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Pat Sr.: Listen, a lot of envelopes go in and out of my office every day after games with a lot of cash in ’em. So show some respect for what I do.
Pat: Yeah, I know. I saw two-seven-four. I just wanted to tell you the number.
Pat Sr.: Thank you.
Pat: But the envelope was empty. I’m sorry, you were sleeping. I didn’t want to wake you, but I needed an envelope. You didn’t want to wake me?
[to Dolores]
Pat Sr.: He didn’t want to wake me. He doesn’t have a problem complaining about Ernest fucking Hemingway. He doesn’t have a problem asking for his wedding video…
Dolores: Be nice. It’s game day! I’m making crabby snacks and homemades.
Pat: Yeah, come on, dad, be nice. Come on, she’s making crabby snacks and homemades! Come on, Dad!


Pat Sr.: What are you…what are you so up about?
Dolores: He’s very happy.
Pat: I’m happy.
Pat Sr.: No, you’re so up, up, up, up.
Pat: Isn’t that a good thing?
Pat Sr.: No. You’re just up, up, up. I don’t know what…what that is. Are you taking the proper dosage of your medication?
Pat: Am I taking the right dose? Of course I am.
Pat Sr.: Okay. Taking a little bit too many or something?
[Pat chuckles]
Pat: No, if I was taking that, I’d be on the floor, dad.


Pat Sr.: Just stay with us. Stay for the game. Spend some family time.
Pat: Dad, I can’t. Look, I’m ready to go. What do you mean?
Pat Sr.: Spend family time.
Pat: Wait, you mean OCD, superstitious time?
Randy: Come on, your dad needs a winner. Help him out.
Pat Sr.: Come on.
Pat: I can’t.
Pat Sr.: It’s the Seahawks. Put on the jersey and stay, please. Please. It’s important, please.
Dolores: What are you up to, Pat?
Pat: Nothing, come on.
Dolores: What’s in the envelope?
Pat Sr.: Yeah, what are you doing? What’s in that envelope?
Pat: Guys, I’m beating the song! I’m on the scoreboard! I’m playing down field! I feel great!
[Pat turns and walks out the door]


[Pat knocks on Tiffany’s door]
Pat: Tiffany!
[he rings the bell a couple of times, he gets no answer so he goes up to her parents house and rings the doorbell, Tiffany’s mother opens the door]
Pat: Hey! Hey, how you doin’? Is uh…is Tiffany here?
Tiffany’s Mother: What do you want with her?
[Tiffany’s father comes up]
Tiffany’s Father: Is that another creep? What do you want, creep? Just beat it.
Pat: Woh, no, no, no. No, I’m married.
[Pat holds up his hand and points to his wedding ring]
Tiffany’s Father: Oh, great, a married creep.
Pat: I’m her friend. We…we go running. Have you guys not seen us? I took her to the diner.
Tiffany’s Mother: She’s not here.


[as Pat is talking to Tiffany’s parents, behind them a man parks his car and runs up to the porch]
Jordie: Hi, guys. How’s it going? Hey. Is Tiffany home?
Tiffany’s Mother: Go away!
Jordie: I know her.
Pat: What are you doing here?
Jordie: I know her, we’ve dated. Well, we still date. I’ve called her, I’ve texted her.
[to Tiffany’s parents]
Pat: Do you know this guy?
Jordie: I still haven’t heard back. We used to work together…
Tiffany’s Father: Just get the hell out of here!
[Jordie holds out a card]
Jordie: I just wanted to give you my card to give to her.
Tiffany’s Father: Another rude creep.


[to Jordie]
Pat: Listen to what he’s saying. Listen to what he’s saying.
Jordie: What’s he saying?
Pat: Well, he’s saying you’re being rude.
Jordie: How am I being rude?
Pat: Oh, you know. You know. Come on.
Jordie: No.
Pat: Look, sometimes it’s okay with girls like this, they wanna have fun and sometimes it’s not because they got a broken wing, and they’re hurt, and they’re an easy target. And in this case, this particular case, I think that wing is being fixed, my friend.


