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TV Commentator: James Hunt proudly takes his first victory of the season here in Spain after a brilliant run.
[as they are standing at the podium James leans down to Niki]
James Hunt: It was only a matter of time.
[Niki walks off looking frustrated, James’ victory in Spain doesn’t last long after he is disqualified due to the back of his car being deemed too wide]
Spanish Official: It’s too wide. Disqualified.
James Hunt: What?!
Spanish Official: You’re disqualified.
James Hunt: How can we be disqualified?


[later that night, James watches as Mayer gives instructions to the mechanics to adjust the car]
Teddy Mayer: Just make it narrower, I don’t care how.
Alastair Caldwell: New rear suspension, new wishbones.
Teddy Mayer: I wanna make sure this thing is legal. No doubts.
Alastair Caldwell: Well then, we better move the old coolers back to the old position.
[James turns and walks off in frustration]
James Hunt: Fuck!


[the Grand Prix continues in Monaco]
TV Commentator: And with Hunt disqualified from his Spain win, his championship here is not going well. And now he’s pulled out here!
[James car starts smoking]
TV Commentator: And James Hunt is out!
[as James walks off the race track he’s stopped by a reporter]
Reporter: Can you tell us what happened?
James Hunt: Sure, magic. We’ve taken a great car, great piece of engineering and overnight turned it to a big huge stinking turd.
[James walks off]


[at the race in Belgium James’ engine blows up and he’s out of the race again; after getting out of his car James rushes in anger to Mayer and Caldwell]
James Hunt: What the hell have you done?! The car is fucking undriveable!
Teddy Mayer: James, look, if there’s a problem with the car, we’ll find it and fix it.
James Hunt: The car is a piece of shit!
Alastair Caldwell: We will sort it out!
James Hunt: They’re killing us out there!


[later Niki and James are being interviewed by reporters separately]
Reporter #1: But it has been a good race for you, huh, Niki?
Niki Lauda: Its proved to everyone that the quickest car happens to be a legal car.
Reporter #2: James, you’re fifty points behind Lauda in the championship. You’ve had another retirement today, what’s going wrong?
James Hunt: Well, it’s dirty politics and dirty tricks, that’s what’s going wrong.
[later we see Niki and James signing autographs for the crowds]
TV Commentator: So as we approach the half way games at this year’s Formula One season, Ferrari and Niki Lauda seem clearly on top, while James Hunt and McLaren are struggling.


[we see James and Niki both signing autographs as they walk side by side each other]
Niki Lauda: So, five races in. How’s it going so far?
James Hunt: Just fine. Just a little problem with an Austrian rat and his team of Italian cheats who have destroyed my car.
Niki Lauda: What are you talking about?
James Hunt: I’m talking about the race in Spain that I won.
Niki Lauda: Yeah, in a car which is not legal.
James Hunt: Five eighths of an inch too high, you know that doesn’t have the slightest effect on speed. But you complained and your team of lawyers leaned on the authorities and now we’ve had to rebuild the car which has become a monster.
Niki Lauda: At least it’s a legal monster.
James Hunt: So you’ve had to resort to cheating.
Niki Lauda: You’re driving an illegal car and you call me the cheat! That’s pathetic. Rules are rules.
James Hunt: Yes, and rats are rats.


[James signs his last autograph]
James Hunt: Thank you. Thank you.
[he starts walking off, Niki follows behind him]
Niki Lauda: Do you really think it upsets me, James? Calling me a rat because I look like one? I don’t mind it. Rats are ugly, sure, and nobody likes them, but they’re very intelligent and they have a strong survival instinct.
James Hunt: Wonderful.rush-10
[James turns and continues to walk off, Niki turns to Marlene]
Niki Lauda: [subtitled] Marlene, come. Leave this jerk alone.
[Niki gets into his car he says loudly to James]
Niki Lauda: No wonder she left him.
[James stops and looks at him for a moment before walking off]


