Rio 2 Quotes: Lacks Focus

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Directed by: Carlos Saldanha
Written by:
Carlos Saldanha (characters, screenplay & story)
Don Rhymer (story)
Jenny Bicks (screenplay)
Yoni Brenner (screenplay)
Carlos Kotkin (screenplay)
Jesse Eisenberg – Blu
Anne Hathaway – Jewel
Jemaine Clement – Nigel
George Lopez – Rafael
Jamie Foxx – Nico – Pedro
Andy García – Eduardo
Kristin Chenoweth – Gabi
Bruno Mars – Roberto
Rachel Crow – Carla
Amandla Stenberg – Bia
Pierce Gagnon – Tiago
Leslie Mann – Linda
Rodrigo Santoro – Tulio
Jake T. Austin – Fernando
Tracy Morgan – Luiz
Bebel Gilberto – Eva
Rita Moreno – Mimi
Natalie Morales – Newscaster
Janelle Monáe -Dr. Monae
Philip Lawrence – Felipe
Miguel Ferrer – Big Boss
Jeffrey Garcia – Kipo
Kate Micucci -Tiny
Randy Thom – Logging Foreman


This sequel is an even more simple and predictable narrative than the first movie which follows Macaws Blu and Jewel as they happily raise their three children in their perfect domesticated life in Rio de Janeiro. However, upon learning that a flock of Blue Macaws may be living in the Amazon rainforest, Jewel decides their kids need to learn to live like real birds and insists the family take a trip to the Amazon. Once in the Amazon, Jewel reconnects with her family, including her dad, Eduardo, and childhood friend, Roberto. Suddenly, Blu is the odd one out and must desperately try to fit into the wild and raucous world.

The animation is fine and colorful with some fun musical numbers, but the story is packed with too much plot and characters making it feel a little crowded and unfocused with the humor only being sporadically funny.

Verdict: Rio 2 quotes are pretty much the same mix of action as the first movie which lacks freshness and a focused plot.

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[first lines; there’s a celebration going on across Rio de Janeiro in the bird community]
Jewel: [singing] What is love if it’s not with you? I know when you’re alone you feel it too, in your arms is where I long to be, cause being with you gives me sanity.
Nico: [singing] Welcome to Rio!
Jewel: [singing] Oh, listen to me, darling. I wake up every morning thinking about the way you feel. Oh, I wonder if you know it. And what good is the party, if you’re not around? But listen to me now. What good is love, if it’s not your love? What good is love?
Nico: [singing] Am I your baby love?
Jewel: [singing] If it’s not your love?


Nico: [singing] Is it a crazy love?
Pedro: [singing] This is a crazy party, I’m so glad I’m here with everybody, Baby, move your body. Shake it to the ground. Break it-break it-break it down, Blu.
he points to Blu who’s dancing with Jewel
Blu: Me?
[awkwardly sings]
Blu: What’s a song if you can’t hear it too?
[Pedro squawks]
Blu: [singing] Can’t imagine dancing without you. A shooting star ain’t really nothing to see.
[Blu and Jewel start dancing together]
Jewel: [singing] If you’re not right here standing next to me.
[they kiss each other]


Crowd Singing: Oh, listen to me, darling. I wake up every morning thinking about the way you feel. Oh, I wonder if you know it. What good is the party, if you’re not around? Listen to me now. What good is love, if it’s not your love?
[Blu twirls Jewel around]
Jewel: For a bird from Minnesota, you’ve got some moves.
Blu: Oh, that wasn’t a move. That was an accident, but I accept the compliment.
Jewel: It’s great Rafael could watch the kids.
Blu: Yeah, it looks like you’re stuck with me all night.
Jewel: You’re my one and only, Blu.
Blu: That’s a good thing, since I’m the only other one.
[suddenly their intimate moment is interrupted]
Rafael: Hey, you lovebirds! Happy New Year!
Blu: Rafi? Where are the…?
Rafael: The kids are with Luiz. No worries!
Blu: Uh, worries. Right here.