[we see Tiffany is standing hidden behind a door listening]
Pat: And you gotta make sure it gets mended. And you’re gettin’ in the way of that right now, okay? Because she’s sensitive and she’s smart, she’s artistic. This is a great girl and you gotta be respectful of that.
[Pat turns, grabs Jordie’s arm and walks him to his car]
Pat: Come on. Let me walk you down to your car. You’re a better guy than this. Look, I can see it in your eyes.
Jordie: She just texted me!
[on hearing how Pat stood up for her, Tiffany smiles to herself]


[after going to Tiffany’s house, Pat goes for a run, suddenly he sees Tiffany running past him]
Pat: Hey! Hey! Hey, wait a second! What are you doing? What happened? How come you weren’t outside? What the hell’s going on?
[they stop and face each other]
Tiffany: I can’t, I can’t do it.
Pat: What do you mean, you can’t do it? You can’t do what?
Tiffany: I can’t give the letter to Nikki.
Pat: Tiffany, what are you talking about? What do you mean you can’t give the letter to Nikki?
Tiffany: Okay, look. Because what am I getting in return? What are you doing for me?
Pat: You said…you said if I wrote a letter, you’d get it to Nikki.
Tiffany: I know!
Pat: That was the set-up.
Tiffany: Because I do this time after time after time, I do all this shit for other people and then I wake up and…and I’m empty, I have nothing!
Pat: What are you talking about? You seem like you’re a tough girl to me. Why don’t you just do things on your own?
Tiffany: I always get myself in these fucking situations. I give everything to other people and nobody ever, I never…I don’t get what I want, okay? I’m not my sister.
[Pat looks at her for a moment]
Pat: Alright, well, ask for you. What can I do for you?
Tiffany: I…I can’t do it.


Pat: Tiffany, what do you want me to do? Think of something.
Tiffany: There’s this thing.
Pat: There’s a thing, okay. What kind of thing?
Tiffany: It’s a thing, it’s a thing. It’s a…it’s a…it’s a dance thing.
Pat: It’s a dance thing, alright.
Tiffany: It’s a competition thing at the Benjamin Franklin Hotel. Tommy would never do it with me and I missed it every single year.
Pat: Well, Tommy’s dead, so he’s not gonna fucking do it.
Tiffany: Would you please!
Pat: No, I don’t have a filter when I talk.
Tiffany: I know you don’t have a filter. Can we have one fucking conversation without you reminding me that my Goddamn husband is dead?
Pat: Yes, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Okay, I’m sorry.


Tiffany: Oh, my God! But I can only do it if I have a partner and now I’m about to miss it for another year.
Pat: Woh, woh, woh. I’m not gonna fuckin’ dance with you! What are you talking about?
Tiffany: What, your schedule is so busy? “Grapes of Wrath” and watching football with your dad?
Pat: Tiffany, I’m not gonna do a dance with you.
Tiffany: Well, I’m not giving her your fucking letter.
[she turns and starts to walk away]
Pat: Wait a second! But you promised you would do this.
Tiffany: Think about it.
[Tiffany turns and walks away]


[as Tiffany is walking off]
Pat: Well, I already did do something for you, you know.silver-linings-playbook-6
[Tiffany turns back to face him]
Tiffany: What did you do for me?
Pat: I took care of that jerkoff that was in front of your house.
Tiffany: What? Jordie?
Pat: Let me ask you something. Do you call him when you’re lonely?
[Tiffany doesn’t reply]
Pat: That encourages him, Tiffany. You shouldn’t do it.
Tiffany: Couldn’t you say the same about you and Nikki?
Pat: It’s not at all like me and Nikki. What are you talking about? We’re in love and we’re married. It’s completely different.


Tiffany: How are you in love? Tell me about that. The big Nikki love. Tell me about it, I wanna understand it.
Pat: We have a very unconventional chemistry, it makes people feel awkward, but not me. Alright? She’s the most beautiful woman I’ve ever been with.
Tiffany: Wow.
Pat: It’s electric between us! Okay, yeah, we wanna change each other, but that’s normal, couples wanna do that. I want her to stop dressing like she dresses, I want her to stop acting so superior to me, okay? And she wanted me to lose weight and stop my mood swings, which both I’ve done. I mean, people fight. Couples fight. We would fight, we wouldn’t talk for a couple weeks. That’s normal. She always wanted the best for me.
Tiffany: Wow.
Pat: She wanted me to be passionate and compassionate. And that’s a good thing. You know? I just, look, I’m my best self today, and I think she’s her best self today, and our love’s gonna be fucking amazing.
Tiffany: It’s gonna be amazing, and you’re gonna be amazing, and she’s gonna be amazing, and you’re not gonna be that guy that’s gonna take advantage of a situation without offering to do something back. So think about the dance thing.
[Tiffany turns and walks off]


