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[as Blu is using an electric toothbrush to brush his mouth he’s interrupted by Eduardo]
Eduardo: Morning. Or should I say “afternoon”?
Blu: Morning, sir.
Eduardo: Our days here in the jungle, they start early.
[Jewel joins them]
Jewel: Morning, Daddy.
Eduardo: That’s my girl. See? Already up and at ’em.
[to Blu]
Jewel: Morning, sweetie.


[whispering to Jewel]
Blu: Why did you let me sleep in?
Jewel: What are you talking about? You sleep in every day.
Blu: Yeah, but…
Bia: Hey, Dad. Aunt Mimi says clay is good for your digestion. Try some.
Blu: No, sweetie. I just brushed my…
[Bia suddenly stuffs the piece of clay into Blu’s mouth]
Bia: It’s good, right? I’m going to go get some more.
[Bia flies off]
Eduardo: Smart girl.
[Blu spits out the clay from his mouth]


Eduardo: So, I thought I’d take Louie here for a little tour of the area, show him around.
Jewel: Oh, that’s a great idea.
Blu: What?
Jewel: You go have fun with Daddy and I’ll explore around here with the kids.
Blu: Oh. Oh. Yeah, okay. Sure.
Jewel: You’ll love it.
Blu: Yeah, great. Um, I just gotta…
[Blu turns and goes into Roberto’s nest then returns a few moments later wearing his fanny pack]
Blu: Okay, ready.
[Eduardo spots the fanny pack with disapproval]
Eduardo: Okay. Lou, come closer.
[Blu walks up really close to Eduardo and opens his wings as if to hug him]
Eduardo: Uh…not so close.
Blu: Oh, okay.
[he takes a step back]


Eduardo: Listen, uh…I can barely look at it. You gotta lose that human pocket, okay?
Blu: Oh, this is a fanny pack.
Eduardo: “Fanny pack.” Adorable. It’s human, and now that you’re joining the tribe, you won’t be needing it anymore. I’ll meet you by the clay banks.
[Eduardo flies off]
Blu: Woh, woh, woh. Joining the tribe? He doesn’t actually think we’re moving to the jungle, does he?
Jewel: No, no. He…he’s just excited we’re all here. Let’s not ruin the moment, okay? Besides, it won’t kill you to leave behind the fanny pack.
Blu: Alright, you win. I will leave the fanny pack behind.
[Blu takes off the pack and places it inside the nest then turns to face Jewel]
Blu: Happy wife, happy life… Oh.
[he notices Jewel is on the next tree and is about to leave with the kids]
Jewel: Bye, honey! Have fun.
Blu: Uh…yeah. Sure. Bye.
[Blu flies off with a sense of trepidation]


[Nico, Pedro and Rafael are snoring away when Carla comes over to wake them]
Carla: You guys. Wakey-wakey! Wake up!
[Rafael shots up awake]
Rafael: Eva! You got it!
Carla: What happened to “Amazon Untamed”? Here’s the plan: auditions today and we preview the show tomorrow.
Pedro: “We”? What you talking about, “we”? You speak French?
Carla: Come on, chop-chop. Let’s get started!
[Carla flies down and we see a huge crowd of animals gathered on the ground cheering]
Rafael: Woh! Kid’s been working.
[the auditions for the talent search begins with the animals doing their performances]


[next Carla tries to wake up a sleeping sloth]
Carla: Uh…any time you’re ready.
[suddenly the sloth wakes and starts rapping]
Rapping Sloth: Every time I come a fella gotta get it. Then I gotta go, and then I gotta get it. Then they gotta blow, and then I gotta show that any little thing a fella think that he be doing. Cause it doesn’t matter, I’m done.
[the sloth immediately falls asleep snoring, we then see three more unsuccessful auditions until two turtles show up]
Nico: Next!
Capoeira Turtle: We are the amazing Capoeira turtles.
[they start moving in slow motion to the music as Nico, Pedro and Rafael watch them in amazement]


[next up are a bunch of mosquitoes buzzing a classical tune really fast]
Rafael: Bravo! Encore! Encore!
Nico: Encore!
Pedro: Ooh, sorry, guys. Did I miss anything?
[Pedro notices one of the mosquito’s beside him]
Pedro: Ah! Mosquito.
[suddenly he snaps his hands together squashing the mosquito making Rafael and Nico gasp in shock]
Rafael, Nico: Ha!


