Starring: Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Tika Sumpter, Benjamin Bratt, Olivia Munn, Ken Jeong, Tyrese Gibson, Bruce McGill, Sherri Shepherd


Story: Action comedy sequel directed by Tim Story which continues to follow Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) who has graduated from the police academy and is now a full-fledged Atlanta P.D. cop, and wants to make it as a detective.

His soon to be brother-in-law, James Payton (Ice Cube) is still annoyed by his tactics. As Ben’s wedding day approaches their boss Lt. Brooks (Bruce McGill) assigns them on a huge case that is in Miami, to take down Pope (Benjamin Bratt), a drug lord who’s been supplying the local dealers in their home state.

Verdict: Wasn’t a huge fan of the first one so I didn’t have high hopes for this second installment and sadly there was nothing here that made me change my mind. I will say that it does have some funny moments and Hart and Cub have a good watchable chemistry but as a whole the story is just not good. I’d give it a miss unless you’re were a huge fan of the first movie.


Best Quotes   (Total Quotes: 13)


 Lt. Brooks: All the new dealers in Atlanta are getting supplied through Antonio Pope in Miami. You need to get me something on this guy.
James Payton: Two days tops.
Ben Barber: Sir?
Lt. Brooks: The grownups are speaking, Ben. You’re barely even a probationary officer. But, James, if you want to take him to Miami, you can. So get a team together and fix this.


Ben Barber: Miami, James, I’m going?
James Payton: You better get ready.
Ben Barber: Come here, man.
[he goes to embrace James but he stops Ben]
Ben Barber: Alright. No, it’s too soon.


Ben Barber: [to Brooks] Put me on with James. I’m like half-cop, half-puma. I’ll get in your ass.


A.J.: Your partner is marrying your sister? Good cop, sex cop!


Ben Barber: The brothers-in-law just got to town!
James Payton: If you say that more time, I’m gonna shoot you in the face.


James Payton: Pope is moving contraband through the port, you’re gonna help me get some hard evidence on him.
Tasha: You think I’m gonna give up my man?
James Payton: Oh, you’re gonna give him up.
Ben Barber: Is he honoring you, Tasha? Because when I went through his phone the first name I came across was Collette. So who’s Collette? What’s her ringtone?
[he plays the ring tone which is “Freak me” by Keith Sweat ft Silk]
James Payton: Oh, yeah. He lickin’ that up and down no doubt.
Ben Barber: So I said maybe he’s saved the best for last. Then I played your ringtone.
[he plays Tasha’s ringtone which is the standard cell phone ringtone]
Ben Barber: That costs absolutely nothing.


Captain Hernandez: Since you’ve been here I’ve had a nightclub shooting, twenty trespassing complaints, and a freaking car blew up.
James Payton: Hey, we didn’t plant the car bomb.
Ben Barber: Yeah, but we did the other stuff.


Ben Barber: We’re partners, James. We protect each other.


[noticing they’re being tailed by a car]
James Payton: Oh, we got company!
A.J.: Oh, my God!
James Payton: Lose them!
Ben Barber: Hold on!
[Ben puts on the car’s indicator]
James Payton: Are you signaling?
Ben Barber: It is a force of habit!


[after accidentally shooting a drug dealer]
James Payton: Again?!
Ben Barber: My nerves is bad, man!
[the drug dealer suddenly sits up]
Ben Barber: Oh, my God! He’s a zombie! He ain’t shot! The Walking Dead shit, James!
James Payton: No!
[he goes to shoot the drug dealer but James pulls up his arm to stop him]


James Payton: You look like a damn marshmallow.
Ben Barber: A good detective knows how to blend in with the locals.
James Payton: Oh, yeah, you blend it alright.


Ben Barber: Are you finally into the concept of us being family now?
James Payton: I don’t even know if that’s accurate.
Ben Barber: We’re partners, James. We protect each other.


[after James uses Ben to take more bullets in the back of his bullet proof to protect himself from getting shot]
James Payton: You saved me a little bit that time.
Ben Barber: You tried to kill me.
James Payton: Hey, man we’re brothers-in-law!
Ben Barber: Not anymore. Offer is off the table.

Total Quotes: 13




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