[when Pat returns home he finds Danny has come to visit him]
Pat: Danny, you’re out of the hospital? And you’re here on game day?
[they embrace]
Danny: I’m out. It’s official, man. They didn’t convert me to my Mental Hygiene Law admission status within two thirds of the maximum length of my felony sentence, so I’m out. They couldn’t…they had to let me go.
[to Pat Sr.]
Pat: I never understand what he’s saying.
Pat Sr.: Okay, jailhouse lawyer. Come on, let’s come back and sit down the way you were before.
Pat: What a treat!


[Pat Sr. takes Danny to the sofa, where they are all watching football game on TV]
Pat: Woh, woh, woh. Dad’s got you sitting here?
Pat Sr.: Oh, yeah.
Danny: He calls me “Jailhouse Lawyer”.
[Danny sits next to Pat Sr. and Randy]
Pat Sr.: Hold the remote the way you were holding it before.
Danny: Okay.
[Danny holds the remote in on hand and Pat Sr.’s handkerchief in the other]
Pat: And now you’re holding the remote?
Danny: And it’s working. Your dad’s a genius.
Pat Sr.: Now sit up, but like…
[he motions for Danny to move slightly]
Pat: And Danny’s the good luck charm?
Pat Sr.: Danny’s from you. This is your house, so it comes down to you. You’re the one.
Danny: Yeah, you’re the one, Pat.
Pat: Superstition, Danny. I don’t know.


Pat Sr.: Come sit down. Don’t disappear doing God knows what with that Tiffany Maxwell. Sit down.
Pat: Dad, dad, dad. She’s my friend. Why would you say that?
Ronnie: Oh, she’s a mess. You gotta be careful. She goes to a lot of therapy.
[Pat Sr. groans]
Pat: I go…I go to a lot of therapy, Ronnie. What are you trying to say?
Ronnie: I’m just saying.
Pat: Am I messed up? Why don’t you stop judging people? You judge everybody. You’re the one who has a messed up marriage.
Ronnie: I’m just looking out for you, I’m just looking out for you. She’s unstable.
Dolores: What’s wrong with your marriage? What’s wrong with your marriage?
Ronnie: Nothing’s wrong! Nothing’s wrong!
Pat: You should have seen when I was at his house. It’s like a circus over there.


[Ronnie pushes Pat to the side]
Ronnie: Shh…shh. Relax, man.
Pat: What are you talking about? I’m not gonna hide this. You need to deal with it.
Ronnie: Stop breaking my balls.
Pat: I’m not breaking your balls.
[Ronnie holds up an iPod]
Pat: Oh!
Ronnie: I got you an iPod.
Pat: Woh! Is this for me?
Ronnie: Yeah. Well, that’s my old iPod, but…I wanted you to have it.
Pat: Oh, buddy, thank you. That’s so nice of you. Wow.
[Pat embraces Ronnie]
Ronnie: Thirty-two gigabytes.
Pat: How many songs is that?
Ronnie: Seven thousand.


[Pat scrolls through the songs on the iPod]
Pat: Oh, yeah, you got The Stranglers. You love The Stranglers. Oh, the Sex Pistols. The Clash.
Ronnie: Got some Clash.
Pat: Oh, West Side Story.
Ronnie: Yeah, West Side Story. It makes me peaceful.
Pat: That’s a sad story.
[Ronnie sings]
Ronnie: “Maria, I just met a girl named Maria.”
Pat: Right, right, right.
Ronnie: And then when I’m angry, which is a lot these days, I go to the garage. Metallica. Megadeth.
[he puts his hands up and does a silent scream in anger]
Ronnie: I start fucking smashing shit.
Pat: You gotta get your marriage together.
Ronnie: I start breaking shit, and I hurt my hand. And I…
Pat: Ronnie, that’s fucked up.
Ronnie: Yeah, but it makes me feel better. It’s like my therapy, you know?


