By Harry Nicholas (Swindon, UK)


Overrated and Not Sure What the Hype Was About…

I eagerly anticipated Skyfall after the endless hype and excitement from basically every human on Facebook. But I’m afraid to say, I was a surprised at how disappointing it was.

Let’s start with the positives.

The plot – Combined every good action plot I’ve ever seen into one film. The idea of Silva breaking out of captivity from the inside gave me thrills and goosebumps. The idea of defending a stronghold was an exciting excuse for mayhem to occur. The whole idea about the plot was destined to be a great movie… however, it didn’t play out to nearly its full potential which I will get to a minute.

The introduction of “Q” – Despite the youthful actor of Q, who doles out the classic gadgets and techy stuff to Bond, he actually fitted the part quite well. His manner, tone of voice and behaviour suited the character well, and his small additions of humor finally ended the gloomy Bond film; Quantum Of Solace. Fantastic acting from debutante Ben Winshaw.

The Aston Martin – Let’s be honest; it was a bit of a “phwoaaaaaaar” moment.

Moving on… This movie had the potential to be the best Bond film ever made, but has degraded to being a mediocre film.

We’ll start with the opening scenes: Bond is fighting some bloke on train, as usual, and his female operative has the choice to shoot the bloke and risk hitting 007, or to do the moral thing and not shoot. Now why on earth “M”, who wasn’t even witnessing the situation was able to make the decision on whether to shoot or not is completely absurd. But of course, she says shoot, where James Bond ridiculously falls off the bridge, into the water. But of course, after a huge plunge into the ocean and sniper bullet obtained, he manages to walk away as if he went for a Sunday morning swim at 5 star hotel. And the realism gets better…

Right we’re skipping ahead a bit. So thanks to 007, MI6 have managed to capture super computer hacking genius Silva where they have recovered some of his equipment. Now “Q” for some weird reason, decides to use a criminal’s USB, and insert into the computer mainframe of the entire MI6. Surely, a trained M16 computer whiz would be able to understand that the USB could contain something very dangerous… I mean maybe I’m just being unreasonable, after all maybe this hacking villain genius who is ex MI6 just allows his USBs to be used by anyone’s computer. Obviously. So yeah. The whole system fails and is under his control, he escapes, chase scene, blah blah blah.

Next stupid moment: The chase after Silva escapes from imprisonment. Of course James Bond catches him, where Silva is caught mid climbing a ladder… surely nothing can go wrong, he’s stuck on a ladder, 007 has him at gunpoint… everything is under control. After shooting numerous MI6 personnel, you’d obviously shoot them on site to stop them once you have a clearly shot… right? No. Wrong. He conveniently waits until Silva finishes his sentences, and allows him to reach for his radio and blow up the underground walls, so a train can fall on 007. CONVENIENT, EH?

And to the stronghold defense. This house managed to withstand the impact of around about 20 TNT explosions, being shot up by a helicopter, and not only does the house survive, but of course Bond remains unscathed as well… Now I’m pretty sure a man of Silva’s power and accomplices would’ve been able to take one house, with 3 fighting people, 2 of which are pensioners. But of course his squad are too incompetent and all end up dying.

Now when “M” and the old gentleman still living in Skyfall escape through the tunnels, the gentleman keeps his torch on. Surely, if you’re making a stealthy escape behind someone, in pitch black you’re not going to wave a torch around constantly. But of course Silva turns around and sees it. I mean, how would he miss a flipping torch with two people running away?

And finally the most ridiculous death of any Bond movie I’ve ever seen. Silva and “M”‘s death. Let’s start with Silva. Silva takes a sword into the chest, manages to walk about a foot towards 007, no flinching or pain which is fair enough, he’s a bad guy after all… but the way he times his fall is stupid. He collapses onto the floor in a way which he chose to do it, not because he couldn’t stand much longer. Hard to explain, but you’ll notice it when you see it. Also the fall was ridiculous, a cheap, unconvincing death. Drops to his knees then falls to the floor and instantly dies. The most voluntary timed death, I’ve ever seen.

And there’s more delayed dying as well. “M” dies from a gunshot wound, she manages to walk 5 miles approximately back to the church. Conveniently Silva arrives where she’s been waiting there for a while looking fine… Silva dies, James comes to the rescue… “OH WHOOPS! I GUESS IT’S TIME TO DIE NOW SORRY, JAMES, LOL”… if she had said that, it least it would’ve been more realistic.

I give Skyfall 6/10. Brillaint sounding plot, poorly executed, overrated load of garbage. It’s not a bad film, just very overrated to what has been said about it. Acceptable film. Not one I’d watch again and again like The Dark Knight.

However I’ll just say this: It was millions better than Quantum…!



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