Starring: Emily Mortimer, Robyn Nevin, Bella Heathcote, Chris Bunton, Jeremy Stanford, Steve Rodgers


Horror directed and co-written by Natalie Erika James. The story follows Edna (Robyn Nevin), who after she inexplicably vanishes, her  daughter and granddaughter, Kay and Sam (Emily Mortimer and Bella Heathcote), rush to their family’s home, were they find clues of increasing dementia scattered around the house in her absence.

After Edna returns, just as mysteriously as she disappeared, she seems unwilling, or unable to say where she’s been. As Edna’s behavior turns increasingly volatile, Kay and Sam begin to sense that an insidious presence in the house might be taking control of her.


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We’ll add the best quotes once the movie is released and we’ve had a chance to watch it, but for now here’s a small selection.




Edna: This house is the only thing left. All our memories.


Kay: Mum, what is it?
Edna: It’s here.


Sam: [to Edna] Who are you talking to?


Edna: Since your grandfather passed, this house seems unfamiliar.


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