Pat: When I’m with Nikki, I’m never gonna do stuff like that…
Jake: Woh, Nikki? What’s all this about Nikki?
[Pat looks up and sees his brother, Jake, standing at the top of the stairs]
Jake: A restraining order is nothing to fool with, bro. Holy shit, look at you! You are fit! You look absolutely amazing. You feel good?
Pat: How you doing, Jake?
Jake: Good. You look like Schwarzenegger, man, in his prime.
[Jake comes downstairs and they walk into the living room]


Dolores: Didn’t I say you wouldn’t recognize him?
Jake: So, listen, I’m sorry that I didn’t uh…I didn’t come see you down at the hospital. You know how those places creep me out, and the firm’s been expanding. I’ve been helping Pop with the restaurant cause he needs to have a legitimate business. He needs a tax return. With all the money that he’s making with his bookmaking, they’re gonna come after him. And then it looks like I’m making, I’m gonna make partner at the firm.
[Pat says nothing and just stares at Jake]
Jake: Well, I don’t even know what to say to you anymore. You lost your wife, I’m getting engaged, and I wanna be able to tell you about those kind of things. You lost your house, I’m getting a new house. You lost your job, things are going great for me at the firm.
Pat Sr.: Maybe stop talking about all the stuff that’s good for you and bad for him. Just, you know, leave it alone. Leave it alone. We’re watching the game.
Jake: You know what, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna stop talking. I’m gonna shut my mouth.


[Pat continues to stare at Jake]
Pat: As my friend Danny would say…
[he pauses and everyone in the room stares at him]
Pat: I got nothing but love for you, brother.
[Pat and Jake embrace]
Danny: That’s right. That’s right.
Pat Sr.: That’s nice. That’s nice.


[after Pat and Jake have embraced]
Pat Sr.: Well, thank God, finally.
Pat: DeSean Jackson.
Jake: Yeah. Did it fit?
Pat: Yeah. I wore it to Ronnie’s for dinner.
Ronnie: Beautiful jersey. I love that jersey.
Pat: Veronica didn’t like it.
Ronnie: Veronica hates the jersey.
Pat: Thank you.
Jake: Whatever you do, watch out for that restraining order, okay?
Ronnie: Don’t let Tiffany get you in trouble.
Dolores: You’re up to something, I know.
Pat: People like Tiffany, or Danny, or me, maybe we know something that you guys don’t know, okay? Did you ever think about that? Maybe we understand something because we’re more…
Danny: Yeah, we have a sixth sense. I mean, everybody’s got it. Everybody’s just not in touch with it.


[the doorbell rings and we see Keogh walking into the living room with two male orderlies from the psychiatric hospital]
Dolores: Oh, no.
Officer Keogh: How you doing, Pat?
Pat: Jesus.
Pat Sr.: I guess his sixth sense forgot to tell him the cops were coming.
[Keogh points to Danny]
Officer Keogh: I’m taking him back to the hospital.
[Randy starts laughing]
Pat: What? No, no, he passed his thing, right?
Danny: First of all, check with the latest legal development.
Officer Keogh: Oh. Well, we got a call that they did convert you to a Mental Hygiene Law admission status by the deadline of your sentence, so.


Pat Sr.: Wait a minute. Are you an Eagles fan or are you not an Eagles fan?
Officer Keogh: I’m an Eagles fan.
Pat Sr.: Well then, what’s the problem? He’s not goin’ anywhere. Just let him finish the game, that’s all. The handkerchief is working. We’re killing the Seahawks, twenty-seven-ten. What’s the matter with you? Let him stay, please!
Officer Keogh: I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about ‘the handkerchief’. And I’m glad that the Seahawks are losing and we’re winning, but I gotta take Danny McDaniels back to Baltimore, alright? He can contest his case from Baltimore.
[Danny stands and walks over to Keogh]
Danny: Not correct about the Mental Hygiene Law. You’re not correct.
Officer Keogh: Come on. Lets’ go.
[Keogh grabs Danny’s arm and he’s escorted out of the house]
Danny: You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves.


