do this…don’t do this again?
[Max drops the keys and catches them again before they drop into the sewer]
Charlie Kenton: Don’t’!
Max Kenton: Woh! Woh!
Charlie Kenton: Get in. Just get in, will you? Give me the keys, first.
Max Kenton: No, you can wait until I get in the truck. Thanks, big pops.


[at the underground robot-fighting arena]
Charlie Kenton: Give me the main event.
Finn: Come on, Charlie.
Charlie Kenton: Finn, this is Noisy Boy. An original top machine old bot. He was a world war bot league boxer, come on!
Finn: You wanna fight Midas? Fifty thousand guaranteed. Winner takes all.
Charlie Kenton: Fifty, really? Fifty? Now you’re talkin’.
[Max tries to get Charlie’s attention]
Max Kenton: Listen! Listen! Listen!
[to Finn]
Charlie Kenton: Give me a second.
Max Kenton: We should take an undercurrent fight, make a little cash and get the hell outta here!
Charlie Kenton: Boy, first there is no we! Second, he’s gonna crush Midas and I’m gonna make some real cash.
[turns to Finn]
Charlie Kenton: We’ll take Midas!


[watching as Noisy Boy is getting beat up badly by Midas]
Max Kenton: That’s illegal!
Charlie Kenton: This is the underworld, kid! There are no rules!


[Finn is doing a commentary of the fight to the crowd]
Finn: Now we’re seeing the Midas!
[as Charlie watches Noisy Boy get pummeled again]
Charlie Kenton: No! Hands up!
Finn: Get back in that corner, bitch and take this woman like a man!


[to Charlie as they watch Noisy Boy get badly beaten by Midas]
Max Kenton: He’s getting killed in there!
Charlie Kenton: Uh…!
Max Kenton: It’s a headset! You talk into it and you tell him what to do!
[into the headset Charlie gives instruction to Noisy Boy]
Charlie Kenton: Panic shield!
[suddenly Noisy Boy hits back]
Charlie Kenton: That’s it! Uh…one two overload!
[suddenly Midas takes hold of Noisy Boy again and start pummeling him]
Charlie Kenton: Woh! No! Woh! No! Uh…Shatter punch!


[after Noisy Boy has lost the fight to Midas]
Charlie Kenton: Are you hungry?
[he throws Max a paper bag with some food in it]
Charlie Kenton: I’ll save what’s left of Noisy Boy’s voice recognition but other than that he’s trash. I gotta get another robot together. Just need to find…
[Max takes out the food from the paper bag and looks at it]
Charlie Kenton: What?
Max Kenton: I hate hamburgers.
Charlie Kenton: What kid hates burgers? Fine. Fine. More for me.
[he takes the bag from Max]
Charlie Kenton: Here, drink this.


[referring to Noisy Boy losing getting badly beaten in the fight with Midas]
Max Kenton: You never should have taken that fight.
Charlie Kenton: Oh, really? Really? Thanks, genius!
Max Kenton: Do you even think about the stuff you do before you do it? You had no idea how to fight that fight! Those combination codes, you didn’t even know what half of them even meant. You just threw him in there cocky and half-assed! Of course you lost, you didn’t even give him a chance.
Charlie Kenton: He wasn’t that good.
Max Kenton: Noisy Boy was a great robot.real-steel-6
Charlie Kenton: Was! Was a great robot! Back in the league, back in the day. But look around you, kid. This place, this place is where once great robots go to die,
Max Kenton: So throw him away. That’s what you do, right? Anything you don’t need, you just throw away?
Charlie Kenton: Wow. It’s been a long night, alright? You wanna sleep in doors? Now shut up and get in the truck.
[Max just looks at him]
Charlie Kenton: Don’t look at me like that. Get in the truck!
[Max gets up and goes into the truck]


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Total Quotes: 125



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