[the group watches a few more unsuccessful auditions until they get to a kid capybara]
Claira: Hi, my name is Claira the capybara and I will be singing my favorite song.
Rafael, Claira, Nico, Pedro: Aw.
[she starts singing “Memory” from Cats]rio-2-16
Claira: [singing] Memory, all alone in the moonlight…
[suddenly from behind a jaguar appears and eats her, as he swallows her suddenly the tiger’s mouth starts to move as the Claira continues to sing from his stomach]
Claira: [singing] Touch me. It’s so easy to leave me…
Pedro: If they keep eating each other, we got no show. This ain’t an all-you-can-eat competition!


[meanwhile Blu is following Eduardo as they fly through the jungle]
Blu: Ooh, hey. You are fast. You are really, really fast. I think I pulled a wing or something. You are really fast for an old bird.
[Eduardo gives him a dirty look]
Blu: For such a wise, wise bird, is what I meant to say. Wise bird, which is…which sometimes comes with age, but also can happen when you’re young, like you, in your case. You can be wise and young, which is kind of a rare combination, but thrilling when it happens.
Eduardo: Be quiet.
Blu: Ah. Thank you, sir.
Eduardo: It’s time to shake that city off of you. You need to learn the basics of jungle survival.
Blu: I thought we were going sightseeing.
[Eduardo chuckles to himself]
Eduardo: It’s training day.


[Eduardo watches over Blu as he wades through some mud]
Eduardo: Come on! The mud is your friend. This is your camouflage! Feel it. Taste it!
[he throws some of the mud onto Blu]
Eduardo: If you don’t feel crusty, you’re not doing it right!
[Blu starts dunking his head in the mud in fear, next Blu is rolling on the dirt on the ground]
Eduardo: You don’t wanna be seen by humans!
[next Blu is doing sits up as he’s dangling on a branch by his legs]
Eduardo: Come on! Are you a macaw or a turkey?
[next Blu accidentally flies into a snakes mouth but Eduardo saves him quickly by stomping the snake’s belly, then Eduardo shows him how eat a Brazil nut and Blu fails, then Eduardo watches as Blu is jumping up trying to get away from crocodiles snapping him up]
Eduardo: Faster. Faster. Come on! You don’t want to be eaten!


[next Blu is hanging upside down his body tied in a leaf]
Eduardo: You’re alone in the jungle, you get caught in a trap. What do you do?
Blu: Um…if I…if I had my fanny pack…
Eduardo: No! You use your beak!
Blu: My beak!
Eduardo: It’s your most important tool.
Blu: Okay, okay! No, I use my beak.
[he tries to use his beak to set himself free]
Blu: Almost.
Eduardo: Time’s up!
[Eduardo uses hi beak to let Blu loose and he falls to the ground]
Eduardo: You’re jaguar meat. Roberto got it on the first try.
Blu: Huh. Of course he did.
[next Eduardo and Blu are flying up high into the sky]
Eduardo: Up, up! And hover! Now, backwards!
Blu: What, backwards? No, only hummingbirds can fly backwards.
[Blu watches as Eduardo flies backwards]
Eduardo: Backwards.


[next Blu is swimming in the water trying to catch up with a dolphin]
Eduardo: Over! Under! Over! Under! Over! Good job.
Blu: Oh. Oh, thanks.
Eduardo: Not you.
[suddenly the dolphin jumps up and does a high five with Eduardo’s wing; to the dolphin]
Blu: Uh…hi.
[the dolphin flicks it’s take splashing water in Blu’s face]


Eduardo: Brazil nut trees. These trees are the key to our way of life. The trees feed us. They sustain us. They…
[suddenly he hears snoring, looks around and sees Blu sprawled out and asleep from exhaustion]
Eduardo: Wake up!
Blu: Ah! I’m up! I’m up! I’m up! Oh. Nutty Brazil. Brazil nut trees…something. Yeah, got it.
Eduardo: This is important. We have to protect these trees. Our future depends on it.
[suddenly they are interrupted by a scarlet macaw, Felipe, and two other scarlet macaws]
Felipe: Hey, yoh, Eddie. Who’s your sidekick? You got a nurse now?
[the other scarlet macaw’s laugh]
Blu: Hi, I’m, um…
Eduardo: Aren’t you boys getting a little bit too close to our side? We have a deal, Felipe.
Felipe: Hey, relax. You know we got nothing but mad love for you.
[to his friends]
Felipe: Come on, boys, let’s fly. Paint the sky, before they start to cry.
[Felipe and his friends laugh and fly off]
Blu: Well, they seem nice.
Eduardo: They have their side of the grove and we have ours. Food is scarce these days.