[Pat enters Tiffany’s dance studio in her parent’s garage]
Tiffany: I used the insurance money to build this. I designed it.
Pat: Wow.
Tiffany: All the floors are hard oak. It has good bounce for dancers. I’m not that great of a dancer, but who cares? It’s therapy and it’s fun. And the walls are good cause I can play music really loud without anybody hearing.
Pat: Where do you sleep?
Tiffany: Upstairs. It’s a garage, I just renovated it. You know, I was thinking about putting a ballet barre here.
Pat: When are you gonna give it to her?
Tiffany: What?
[he holds up the envelope]
Pat: The letter to Nikki.
Tiffany: Probably tonight.
Pat: Really?
Tiffany: Ronnie and Veronica and I are gonna see her tonight.


Pat: Oh, I actually changed the first paragraph. I did this thing about Shakespeare and how it’s very romantic…
Pat: …and that maybe in the future if she wanted to go dancing, I can be able to do that because of all the training that…
Tiffany: No, that’s good, that’s really good.
Pat: I assume you’re a good…you’re a good teacher.
Tiffany: Yeah. I mean, I hope so.
[Tiffany takes the envelope and places it on the staircase]
Pat: Maybe you can teach us both, you know what I mean? And I also mentioned how you were gonna…how generous it is, what I’m doing for you.
Tiffany: Yeah. Mm-hmm. It’s really generous.
Pat: You know, being of service.
Tiffany: Yeah.
Pat: To your need.
Tiffany: Uh-huh.


Tiffany: Alright, let’s start simple. Start at that corner, walk towards me. Walk across the room.
[Pat stands in the corner]
Pat: Can we do something else besides the dance deal?
Tiffany: Are you fucking kidding me?
Pat: I’m good with a hammer. You want me to fix something?
Tiffany: A deal is a deal.
Pat: I know! Okay. I was just suggesting that maybe there’s a better scenario.
Tiffany: Why don’t you walk towards me like I’m Nikki. And the only way to convey how much you’ve missed me is by your walk. By your slow walk. You can’t talk. Only walk.
Pat: I’m not doing it.
Tiffany: Do it.
Pat: No. That’s stupid.
Tiffany: No walk, no letter. Walk to me like I’m Nikki, come on. Do it. I’m Nikki. Come on.
[under his breath]
Pat: You’re not Nikki.


[Pat slowly walks towards Tiffany]
Tiffany: Don’t look up until you’re halfway here.
[Pat keeps on walking with his head down]
Tiffany: That’s right.
[Pat keeps walking]
Tiffany: Not yet.
[as he reaches Tiffany, he stops close to her and looks up at her]
Tiffany: Yes. Do you feel that? That’s emotion.
Pat: I don’t feel anything.
[Pat turns and walks away from her]


Tiffany: Has anybody ever told you how Tommy died?
Pat: No.
Tiffany: We were married for three years and five days, and I loved him. But for the last couple months, I just wasn’t into sex at all. It just felt like we were so different and I was depressed. Some of that is just me, some of it was he wanted me to have kids and I have a hard enough time taking care of myself. I don’t think that makes me a criminal.
[she pauses for a moment and Pat just stares at her]


Tiffany: Anyway one night after dinner, he drove to Victoria’s Secret at King of Prussia Mall and got some lingerie to get something going. And on the way back, he stopped on 76 to help a guy with a flat tire and he got hit by a car and killed. And the Victoria’s Secret box was still in the front seat.
[she pauses]
Tiffany: That’s a feeling.
[Pat looking upset watches as Tiffany goes to turn on her iPod; Pat and Tiffany sit on the floor facing each other as they listen to the music]


[we see as Tiffany leads Pat onto the dance floor]
Tiffany: Okay, this is the waltz. I’m gonna teach you the waltz step.
[we see montage of Tiffany teaching Pat to dance then one day after one of their rehearsals has ended, as Pat goes to pick his bag off the floor he sees the bathroom door is open with Tiffany reflection showing in the mirror as she takes off her top with her back to him, he stares for a moment then turns and runs off]