[Blu and Jewel notice Luiz dancing on the dance floor]
Blu: Luiz, where are the kids?
Luiz: What? I don’t have any kids!
Blue, Jewel: Our kids!
Luiz: Oh, right. I left them with Tiny.
Blue, Jewel: Tiny?!
Luiz: What? She’s an excellent babysitter.
[we then see Tiny has been tied up to some of fireworks by the kids, Carla, Bia and Tiago]
Tiny: I’m a terrible babysitter!
Tiago: This is gonna be awesome!
Bia: Alright, I’ve done all the calculations and each explosion will be perfectly synced to the beat. Unless I didn’t carry the one.
Carla: Here’s my vision. Red, blue, green, yellow, yellow! Purple.
Tiago: Here’s my vision.
Bia: Hey!
Tiago: Boom! Crash! Bang! Kapow!
[Tiago lights the match]
Tiny: Uh…I don’t think your parents would like this very much.


Tiago: Here we go.
[as Tiago goes to light the fireworks suddenly Jewel stops him]
Jewel: Woh! Woh! Where are you going, little bird?
Blu: Hey, what is this?
[Blu grabs the lighted match from Tiago]
Tiago: Oh, Dad.
Blu: Guys, you know the rules. No pyrotechnics without adult supervision.
Bia: We asked Tiny.
Blu: That’s even worse. Sorry,
Tiny: You don’t have to pay me, Señor Blu.
Blu: Kids, next time, ask me.
Carla: But you always say no.
Blu: No, I don’t.
Tiago: Dad, you’re in denial.
Blu: Okay.


[to Jewel]
Blu: Honey, do I always say no?
Jewel: Yes. I mean, uh…no.
Carla: Great. Now Mom’s saying it, too.
[suddenly Blu lets go of the lighted match he’s holding as reaches its end]
Blu: Ow! Ow! Ooh! Ow!


Blu: Listen, we are the last blue Spix’s Macaws left on the planet. We have to stay safe. Birds of blue feathers…
Carla, Bia, Tiago: Have to stick together.
Carla: I smell chicken.
[Blu sniffs the air, turns and sees his tail is on fire]
Blu: No, no, no! No, no, no!
[as he jumps around trying to get the fire out he accidentally lights up the fireworks]
Tiny: Aaah!
Bia: By my calculations, that’s his twenty-seventh “no” today.
[Blu manages to blow out the fire on his tail]


Tiny: Help!
[Blu helps gets Tiny out from under the ropes but gets himself caught instead]
Crowd: Five, four, three, two, one!
Blu: Everybody, fly!
[suddenly Blu launched into the sky as the fireworks erupts]rio-2-3
Crowd: Happy New Year!
[Jewel and the kids watch as Blu lands back down in front of them]
Tiago: Oh, man! How come Dad gets to have all the fun?
[as the rest of the fireworks go off]
Bia: Look! It worked!
Blu: Well, this year is off to a great start.
[he embraces Jewel and the kids as they watch the fireworks together]


[The Amazon, Carecuru River Outpost, Lind and Tulio are on a boat in the river of Amazon jungle, Tulio uses his camera to record their surroundings]
Tulio: Amazon Expedition, day seven. Two thousand miles from Rio we’ve reached the center of the rainforest. We are surrounded by plants and animals struggling for survival as we glide effortlessly down the river.
[we see Linda struggling to cope on her own as she rows them on the river]
Linda: Effortless for you.
[she suddenly spots a butterfly flying past her]
Linda: Oh, how pretty!
[suddenly a fish jumps out of the water and snaps the butterfly into its mouth and goes back into the water]
Linda: Oh, spit it out, spit it out! Oh!