Eduardo: Shh!
[they look down to see a band of humans, Big Boss’s men, walking through the jungle]
Eduardo: Never seen them this close to the village before.
[Blu sticks his neck out to get a good look]
Eduardo: What? Don’t let them see you!
[Eduardo pulls Blu beside him]
Blu: Oh, right, right, right. Sorry. Uh…maybe we should go find Linda.
Eduardo: What’s a Linda?
Blu: Oh, Linda is the person that raised me.
Eduardo: What? You’re a pet?
Blu: No! No, I mean, no, no. It wasn’t anything like that. I was a companion.
Eduardo: You liked it? Ugh! That explains everything.
Blu: Linda is family.
Eduardo: Family? Humans aren’t family.
Blu: No, you don’t understand. They’re coming here to help.
Eduardo: Listen to me, we do not bring humans into the tribe. That is the only reason we’re still alive. You cannot be confused about this. Understood?
Blu: Yeah, got it.
Eduardo: Sightseeing is over.
[Eduardo turns and flies off]


[elsewhere in the jungle Linda helps Tulio climb up a tree to look into a nest]
Linda: Do you see the nest?
Tulio: Hmm.
[as Tulio looks inside the nest suddenly a flock of small birds fly out of it knocking Tulio back and starts swinging by the rope he’s got hooked around him]
Linda: Tulio, are you okay?
Tulio: I’m fine! I’m okay! I’m…
[suddenly Tulio notices a tree being knocked down in the distance]
Tulio: Not okay.


[after investigating Linda and Tulio find Big Boss’s men cutting down the trees in the jungle]
Linda: Tulio, they’re cutting down the forest!
[Linda goes rushing off]
Tulio: No, no, no! Linda! Linda, where are you going?
Linda: To talk to them. You talk to birds, I talk to humans!
[Linda turns to go]
Tulio: No! Linda! Ow! Ooh.
[as Tulio goes to stop her he strips and falls over a tree trunk]


[Linda approaches the man cutting down a tree with a chainsaw]
Linda: Hey! Hey, mister! Hello!
[the man stops cutting and turns to face Linda]
Linda: You take it easy with that chainsaw. There are rare birds living around here. You can’t cut down these trees!
Tulio: Ooh, sweetheart! There you are. Hmm, I was looking for you.
[to the man]
Tulio: Hi, there. Beautiful out here, isn’t it?
[suddenly they’re interrupted by Big Boss’s foreman]
Logging Foreman: You two lost?
Tulio: Lost? No!
[Tulio chuckles nervously]
Tulio: Lost? No. We’re…we’re here on our honeymoon. We’re actually just heading back to join the tour. It’s, uh…karaoke night.
[to Linda]
Tulio: Come along, honey.
[he grabs Linda’s hand and they start walking off]
Tulio: Moon River isn’t going to sing itself.


[quietly to Linda as they walk away from the men]
Tulio: Linda, logs aren’t the only things these guys cut.
[suddenly the foreman puts his foot down on the end of the rope still attached to Tulio’s waste and makes him stop]
Tulio: Run, Linda. I’ll hold them off. Go, go, go! Run! Run!
Linda: Okay, okay, okay!
[as Linda runs off Tulio tries to strike hold the men off by using a piece of tree branch but the man with the chainsaw quickly cuts it in half, Tulio laughs nervously; we see Linda runs through the jungle passing some chickens]
Linda: Excuse me, excuse me!