[to Mayer and Caldwell as James enters McLaren’s pits]
James Hunt: Anyone seen Suzy? She was supposed to be here today.
[Caldwell grabs a newspaper]
Alastair Caldwell: We, uh…didn’t want to tell you before the race.
James Hunt: Tell me what?
[James takes the newspaper and sees the headline ‘Suzy Joins the Burton Show’ with a photo of James and Suzy shown as being split]
James Hunt: Jesus.
[James reads the article which confirms Suzy is having an affair with Richard Burton]


[James meets Suzy in a restaurant in New York, he notices she’s wearing a lavish diamond necklace]
James Hunt: Is that from him?rush-11
Suzy Miller: Yep.
[he notices the reporters outside looking in through the window for them]
James Hunt: So when did all this start?
Suzy Miller: That weekend I went skiing. Why have you come here, James?
James Hunt: I’ve come to get you back.
Suzy Miller: You don’t want me back. You never wanted to be married in the first place.
James Hunt: Yes, I did.
Suzy Miller: Oh, come on, James. You did it because you hoped it might change you, settle you down, help with the racing.
James Hunt: No. No, I didn’t.
Suzy Miller: And who knows, if it had been just the drinking, or the dope, or the infidelity, or the moods, it might even have worked. But when it’s all of them…
James Hunt: Yes, I know, I’m terrible.
Suzy Miller: No, you’re not terrible. You’re just who you are at this point in your life. God help anyone who wants more.
James Hunt: And Richard Burton, will he be able to give you more? You know he has quite a bad boy reputation himself.
Suzy Miller: What’s important is how it feels to me, and it feels like he adores me.


[as James leaves the restaurant he’s surrounded by the reporters]
James Hunt: Well, it’s all very amicable. My wife has found herself a new backer…I mean, lover, which makes her happy. And uh…Mr. Burton has found a way of feeling young again, which makes him happy. Let’s hope his pockets are deep, they’ll need to be. And I’ve found a way to be single and have an ex-wife without it costing me a penny. Which goes down as the biggest winning in my career.
[the reporters laugh]
James Hunt: I have a flight to catch.
[later, as James is on his flight home he has sex with the stewardess to drown his sorrows]


[at the Grand Prix in France on the Paul Ricard Circuit]
TV Commentator: We haven’t seen this sort of intensity from James Hunt all season long. Reports have been coming out of McLaren camp all week that their car is now fully legal and faster than ever.
[Hunt goes on to win the race; next is the British Grand Prix]
TV Commentator: Hunt has really closed the gap on Lauda as they head in to end the race. Niki Lauda is under real pressure from James Hunt as they go up the hill into the corner.
[as James’ and Niki’s car get round the corner]
TV Commentator: And Hunt is in front of Lauda!
[Hunt then goes on to win the race; after the celebrations James is interviewed by a reporter]
TV Reporter: James, at the moment you’ve got a terrific edge over the rest of the field, how have you achieved this advantage?
James Hunt: Big balls.
[James smiles into the camera]


[at the McLaren’s pits James and the others watch the FIA announcement on the small TV]
FIA Official: Following an inquiry into the disqualification of driver James Hunt from the Spanish Grand Prix, it has been decided to overturn this disqualification and to restore his victory, and reinstate his points.
[everyone in the McLaren’s camp celebrates and cheer; later in a press room James is being interviewed by reporters]
TV Reporter: James, a few weeks ago, you were out of the running for this season completely, now you’re right back in it. What’s changed?
James Hunt: Uh…well, it’s a combination of factors, not all of which I’m prepared to discuss here. But uh…justice being done re the disqualification in Spain helps, and having my car back at its best again.