[they stop by the side of the river]
Tulio: We’re nearing the nesting grounds of the Amazonian Wood Quail. Odontophorus gujanensis. Six months ago we rescued this little bird from smugglers.
[Linda jumps onto the shore and then unveils the cage in the boat which is holding a little bird]
Tulio: It was sick, malnourished, with a broken leg, but now my trusty assistant…
[as Tulio points the camera at Linda she gives him a cold look]
Tulio: I mean, loving wife and colleague, will release her back to her natural habitat.
[Linda opens the cage but the bird backs away in fear]
Linda: It’s okay, you can go now. Just like this.
[she flaps her hands to indicate to the bird to fly off]
Tulio: Let me talk to her.
[Tulio looks at the bird and starts squawking like a bird]
Linda: Go on.
[the bird rushes out of the cage in fear, she stops looks back at Tulio and Linda for a moment then squawks at them and rushes off towards the jungle]
Bird: [subtitled] Freaks!


Linda: Do you think she’s gonna be alright?
Tulio: Hm, give it some time.
[as they get back into their boat they watch as the bird is reunited with birds of the same species]
Linda: Mm, welcome home.
[as they float further away down the river the bird turns to them and starts squawking at them as if warning them of something]
Linda: Wait a minute. What is she saying, Tulio?
Tulio: It’s just hard for her to say goodbye.
[the bird frantically points at something ahead and squawks at them]
Linda: No, I think she…I think she’s trying to warn us.
[Tulio laughs]
Tulio: No, no, no, Linda. It might be some sort of mating dance.
[the bird gives up trying to warn them, turns and walks back towards the jungle, then Linda looks ahead and notices the waterfall up ahead]
Linda: Tulio, look! Paddle! Now!
[Tulio quickly grabs the paddle]
Tulio: Ooh! Okay, okay, okay. Paddle!
[as they go down over the edge Tulio loses his paddle]
Tulio: Watch out! Paddle, paddle! Backward, backward!


[as they go down the waterfall]
Tulio: To the right! No, no, no! Left! Forward, forward! No, no, no, no!
Linda: Make up your mind, Tulio!
[Linda’s paddle gets caught on some rocks and breaks]
Linda: Cheese and sprinkles!
[they continue to go down the waterfall but seem to come to a stop when suddenly Linda looks ahead and notices an even bigger waterfall]
Linda: Oh, no!
[as they get closer to the edge Linda uses her hands to try and paddle away]
Linda: Paddle, paddle, paddle! Faster! Aaah! Tulio!
[suddenly their boat goes over the edge; a little later we see their boat has crash landed into the river below, Tulio looks around for Linda]
Tulio: Linda! Linda!
Linda: Tulio!
[Linda appears from behind some rocks and picks off an insect from her shoulder]
Linda: Yuk!


[she walks over to Tulio and they embrace]
Linda: Oh, thank heavens you’re okay!
[suddenly they hear a bird squawking, they look up to see some blue feathers peeking out from top of a tree]
Linda: Tulio, is that a…rio-2-5
[Tulio holds up his hand, walks closer to the tree and uses his camera to focus in closer to find the bird which suddenly flies out at them and makes them fall, Tulio then notices a blue feather which has dropped to the ground, he picks it up and licks it]
Tulio: Linda, this is incredible!
[Tulio yells out in excitement]


[back in Rio de Janeiro, after grabbing a Brazil nut Jewel flies towards her home, Fernando waves to her as he notices her flying over him]
Fernando: Good morning, Jewel!
[Jewel lands at their home which is on top of a tree]
Jewel: Hey! Everyone, look what I found.
[she pops her head into their living space which is empty]
Jewel: Blu? Kids? Where did everybody…?
Blu: Okay, who’s ready for some breakfast?
[Jewel turns and notices Blu is inside Linda’s house making breakfast in the kitchen]
Jewel: Unbelievable.


[inside the kitchen Blu is making the kids pancakes]
Bia: Did you know that these whole wheat pancakes have twice the vitamins and minerals of regular pancakes?
Blu: And with the blueberries, it’s four times as tasty.
[Blu flies over to the fridge, opens the door and looks inside]
Blu: Hey, where are the blueberries?
Tiago: Oh, Dad! Looking for this?
[Blu turns to see Tiago standing next to the basket of blueberries on the counter holding one blueberry on his beak]
Blu: Bring it.