[Roberto and Tiago are having fun flying through the jungle]
Roberto: Come on, I’ll race you.
Tiago: Woo-hoo! This is great!
Roberto: Wooh! All right, Tiago!
Tiago: Oh, yeah!
Jewel: Tiago!
[Jewel throws him some berries in the air for Tiago to catch but Roberto flies in and grabs them instead]
Tiago: Hey!
[Blu then catches Jewel as she swallows a bunch of berries]
Jewel: Mmm!
Blu: Woh.
Jewel: Oh, that is so good.
[she notices Blu]
Jewel: Hey, you’re back. Oh. How did it go?
Blu: Um…
[at that moment Eduardo flies in and interrupts them]
Eduardo: Oh, we had a great time. It was, uh…educational.


Tiago: Dad! Uncle Beto showed me some cool flying tricks.
Blu: “Uncle”? Ah.
Tiago: Look, I can fly backwards.
Roberto: Yeah, you’re a natural, T-Bird.
[Tiago gives Roberto a high five, then Roberto starts squawking and Tiago joins in with him making Jewel chuckle]
Eduardo: It’s never too soon to learn the ways of the jungle, Tiago.
[to Roberto]
Eduardo: Although some may never learn.
[they both look at Blu]
Blu: I’m going to go, uh…clean up.
[Blu flies off]
Eduardo: Roberto, we saw humans near the grove. I need you to stay alert.


[to himself in anger as he flies off to clean himself up]
Gabi: “Ways of the jungle.” I’d like to learn a way out of this jungle.
[nearby Nigel, Gabi and Charlie watch who they think is Blu land on a tree]
Nigel: Ooh! There he is! Now is our chance.
Gabi: Oh, I’m so excited!
[to Charlie]
Nigel: Prepare the tongue-a-pult.
[using Charlie’s tongue tied to a tree, Nigel prepares to be catapulted]
Nigel: Charlie, make me fly again.
[Charlie’s catapults Nigel into the air]
Gabi: Oh! Go get ’em, tiger!


[Nigel cackles as he flies through the air towards who he thinks is Blu and knocks him off the tree]
Nigel: Bow before the conquering cockatoo.
Blu Macaw: What is your problem, dude?
Nigel: Ooh.
Pedro: Bird, that was sick!
[Nigel turns to see Rafael, Pedro and Nico watching him thinking he was auditioning for them]
Nico: Now, that’s the energy you bring into an audition.
Nigel: Audition?
Blu Macaw: Yeah, that’s actually why I’m here. I’ve got a great little…
[suddenly Nigel slaps him aside with his wing]
Blu Macaw: Hey!


Nigel: Go on.
Nico: We’re looking for a new star.
Nigel: Star?
Rafael: You look familiar. Don’t I know you from somewhere?
Nigel: Uh…no, I don’t think so. Um…no. I’m, uh, um…Bob. Yes. Bob the bird.
[he giggles to himself]
Pedro: Okay, Bob, whatever. Show us what you got.
Nigel: Um…well…
[he suddenly starts saying the words to the song “I will Survive”]
Nigel: Well, at first I was afraid. I was petrified. I kept thinking that I could never live, I could barely fly. And I spent, oh, so many nights thinking how he did me wrong and…and I grew strong. And I learned how to get along…
[he suddenly starts singing]


Nigel: [singing] Go on, now, go. Walk out the door. Just turn around now, it is I who has the floor. Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye? Did you think I’d crumble?
[Gabi and Charlie join in to watch Nigel]
Gabi: Oh, no!
Nigel: [singing] Did you think I’d lay down and die?
Gabi: Oh, no, not Nige.
Nigel: [singing] I will survive. As long as I know how to hate, I know I’ll stay alive. I’ve got all my life to live.
Gabi: [singing] And I’ve got all my love to give.
Nigel: [singing] And I will survive.
Gabi: [singing] You will survive!
Nigel: [singing] I will survive!
Gabi: [singing] We will survive!