[Niki is being interviewed at the same time by German reporters]
German Reporter: [subtitled] In theory it’s possible for James Hunt to catch you. Are you worried?
Niki Lauda: [subtitled] Not at all. For him to catch me, he would have to win a lot of races…and pigs would have to fly.
[Niki and the German reporter laugh]
Niki Lauda: [subtitled] Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a family matter to attend to.
[Niki turns and walks off]


[Niki and Marlene are sat waiting to get married at a registry office]
Niki Lauda: [subtitled] I should warn you, I’m not going to be any good at this. “Bringing flowers” and “holding hands”. I’ll probably forget your birthday. But if I’m going to do this with anyone, it might as well be you.
Marlene Lauda: [subtitled] My God, a poet!
[she chuckles, then later they get married in a small private ceremony and after the vows they kiss]


[at their honeymoon in Ibiza they have some fun swimming naked in the pool, later that night Marlene finds Niki staring out the balcony window in deep thought]
Marlene Lauda: [subtitled] What’s the matter?
Niki Lauda: [subtitled] Happiness is the enemy. It weakens you. Puts doubt in your mind. Suddenly you have something to lose.
Marlene Lauda: [subtitled] When you call happiness an enemy, then it’s too late. Then you’ve already lost.
[Niki looks at her and nods his head]


[at the German Grand Prix free practice session]
TV Commentator: Welcome to Nürburgring. This is a fourteen point two miles track, complete with a hundred and eighty-five corners and bends.
[we see one of the race having an accident, later we see him being carried away on a stretcher moaning in pain as his leg is badly broken, his bones sticking out, James an Niki watch as the ambulance takes the racer away; later as Niki is walking off he gets tracked down by a fan]
German Fan: [subtitled] Niki, an autograph?
Niki Lauda: Yeah.
[Niki signs in his book and hands it back to the fan and starts walking off]
German Fan: [subtitled] With the date, please.
Niki Lauda: [subtitled] The date? Why?
German Fan: [subtitled] You never know. Could be your last.
[Niki stops turns to look at the man in anger for a moment before walking away]


[on the day of the race, 1st August 1976]
TV Commentator: Welcome to the Nürburgring, the most dangerous circuit on this season’s calendar. In Formula One it is known as “the graveyard”. The weather conditions are far from ideal and latest reports indicate there is no relief in sight.
[later Niki holds a meeting with the other racers and the FIA Officials, he holds up his hand]
FIA Official: Gentlemen. Gentlemen, please be quite.
[the drivers in the room quite down]
FIA Official: Niki Lauda.
Niki Lauda: Thank you.
[Niki stands]
Niki Lauda: I called this meeting because as you all drivers know the Nürburgring is the most stupid, barbaric, outdated and dangerous track in the world. We’ve all seen the rain that has been falling today, now those of you with experience know the Ring needs perfect conditions to be even remotely acceptable in terms of risk. Now today with the rain is anything but perfect, so I called this meeting to take a vote to cancel the race.
[there’s a ripple of astonished reaction from the drivers in the room]


Niki Lauda: There would be no change to the situation as far as points is concerned. The race would simply be cancelled.
Teddy Mayer: This is bullshit.
[a drivers gets to his feet]
Driver #1: If the race is cancelled, none of us get our race fees.
Niki Lauda: That’s true. You leave without your fee, but you might leave with your life.
James Hunt: It also means that you would effectively win the championship. So I can see why this suits you just fine.
[Niki turns to face James, who’s still seated]
Niki Lauda: Why? There would be no points for me either.
[James stands]
James Hunt: No, but there would be one race less where I, or anyone else here, could catch you.
Driver #2: James is right, this is just tactics!
Driver #3: Maybe he’s just frightened.
Niki Lauda: Which asshole said this?
[he looks around the room but no one owns up]
Niki Lauda: Yes, of course I’m frightened. And so are you.
[there’s silence in the room]


Niki Lauda: I accept every time I get in my car there’s twenty percent chance I could die, and I can live with it. How about one per cent more? And today with the rain the risk is more.
James Hunt: I suppose that all depends on how good you are in the rain.
Niki Lauda: I have the track record here. I’m the only person in history to do the Nürburgring in under seven minutes. So actually, it’s to my advantage to race here today. Because I’m quicker than all of you.
[the other drivers laugh at his comment]
James Hunt: Fine. Then let’s race.
[there’s a ripple of chatter as the other drivers agree]
FIA Official: Gentlemen, please.


