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Slaughterhouse-Five was a big surprise to begin watching due to the big differences between the movie and book. Although they provided most of the important parts of the novel like the speech of Billy where he spilled his guts about a seemingly far-fetched planet.

The movie relied too much on nudity and not enough on the big portion of it which was about the war. It seemed like it was not making its clear point across which made the film weak. The major components were the flash and glam of the movie rather than the down gloomy parts. The movie lost me at a couple parts because it was moving so quickly and did not resemble what I was expecting. I was hoping for something more tasteful but a major issue was with how the editing happened. The editing was choppy and did not translate meaning but instead confused and bored the audience.

This movie did not seem to have a climax at all up until the point where major character Montana was introduced. There was nudity but I was not surprised by that since sex is something that sells. As Far as characters go I would have liked to see more of Weary because he was a major character in the novel but not in the film. I liked how the scenes were flashing between future and past like the book. On the other hand they did succeed at making the flashbacks work well with the editing. This was because we could understand the plot of Billy’s struggles through his life.

Teleporting was a major component because it allowed us the really see the way that Billy’s life was difficult. We not only noticed this but we really got to feel like we were in his shoes. This component was crucial because the movies lack of resemblance to the novel in my opinion. The audience took away the significant message of how Billy was a person in a very inconvenient situation which was not his doing but rather something that just happened. Not taking away this part of the movie added some more credibility to the producers because we get to take away that significant message.

Nonetheless we understand Billy’s standing and we also get a big sense of family in this movie. The family was a major component because they really had hope in Billy and wanted him to be healthy and happy. To their demise Billy went against their help like in the novel which kept the theme of alienation. No matter how much help he was offered he never wanted it because he knew it was something unavoidable.

With the family scene also came the idea of the dog which played a huge role to further add onto the family component. Undoubtedly people know that the audience would love a dog named Spot which even I knew was adorable. Overall the movie was interesting to watch and gave us a good feel for how Billy’s life was complicated.


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