By Spencer Stechman (Phoenix Arizona)


The Rivalry Beyond the Track

The movie Rush reminds me of a lot of things but the word thrilling has to be the first word I can think of when I have to talk about it. An exciting film from beginning to end depicts true story of the fiercest rivalry in all of Formula 1 racing. The movie has the rebellious British James Hunt (played by Chris Hemsworth) attempt to out duel the conserved Austrian Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl) to win the 1976 Grand Prix. From the very first scene in the film it announces what being a Formula 1 racer really is. Someone who teases death each time they step out onto the track and are willing to risk it all to succeed.

To Niki and James, winning the whole thing means nothing to them, all they want to do is beat the other personally. Without knowing it, they both push each other to outstanding limits that reach far beyond any practice or training. They are the true definition of a perfect rival. It’s not only that they take jabs to each other before and after the race to show competitive spirit but it’s that you couldn’t have one without the other, they are perfect for each other.

James Hunt who is a rebellious loose cannon of a man, who breaks the rules, is crude to the media and is beyond self-centered. Niki Lauda on the other hand doesn’t like anything that James does. He doesn’t drink, disrespect others or speak bad about anyone. James is an all-natural, talent driven driver, Niki focuses on the mechanics and the aerodynamics of the car to make himself better. Polar opposite characters come together to see who is the better driver. The rivalry is portrayed incredibly well and that’s not the only thing that’s great about it.

 Its Cinematography is colorful as well as intense. Each gear shift and brake push put into motion is just pure artwork and leaves you wanting for more. The race scenes are truly what push this film over the top for me. A lot of movies stick to one style and run with it when it comes to race scenes and to me that’s boring. The director of Rush; Ron Howard decided to try something new and give us every perspective of what was going on, and by goodness gracious it worked. It forced you to pay attention because not every precious second was on the cars wheels turning or the drivers’ eyes shifting from left to right. It gave us everything we needed and more in a good action scene.

 The biggest thing for me that stood out the most in the movie Rush was its character development. How one character completely transforms into a new one. For me both characters change completely after cataclysmic events but for me it’s Daniel Brühls character Niki Lauda who changes more dramatically. He experiences a conflict (I’ll keep from spoiling it) that makes him reconsider driving like this all together. Niki finally comes to the realization of what he’s doing can hurt him or quite possibly kill him. It’s a powerful moment that changes the whole movie. All in all, it’s a fantastic movie that I think is sadly underrated. Go out of your way and watch this one, it’s worth it.

Rating: 4/5



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