Driver #2: Why are we here, Niki? Come on.
[Niki looks at James and sits back down]
FIA Official: Well, all those in favor of cancelling the race?
[Niki and a handful of other drivers raise their hand]
FIA Official: All those in favor of racing?
[James along with the majority of the drivers raise their hand]
FIA Official: Gentlemen, the race is on.
[the other drivers clap as they stand and start to leave the room, James walks over to Niki who is still sat looking annoyed]
James Hunt: You know, Niki, every now and then it helps if people like you.
[Niki chuckles as James walks off]


[German Grand Prix, Nürburgring, August 1976, as they are sat in their cars waiting for the race to begin Niki looks over to James who’s looking up at the clouds, Caldwell comes up to James]
Alastair Caldwell: Jochen’s going on slicks. Do you wanna change?
James Hunt: Is Niki gonna change?
Alastair Caldwell: No.
James Hunt: Then we stay on wets too.
[the cars all line up and get their engines started]
TV Commentator: This season’s fight for the Formula One championship has so far been the story of two men. Thus far it’s been going pretty much the way of Niki Lauda. James Hunt has qualified fastest here, he’s on pole position at the German Grand Prix with Niki Lauda on side in the blood red Ferrari. It’s a long race, of the tracks starts to dry out, the wet weather tires could…
[the start flag is waved and the cars are off]


TV Commentator: Niki Lauda and James Hunt are side by side on the front row as the race gets underway, absolutely as one.
[as the race gets underway Lauda forces one of the McLaren’s car off the track]
TV Commentator: Lauda, gets very aggressive up there forcing the McLaren onto the grass. Lauda has the lead at the moment! Lauda leads into the first corner, Hunt is in second place.
[suddenly another McLaren car goes past James]
TV Commentator: That’s Jochen Mass going past Hunt! He made the right choice to go with the dry weather tires. Mass passing Lauda now! Jochen Mass in the number four McLaren takes the lead! Jochen Mass is the clear leader with everybody else slipping to change tires after just one lap.


[James goes into the pit to get his tires changed, Caldwell comes up to him]
Alastair Caldwell: See? I told you to go on slicks! You didn’t take my advice!
James Hunt: Fuck off! Where’s Niki?
Alastair Caldwell: Behind you! He made the same mistake.
[James looks in his mirror and sees Niki’s car pull up and his crew frantically start changing his tires]
TV Commentator: The tire changing frenzy has caused a huge reshuffling of a panic.
[as James’ tires are changed he’s given the all clear and he roars off]
TV Commentator: Lauda urging his mechanics to hurry.


[after the tires are finally changed on Niki’s car he sets off to catch up with James]
TV Commentator: This race has gone wrong for him so far, his championship rival, James Hunt is a long way up the road. Lauda passing car after car, he’s just going past Mario Andretti’s Lotus there.
[as Niki is frantically trying to catch up with James, suddenly during the third lap, a suspension arm in his car breaks which causes him to swerve off the track and crash into a wall and the car becomes engulfed in flames, then two other cars hit him, some of the drivers come over and try to pull Niki out but the flames from the fire make it impossible, Niki is finally pulled out and taken to the hospital and Marlene hears of this news over the radio]


[as Niki lies in the ICU he hears the voices of the doctors]
Niki’s German Doctor: [subtitled] It’s not the burns to his face that are the danger. It’s the burns to his lungs.
[news reporters are gathered outside the hospital reporting on Niki’s condition]
German Reporter: [subtitled] In the intensive care unit, six doctors and thirty-four nurses are on duty for him. But his condition is far worse than originally feared.
[in the hospital as Niki falls in and out of consciousness he hears the doctors discussing his condition and sees Marlene standing by his bedside looking devastated]


