Rise of the Planet of the Apes Quotes: Taut and Emotionally Driven

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Directed by: Rupert Wyatt
Written by:
Pierre Boulle (suggested by novel “La planete des singes”)
Rick Jaffa
Amanda Silver
James Franco – Will Rodman
Freida Pinto – Caroline Aranha
John Lithgow – Charles Rodman
Brian Cox – John Landon
Tom Felton – Dodge Landon
David Oyelowo – Steven Jacobs
Tyler Labine – Robert Franklin
Jamie Harris – Rodney
David Hewlett – Hunsiker
Ty Olsson – Chief John Hamil
Madison Bell – Alice Hunisker
Makena Joy – Alice Hunsiker (Teen)
Andy Serkis – Caesar
Karin Konoval – Maurice
Terry Notary – Rocket / Bright Eyes
Richard Ridings – Buck
Christopher Gordon – Koba
Devyn Dalton – Cornelia
Jay Caputo – Alpha


Thought provoking and emotionally driven is the best way to describe Rise of the Planet of the Apes quotes. This origin story is truly ruled by the main ape character, Caesar.

Andy Serkis’s CGI ape steals the show with his brilliantly silent but emotionally strong performance. The story is simple but resonant and it entertains the audience without insulting your intelligence.

Verdict: The only gripe that could be found with this movie is that it doesn’t use the human characters to their full potential but this can be forgiven as the performance of the apes more than make up for this.

Rise Of The Planet of the Apes Quotes   USER REVIEWS


[referring to the chimp]
Will Rodman: Which one is this? Number nine?
Robert Franklin: Yeah. Uh…this is number nine. Bright Eyes for color.
[referring to the chimp solving the puzzle with speed]
Robert Franklin: Are you watching this? Th-this is unbelievable! Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
[as the chimp finishes the puzzle]
Will Rodman: How many moves was that?
Robert Franklin: Twenty. Perfect scores. Fifteen. God, what are you giving her?
Will Rodman: Give me that video!
[he runs out of the lab]


[bursting into Jacobs office]
Will Rodman: Chimp number nine. Just one dose.
Steven Jacobs: Aren’t I seeing you later?
Will Rodman: Were good to go.
[Jacobs finishes the telephone call he was on]
Will Rodman: One-Twelve, it works.
Steven Jacobs: On just the one primate.
Will Rodman: One is all we need. Full cognitive recovery. We’re ready.
Steven Jacobs: Look, are you sure you’re not rushing this?
Will Rodman: I’ve been working on this for five and a half years. The data is clear. We’re ready, Steven. All I need is your approval for human trials.
Steven Jacobs: Well, for this you’re gonna need the board’s approval. There’s a lot of money riding on this, Will. You only get one shot.
Will Rodman: One shot is all I need.


[giving his approval for Will to approach the board for approval of his research on humans]
Steven Jacobs: Alright. But I need to see all the research.
Will Rodman: You got it!
Steven Jacobs: And Will?
Will Rodman: Yeah?
Steven Jacobs: Keep your personal emotions out of it. These people invest in results, not dreams.


[giving his presentation to the board showing them footage of the chimp doing the puzzle]
Will Rodman: Meet chimp nine. Here she’s tasking at what is called the Lucas Tower, the object of which is to move the tower from peg to peg without placing a larger block on top of a smaller block. As expected she was unable to complete the puzzle at all. Then we gave her what we call; A-L-Z-One-Twelve. A gene therapy that allows the brain to create its own cells in order to repair itself. In Biology this is called neurogenesis. Here at Gen Sys, we call it the cure to Alzheimer’s.


[continuing his presentation to the board]
Will Rodman: We’re ready to move on to the next phase. Uh…human trials.


[continuing his presentation to the board]
Will Rodman: There have been absolutely no side effects associated with One-Twelve. With one exception; for some reason the chimp’s irises exhibit flex of green. Actually, we first noticed it in chimp nine. Uh…hence her nickname, Bright Eyes. You’ll see when we bring her in.


