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[as they are pulling up a huge rock on a rope]
Jewel: Are you sure this is gonna work?
Blu: Positive! Check out my map?
[pointing to the map he’s drawn on the ground]
Jewel: Yeah! That’s…that’s comforting, thank you. Look, let’s just get this chain broken.
Blu: Right. Then we can go and find Linda.
Jewel: No, you can go find Linda. Once this chain is off, I’m gonna go back to being free in the jungle. Deal?
Blu: Fine. Deal.
[he puts one of his wings, up accidently pulling the lever holding the rock off its hook]


[referring to Rafael’s children]
Jewel: Oh! Precious, aren’t they?
Rafael: Kids! Seventeen of ’em! And one on the way.
[shouting to two of his children shaking an unhatched egg]
Rafael: Hey! He is not a baraka! Stop shaking him!
[turning to Blu and Jewel]
Rafael: They’re giving me grey feathers! Oh, this papa needs a break!


Rafael: So, you two love birds headed for carnival?
Jewel: Wow! Love birds?!
Blu: We’re more like acquaintance birds.
Jewel: And not even that! We’re more like chained to each other birds.
Blu: Yeah. I…I mean…aaah!
[one of Rafael kids pulls his feather]
Blu: What is it with this kid and feathers?!
Rafael: We have no idea. We’re having him tested.


Rafael: Eva, my love. I must take this couple to see Luiz.
Eva: Luiz? Huh! You don’t fool me for a second. You and your amigo just want to sneak off to carnival.
Rafael: Oh, carnival! that magical time when I met the most beautiful bird in the world.
[he hugs Eva and blows an air kiss towards her]
Blu: Aah!
[Jewel huffs at Blu with disgust]


[as Eva sings out of tune]
Rafael: Like a river of the sweetest honey.
[Blu and Jewel wince as Eva sings]
Jewel: Ooh! I guess love is deaf too!


Blu: So, uh…how far is this Luiz?
Rafael: Not far. Thirty minutes is the crow flights.
Blu: Uh…and how long is the macaw walks?
Jewel: Bobo here can’t fly.
Rafael: But…but he’s a bird!
Blu: Not all birds fly. There are ostrich’s…
Jewel: You are not an ostrich!
Blu: Well, not technically, but…
Rafael: Wait! Wait! Wait! My friends I wanna help, but to walk the whole way! It…it…it can’t be done!
[he suddenly notices his kids clambering around his wife asking after him]
Rafael: But hey, we might as well give it a shot. Let’s go, quickly.
[he turns Blu and Jewel around and walks away quietly, Jewel turns to look at the kids]
Rafael: No! No! Don’t look back! They sense fear.


Nigel: Hello, boys. Seems like you’ve had a busy day.
Lead Marmoset: What, this?
[referring to all the stuff they’ve stolen from tourists]
Lead Marmoset: This is just some stuff we…found! Right boys?
[the crowd of monkey all agree]
Nigel: I’m not interested in your nicked knick knacks. You’re burgled baubles bore me.


Nigel: There are two blue macaw’s out there, and I need your multitude of eyes to help me find them.
Lead Marmoset: Oh, yeah! What’s in it for us?
Nigel: Well, that’s a fair question.
[he suddenly takes the lead Marmoset and flies him high into the sky]
Nigel: Let’s discuss it.
[Nigel let’s him go making him fall through the sky]
Nigel: I certainly see you point.
[to the lead marmoset as he’s falling down]
Nigel: But what could I possibly do for you in return? Mmm?
Lead Marmoset: Save me! Save me!
Nigel: Oh! Well, that’s a thought. Yeah. But is it enough? I don’t want to feel like I’m cheating you.
Lead Marmoset: Help me! Help me! Help me! We’ll do it! We’ll do it! Save me! Please! Save meeeee!
[just before he hits the ground he stops as Nigel catches him]
Nigel: All right, you’ve twisted my wing. Deal. Now then, anymore questions?
[the group of monkeys remain silent]
Nigel: No? Good. You will spread out and you will find these macaw’s by the end of the day, or it’s flying lessons for everyone! Go!
[the group of monkeys all scream with fright and run to do his bidding]
Nigel: Go do your monkey business.