[James is sat in the McLaren workshop writing a letter when he hears more news on the TV being reported on Niki’s condition]
News Reporter: In Formula One today victory celebrations were muted after a horrific accident involving world champion Niki Lauda. Due to safety concerns before the race, the Austrian had said he would not take part, but in the end he did. He was making up for lost time when he went off the track, puncturing the Ferrari. Brett Lunger was unable to avoid the flaming wreck, who was unhurt and joined the other drivers to rescue Lauda, who was taken to Mannheim Hospital with severe burns. The incident reminds us again of the dangers of Formula One. Niki Lauda was trapped for almost a minute in the searing inferno of eight hundred plus degrees.


[at the hospital as Marlene waits Niki’s doctor comes out and calls out to her]
Niki’s German Doctor: [subtitled] He’s awake and just spoke. He said, “Tell the hospital priest to fuck off! I’m still alive!” You can go in.
[Marlene rushes into Niki’s room and looks distressed when she sees the burns to the side of his face and head, she goes over and sits beside him on his bed and touches his hand; 14 days later as Niki is recovering in hospital he watches the races on TV, grimacing in pain as he gets his bandages changed]
TV Commentator: [subtitled] James Hunt gains on the absent Niki Lauda.


[on the 28th day in hospital, 29th August 1976]
German Doctor: [subtitled] We need to vacuum the lungs. I should warn you, it won’t be easy.
[as Niki has his lungs painfully vacuumed he continues to have the TV on showing the race and he hears James earning more points, as the doctor stops vacuuming Niki’s lungs, Niki grabs the doctor’s hand]
Niki Lauda: [subtitled] Do it again.
German Doctor: [subtitled] Are you sure? The lungs will already be bruised.
[Niki watches James standing at the podium after winning a race, this spurs him on and opens his mouth to indicate for the doctor to continue vacuuming his lungs]


[after a few more weeks at the hospital Niki now on his feet, tries to put his helmet back on, but the burns on his face make it painful, Marlene hears his moans of pain and enters the room]
Marlene Lauda: [subtitled] Niki, stop. Please, stop.
Niki Lauda: [subtitled] I know what you’re thinking, but please. If you love me, you won’t’ say a word.
[she looks at him then nods, Niki continues trying to put on the helmet again and even though clearly in pain he finally manages to get the helmet on]


[Italian Grand Prix, Free Practice, September 1976; James and his team are in the pits when they hear a commotion]
James Hunt: What’s going on?
Alastair Caldwell: Jesus, it’s Niki.
James Hunt: What about him?
Alastair Caldwell: He’s here.
James Hunt: What?
Alastair Caldwell: He’s racing.
[James pushes through the crowd of reporters and photographers, he smiles as he sees Niki in the Ferrari pits]
James Hunt: Niki?
[as Niki turns to face James, his smiles fades as he sees the extent of Niki’s facial and head wounds]
Niki Lauda: It’s that bad, huh?
James Hunt: No.


Niki Lauda: In hospital I asked them straight, no bullshit, how bad my appearance would be. They said with time it would be fine, but it won’t. I can tell, seeing your reaction. I will spend the rest of my life with a face that frightens people.
[Niki walks towards James]
James Hunt: You know, Niki, I…tried to write you a letter at the time to apologize. The drivers meeting in Germany before the race, I swayed the room.
Niki Lauda: Yes, you did.
James Hunt: That race would never have gone ahead.
Niki Lauda: No, it shouldn’t.
James Hunt: So in many ways I feel responsible for what happened and…
Niki Lauda: You were. But trust me, watching you win those races while I was fighting for my life, you were equally responsible for getting me back in the car.
[they stare at each other for a moment before Niki turns and walks away]


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