[one day as Pat goes quickly through the kitchen to leave]
Dolores: Woh! Slow down.
Pat: What?
Dolores: Your father wanted you to have this.
[she hands him a newspaper]
Pat: He wants me to have all this Eagles information.
[Pat Sr. listens through the doorway]
Dolores: It’s his living.
Pat: Um…tell dad thanks.
Dolores: Your father expects to spend time with you, Pat.
[Pat nods then turns and leaves]


[in Tiffany’s dance studio, Tiffany holds up the newspaper Dolores had given Pat in one hand and a book in the other hand]
Tiffany: Football stays out of this place, so does “Lord of the Flies”.
[Tiffany turns and walks towards the door]
Pat: Wait, wait. No, no, no! What are you doing? I’m behind on my syllabus.
Tiffany: I don’t give a fuck!
Pat: What the hell are you doing?
[Tiffany opens the door and throws the newspaper and book in the driveway]
Pat: Hey, hey! Did you just throw that outside?
Tiffany: What? You’re not gonna read that shit on my time. I can tell you all about the “Lord of the Flies”. It’s a bunch of boys on an island and they have a conch, they have a shell, and whoever has the conch has the power and they can talk. And if you don’t have the conch, then you don’t have the power. And then there’s a little chubby boy, and they call him Piggy and they’re really mean, and then there’s a murder. I mean, humanity is just nasty and there’s no silver lining.
Pat: Wow. That was a great synopsis. I still need to read it, though.


[there’s a knock at the door]
Pat: Who’s that?
[Pat opens the door]
Pat: Hello. What the hell? What are you doing here, man?
[Danny walks into the room]
Danny: If one of your two supervising physicians loses their license, then your whole adjudication is thrown out.
Pat: How’d you know we were here?
Danny: I went by your parents house looking for you and they told me you was over here.
Pat: Oh, Danny, this is Tiffany. Tiffany, this is Danny.
[Danny and Tiffany shake hands]
Tiffany: Hello. Pat told me about you.


Danny: So is the girl that you wrote about?
Pat: Yeah.
Tiffany: What? He wrote about me? I’m ‘the girl’?
Danny: He wrote about you, alright.
Tiffany: What did he say?
Danny: He said you guys was helping each other out and you were nice and you…you had a mouth on you, that you were a little mouthy, but…
Pat: Woh, woh, woh. Okay, okay.
Tiffany: No, please, tell me more about what he said in the letter.
Pat: Yeah, anything you wanna know, I’ll just tell you about the letter. It was nothing. It was just a very general letter.
Tiffany: Cool.
Danny: She’s fine.
Pat: She is my friend with an F.
Danny: A capital F. She’s fine.
Pat: For ‘friend’.
[there’s an awkward pause for a moment]
Danny: Mm. Hey, can I see what you guys are doing?
Pat: Yeah.
Tiffany: Okay.


[Pat and Tiffany dance side by side as they show Danny their dance moves]
Danny: I like it, I like it.
Pat: Do you?
Danny: It’s good, yeah.
Tiffany: And then this goes into something else.
Danny: That’s it?
Pat: Why? What is it, what is it, what is it?
Danny: Can I say something? Do you mind?
Tiffany: No.
Danny: You sure?
Pat: Just say it. Say it.
Tiffany: No, please.
Danny: I…I think Pat, you should be facing Tiffany.


[Danny removes his jacket and steps towards Pat]
Danny: Let me show you, Pat, let me show you what I mean. You gotta come at her with a little bit more soul, man.
[to Tiffany]
Danny: You should move more hips.
[to Pat]
Danny: Just…just sort of come in, Pat, come in like this. And…
[Danny dances facing Tiffany to demonstrate]
Pat: Okay.
[Danny and Tiffany dance]
Danny: Yeah. Can you move ’em a little bit more hip? Yeah, that’s it. Move ’em a bit more.
[Tiffany chuckles as she dances]
Danny: You could turn around, too, there’s nothing wrong with that.
[Tiffany raises her arms and turns]
Danny: Yeah. You’re pretty good. Mm, yeah.
[Danny and Tiffany continue to dance and as Danny places his hands on Tiffany’s waist, Pat steps in]
Pat: Okay, we got it, we got it. Yeah, yeah.
Danny: Okay. Okay.
Pat: Yeah. Yeah, we got it.