Nigel: [rapping] I’m a survivor I’ve got the eye of a tiger. Been training again and eating my fiber. You been staying alive. Well, I’ve been staying aliver. Watch where you sit when I spit my saliva, like boom! You’ve never seen a Cockatoo, rocking and shocking and dropping and popping and looking, too? Watch what I can do without no auto-tune.
Gabi: Say what?
[Nigel then ululates]
Gabi: Oh, no, he didn’t.
Nigel: [singing] If you try to keep me down, I’ll just come back stronger. You try to cut me short I’ll just come back longer. If you beat me at ping pong I’ll just play ping ponger. Give me my throne, I am ready to thrive. One thing I know, I will survive. I will survive.
[everyone cheers]


Nigel: Yes, thank you. I’ve been Bob the bird.
[to Charlie]
Gabi: He is so hot.
Pedro: Boom. That’s it. You in.
Rafael: You’re no Eva, but you’re awesome.
Nico: We’ll see you at the performance tomorrow night.
Carla: Everyone from the village is coming. It’s going to be off the charts!
Nigel: Everyone?


Gabi: Everyone?
Nigel: It’s the perfect
[we see Nigel has a porcupine tied and dangling from a tree, he plucks off one of its spikes]
Porcupine: Ow!
Nigel: Be happy we’re only plucking you, porcupine.
[he plucks another spike off the porcupine]
Porcupine: Ow!
Nigel: Go away.
[Charlie lets the porcupine loose and he runs off quickly]


Nigel: Instead of chasing that bird all over the jungle, we let him come to us, at the Carnival show. I’ll mesmerize them from the stage, while in the audience, you, my little Gabi…
[he strokes Gabi using the porcupine’s spike making her purr]
Nigel: You’ll be my petite weapon of mass destruction. It will be a performance to die for.
[he starts to laugh evilly then Gabi joins him with her own evil laughter]
Nigel: It only works when I do it.
Gabi: Okay. Love ya.


[back in Roberto’s nest Blu finds one of his breath mints and pops one in his mouth]
Blu: Ah!
[exhales deeply]
Blu: So minty.
[he shoos a fly buzzing around his head]
Blu: Ah!
[he picks up his GPS and locates something]
Blu: Yes!
[the fly returns to buzz around Blu’s head, he takes out a spray and starts spraying the fly and accidentally sprays into his eye]
Blu: Ooh! Ah!
[at that moment Jewel flies into the nest]


Jewel: Oh. Hey, sweetie, there you are. What’s taking you so long?
[she notices Blu holding the GPS]
Jewel: Enough with that GPS, really. The whole tribe’s gathering to watch the sunset. Come on.
[she goes to fly off]
Blu: Oh, no! Hang on. No, I just found Linda and Tulio’s coordinates. Hm. They are just on the other side of the grove.
[he holds up the GPS and points to their location]
Blu: Look, they’re really close.
Jewel: Oh.
Blu: Yeah. Now, I know your dad doesn’t totally trust humans but I’m sure if he met them, he would change his mind. They can help keep this place safe.
Jewel: Yeah, Blu, my dad knows what he’s doing. And can’t you just forget Linda and Tulio for one minute and enjoy a sunset?
Blu: But I…I thought that was our plan.
GPS: Route guidance complete.
Jewel: I…you know, maybe some places shouldn’t be found. Maybe they should just be left alone.
[the fly comes back to buzz around Blu who flaps his wings to get rid of it when suddenly Jewel snaps it up and swallows it]


[to Rafael, Pedro and Nico]
Blu: She ate a bug! A bug!
Rafael: Blu! Blu, Blu! Calm down.
Blu: Calm down? We had a plan. Help Linda and Tulio find the flock and get home. But when I mentioned it to her, she completely shut me down. Oh! Oh, oh, oh…and her father? Mmm! Total nut job. He’s got this weird thing about humans.
[at the same time Eduardo is sounding off to Roberto about Blu]
Eduardo: He’s got this weird thing about humans! He loves them. He’s a pet!
Roberto: A pet?


[back to Blu sounding off about Eduardo]
Blu: He called me a pet. I can’t believe he used the P word to my face. It’s like he thinks I’m the enemy or something.
[back to Eduardo sounding off about Blu]
Eduardo: He’s not one of us, Roberto. Keep an eye on him.
[back to Blu sounding off]
Blu: Oh, and that Roberto? He is always watching. He is always hovering around Jewel. He is always singing something. I can’t compete with that.
Pedro: You gotta bird up, bird! You gotta emancipate yourself from domestication.
Nico: Try to see this place through her eyes. Taste the flavors she’s tasting.
Blu: Ooh, so I should eat a bug?
Pedro: Ew, that’s just nasty, thinking about it.