[as he looks down the edge of a cliff]rio-6
Blu: I’ve changed my mind! Yeah. Uh…maybe we could find a…a bus schedule or something?
Rafael: Come on! You’re not gonna back out now! Not in front of the lady.
Blu: Uh…huh! Okay, yeah. Yeah, yeah, sure!
Rafael: All right! That’s the spirit!


Jewel: You’re sure you’re up for this?
Blu: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, well it’s not like we’re just hurling ourselves off a mountain or something? Right?
Rafael: Actually, that was pretty much my entire plan.
Blu: What?
Rafael: No. Don’t worry, Blu. It’s in your DNA. And if our featherless friends can do it, how hard can it be?
[just then a human tourist hand gliding off the cliff shouts out for help]
Rafael: Fun, right?
Blu: Yeah. Fun!


Rafael: Okay, I need you two to get closer.
[Blu and Jewel move an inch closer together]
Rafael: Closer!
[they move another inch closer]
Rafael: Closer!
[they move closer, standing side by side]
Rafael: Nice! Now put your wings around each other.
Blu: What?
Rafael: Come on, amigo! It’s not like she’s gonna bite! Will you?
Jewel: We’ll see.


[to Blu and Jewel who are standing close side by side]
Rafael: Now, you flap your right wing. You flap your left wing. And together, you fly!
Blu: Uh…but this doesn’t seem aerodynamically possible!
Rafael: Ey-ya-ya-ya-ya! You think too much! Fly! It’s not what you think up here.
[he points to Blu’s head]
Rafael: It’s what you feel in here.
[he points to Blu’s heart]
Rafael: And when you feel the rhythm of your heart, it’s like Samba! You fly!


[as Rafael is demonstrating flying to Blu]
Rafael: See, it’s easy!
Blu: Easy? Easy for you to say. Cause from…from here it looks really, really hard!
Jewel: Hey, if you want to see Linda again, this is the only way.
Blu: Okay. You’re right.
Jewel: Yes, I am.
Blu: This is for Linda.
Jewel: Right!
Blu: Keep it simple.
Jewel: Easy breezy.
Blu: Thrust, lift, drag.
Jewel: Oh, come on! Let’s go!
[she drags him along]
Blu: Wait!


[as Blu and Jewel have landed on top of a hand gliders wings and are flying]
Rafael: All right, Blu! You’re flying! Sort of! Not really! But, do you feel it?
Blu: Yes! I do feel it.


[after Blu and Jewel have crash landed to the ground from Blu’s failed attempt at flying]
Rafael: You did not feel it in here.
[pointing to his heart]
Jewel: [sarcastically] You think?


Blu: I would love to go five minutes without almost getting killed! Is that too much to ask?
Jewel: For a bird who can’t fly? Oh, yeah!


Jewel: I’m gonna chew through my own leg if this doesn’t come off soon!
Rafael: Relax. If I know Luiz, we’re right where we wanna be.


Nico: Hey, Ralfie! If it isn’t the king of carnival!
Rafael: Nico! Pedro! What up family?
Pedro: Where you been hidin’ yourself, bird?
Nico: Man, I thought you were dead!
Pedro: Hold up! Rewind!
[going towards Blu]
Pedro: Ain’t that the bird from the cage?
Nico: I think our love lessons went down smooth.
Pedro: You work fast!
Nico: Baby got big!
Pedro: You was locked up and now you’re rollin’ up with a hot wing! Wooh! I wanna be like you!
Blu: Oh! No! No! It’s not what you think. We’re just uh…chained together.
Nico: Hey, I’m not judging you.


[as they enter an club full of birds dancing and thumping with music]
Blu: This is the coolest place I’ve ever seen! Despite all the obvious health code violations.
Rafael: I like you! Nothing you say makes any sense.


Lead Marmoset: You two are coming with me.
Jewel: In your little monkey dreams!
[she spits at him]
Blu: Yeah!
[he tries to spit like Jewel but instead just drools on himself]
Blu: That was meant for you!


[as he hits one of the monkey’s with his bottle top hat]
Nico: Take that! You funky monkey!


[as they’ve gotten away from the monkeys]
Blu: Man, we threw down!
Jewel: Yeah, we threw down!
Rafael: You guys were like fire and ice!
Nico: Thunder and lightnin’!
Pedro: Hip ‘n’ hop!
Blu: Cheese and sprinkles!
[they all stop laughing and give Blu a strange look]
Blu: It’s a Minnesota thing.
[they all laugh]
Rafael: You see? Nothing you say makes any sense!


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