[Tiago head butts the blueberry to Blu, he then plays with it like it’s a soccer ball]
Blu: It’s down to the final minutes. He’s got magic in his feet! He shoots! He scores!
[he shoots the blueberry and it lands on top of the whipped cream on the pancakes]
Bia, Carla: Goal!
Blu: Goal! Oh, yeah, I got it. I’m good.
Tiago: Heads up, Dad!
[Tiago starts shooting blueberries at Blu]
Blu: No.
[one of them hits him in the head which causes Blu to trip over the frying pan when then flips the pancake in it to toss over in the air and land straight onto Tiago smacking him against the wall]
Blu: Awesome.


[Jewel flies into the kitchen through the window]
Tiago: Hi, Mom.
Carla: Busted.
Bia: Time to go.
Blu: Oh. Hey, honey. Hey. You hungry?
Jewel: Blu, we talked about this.
Blu: Did we? I don’t… Yeah, so, uh…what do you got there?
Jewel: Breakfast.
[she holds up the Brazil nut]
Blu: That’s…that’s funny. But seriously, what…what is that?
Jewel: It’s a Brazil nut. I never thought I’d find one this close to the city. I want to show the kids how to open one.
Tiago: You mean like this?
[they turn to see Tiago opening a can containing Brazil nuts]
Tiago: Dad already showed us.
[Tiago sticks his head in the can]


[Carla and Bia are watching TV on the kitchen counter]
Carla: Wait. Wait, go back. Mom, Dad! You’re on TV!
[they turn to see news on the TV about Tulio and Linda discovering more blue macaws]
Newscaster: Doctor Tulio Monteiro, the “Bird Man of Brazil,” announced an important discovery today.
[we see Tulio and Linda being interviewed in the jungle]
Tulio: We believe we have encountered a wild blue Spix’s macaw deep in the Amazon jungle.
Newscaster: The blue Spix’s macaw was thought to be practically extinct, with the last remaining family living under protection at the Blu Bird Sanctuary in Rio de Janeiro.
Carla: We’re famous!
Newscaster: If these birds can be found, their home will be saved.
Tulio: There may be a whole flock out there. And if there is, we will find them and protect them.
[he pulls Linda close against him, Lind then waves to the camera]
Linda: Hi, Blu!
[Blu waves back]
Blu: Ah! Hi, Linda!


Jewel: We’re not the only ones. There are more of us out there.
Blu: Yeah, that’s great. I’m sure they’re…
Jewel: All this time, I thought…I… I thought we were alone.
Blu: Hey, it hasn’t been all bad.
Jewel: Oh, of course not, but…just imagine if there was a whole flock of us.
[she flies over to the window and sits on the windowsill looking up at the sky]
Jewel: How amazing would that be?
[she watches as a flock of birds fly across the sky]
Jewel: We gotta do something.
Blu: We do?
Jewel: Yeah, we have to fly to the Amazon and help Linda and Tulio find them!
Blu: Woh! Woh, Woh! We can’t just pack up and go.
Jewel: Why not? It’s about time this family got a little air under our wings.


[Jewel flies over to the kids, she takes out iPods headphones from Carla’s ears]
Jewel: Look at us, iPods, TV…
Carla: Hey! Mom!
[Jewel turns off the TV]
Jewel: Pancakes? We’re not people, we’re birds. We have to get out into the wild and be birds, Blu. Let the kids connect to their roots, show them what I had. They need this. We need this. Come on, Blu. What do you say?
Blu: Uh…I don’t know. Maybe…
Carla: He didn’t say no.
Bia: Which means he practically said yes.
Blu: Hey, wait a sec…
Jewel: It’s going to be so much fun!
[she hugs Blu]
Tiago: Yeah! Wooh-hoo! We’re going to the Amazon! Wait. What’s the Amazon?