[as Pat and Tiffany are dancing facing each other]
Danny: Come on, Pat. Come on. A little bit more soul, Pat. Black it up, Pat.
Pat: What does that mean?
Danny: You know damn well what it means.
Pat: Black it up?
Danny: Oh! Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute! Oh! Oh, man! Oh! I got an idea.
[we see Danny and Pat jumping up and down together, holding hands and going round in a circle]
Danny: Come get some, Pat. Come and get some.
[Pat takes Danny’s place, holding hands with Tiffany, jumping up and down going round in a circle]


Pat: Is that it?silver-linings-playbook-7
Danny: That’s it.
[then it cuts to Danny showing Tiffany a different move]
Danny: Shuffle back, shuffle back. Shuffle back, shuffle back. Girl, you gotta move your junk.
[Tiffany starts moving her hips forward and back]
Danny: Pop! Pop your body. Pop it!
[cut to after the music stopping]
Danny: I gotta get out of here. I gotta go see this girl, Tanya. She lives on this side of town.
Pat: Yeah, go see Tanya.
Danny: Okay, man.
Pat: Good idea.


Danny: Hey, I’m gonna be there, man. I want you guys to win!
Pat: Okay.
Tiffany: Bye.
[Danny opens the door to leave]
Danny: Excelsior, Pat!
Pat: Excelsior!
Danny: That’s my man. Let’s go.
[Danny leaves and Pat and Tiffany smile]


[as Pat is lying down on his bed sleeping, Pat Sr. enters his room]
Pat Sr.: Patty. Patty.
[he walks over to Pat’s bed, sits on the edge of the bed and touches Pat’s shoulder]
Pat Sr.: Hey. Patty. Pat. Patty.
[Pat opens his eyes]
Pat Sr.: Where have you been? Huh?
[Pat groans]
Pat Sr.: We got a serious situation on our hands, you know that.
[Pat stares at his father]


Pat Sr.: We…we gotta beat the Giants if we wanna have any chance of getting into the division, any chance of playing in the playoffs. Do you…do you realize that?
Pat: No, I didn’t realize that.
Pat Sr.: Yeah, that’s the bind we’re in. I mean, I think it would be wise if we spent father-son time, reading about the Eagles, talking about them, just to strengthen the good luck thing that you’re in.
Pat: Okay.
Pat Sr.: Yeah?
Pat: Right.
Pat Sr.: Hmm?
[Pat looks with concern at his father, then Pat Sr. looks away]


Pat Sr.: I just wanted to uh…maybe I didn’t, spend enough time with you growing up. I spent too much time with your brother.
[as he speaks tears well up in his eyes]
Pat Sr.: It might have made you feel worse about your behavior, but I…I didn’t know anything, I didn’t know how to handle it. I mean, that’s what all this Eagles stuff is about. It’s about us, spending time now. I…I wanna do everything I can to help you get back on your feet. That’s…that’s the whole point. Yeah. I wish you’d watch these games with me, so we could talk, we could get into things.
[Pat stares at his father]
Pat Sr.: So would you…would you just come downstairs and talk to me and Randy now? Huh?
[Pat Sr. touches Pat’s cheek and Pat nods]


[Randy, Pat, Pat Sr. and Dolores are in the kitchen]
Pat Sr.: Randy, tell him what I’m doing.
Randy: He’s betting everything on the Giant game. Everything. All the money that he needs for the restaurant, he’s betting on the Giant game.
Pat Sr.: Tell him why.
Randy: Because he believes in you.
Pat: Is that true?
Pat Sr.: I believe in you, Patty. I believe in you. I want you to know that. So I’m gonna bet heavy on this game. You understand?
Pat: Yeah.