[Nigel interrupts Blu, Pedro, Nico and Rafael]
Nigel: Glitter. Where is my glitter?
[Nigel swans around pretending to look for glitter and getting into Blu’s way]
Blu: Oh, I’m sorry. Sorry.
Nigel: I don’t want apologies. I want glitter.
[he starts walking off with Gabi and Charlie following him]
Nigel: Ugh. Glitter is absolutely essential…
Gabi: Oh, Nigel!
Nigel: …for a magical performance. Do you know nothing?


[as Nigel, Gabi and Charlie walk off Clara flies in]
Carla: Guys! Rehearsals, big day tomorrow. Ring a bell? Come on. You’re coming, right, Dad?
Blu: Oh, yeah. Yeah, of course.
[Clara flies off]
Pedro: That girl put the “business” in “show business.”
[Pedro and Nico fly off]
Rafael: Blu, remember…
Blu: I know, I know. Happy wife, happy life.


[Jewel flies around outside their nest]
Jewel: Woo-hoo! What a glorious morning! Oh, I forgot I could have mornings like this. Mmm.
[suddenly she hears what seems to be Roberto’s singing voice, but as she turns around to greet him she sees that it’s Blu singing]
Blu: Yeah.
[he picks a Brazil nut with his beak and give it to Jewel]
Blu: Your favorite.
Jewel: Oh, you remembered. Isn’t that nice?
[she picks off a piece of the Brazil nut shell and spits it out as Blu watches her adoringly]
Jewel: It’s so crazy good. Thank you so much, Blu.
[Blu starts crooning like Roberto again but then it fades to Blu crooning really badly as he sleeps and is in fact dreaming, suddenly he wakes]
Blu: That’s it!
[Blu puts on his fanny pack and walks out of the nest]
Blu: I’ll be the one to surprise her. Breakfast in bed coming up.
[Blu flies off]


[Blu flies around the jungle looking for Brazil nuts to take back to Jewel]
Blu: Brazil nuts, where are you?
[he lands on a tree and looks around him]
Blu: I know you’re around here somewhere.
[suddenly a small hand extends from above and touches Blu on the head surprising him]
Blu: Ah. Ow!
[we see a monkey appear and quickly take Blu’s fanny pack]
Blu: Wha…? Hey!
[he sees the monkey get onto the back of another monkey, laugh and they both take off with Blu’s fanny pack]
Blu: No! Hey! Hey, come back here! Wait!
[Blu flies after them]
Blu: No!
[as he sees the monkey take out the GAPS and play around with it]
Blu: That’s not a toy.
GAPS: Erratic driving. Pull over.
[the monkey drops the GPS and Blu quickly goes to catch it, then he follows the monky as they head off]


[as the monkey starts playing around with Blu’s toothbrush]
Blu: No, no. Don’t do it.
[the monkey sticks the toothbrush into his ear]
Blu: Oh! Oh, oh, oh.
[the monkey then throws the toothbrush away, then Blu watches the monky get away throwing more of the stuff in his fanny pack away, Blu then finally catches them as they are playing around with the rest of his stuff sitting on a tree branch]
Blu: Got you! Hmm. Thank you.
[he snatches his things from the monkey’s hand and the monkey take off, as he does Blu notices Brazil nuts in the distance]
Blu: Huh. Finally! Brazil nuts.
[he flies over and grabs one of the Brazil nut branches then takes out his swiss knife]
Blu: This is my most important tool.
[Blu uses the knife to try and get the nut off the branch but fails]


[as Blu is struggling to get the nut off the branch he sees Felipe and two other scarlet macaw’s fly over to the opposite tree]
Felipe: Well, well, well. What do we have here? I guess old Eddie’s rules don’t apply to everyone.
[the other birds laugh and Blu gets surrounded by more scarlet macaws]
Felipe: You’re on our side.
Blu: Oh. Oh, really? Okay, my bad. Uh…I didn’t know that. Sorry.
[he lets go of the Brazil nut and the branch hits Felipe in the face]
Blu: Ah! Oh. Oops, sorry! Sorry!
[Felipe looks at him with anger]


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