[the leader of an illegal logging group known as Big Boss watches the news on TV about Tulio and Linda discovering more blue macaws]
Newscaster: The Amazon is one of Earth’s most endangered ecosystems, due to illegal logging and farming. Let’s hope Dr. Monteiro and his team can find these rare birds so their home can be saved.
Tulio: There may be a whole flock out there. And if there is, we will find them and protect them.
[suddenly the throws the remote at the TV which smashes the TV screen]
Big Boss: Ugh! Tree-huggers.
[presses a button on his phone]
Big Boss: Get my boat ready. I need to deal with this personally.


[flocks of all kinds of different birds are waiting in line to audition for Nico and Pedro for their Carnival show]
Nico: Next!
Spoonbill: That would be me. Okay, everybody can go home now. You’re looking at the next King of Carnival!
[Spoonbill flies down to enter the audition]
Luiz: Hey, big bird! Break a leg!
[suddenly Spoonbill slips on Luiz’s dribbling saliva and crashes across the room]
Luiz: Ooh. Walk it off, buddy!


[Raphael’s wife, Eva, is singing really badly as she auditions for Nico and Pedro]
Eva: You can’t see it coming. You won’t find it anywhere eeeelse!
[her voice shatters the light bulb above them]
Rafael: Oh! Brava!
[Raphael starts clapping]
Rafael: Brava! Brava! That was amazing!


[he flies over to Eva and embraces her]
Rafael: Eva, darling, you hit every note. Huh, guys?
Pedro: Yeah, yeah. Along with a bunch of notes I never heard of.
Eva: Rafi!
Rafael: Ah-do-do-don’t worry. I’ll talk to them. We’ll find the perfect spot for you.
[under his breath to Pedro]
Nico: Antarctica,
[to Raphael]
Eva: You better.
[waving to Nico and Pedro]
Eva: Tchau-tchau. Bye, boys.
[Eva turns and flies off]
Rafael: See you back at home, my tasty mango!


Nico: None of these acts are inspiring. I’m just not inspired. Carnival is right around the corner and our reputations are on the line.
Pedro: Copy that. We need something that can make us wiggle. Something that’ll make us jiggle. We need something that pops! Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop! You know what “pop” is backwards? Pop!
Nico: Next.
[suddenly Blu slides in and slams into some buckets]
Nico, Pedro: Blu?
Luiz: Sorry, Bro!
Blu: It’s okay, Luiz.
[he tries to get Luiz’s saliva off his feet]
Blu: Good to see you, too. Ugh.
[Nico and Pedro fly over to Blu]
Pedro: Listen, Blu, we are looking for a singer, a dancer, the whole package.
Nico: Yeah, and you’re more of a mumbler-shuffler. You catch my drift?
Blu: Oh. No, no, no, no. No, no, I’m not here to audition. Uh…I’ve got news. I am going to the Amazon. Yay.
[holds out his wings trying to sound excited]


Luiz: The Amazon? Wow, that’s wild.
Blu: Yeah, yeah, Jewel thinks it’ll be good for us. Uh, how…how wild?
Luiz: Real wild.
Pedro: They got mosquitoes that suck your blood like Slurpees.
Nico: Snakes that can swallow you whole.
Luiz: Flesh-eating piranhas that…eat flesh.
Blu: Oh, great. That sounds really nice. I’m not going.
Rafael: Guys, guys, guys. Blu, you have nothing to worry about. All those stories are highly exaggerated.
Blu: You think so?
Rafael: Of course! If this is important to Jewel, just do it. Happy wife, happy life. Remember that.
Blu: Okay. Yeah, you’re right. You know, a little family vacation might actually be fun. Plus, it’s not like it’s forever.
Rafael: That’s the spirit.
Blu: Yeah. Okay. Thanks, guys.
[Blu turns and starts to fly off]
Blu: See you in a couple of weeks!
Rafael: Safe travels, Blu!
Luiz: Bring me back a souvenir!
Pedro: Dog, he ain’t coming back. He is de-e-e-e-ead.


