Starring: Channing Tatum, James Corden, Zendaya, Common, LeBron James, Gina Rodriguez, Danny DeVito, Yara Shahidi, Ely Henry, Jimmy Tatro


Animated comedy directed and written by Karey Kirkpatrick, in which the story of the Bigfoot legend is turned upside down. We follow a bright young Yeti, Migo (Channing Tatum), who finds something he thought didn’t exist, the elusive creatures known as humans. News of this “smallfoot” brings him fame and a chance with the girl of his dreams. It also throws the simple Yeti community into an uproar over what else might be out there in the big world beyond their snowy village, in a rollicking story about friendship, courage and the joy of discovery.


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Migo: The world is a mysterious place. there are marvels of nature just waiting to be discovered by those who are daring enough to look. Marvels like the creature I had only heard existed in legend. A mythical monster straight out of your worst nightmares with wild eyes and a hideous face and feet that were amazingly freakishly small! It’s a terrifying creature, with perfect white teeth, and breath that just smells all minty fresh, and the only hair it has on its entire body is on the top of its head!
[the Yeti kids are horrified and one of them faints]
Kolka: Stop it, Migo, you’re scaring them!
Migo: Hey, don’t be scared. Look, it’s just a story. Everyone knows that the Smallfoot isn’t real.
Gwangi: Or is it?
[he holds up a small human boot and everyone flees in terror]
Migo: Oh, that’s nice. Real nice. Way to scar them for life.


Migo: Hey, everyone! Listen. Listen. Gather around.
[all the other yeti’s gather around him]
Migo: Okay, I saw a monster. It came to me from out of the sky and it made a sound like…
[he makes the sound of a falling plane]
Migo: Bam! And that’s when it scooped me up and I was like…
[we see him turning over in the air and falling face down into the snow]
Migo: Then I saw it. A mythical creature I had only heard that existed in legend.
[we see Migo and Percy come face to face, they both scream in terror until Migo notices Percy’s foot]
Migo: Look at your small foot! Oh, my gosh! It’s a Smallfoot!
[the wind catches Percy’s parachute and carries him off]
Migo: No, come back!


Stonekeeper: No, you didn’t.
Migo: Yes, I did.
Stonekeeper: No.
Migo: I did.
Stonekeeper: No.
Migo: I saw it.
Stonekeeper: It doesn’t exist. Recant this ridiculous story and tell the truth.
Migo: I am telling the truth.


Gwangi: [to Migo] We believe you.


Migo: Meechee?
Meechee: Welcome to the secret headquarters of the SES.
Flem: Stands for, Smallfoot Exists Suckers.
Meechee: We have been collecting proof of the Smallfoot’s existence. Behold, the scroll of invisible wisdom. Imagine the amazing stuff they put on here.
Migo: This proves nothing!


[referring to Migo’s encounter with Percy, the human]
Meechee: We have searched the entire mountain trying to find one, and that day has finally arrived.
Gwangi: Where did it go?!
Kolka: Reach into your memory.
Migo: It got whisked away on the wind over the cloud.
Meechee: Which way? Up? Sideways?
Migo: Down!
Meechee: Down. Of course.


[referring to Migo]
Gary: He saw a smallfoot!
Yeti #1: It could still be out there.
Gary: It fell from the sky!
Stonekeeper: Gary, calm down. You know how you get.
Gary: I’ll try, but I’m just so scared.


Dorgle: Son, it can’t be true.
Stonekeeper: Migo, you will be banished from the village, until you are ready to tell us the truth.
Migo: I know what I saw, and I’m going to prove it!


[as he’s going to find Percy]
Migo: Is it too late to have second thoughts?
Flem: Yeah. Migo, if you die, can I have all your worldly possessions?
Meechee, Kolka and Gwangi: Flem!
Flem: Right. Sorry. When you die?
Gwangi: Let’s do this.


Migo: Look, I know what I saw, and I’m going to prove it.
[he runs and jumps off the edge of the cliff; we see the three SES members sitting at the edge of the cliff watching Migo jump]
Flem: Wait! No, he’s gone.


[after going to the human village and seeing Percy walk out of his house]
Migo: I should introduce myself. Hi. I’m…
[we see from Percy’s point of view that all he hears is Migo roaring]
Percy: [in terror] It’s a yeti! It’s a yeti! It’s a yeti!
Migo: Oh, look at you. You’re adorable.
[Percy runs off in terror, stumbles over a box and knocks himself out]
Migo: Uh, Smallfoot?
[Migo hits Percy with his finger which makes Percy’s tooth fall out]
Migo: Ooh, is that supposed to fall out like that?
[he picks up the tooth and drops it back into Percy’s mouth; a nearby mountain goat screams in terror]


[after Migo has kidnapped Percy and taken him to a cave]
Migo: We’re going to be safe here, nice and warm.
[we see Percy has frozen into a solid ice form]
Migo: Ah! Please don’t die! Please don’t die! Please don’t die!
[Migo tries to warm Percy up]


[Percy’s eyes open as he’s warmed up]
Percy: So warm. Wait a minute. What’s… Aaah!
[Migo has tied Percy like a spit-roast and is roasting him over a fire to warm him up]
Migo: How’s that? Nice and cozy. All the way around.
[Percy shrieks in fear]
Migo: Oh. Hey, what’s wrong? You hungry? I found your food.
[Migo stuffs Percy’s apple in his mouth]


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