[continuing his presentation to the board]
Will Rodman: In theory, this therapy can be used to treat a wide range of brain disorders. It’s virtually limitless.
Steven Jacobs: As are the potential profits. Which is why we are confident that you will vote to approve human trials.
[suddenly Bright Eyes crashes through the glass walls of the meeting room]


[after Bright Eyes was shot dead due to the side effects of the drug]
Steven Jacobs: Look, it’ll cost a small fortune to run lab workups on all of those chimps, only to tell me what I already know. That they are contaminated.
Robert Franklin: There are lives at stake here. These…these are animals with personalities, with attachments.
Steven Jacobs: Attachments?
Robert Franklin: Yeah.
Steven Jacobs: I run a business, not a petting zoo! Find the most cost effective way to put those apes down.
Robert Franklin: I can’t do that.
Steven Jacobs: You’re the chimp handler. Handle it.


[referring to the board meeting going so wrong with Bright Eyes getting shot]
Steven Jacobs: Well, that was fun.
Will Rodman: They’ve taken the One-Twelve.
Steven Jacobs: Board have rejected your proposal. They’ve chosen to advance other programs.
Will Rodman: Well, there must be something that you can do.
Steven Jacobs: Yes, there is. I could fire you! Believe me, we talked about it.
Will Rodman: We have five years of conclusive data.
Steven Jacobs: Parade all the data you want. You will never convince anyone to invest another dime.


Will Rodman: This drug has the potential to save lives!
Steven Jacobs: To bankrupt this company more like! I swear, if you know everything about the human brain, accept the way it works. Go back to the drawing board on the One-Twelve. Start again in molecular development. Find a way to get there before someone else does. And clean up this mess.


[Will sees Franklin with a baby chimp wrapped in a blanket in Bright Eyes cell]
Robert Franklin: They carry small. She must have been pregnant when we brought her in.
Will Rodman: So that’s why…! She wasn’t being aggressive, she was just being protective?
Robert Franklin: She thought we were gonna hurt her baby.
[Franklin picks up the baby chimp]
Robert Franklin: I’d take him myself, but my brother-in-law works for security wrap me up a second.
Will Rodman: Uh…what, you want me to take it home? I can’t take care of a monkey.
Robert Franklin: He’s not a monkey! He’s an ape!
Will Rodman: Franklin, I…
Robert Franklin: Just…you know, it’s just for a couple days, until I find a sanctuary. That’s all I need.
Will Rodman: Franklin, no! Look, this isn’t my responsibility. This is…this is company property.
Robert Franklin: Okay. I tell you what, doc. Jacobs made me put down the other twelve. I’m done.
[he holds up the syringe and puts it on the table]
Robert Franklin: Be my guest.
[he walks out of the lab]


Charles Rodman: Today’s the day, right? You thought I’d forget. You have a big test today, right? Chemistry.
Will Rodman: Hey, dad. Wanna see something?
Charles Rodman: What?
[we see them opening a box with the baby chimp inside with a small scar on his chest]
Charles Rodman: What is that? Is…is he injured?
Will Rodman: No. I think that’s a birth mark.


[referring to the baby chimp taking the baby bottle and feeding himself]
Charles Rodman: Will, look at this! How old is he? Like, a day old? Two days old?
Will Rodman: Yeah.
Charles Rodman: Oh, he’s a smart one, isn’t he? What are you gonna name him?
Will Rodman: I…I don’t know.


Will Rodman: [voice over] Right away Caesar displayed signs of heightened intelligence. So, I kept him and brought my work home. By eighteen months, Caesar was signing up to twenty four words. By age two, Caesar was completing puzzles and models designed for children eight years and up. At age three, Caesar continues to show cognitive skills that far exceed that of his human counterpart. He completes the Lucas Tower in fifteen moves. A perfect score.


[recording his voice]
Will Rodman: I maintain my hypothesis that A; the green in his eyes indicates that the A-L-Z-One-Twelve has passed genetically from mother to son. And B; that in the absence of damaged cells that need replacing, the drug in his system has radically boosted healthy brain functioning. And he plays chess pretty well.