Pat Sr.: Heavy. I want you to go to the game with your brother.
Pat: You want me to go to the game with Jake?
Pat Sr.: Of course I do.
Pat: Does he want me to go?
Pat Sr.: Of course he wants you to go.
Pat: He told you that?
Pat Sr.: He told me, yes.
Pat: Even with all his friends?
Pat Sr.: With all his friends. He trusts you.
Pat: He’s not embarrassed?
Pat Sr.: No. I’d love to go to the game, too, but as you know, I’m banned from the stadium. Cause I’d love to see us beat the Giants and take a lot of money from this asshole.
[Randy laughs]


Randy: Listen, personally, I think it’s a stupid bet.
Pat Sr.: Randy.
Randy: As a matter of fact, I think it’s ridiculous to bet all that dough for the restaurant on a game.
Pat Sr.: Randy. I just hope you heard what I said. It’s like a family business, it’s our family endeavor. We all stick together on this. That’s how it works. That’s a positive, positive vibe.
Pat: I made a commitment to Tiffany about a project, and we have a very important part of it that we have to go over on Sunday, so…
[he takes a breath]
Pat: I um…it’s and it’s good for me, dad. It’s making me disciplined and focused, and it’s…it’s…I never would’ve thought this, but it’s a good thing.
Pat Sr.: What is this thing you’re doing?
Dolores: Yeah, what is it? What is this project, hon?
Pat: It’s a dance thing, okay? There’s nothing more to it, Dad. I swear.
[Dolores steps to Pat and kisses his forehead]


[later at Tiffany’s dance studio]
Pat: Listen, I need to ask you something. Tomorrow can I spend half the day with you and half the day at the Eagles game?
Tiffany: I’m gonna pretend that you didn’t just ask me that.
Pat: Why?
Tiffany: These are the two days that you have promised me and that we have prepared to nail the big move. It’s not ready yet. And we don’t have a move yet.
Pat: I know, but my dad opened up to me and it was really beautiful and I wanna be of service to him, okay? And he’s worried that the juju from the Eagles is being fucked up and he’s concerned that it’s because I’m spending time with you.
Tiffany: Oh, I messed up the Eagles’ juju?
Pat: No, you’re not messing up the juju, but the juju is messed up because I’m not with him during the games.


Tiffany: Guess what?
Pat: What?
Tiffany: Nikki replied to your letter.
[Tiffany walks over to the staircase and picks up and envelope]
Tiffany: But you can’t read it until after you nail the big move. Go.
[she places the envelope back on the staircase; Pat braces himself at the far side of the studio in order to catch Tiffany’s leap, Tiffany runs towards him and leaps, as he catches her they fall; she does the leap again and they fall again]
Pat: Tiff, I’m sorry. I can’t do anything else except read Nikki’s letter, okay? It’s just keep… it’s in the back of my head. We don’t almost have it, alright?
Tiffany: I just hope you can handle it.
Pat: Thank you.


[Tiffany gets the envelope from the staircase]
Pat: What was her energy when she gave it to you?
Tiffany: She was intrigued, excited, and a little scared.
Pat: She was scared? About what? Did she tell you?
[Tiffany gives Pat the envelope]
Tiffany: Try to stay positive.


[Pat opens the envelope and opens the letter]
Pat: I’m just gonna read it out loud, okay? Because if she says anything that’s…is that too much to ask?
Tiffany: No.
[Pat looks down at the letter and starts reading it silently]
Tiffany: I thought you were gonna read it out loud.
Pat: Okay. I’m sorry.
[he starts reading the letter out loud]
Pat: “Dear Pat…”
[Pat clears his throat]
Pat: “It was very emotional for me to get your letter, as I’m sure you can imagine, but I’m glad you took the risk of discreetly getting it to me through Tiffany. This gives us a chance to communicate while I keep the restraining order until I feel safe. I must admit you sound terrific and I’m happy that you are feeling so positive and becoming a more loving and caring man, which I always knew you were.”
[he pauses, takes a breath as he tries to hold back the tears]


Pat: “I was moved to read about ‘Excelsior’ and your belief in happy endings. I am also moved by your act of love to read the books I have taught at the high school. I’m sorry you find them so negative, but I disagree. I think they are great works of art that reflect how hard life can be and they can also help kids prepare themselves for the hardness of life. In spite of all these positive developments, Pat, I have to say if it’s me reading the signs, I need to see something to prove you are ready to resume our marriage. Otherwise I find myself thinking that we might both be better off moving on with our lives separately.”
[he pauses and looks at Tiffany before continuing to read]
Pat: “Please don’t react quickly to this, but take time to think about it. I’m glad you’re doing so well. Love, Nikki.”
[Pat folds the letter and looks at Tiffany]


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