[as they get ready to leave for the Amazon]
Tiago: Amazon!
[excitedly thumps his chest]
Tiago: Let’s go! Come on, Dad! Come on!
Blu: Okay. Bug spray, check. Water purifier, check. Band-Aids. I feel like I’m forgetting something.
[Tiago grabs a swiss knife]
Tiago: Oh, cool! The all-in-one adventurer’s knife!
[he suddenly opens up all the knives]
Tiago: I’ll be in charge of this.
Blu: No. Ah, ah, ah… That’s not for you.
[Blu takes the Swiss knife away from Tiago]


[Bia flies in reads from her book]
Bia: Hey, Dad, look at this. Did you know the Amazon has snakes that can swallow you whole?
Blu: Actually, Bia, all those stories are highly exaggerated.
Bia: No, really. Look.
[she shows him her book with the pop-out picture of a snake swallowing something]
Blu: Ah!
Tiago: Oh, that’s sick!
[Tiago grabs the book from Bia]
Jewel: Alright, are we ready to go?
[Jewel notices the fanny pack Blu is wearing]
Jewel: A fanny pack?
Blu: Yeah. Linda gave it to me. I need it for the GPS. Oh, where’s the GPS?
[Blu pokes his head inside their home to look for their GPS]
Bia: Hey!
[Bia takes her book back from Tiago]


Jewel: Carla, we’re leaving!
[Carla replies back from inside the pipe she’s hiding in]
Carla: I’m not going. It’s gonna be lame.
[Blu walks over to Jewel carrying the GPS]
Blu: Okay, here it is. The voice recognition makes it totally foolproof. Here, watch this.
[Blu clears his throat and commands the GPS]
Blu: Find Linda and Tulio.
GPS: Searching for “Dinner in Tokyo.”
Blu: Oh, okay. Well, actually, that does sound like a nice suggestion.
[referring to the female voice of the GPS]
Jewel: You trust this woman?
Blu: Yes, I do.


Rafael: Hey, wait up, family! I’m coming, too!
[he slides over next to Blu]
Rafael: Don’t worry, buddy. We got your back.
Jewel: Eva let you come?
Rafael: Sure. I promised her a spot in the Carnival show.
Nico: You did what?
Rafael: You guys are late.
Pedro: Clock late.
Nico: But musician early.
[Carla pops her head out of her hiding place]
Carla: Wait, you guys are coming?
Pedro: We wouldn’t miss it for the world. We’re gonna scout the wildest, coolest talent in the jungle!
Nico: It’s our inspiration for this year’s Carnival show: “Amazon Untamed.”
Carla: Cool! I mean, pfft, yeah. Okay. I guess I’ll go.


Nico: Amazon jungle or bust, baby!
Pedro: Who is ready for a tropical adventure?
[Blu, Jewel, Rafael and the kids all cheer]
Rafael: I know I am!
Jewel: Alright!
Rafael: Let’s go, birds!
[everyone starts flying off]
Blu: Wait, we didn’t do a head count! Hey, guys, wait up!
[Blu goes to follow them with the GPS in his claws as he jumps off to fly he suddenly tumbles down]
Blu: Ah!
GPS: Recalculating.
[as they all fly off Luiz barks as he tries to go after them]
Luiz: Hey, birds! Come back! They left without me. Again! That’s messed up.


[Blu along with his family and friends fly across Rio de Janeiro, as they fly through the city Blu distracted by the GPS nearly goes head into the oncoming traffic]
GPS: Heavy traffic ahead.
Blu: Great. Thanks a lot, GPS lady.
[on their journey to the Amazon they all ride on some ostriches]
Tiago: Faster, faster, faster!
Blu: Slower! Slower! Slower!
[as they fly over Manaus]
Blu: Here we are, kids. The gateway to the Amazon.