[the day after Will has given ALZ-112 drug to his father]
Charles Rodman: Something amazing has happened!
Will Rodman: I’ll need a blood test. A scan. And the dosage will have to be carefully monitored.
Charles Rodman: Will!
Will Rodman: Now, if I can sneak some stuff…
Charles Rodman: Will, I’m not sick anymore!
Will Rodman: It’s nothing, dad.
Charles Rodman: Caesar. Where’s Caesar? I wanna see him.


[to Caroline, as she’s treating Caesar for his wounds]
Will Rodman: He likes you.
[to Caesar]
Will Rodman: Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon and then we can go get a treat. I’m thinking ice cream.
[Caesar does a sign in response]
Will Rodman: Good idea.
Caroline Aranha: You taught him to sign?
Will Rodman: Just a handful of things. Basic stuff.


[Caesar does another sign]
Caroline Aranha: What’s he saying?
Will Rodman: Um…nothing. Um…so…so when do you think we should come back?
Caroline Aranha: Well, you won’t need to come back. Because um…the stitches are dissolvable. I would just say watch out for signs of infection. Fever, redness.
[Caesar does another sign]
Caroline Aranha: Okay, what’s he saying now?
Will Rodman: Um…well, he thinks that you and I should have dinner together.


[referring to Caesar as he plays and jumps around in his room]
Caroline Aranha: So what’s your secret?
Will Rodman: Oh, I can’t take any credit. It’s in his genes.
Caroline Aranha: You’re being very modest. He’s pretty amazing. I think you’ve…you’ve built a pretty good home for Caesar here.
Will Rodman: But?
Caroline Aranha: Now, he won’t stay this way for long. He’s gonna soon grow into a large powerful animal.


Caroline Aranha: I love chimpanzees. I’m also afraid of them. I know it’s inappropriate to be afraid of them.
[Caesar jumps on Will]
Will Rodman: He’d never hurt anyone. He’s happy here.
Caroline Aranha: Yeah, I can see that.


[to Caesar as he takes his leash off to let him play in the woods]
Will Rodman: If I take this off, you cannot leave my sight. I’ll never find you again. Okay.
[Caesar holds up his hand]
Charles Rodman: What’s this?
Will Rodman: What’s he doing?
Caroline Aranha: I don’t believe that!
Will Rodman: What?
Caroline Aranha: He’s asking your permission. It’s a supplicating gesture.
[she takes Will’s hand and runs it across Caesar’s hand]
Caroline Aranha: It’s okay.


[seeing Caesar is upset]
Will Rodman: You okay, pal?
[Caesar replies by signing]
Will Rodman: Are you a pet? No. You’re not a pet.
[Caesar signs again, asking a question]
Will Rodman: I’m your father.
[Caesar signs another question]
Will Rodman: What is Caesar?


[Will takes Caesar to the Gyn Sys building]
Will Rodman: Caesar, this is where I work. This is where you were born. Your mother was here with other chimpanzees. But she’s not here anymore. So, that’s why I took you home to live with me.
[Caesar signs, asking Will if his mother is dead]
Will Rodman: Yeah. You’re mother’s dead. The thing is, she was given medicine. Like the medicine I give to Charles. She passed it on to you. That’s why you’re so smart.


Caroline Aranha: Explain it to me.
Will Rodman: Alright. I snuck him out of the labs to save his life. I had no idea that the effects had been transferred vertically from his mother. But since then he’s been displaying incredible signs of intelligence. I designed the One-Twelve to repair. But Caesar’s gone way beyond that. Here’s his IQ from last year. Since then, its doubled.
Caroline Aranha: This is wrong, Will.
Will Rodman: My father was gone. This drug brought him back. You never saw how bad he was. He has his life again.


[after finding out the truth about how Caesar is so intelligent]
Caroline Aranha: And what about Caesar?
Will Rodman: What about him?
Caroline Aranha: Where does he fit in?
Will Rodman: With me. With us.
Caroline Aranha: Listen, I know it’s been hard, but you’re trying to control things that aren’t meant to be controlled.
Will Rodman: The One-Twelve works.
Caroline Aranha: Do you realize how you sound?
Will Rodman: All I’m saying is that this is a good thing. Caesar’s proof of that. So is my father.


Total Quotes: 49



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