[Nigel, now unable to fly, is practicing his performance]
Nigel: “To be or not to be, that is the question. Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing, end them.
[Gabi, a poisonous tree frog who’s being kept in a glass jar, watches him with admiration]
Gabi: Oh, that’s beautiful, Nigel. What does it mean?
Nigel: Death, Gabi. It’s about
Gabi: Oh, Nigel, I love it when you get all dark and brooding.
Street Vendor: Hey, bird. It’s show time!
Nigel: My audience awaits.
[Nigel steps out onto a small stage which is set in market]
Street Vendor: From the streets of Rio to the Amazon jungle, the Bird of Mystery! Gather round! Don’t be shy! Learn your destiny!


[an anteater named Charlie sees a jar of ants nearby and goes to grab them when the Vendor catches him]
Street Vendor: Hey! Get away from those! Back to work.
[Charlie starts dancing, then a boy passes by with his mother]
Obnoxious Kid: Mommy, Mommy, I want one! I want a fortune!
Street Vendor: Welcome, madam.
[pointing to Nigel]
Street Vendor: This amazing cockatoo will reveal your future.
[the vendor opens a drawer full of fortune cards]
Street Vendor: Alright, bird. Pick a fortune.
[Nigel doesn’t do anything]
Street Vendor: Come on, bird.
[the vendor pokes Nigel in the head with his stick]
Gabi: You’re doing great, Nigel.
Street Vendor: Pick it already.
[reluctantly Nigel bends down to pick a car with his beak when he notices Blu and his family fly above them]
Blu: Come on, gang. Almost there. No more flying today. We’ve got a boat to catch.


[the boy goes to take the card from Nigel’s beak but Nigel moves his head to the side to watch Blu talking to his family as they rest on top of a building]
Blu: According to my little friend here, this boat will get us there by morning.
Carla, Bia, Tiago: Yeah!
[suddenly Nigel has flashback to when he met Blu, being thrown out of the plane and then lying in a hospital bed as doctors stand around him about to operate]
Doctor: He’ll live, but he’ll never fly again.
[coming back to the present looking extremely distressed, Nigel hears everyone around him in slow motion]
Street Vendor: Come on, bird.
Obnoxious Kid: I want my fortune!
Gabi: You’re doing great, Nigel.
Obnoxious Kid’s Mom: What’s taking so long?
[he hears Blu laughing in slow motion as the vendor pokes him the head again with his stick]
Street Vendor: What’s the matter with you?
Nigel: That blue bird caused my misery.


[suddenly he yanks the card out of the kids hand and hits him in the eye with his feet]
Obnoxious Kid: Ah!
Obnoxious Kid’s Mom: Wha…?!
[the vendor goes to hit him with his stick but Nigel catches it with his claws]
Street Vendor: Nice birdie?
[Nigel yanks the stick out of the vendor’s hand and starts bashing him with it]
Nigel: Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?
Gabi: Wow. Nigel is muy macho.
[Nigel uses the stick to topple the vendor over who falls down crashing into the table causing the jar Gabi’s being kept in to fly into the air]
Gabi: Thank you.


[the glass jar smashes open as it lands on the ground freeing Gabi]
Gabi: I’m free!
[she laughs and jumps about excitedly]
Obnoxious Kid’s Mom: Poison frog!
[the crowd screams and start to run off, this causes a fiasco in the market giving Nigel a chance to escape, he laughs as he sits on Charlie’s back]
Nigel: The croaking cockatoo doth bellow for revenge.
[to Gabi, who’s now joined him]rio-2-9
Nigel: That’s Shakespeare, by the way.
Gabi: Without your performance, it’s nothing.
Nigel: Fair point. Hi-yah!
[he steers Charlie as they set off, we hear Nigel laughing like a maniac then the fortune card that Nigel had picked lands on the ground with the words “A good time to finish off old tasks” written on it]


[Blu and his family catch a ride on a boat as they arrive to the Amazon jungle]
Jewel: Oh, this air! It’s so fresh and full. Goodbye, stinky city air!
Blu: Yeah, bye.
Jewel: Hey, thank you for doing this. I really appreciate it.
Blu: I would do anything for you. You know that, right?
Jewel: Of course I do.
[they embrace each other]


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